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Chapter 111: Keeping the Promise

Chapter 111: Keeping the Promise

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“Sir, Apache fainted!”

“Send him to the infirmary at once, quickly!”

That was the symptom of a battle trance, even though Martyrus was experienced in handling such situation, it would still be very dangerous if that occurred in a real fight; luckily for him, it was just a match in TPA so Apache should be fine.

Students of Bernabeu gazed at Wang Tong in awe as he walked out from the control room.

Martyrus sighed, “The one who has him will be blessed with the power to conquer the world.”

He was very familiar and confident with Apache’s capabilities, but that boy was definitely the ultimate weapon against S-Ranked academies! Anyhow, he accepted the fact that he had lost fair and square.

At that moment, Samantha began to notice Wang Tong, the childish punk-*ss, had transformed into a manly figure.

“Congratulations, Principal Samantha. I believe Ayrlarng will be able to restore its former glory in no time, we are looking forward to your next splendid performance.”

“Thank you for your kindness, let’s discuss further later.” Actually, Samantha wanted to discuss something else with Martyrus, but clearly now wasn’t the perfect time and place to do so.

“Very well, as you wish. Fellow students, let’s give a huge round of applause to our guests for their marvelous performances. Bernabeu might have lost this time, but we will take back our victory next time!” Martyrus said while grabbing his fist.

Students of Bernabeu were not spiteful anymore as they had witnessed Wang Tong’s strength that was beyond one’s imagination. Ayrlarng deserved to be crowned victorious!

Tita and the rest cheered as they welcome their well-deserved victory with open arms. Some of them might be covered in bumps and bruises, but the outcome was satisfying.

Without a doubt, Wang Tong’s performance had proven to Tita and the rest that he was the real leader amongst them, and he was the backbone of Ayrlarng.

Ma Xiaoru might be strong, but she lacked in leadership skills. Wang Ben was a warrior, but he wasn’t fond of leading the others. Hu Yangxuan was too carefree… Only Wang Tong had the ability to comfort them and gather their confidence when Ayrlarng suffered a setback.

Rumi’s eyes were sparkling, but immediately, she grabbed hold of herself when she saw Zhou Sisi. To be honest, she had noticed that Wang Tong was an extraordinary person since they began to know each other, but she had never expected that he was THAT strong.

Ma Xiaoru was a soft and gentle person, but that didn’t mean that she would accept a guy who was weaker than her, it was a common nature of mankind. After all, girls do prefer guys that are a little dominant, but not arrogant. Wang Tong might look like he was always goofing around, but he would always become indomitable during the critical moment. Ma Xiaoru felt that the door toward her heart was breaking open as Wang Tong threw out that forceful punch.

He had completely conquered her heart.

Even though Bernabeu had been defeated, Martyrus still prepared a celebration to honor Ayrlarng’s success. Everyone attended except Apache who was still under recovery. Ever since the match between Wang Ben and Cao Yi was uplifted into a learning exchange, both parties buried their hatchets and had fun together, and everyone got familiar with each other in no time. Nevertheless, the rivalry between the two academies still existed.

Bernabeu might have lost the chance to challenge an S-Ranked academy, but that didn’t mean that they would give up. They wouldn’t challenge Capth before they could avenge their defeat against Ayrlarng.

Wang Tong and Ma Xiaoru became the stars of the banquet. Xiaoru was always the center of attention no matter where she went; as for Wang Tong, he was the star because he had conquered everyone’s heart.

Wang Tong might be a student for the time being, but he would not stay like that forever.

Unfortunately, Wang Tong and Ma Xiaoru didn’t have many chances to chit chat because both of them were separated by the crowd. It was a lively evening indeed.

Wang Tong managed to escape from the crowd after a while, he wasn’t comfortable being in parties like this. Finally, he had accomplished his mission, and a flame of joy began to burn as he remembered the promise between him and Samantha.

He had won two rounds and helped Ayrlarng obtained the final victory, and as promised, Samantha would go on a date with him for one day!

This was his chance, he had to take the initiative to conquer the woman’s heart!

Wang Tong was sick of being indecisive, so he decided to go all in. He would prefer to get rejected by Samantha rather than letting his feelings stay hidden forever in his heart. Even though he was forced to accept the ridiculous deal from Samantha, Wang Tong was happy by the fact that Samantha didn’t say no back then; apparently, only an idiot would miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance!

“You really did it, I’m impressed,” Samantha said as she walked toward the balcony, then she stretched her arms as she began to enjoy the mesmerizing sea view, “Bernabeu got some good view.”

“The promise.”

“Yes, I’m aware of it, dumb*ss. Relax, it’s only a date. I’ll see you tomorrow morning then. Come out quietly, okay?” Samantha threw him a mischievous wink and went back into the hall gracefully.

Wang Tong was startled, although Samantha agreed to go out on a date with him, yet somehow, he was feeling uneasy. It seemed like she was still treating him like a kid. Anyhow, he would stick to his journey of becoming a man.

At that moment, Wang Tong wished he could tell Old Fart that he was finally going out on a date with the girl he adored! What a beautiful night!

Meanwhile, Zhou Sisi turned pale as she saw what happened from the corner of the balcony. After all this times, she had been focused on the wrong direction; it wasn’t Ma Xiaoru that Wang Tong fancied, it was Samantha instead!

Zhou Sisi felt a sudden pain in her heart, like something important had been taken from her. She was always prepared for the guessing and rivalry, but she had never braced herself to witness him showing his feelings to another girl!

Zhou Sisi was never afraid to compete against Ma Xiaoru because Ma Xiaoru had her own elegant characteristic while she also had her own tender personality. However, Samantha was filled with the fascinating charm of a mature woman; she was even ashamed when she compared her body to Samantha’s gorgeous figure.

The candidates of Ayrlarng would be celebrating for the rest of the evening, as for their day-off on Sunday, everyone would have the chance to enjoy the loveliness of Bernabeu and witness the beautiful scenery of the Aegean Sea.

The next day, Hu Yangxuan came to Wang Tong’s room but was surprised to see an empty bed instead. Perhaps that kid had an acquaintance in Bernabeu?

On the other hand, Wang Tong was having a stroll with Samantha on the coastal ring road which was surrounding the Aegean Sea. Maglev vehicles were prohibited in most of the districts around the Aegean Sea; apparently, mankind had done a great job in protecting this important landscape.

No one would have guessed that both of them were spending their time together in this romantic place.

“Why do you like me?” Samantha asked as she enjoyed the gentle breeze from the Aegean Sea. This was one of the last breathtaking places left on Earth.

“Why can’t I?” Wang Tong replied with a smile, not everything required reasons.

“Boys had always preferred the types of girls like Xiaoru, not to mention the two of you are the same age; honestly, I couldn’t find a reason for you not to like her. Moreover, she’s the rare type of girl that doesn’t have a temper.” Samantha was very surprised when Wang Tong said he had feelings for her. The two of them didn’t seem to have any connections in terms of affection from all aspects; hence Samantha was shocked when Wang Tong proposed that bold request of his.