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Chapter 108: Meaning of Victory

Chapter 108: Meaning of Victory

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Ovlor was shocked by the sudden change. He was ready to bawl out at Cao Yi but was stopped by Martyrus.

Martyrus didn’t explain himself to his colleague. Instead, he stood and watched quietly as the fight unfolded.

Cao Yi’s soul reading had reached an unbelievable 147. Ever since he had lost the fight with Einherjar Wannabe, he had trained even harder. Although his opponent was well known for his brutal aggressiveness, he chose to face the fearsome attack face to face.

Cao Yi sprung up and threw himself at Wang Ben. His blade sizzled with GN force. This was the final strike at the last moment of the fight.

“Killing Strike: Whirlwind X!”

“COME AT ME, BRO!” Wang Ben finally spill out his suppressed anger and thirst for battle. He wanted to know whose Fist of the Racing Tiger was stronger, his, or Einherjar Wannabe's.

“The eighteenth tiger: Trembling Roar!”

Wang Ben’s fist bore down on Cao Yi with the weight of a mountain. An explosion erupted as the two combatants collided into each other. The loud blare flooded the arena; no one had heard the signal indicating the end of the fight.

Students and teachers from both schools stood up to watch the result screen, wondering who had come out as the winner.

It was Wang Ben!

The Fist of the Racing Tiger had never failed in a direct impact. Cao Yi was defeated at the very last second of the fight.

As the defeat sank in, students from Bernabeu slowly sat down on their chairs, looking depressed.

Martyrus stood still; he knew that his ambition of bringing the school into an S-Class had been shattered.

Tears started to pour out from Cao Yi’s eyes. He had failed his school and his principal.

Wang Ben felt pain from the X-shaped wound on his chest. He didn’t block his opponent’s attack, and just then, he started to realize how risky that was. If his attack didn’t finish off Cao Yi, he might have to face his first defeat after being mind opened.

He had watched the whirlwind X being executed last time while Cao Yi was fighting against Einherjar Wannabe. But somehow the attack felt much stronger. A sense of respect rose inside of Wang Ben toward Cao Yi for improving his technique so quickly and toward Martyrus for discovering such a talented fighter.

Respect aside; he had won the fight nonetheless.

“Samantha, I have lost,” Martyrus spoke in a candid voice, without any hint of remorse.

Some of the girls from Bernabeu were sobbing, shaken by the unexpected defeat.

“The tournament isn’t finished yet, perhaps you have spoken too soon, Mister,” Samantha said with a smile.

Martyrus was perplexed by the answer: “I thought we had agreed that Ayrlarng would win the tournament with five victories?”

“Mr. Martyrus, I respect you just as much as your students do, and you holding on to your promise only made me admire you more. The goal of the tournament is to improve our student’s ability, so let’s stick to that. With all due respect, I say we decide the victor after the final bout of combat.”

A round of applause erupted among the students of the Bernabeu; Samantha's kind gesture had moved them.

Martyrus smiled knowingly, “Very well, let’s carry on, but Bernabeu will hand over our rights of fighting S-Class academies to Ayrlarng regardless of the outcome. Ayrlarng had earned it. I believe Ayrlarng will reach a new high under your leadership.”

“I am so sorry.” Cao Yi lowered his head to avoid Martyrus’s eyes.

“Lad, you have done well. I was misguided by my own desire. You had fought brilliantly, and I am sure you will do even better next time.”

Martyrus padded Cao Yi’s shoulders. He realized one thing that he had overlooked earlier: the fighting spirit and the morale of his students. He regretted ever asking Cao Yi to fight passively and reckoned that winning the tournament at the cost of his student’s morale went against the values of a school's principal.

The society might have taught them to give up principles to get what they wanted, but the academy should have focused on instilling the students with more noble spirits, and that was the value that a principal should stand up for. Martyrus had then realized how wrong he had been.

The applause grew louder as the students from Ayrlarng joined in. Everyone seemed to have put away their differences and united under the same banner of friendship.

“You are a good fighter, and I look forward to our next encounter!” Wang Ben extended a hand to Cao Yi.

“Next time, I will win!”

“Same here.”

Another round of applause erupted. Wang Ben didn’t ask the question that he had so eagerly wanted to because he already knew the answer. When the Whirlwind X attacked Einherjar Wannabe, he was barely scratched by it; therefore Wang Ben had conceded that the power of the mysterious fighter had to be above his.

However, knowing that he was the weaker one only made him want to become stronger.

“Here comes the finale that I had been waiting for so long!” Apache suddenly sprung to his feet.

“It’s your turn!” Samantha’s eyes locked onto Wang Tong’s. “Remember our pact. If you lose…”

“Principal, make sure you dress up while fulfilling your promise!” Wang Tong winked at her, cutting her shot.

The outcome of the fight no longer mattered, but both parties still craved for the victory. To Ayrlarng, it would add more credence to their new-earned rights to fight with S-Class schools, and to Bernabeu, winning this round would be their much needed saving grace.

Although Bernabeu had lost the rights of fighting with S-class schools, they wished to wrap up the day on a good note. Since Apache had defeated Hu Yangxuan with ease, the students from Bernabeu were confident that Apache would win the fight against the no-account Wang Tong.

The two fighter entered the arena, both holding a casual expression on their face. The relaxed mood of the two combatant wasn't entirely unexpected since the audiences assumed that the two fighters had foreseen the outcome of this fight as clearly as they did.

"What do you guys think? Do you think Wang Tong got this?" Samantha asked.

"Not sure," Hu Yangxuan answered. "Apache might overwhelm him with his combat experience. And I don't think that we have yet seen his real strength. I could feel that he had reserved much of his power last round."

Wang Ben nodded in agreement and thought that given time, he could defeat Apache, but not at that moment since Apache's experience would grant him a definite advantage.

Ma Xiaoru pondered for a brief moment and then said; "I disagree, I think this will be a tough fight for both of them."

Thanks to the Tactics of the Enchantress, Ma Xiaoru had a heightened sense of perception for energies, and she had a few times felt a tremendous power within Wang Tong.

The five top tactics all had their hidden attributes. Ma Xiaoru could feel through her tactics' hidden power that there was something about Wang Tong attracting her and her tactics like flames attracting moth.

The two combatants were ready to fight. Apache regarded Wang Tong with a curious look, "Let's see if your luck is gonna help you this time."

Wang Tong cracked a smile and stepped forward. The PA system had automatically assigned a dagger to him, but Wang Tong doubted that he would ever use it.


Apache took one step forward and propelled his body toward Wang Tong like a cannon ball. His speed was incredible, and it was clear that he didn't reserve any strength like he did while fighting against Hu Yangxuan.

Wang Tong didn't flinch; he smashed at his attacker and met the incoming strike with full force.