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Chapter 103: Right in Your Face, Sucker!

Chapter 103: Right in Your Face, Sucker!

Translator: Double_L Editor: Tehrn
Without much effort, Best had got Wang Tong surrounded with his enormous fleets. He had obtained the advantage again.

“Hey as*hole, you wanna use the Cloning Technique? Fine, I’ll give you two seconds, my armada is ten times bigger than yours, show me what are you gonna do to save your poor little *ss!” Best laughed boisterously.

“Principal Samantha, please forgive his rudeness, but actual strength is all that matters in a battle.” Martyrus was trying to teach Samantha a lesson. The tension was building up between both of them.

“Principal Martyrus, it’s still early to decide who will win.”

Zhou Sisi was the best candidate amongst Ayrlarng’s freshmen when it came to Battlecraft Combat; however, she claimed that Wang Tong was much stronger than her. Samantha wished that she was telling the truth, even though she expected that they would lose in this round, but she just couldn’t handle the humiliation from Martyrus.

Meanwhile, Wang Tong’s troops were cornered by Best’s armada.

“Hey as*hole, why don’t you surrender now, and I’ll teach you how to score an A in Battlecraft operation?” Best sneered in arrogance. No doubt he was very good with his operating skills and perspective, even the ones from the other academies who got the first and second place would agree on this. When operating skills were mastered, one wouldn’t even need to learn how to control Battlecrafts, the fleets would get the job done by themselves.

His ID “Best” was named by himself after winning the award for his excellent performance in operating skills.

All of Best’s fleets were prepared for an all-out open fire, even though Wang Tong was given two seconds to set up his defense, Best was confident that his opponent wouldn’t stand a chance against his ten times stronger military might.

However, Zhou Sisi and Ma Xiaoru remained calm, and Wang Tong who was goofing around earlier began to respond.

Bam… Bam… Bam… Bam… Bam…

Ear piercing explosions occurred as Wang Tong’s arms disappeared into action.

He unleashed his Cloning Technique!

All of a sudden, the whole arena was illuminated by rays of lights, and sounds of countless explosions echoed in all directions. As the lights faded, a line of words appeared on the screen.

Winner: Wang Tong.

“No! That’s impossible!” Best stood up and ripped off the cables, claiming that it was a system malfunction. He had two hundred and thirteen fleets aiming toward Wang Tong, so there was no way his opponent could lock onto each and every of his Battlecraft. Even the aces of Kaedeians were not able to do so!

Everyone couldn’t believe their eyes, even Samantha thought that it was a system error. A direct knockout would only occur when a person’s fleets were completely wiped out.

Was there a bug in the system?

Best stared blankly at his monitor, the horde of red dots which indicated his Battlecraft fleets were all gone, how was that possible?

How could Wang Tong lock onto two hundred and thirteen fleets at once in a single cloning?

The crowd remained silent, they would believe that was possible if Wang Tong was the number one ace from Queen Kaedeian Academy, yet no one expected that a piece of F-Class trash from Ayrlarng was capable of doing so.

As a professional player, Best happened to know the best result achieved by a new recruit in Queen Kaedeian Academy this year was two hundred and nine fleets, but his opponent had achieved a record breaking two hundred and thirteen fleets in a single lock on!

Best was stunned, he had no idea how Wang Tong did it and even wondered if he was actually a Kaedeian instead of an Earthling.

Wang Tong, on the other hand, stretched his finger and gloated, “You were saying?”

Best’s vision went blurry as he sat back down. He still couldn’t accept the fact that his perfect advantage got crushed by some bug-like controlling maneuvers. This was not his first loss, but it was definitely the worst and most reluctant defeat he had ever suffered!

Operation skills were known by most Battlecraft Combat players as the most important set of skills to be mastered, yet Wang Tong’s extraordinary controlling maneuvers got everyone surprised and even totally demolished Best’s operation concept.

Martyrus’s heart almost stopped beating, his mouth went dry, and it took him quite a while to gather himself and announce the result.

All of the non-METAL Combat matches had ended. Even though Bernabeu was still leading with a 3:2 score, their atmosphere had changed. In the beginning, they were hoping to subdue Ayrlarng on the first half of the tournament and maximized their winning advantage on the second half, but what happened in the last round had completely turned around the situation. Although Bernabeu was able to secure their lead, Ayrlarng was given hope for victory again. Moreover, Ayrlarng’s aces Ma Xiaoru, Wang Ben, and Hu Yangxuan would be participating next, and all they needed was three more wins to obtain victory.

After taking a deep breath, Martyrus said with a smile, “Everyone, let’s take a lunch break at the cafeteria, the other matches will begin later in the afternoon.”

Usually, students of Bernabeu would go crazy when the word “lunch break” was mentioned, yet this time, everyone left their seats quietly with their heads facing downwards and kept glancing at the “guests” from Ayrlarng.

“Wow, Wang Tong, that was superb! I’m sorry if I was rude just now, good job buddy!” Tita hugged Wang Tong.

“As expected, you’re the best!” Zhou Sisi smiled, her eyes were filled with adoration and admiration. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw Wang Tong unleashed his full force counter.

“When you said ‘You were saying?’, gosh, that was so cool dude! It’s definitely one of your best lines! Geez, Wang Tong, I think you have the potential to be an actor!” Hu Yangxuan clung his arms around Wang Tong as he said aloud. He had been holding back his fury since hours ago; nevertheless, he was able to rejoice all thanks to Wang Tong’s triumph.

Meanwhile, Best left with the crowd looking dejected as he had suffered a baffle defeat. Not only had his opponent owned him in that round, but he had also wrecked and smashed his pride and confidence. If he wasn’t able to regain himself after this, his life as a pro would be over.

Samantha gave Wang Tong a “well done” wink, even though the final outcome was yet to be known, at least for now she could happily enjoy her lunch in peace!

Apache was the last to leave amongst students of Bernabeu. Originally he was here to handle Ma Xiaoru and Wang Ben, but now Wang Tong had also gotten his attention. If Wang Tong were to participate in METAL Combat later, he would definitely change his target from Wang Ben to Wang Tong.

The best thing that could happen to a strong one was to be given a chance to defeat another strong and unique existence!

Everyone from Ayrlarng was having a good time in the cafeteria even though their score was hanging behind Bernabeu, they enjoyed the food very much and even thanked Bernabeu for their hospitality. On the other hand, Bernabeu’s tables were filled with long faces even though they were leading; even Martyrus and Ovlor had no choice but to hide their frustration with a bitter smile.

However, no one could tell what would happen next.