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Chapter 105: Dead Heat

Chapter 105: Dead Heat

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The match had begun! Not only was Luo Manman looking gorgeous, but she was also gifted in terms of Soul Energy and born with an alluring aura. The way she wielded her sword felt gentle and soft, instead of a fighter, she looked more like a dancer.

There was no menace in her movements.

Luo Manman bowed gently, Wang Ben bowed back looking normal, then the fight finally began.

Luo Manman whirled her long sword slowly as she began her gentle and graceful movements. Her sword technique might look slow and harmless, but realism was in the eyes of the beholder, her harmless sword would immediately turn into the sickle of a grim reaper on the proper timing.

It was a unique battle style, normally used against mankind instead of Zergs. To be honest, the atmosphere in the arena became strange as her sword dance began, but no one would have the heart to disturb her elegant movements.

Martyrus was pleased and happy as he saw Wang Ben hesitating, Wang Ben always took the initiative to attack yet this time he was startled. Wang Ben would be doomed if he underestimated Luo Manman due to her charming appearance; with Luo Manman’s Soul Energy count that reached one hundred and three Sols, there was no way Wang Ben could withstand a single slash from her sword. More importantly, the unthreatening Soul Energy she possessed was deceiving, and it was the perfect combo with her mind-alluring ability.

Samantha sensed that something wasn’t right as well, it would have been great if she had Ma Xiaoru handling Luo Manman because her Tactics of the Enchantress had the ability to suppress the alluring Soul Energy. She began to worry that Wang Ben might lower his guard when confronting Luo Manman’s lethal allurement.

Luo Manman’s bewitching eyes and charming figure were getting closer, and if she approached another half a meter, her elegant sword dance would immediately turn into a one-hit-KO sword strike.

All of a sudden, a brutal aura emerged from Wang Ben’s eyes as he unleashed his Fist of the Racing Tiger!


His punch caught Luo Manman by surprise, immediately she tried to dodge his attack; unfortunately, her opponent was Wang Ben. It wasn’t only a counter attack, but a forceful punch infused with tons of energy, and Wang Ben flung his ferocious fist right toward Luo Manman’s face.

He was taught many things, except being gentle when fighting against women!

Even if Luo Manman wasn’t able to win against Wang Ben’s Fist of the Racing Tiger, she could definitely stall and hopefully exhaust him with her actual strength and her delicate tactics; however, she was being too confident with her charm, expecting that every man would kneel to her allurement.


Wang Ben’s punch roared as the impact slammed right onto Luo Manman’s face; his hideous punch even caused her contour to go out of shape. Although it was a fight in TPA, the crowd was heartbroken as they witnessed Wang Ben’s punch sending Luo Manman flying across the arena with a cry.

Wang Tong and Hu Yangxuan laughed like madmen when they saw that hilarious scene. Luo Manman’s allurement would be effective against anyone, even Ma Xiaoru, but definitely not Wang Ben. Ma Xiaoru’s Tactics of the Enchantress might be capable of handling Luo Manman’s bewitching abilities, but Xiaoru’s kindness would hold back her own strength if Luo Manman put on her game-changing fragile appearance. Luo Manman might even have stood a bigger chance to win if her opponent had been Hu Yangxuan or Wang Tong because obviously, seductive figure worked better on the desperate boys.

Unfortunately, she was assigned to fight against Wang Ben, the man of steel whose dream was to become stronger than his father, and instantly her tricks were busted like hitting a stone with an egg. The truth was, even if his opponent had been Ma Xiaoru, Wang Ben wouldn’t hold back his strength if he were to fight a girl. Moreover, Wang Ben was cunning enough as he pretended to be affected by her charm, everyone expected this to be a long fight, but he turned it into a simple one hit KO match.

Luo Manman screamed aloud in her control room, what had happened really got her traumatized. She was infuriated by the fact that the man had no idea how to treat a lady with gentleness and care. If there weren’t any audience member around, she definitely wouldn’t hesitate to challenge Wang Ben again to a duel in reality.

Martyrus’ expression turned as pale as a ghost. He couldn’t believe that Ayrlarng had overtaken Bernabeu with the score of 4:3. They were put into a deadlock, if Ayrlarng was to win another round, he would be toasted. What happened a while ago was humiliating, losing over to an ungentlemanly idiot was the last thing he could have imagined.

Luo Manman fiery eyes glared toward Wang Ben like she wanted to swallow him alive. However, Wang Ben wasn’t paying any attention to her. He had been taught to avoid this sort of femme fatale since a long time ago.

Wang Tong and Hu Yangxuan rushed toward their buddy and asked, “So, how was it?”

“How was what?” Wang Ben looked puzzled.

“How was the feeling of hitting a girl of course! Gosh, I’ve never felt so good before, seeing a pretty girl getting send flying across the arena, that was superb, dude!” Hu Yangxuan joked as he imitated Luo Manman’s “acrobatics” and even squeezed his face to mimic her traumatized expression.

“That was harsh, dude. If I were you, I’d have rather made her surrender in a gentler way.”

“We should treat every fighter equally instead of categorizing them as men and women. Moreover, you won’t be seeing Zergs treating ladies with care and gentleness during a fight.”

Wang Tong and Hu Yangxuan laughed out loud as Wang Ben replied in a serious manner. However, people of Bernabeu were pissed off by their laughter, like they were about to burn them alive.

“Haha, you were lucky that we lost, Principal Samantha. Let’s move on to round eight!” Martyrus was angry at himself for making such a mistake since he was the one who came up with this strategy. He expected Wang Ben would have difficulties handling a female opponent, but it turned out that he wasn’t bothered anyhow. In conclusion, Martyrus regretted his decision.

“Hu Yangxuan, you’re up!”

“Get him, Apache!”

Both principals knew that this was the round of life and death! This could be the game point for Ayrlarng.

The candidates began with their preparations, this would be a rough wrestle between Bernabeu’s legendary Apache and Hu Yangxuan, the boy genius from the Court of the Templar.

Carl and the rest of Ayrlarng were cheering, yet Wang Tong, Ma Xiaoru, and Wang Ben remained solemn.

“What’s up with the long face dude? This is the game point! All of us will be going for a cruise on Aegean if we are able to win this!” Carl laughed.

“I’m sure our mighty Hu Yangxuan will be able to nail it,” Tita praised as Kyaero nodded in agreement.

“I doubt it, that guy is stronger than you think!” Wang Ben shook his head, he was always honest even though what he said might hurt someone’s feeling.

Wang Tong and Ma Xiaoru remained silent because they knew the decision of who was stronger could only be made after the brawl.

Meanwhile, Apache carried his Horseslayer across his shoulder in a relaxed manner and looked toward Hu Yangxuan, “What a shame, I wasn’t expecting you at all. But I have to win this for our principal’s sake, so please don’t blame me for your misfortune.”

“Don’t be too cocky, buddy. We shall see who’s better,” Hu Yangxuan replied with the manner of a nobleman.

“The strength of the boy genius from Court of the Templar, I guess I’ll have to see for myself then!” Apache suddenly leaped across as he spoke and thrust his Horseslayer down toward Hu Yangxuan.


Hu Yangxuan managed to block with his sword, but he was pushed back by the recoil of the impact. Apache lifted his Horseslayer and placed it on his shoulder again.

“Not bad, so I guess you can be the target for my warm-up!”