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Chapter 112: One Sweet Day

Chapter 112: One Sweet Day

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It could be due to her cleverness, or because her attention was all on her own career, but Samantha seemed to be not interested in the matter of love at all since her days in Capth, and she would remain the same in the present and the future. In other words, she was a career woman.

However, emotional crave existed in every human being, and somehow, an indescribable feeling rushed all over her body when Wang Tong confessed to her. He might be a few years younger, but he looked older than his age, and as long as Samantha dropped that business lady outfit, she too would look like a fresh grad.

“Perhaps I have a weird taste for girls.” Wang Tong sulked.

“Oh, so you were trying to say I’m weird huh?” Samantha chided, “How dare you make fun of your principal!”

“We made a deal not to mention this for today, and since you broke the rules, I’ma have to punish you!” Wang Tong joked.

“Really? So how would you like to punish me?” Samantha said with a charming smile. She wasn’t an inconsiderate woman; in fact, she had been able to see everything clearly due to her ultra-high intelligence. Samantha was never belittled with her own charm; however, she didn’t expect that Wang Tong would fall for her.

Nevertheless, Samantha was a little happy when Wang Tong said he liked her instead of Ma Xiaoru. It was normal for a girl to be proud when she knew her charm was greater than the other girls.

“How about you gimme a kiss?” Wang Tong mustered his confidence and said something bold.

Samantha replied with a bright smile, “Hey Kid, I’d definitely show you your own expression if I had a mirror right now, and if it were Hu Yangxuan, he would have definitely dropped the ‘how about’ part. Relax kid, you're not going to war!”

Wang Tong knew he would be embarrassing himself, and apparently his “battle experience” in this category wasn’t enough at all, not to mention his first “opponent” was way out of his league. However, things wouldn’t be interesting if there wasn’t any challenge. At that moment, he knew he had to divert the conversation.

“Let’s do something else, shall we?”

“The yacht is waiting for us right there, you deserve a treat for your splendid performances yesterday.” Samantha pointed toward the shore.

It was indeed a unique sensation for being able to enjoy the relaxing Aegean Sea breeze while having a drink, and it would be even more perfect if his drink was alcoholic;, however, Wang Tong didn’t order because he was afraid things might go wrong. He was completely relaxing on the deck, a carefree person like him would always enjoy himself when he felt like it.

Wang Tong got up when he heard Samantha’s footsteps approaching. Wang Tong wanted to say something, but he forgot what he wanted to say when he saw Samantha.

He would never forget how gorgeous Samantha was, like a beautiful goddess under the sunlight.

Samantha giggled when she saw Wang Tong’s dumb-look, “Hey Kid, would you like to help me putting on some sunscreen?” Samantha then laid herself on the long bench beside Wang Tong, Wang Tong was completely mesmerized by her dynamic curves and her sexy figure. However, he was clear that he had more cravings for love instead of lust. In other words, his sensual admiration was much stronger than his sexual desire toward Samantha.

Even though Wang Tong was more mature than his peers, it was still too much to his senses. However, Wang Tong knew he had to calm down, or else he would totally fall under Samantha’s control, and she would treat him like a little boy. Being passive was not how he rolled.

He set aside the sunscreen and said in a mischievous tone, “Hey Pretty Missy, have you ever tried ‘the flying trapeze’?”

Samantha looked confused, “What do you mean?”

“I mean this!” Samantha screamed in shock as Wang Tong lifted her up with a hug, this was his chance to impress her!

“Hey, what’s wrong with you!”

Samantha wasn’t mind opened so her physical strength was weaker than Wang Tong, if Wang Tong were to do anything to her forcefully, she would not be able to defend herself.


Wang Tong lifted Samantha upward and threw her off the yacht, then he immediately channeled his GN Force and joined her up in the air and pulled the panicking lady into his arms. He knew he had to create some “surprises” in order to break Samantha’s calmness and steadiness.

“Hey Kiddo, what are you planning to do to me?”

Samantha wasn’t as afraid as expected when she fell into Wang Tong’s arms; obviously, her bravery was greater than anyone would’ve expected.

A weird sensation came flowing all across Wang Tong’s senses when Samantha was in his arms, then he finally man-up!

He kissed Samantha as both of them fell into the crystal blue ocean.

Wham! Water splashed in different directions.

Wang Tong had never felt this kind of indescribable impulse before, Samantha on the other hand, never expected he would do something THAT bold.

