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Chapter 102: The Arrogant Rookie

Chapter 102: The Arrogant Rookie

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Students of Bernabeu cheered as their winning streak began.

Both Ayrlarng and Bernabeu sent out their freshmen for the third round of Heavy Armed Brawl. Tita was one of Ayrlarng’s best new recruit, but he lost terribly against Bernabeu’s freshman. Apparently, there was a huge difference between the two of them in terms of control, strength, knowledge, operating skills, and perspective of the overall situation.

It was definitely an emboldening round for Bernabeu. In fact, every student of Bernabeu was like an old veteran, experienced and not someone to be messed with; luck would not be the reason they win or the excuse for their defeat. That was the regal temperament of a victor, only losers would bet their faith on luck.

Rumi almost cried when she was defeated, and Tita who was always cheerful turned as pale as a ghost after the loss. Ayrlarng’s confidence was crushed and torn apart.

Competitions and comparisons had always been cruel since the beginning of time. For some reason, people who thought they were strong enough to be victorious were always the ones destined to lose.

“Relax, Rumi. Your opponent won because her perspective of the overall situation was stronger than yours but other than that, your performances were better than hers. From now on you should strengthen your training on perspective and courage, and I’m sure you would be able to defeat her in no time. As for you Tita, you lost because your overall performance was not as good as your opponent, nothing else to blame on. But don’t be sad because everyone learns from mistakes, there’s always a next time.”

Rumi nodded; however, Tita looked pissed, “Mind your own business, as*hole!”

Tita was infuriated and ashamed by his own defeat. He was worse compared to Rumi, at least she was able to keep her opponent busy throughout the match, but Tita was totally owned by his opponent.

Wang Tong shrugged, he knew that it wasn’t right for him to lecture Tita, anyhow Tita didn’t give up, his anger meant that he wasn’t dispirited by the loss.

On the other hand, Martyrus was smiling deep down because Bernabeu had maintained the upper hand.

“Round Four, Battlecraft Combat.” Ayrlarng was represented by Zhou Sisi, she would be fighting against Best from Bernabeu.

Bernabeu had the higher advantage for this round because Best had just won the third place in Earth Confederation’s Battlecraft Combat Championship. He had shown an outstanding performance during his matches against aces from various academies across the Confederation. As for Ayrlarng, they weren’t even invited.

Zhou Sisi looked nervous as she turned toward Wang Tong, but immediately, she felt calmer when she saw him cheered by grabbing his fists. Battlecraft Combat had always been her area of expertise, together with her recent mastery on the Cloning Technique, Zhou Sisi mustered her confidence for the challenge.

On the other side of the arena, Best was busy shaking his head and stretching his fingers and didn’t pay any attention to his opponent. It was a waste of time for him to take on some weakling from Ayrlarng.

The match began. Best was impressed by Zhou Sisi’s performance, she wasn’t a total amateur, but definitely not a pro. In Battlecraft Combat, a tiny difference would grant a huge upper hand; his time deviation was 0.5 second, while his opponent’s time deviation was more than 1 second, which was common for an amateur. Eight minutes passed by, the advantage was clearly on Best’s side. Huge mistakes were not going to occur in his control and operation, so this round was going to be another landslide victory for Bernabeu.

Bernabeu 3, Ayrlarng 1 would be an expected outcome...

Zhou Sisi was able to feel the pressure from her opponent as soon as the match began. Best had professional training in Bernabeu, but she had to study everything on her own due to Ayrlarng’s weak team of trainers and teachers. There were vivid gaps in terms of controls, strategies, and perspectives, and each difference might be small, but it would become a huge gap if totaled up. There was no way she could win unless she had some tricks left.

Zhou Sisi knew she had only one chance to do this.

Zhou Sisi’s fleets were surrounded after fifteen minutes. Martyrus looked at the time and knew this was going to end soon.

Best was waiting for his opponent to surrender. He had the total advantage in this situation, and his ego could only be pleased when she was forced to raise the white flag.

Suddenly, he saw Zhou Sisi’s formation changed, yet it wasn’t a formation of surrendering but to attack, could it be...

The virtual space was irradiated with gunfire and explosions as Best launched his attacks while Zhou Sisi unleashed her Cloning Technique, was she trying to throw a sprat to catch a herring?

The crowd began to look anxious. No one expected that Zhou Sisi would be using the Cloning Technique all of a sudden.

Finally, the match ended. Zhou Sisi managed to destroy Best’s perfect formation even though she lost. Best was unhappy by the fact that he couldn’t achieve his perfect ending. If her Cloning Technique had been stronger, he might have been the one that got screwed.

Knowing that Zhou Sisi would not surrender, Best’s fleets open fired all at once and bombarded every single of her Battlecraft, forcing her to retire.

Bernabeu managed to secure the lead with 3:1. Yet Best was still unhappy for the win, he hated the fact that his perfect combo was stained by some nobody using the Cloning Technique.

“Haha, I’m so sorry Principal Samantha, Best is just a kid with temper issues, I hope you don’t mind. He will still be our representative for the next round, and you are sending out… Wang Tong?”

“Yup, he’s next.”

Samantha was pissed off by Best’s arrogant attitude, then she summoned Wang Tong, “I don’t care what are you gonna do, teach that punk a lesson no matter what, or else I’ll void our agreement, and I’m gonna screw you up personally!”

Wang Tong licked his lips, “Don’t worry, I got this.” He would avenge the defeat of his protege.

Rumi, Tita, and Zhou Sisi were depressed for their loss. Wang Tong knew that he had to do something.

“Check! Check! Round 5, Best versus Wang Tong. Let the match begin!”

Best set up the same formation, his skills were flawless, and the deviation was very tiny; after all, Best was professionally trained to do this, he was the expert of Battlecraft Combat.

Best’s time deviation remained around 0.5 seconds, as for Wang Tong… did Ayrlarng lose its mind? The opponent was worse than the previous one, at least Zhou Sisi wasn’t a total amateur, but this dude sucked! His deviation was close to 2 seconds.

This opponent was totally an idiot!

Did Ayrlarng plann to lose? Possibly one of their strategies?

Best looked across toward his opponent, at the same time Wang Tong was looking at him, then Wang Tong sneered and showed him a finger.

Students of Bernabeu were infuriated, everyone was eager to see this arrogant rookie bastard got owned by Best.

Best smiled angrily, he couldn’t wait to beat the crap out of that douche.

“I’m sorry Principal Martyrus, apparently Wang Tong isn’t very good with his temper as well.” Samantha laughed, she wasn’t feeling sorry at all.

In the beginning, Best was thinking of defeating his opponent in a jiff, but he had changed his mind, now all he wanted was to torture that idiot.

Meanwhile, Apache was leaning against the pillar at the corner of the arena. He was observing Wang Tong while enjoying his lollipop. Unlike the fully concentrated Best, Wang Tong wasn’t concentrating at all, and his controls were messy, luckily he wasn’t making any huge mistakes. Moreover, Best was holding back on purpose, so Wang Tong was still able to survive.

Samantha almost fainted as she saw Wang Tong’s bad performance, she didn’t expect that from him. Somehow she regretted her decision of selecting Wang Tong for this round and should’ve let Zhou Sisi challenge him again instead. She was disappointed by the terrible situation.