It was truly an exciting kiss!


Wang Tong caught Samantha in his arms and swam toward the surface of the ocean, “Never underestimate a kiddo, Pretty Missy.”

Samantha blushed, “Hmph, you’ll be sorry.”

At that moment, she had lost control of everything.

“I’m not sorry at all.” Wang Tong wouldn’t let this once in a lifetime moment slipped through his fingers.

Samantha wanted to stop him; however, her response was not as quick as Wang Tong since they were still in the water and she didn’t have any GN Force at all.

It was a long kiss, Samantha turned weak as Wang Tong put his lips against hers and kissed her like a greedy little boy desiring for love.

“So, how do you feel?” Wang Tong asked as his eyes sparkled. It was a fantastic feeling of becoming a man.

“Nope, nothing!” Samantha immediately replied.

“I see, guess I have no choice but continuing to do so until you feel something!”

“No, stop! I’m going back!”

The yacht stopped somewhere nearby; however, it didn’t approach them since they were “busy” at that moment.

“Aww, what a shame, Pretty Missy. I was just getting started. Up we go!”


Wang Tong unleashed his GN Force into the sea water which let its buoyancy support the both of them, then hugged Samantha and leaped above the water, his Tactics of the Blade was initiating perfectly; however, at that moment, everything about tactics and techniques didn’t matter anymore.

With the help of his GN Force, Wang Tong began to run on the surface of the sea while carrying Samantha in his arms. The captain of their yacht was totally startled by this scene.

Samantha laughed cheerfully as he ran across the sea, she had never felt so relaxed before. All of a sudden, Samantha mischievously pinched Wang Tong on his nose, and immediately Wang Tong lost his strength and both of them submerged into the water. The couple laughed out loud as they resurfaced to the sea.

Everything else in their minds vanished in the midst of the laughter, it was definitely the happiest day in Wang Tong’s life after all these years. Obviously, a woman plays an important role in a man’s life, at every point a man needs a woman, and it is her presence that completes him.

Both of them went for lunch at a decent restaurant after a long day of fun. Not surprisingly, the customers and even the waiter were captivated by Samantha’s gorgeous appearance.

“May I have your order?” The waiter kept glancing at Samantha from time to time. It couldn’t be helped; apparently, her fantastic figure was “super effective” against every man of different ages. Everyone seemed to be jealous at the silly looking Wang Tong who was sitting right across Samantha. Somehow, they couldn’t believe that cheap bastard would wear a ten dollar T-shirt to have dinner with the gorgeous lady.

“Any recommendations?” Wang Tong flipped over the menu as he asked. Yet he almost fainted as he looked at the name of the dishes, in the end, Wang Tong had no idea what he would order.

“We have poultry, seafood… Everything is good here, sir. Would you like to try some of our fresh seafood?” the waiter said in a lofty manner. Guys would tend to show off to each other when they tried to impress girls, especially against unintimidating “opponents”.

He was an experienced waiter, just by looking at the way Samantha sat and how she looked at the menu, he knew she wasn’t an ordinary person; meanwhile, the guy sitting across was pretending to be classy.

Samantha wasn’t thinking of helping Wang Tong, she wanted to teach that boy a lesson for forcefully kissing her, so she kept quiet and watched how he reacted.

Wang Tong looked through the menu seriously, then he closed it slowly and turned toward the waiter, “I’d like to order the ‘Braised Submarine’, thank you.”

As soon as he said that, the other guests burst into laughter, even Samantha laughed out loud at his ridiculous words; the waiter on the other hand somehow looked embarrassed.

“A-hem, excuse me sir, but we don’t serve...”

“Soft potato balls with Gorgonzola cheese and pan-seared aubergine, Basil pesto squid ink linguini with mushrooms and asparagus… a cup of hot chocolate and one mocha ice-cream, that’s all for the time being.” Samantha barged in. She was impressed by the kiddo’s spontaneous response, she wasn’t expecting anything at the beginning, but it turned out to be a fun day.

“I’ll be back with your order shortly.” The embarrassed waiter dashed off quickly.

“So Pretty Missy, how am I doing?” Wang Tong laughed at the new nickname he gave Samantha since he had spent quite some time living with Old Fart, somehow Wang Tong had also learned his glib and flirtiness.

“Not as bad as I thought.” Samantha looked at Wang Tong with her enchanting eyes.

She noticed Wang Tong wasn’t acting as childish as the other young boys, he had his unique charm which was a mixture of a young boy’s liveliness and the matureness of a grown up. To be honest, Samantha would have tons of excuses to decline Wang Tong if she was unwilling to go at the beginning; nevertheless, she agreed to go out on a date with him. At first, she did it for Ma Xiaoru’s sake to observe how good he was as a person; but somehow, her intention changed, and now, she was really enjoying her time around Wang Tong.

In the end, Wang Tong paid for their wonderful lunch, the boy might be thrifty most of the time yet he was no miser during important occasions like this. Moreover, this was Wang Tong’s first time having a date with a girl he fancied, of course, he would seize the chance to leave her a good impression.

The couple went for a game of bowling after their lunch, which was one of Samantha’s favorite hobbies. Wang Tong seemed to have certain potentials even though it was his first time playing bowling; apparently, he mentioned mastering the skills with his exquisite sense of touch after a few misses, and it had nothing to do with his GN Force.

Samantha always liked challenges because they were able to make things more interesting. In the end, Samantha cheered in excitement for being able to defeat Wang Tong with her slightly higher points.

Fun times always passed in a blink of an eye, the sky was getting dark as the couple walked side by side along the beach, they were walking back toward Bernabeu.

“Wang Tong, I really had fun today,” Samantha said in a soft voice.

Wang Tong knew this was the moment of truth.

“However, I think we do not belong together, or should I say this isn’t the time for us to be in love, and I think both of us are the same type of people who have our own dreams and need to focus on our own goals… are you getting what I’m trying to say?” Samantha turned toward Wang Tong, she didn’t fell for Wang Tong even though she was really happy being with him, not to mention Samantha was a lady with a firm determination.

Wang Tong appeared to be more mature than his peers due to his countless life experiences, which was why compared to Ma Xiaoru, he still preferred the mature charm of Samantha; yet he also understood that enjoying each other’s companionship didn’t mean it would be good enough to spark a relationship.

In the end, Samantha would still be Ayrlarng’s principal, and to regenerate Ayrlarng wasn’t her only dream. On the other hand, Wang Tong would still need to carry on with duties ahead, he had to uncover the truth behind his mystical Tactics of the Blade, the mystery of Einherjar Wannabe, and the disappearance of Old Fart.

Perhaps Samantha was right about them being the same type of person, which was why Wang Tong didn’t feel really bad when he got rejected by Samantha, at least he knew it wasn’t because he was not charming enough.

Wang Tong held Samantha’s hands as he stared at the glittering Aegean Sea under the sunset, “Today I shall be defeated, but I shall return in the future!”

“Some confidence you have there, Kiddo.”

“You taught me about that, Pretty Missy.” Wang Tong was still holding Samantha’s hands, he was able to sense her feelings at the moment.

“My original intention was to convince you to go after Xiaoru, but now I’m a bit jealous.” Somehow it sounded partly true and partly fake when Samantha said that.

“Who knows what will happen in the future?” Wang Tong replied Apparently, Samantha rejected Wang Tong due to her own issues, yet Wang Tong was unwilling to move a step closer toward Ma Xiaoru because of her family status. Anyhow, Wang Tong convinced himself not to think too much, whatever will be will be; he would follow his heart as long as it was worth to be done.

It was a heart-warming and beautiful evening. For the first time, Samantha moved toward Wang Tong and gently kissed him on his lips; sadly, it was a goodbye kiss. The two of them gradually loosen their grips and let go of each other, then Samantha turned and walked away.

Wang Tong understood what it meant, but for some reason, it still hurt to accept the truth; bittersweet as hell.

That was Wang Tong’s first love, it was the sweetest and saddest day of his life…

Still, he was happy that he had given his first kiss to the person he adored. All of a sudden, Wang Tong turned toward the sea and cried his heart out, he knew it was time to bid farewell to his old self!

The spurt of adolescence faded away for the time being.

Samantha got into a luxurious Maglev vehicle that had been waiting for her since long ago.

“Back to Bernabeu, Ma’am?”

“Let’s drive around for awhile.” Samantha touched her lips gently as she looked out her window. She had been spending too much time focusing on her great plans and missed out a lot of things in her life. She used to disdain the other girls that fell in love, not until she discovered how wonderful it felt. Unfortunately, finding love was not the goal of her life.