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Chapter 114: S-Ranked

Chapter 114: S-Ranked

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Meanwhile, in Bernabeu, Cao Yi seemed to be fully prepared to challenge Einherjar Wannabe. Apparently, he had also been waiting for Einherjar Wannabe to log in since long ago. He always believed that great strength came from great amount of learnings so he wouldn’t miss out any chance of challenging Einherjar Wannabe. Moreover, he wasn’t able to sleep as well because he couldn’t help blaming himself for making a mistake at that critical moment that ultimately caused Bernabeu to be defeated in the end. Ever since his previous defeat against Einherjar Wannabe, Cao Yi had spent quite some time improving his final slashes by powering up the momentum of his rotational force; however, it seemed to be useless against Wang Ben’s unrivaled Fist of the Racing Tiger. Nevertheless, the aura from his blade managed to break through Wang Ben’s defense. Even though he did show improvements and also managed to surprise a lot of people for being able to stand a chance against Wang Ben, the rising star of the Earth Confederation, this was not what Cao Yi wanted, he was a stubborn person that disregarded fame and was only interested in martial arts and tactics.

Inspiration played a key factor in the study of martial arts, and it could be accumulated bits by bits from all sorts of activities in life, especially through battles.

Principal Martyrus didn’t hold Cao Yi accountable for Bernabeu’s defeat, but the principal blamed himself instead. Cao Yi was touched by the principal’s kindness, he swore that he would repay his recognition and appreciation in the future, and he would push himself further in order to do that.

Surprisingly, Apache also planned to stay in Bernabeu instead of going back to the Spatial Anti-Smuggling Bureau. He had learned his lesson after the loss Apache used to slow down his practices and training of Soul Energy because he believed the status of his Soul Energy and basics were more than enough and all he needed were accumulations of experiences. However, Apache realized there were too many flaws in his previous fight with Wang Tong; hence he decided to stay and strengthen himself.

Most of Martyrus’ students were tough and prepared for improvements, which was why Bernabeu became one of the most popular academies among students in recent years.

One would think that he is invincible when everything happened as planned, only failure and defeats would be able to make one learn and grow.

Cao Yi was preparing his analysis while waiting for Einherjar Wannabe to select his opponent. He really wanted to fight Einherjar Wannabe again, but obviously, Einherjar Wannabe had become an existence like an “idol” that would need a stronger opponent, hence Cao Yi was also hoping for a challenge from a stronger player.

It would be even better if those elusive and unreachable aces would appear in front of Einherjar Wannabe, but the possibility of them showing up was way too low.

On the other hand, Wang Tong finally opened his eyes and decided not to accept the deal from the official administration. He might have missed a large sum of prize money, but he felt much relaxed this way, at least he didn’t have to worry about winning his fights. He was free from all the restraints!

Upon making that decision, Wang Tong’s mood was uplifted, and he began to check out the list of opponents. He seemed pleased with himself for having such strong will against temptations. Money always comes and goes, Wang Tong would never become some money-minded freak like Old Fart!

Wang Tong sorted the horrifying lists of challengers according to their winning percentages, and he was surprised to see there were tens of them who had only wins. However, most of them were IPA players, and it was hard for him to select someone with a real high winning ratio since IPA players were able to “customize” their winning rates.

Then Wang Tong opened another system notification in his inbox. This time, it was a short mail which stated that the system would like to widen Einherjar Wannabe’s challenge extent, meaning he was offered a VIP privilege which enabled him to challenge anyone regardless of player levels; however, he could also choose to reject this offer by clicking the button below.

Of course, Wang Tong would accept this privilege, he had wished to challenge every single strong player ever since he joined PA, so he couldn’t wait to see which ace he would be fighting tonight!

Wang Tong was randomly playing around with the sorting methods as he accidentally clicked on “sort by the length of ID” and an eye-catchy ID popped up at the top of his list. It was a rather long ID, and somehow this person wanted everybody to know he was a student from Capth.

ID: Cisco -- NO.1 -- Capth S·LV·TWO

Wang Tong couldn’t help laughing as he saw that weird ID and its empty battle result. Without a doubt this person was absolutely not a PA player, let alone being a TPA fighter; nevertheless, this person was arrogant as hell.

The ID was deciphered as: “I’m Cisco, the No.1 student from the second grade METAL Combat Class of the S-Ranked Academy of Capth!” Apparently aside from Capth, there were also students with such titles amongst the other S-ranked academies. There would always be a “top-notch” in every course of every grade, they were known as the benchmarkers which the other students wished to surpass; they were the real aces among elites, the future cards of the military. As long as one received the “No.1” title in an S-ranked academy, he or she would definitely become the “holy grail” amongst various corps and legions.

It was normal for such person to despise childish games like TPA, no one would be needing platforms like TPA if they were given plenty of training and battles.

Obviously, Cisco was here to challenge Einherjar Wannabe!

Ayrlarng would soon be facing against Capth, and it was indeed the most crucial tournament to Samantha. In order to increase their winning ratio, Samantha was even willing to persuade Bernabeu to form an alliance together to fight against Capth.

However, reality was always a b*tch even though there were confidence and ambitions, and Capth still remained as a tough target to be defeated by Ayrlarng and Bernabeu. In fact, Capth didn’t even pay any attention to them since they didn’t send out their best team of elites to face against Ayrlarng and Bernabeu.

Nevertheless, Samantha wasn’t silly enough to believe that Ma Xiaoru and the trio would be able to vanquish the candidates of Capth by themselves.

In the end, Wang Tong picked the Cisco ID dude, he had been longing to witness the actual strength of one of the No.1 from Capth.

Meanwhile, a few students who stayed up late seemed to be feeling anxious at the Virtual Simulation Hall of Capth’s METAL Combat Class.

“I think this is not gonna happen, Stoke. Big Brother Cisco might be famous amongst students, but the possibility of Einherjar Wannabe picking him throughout thousands of other challenge invitations is too small, why don’t we just call it a day?”

“But we’ve already been waiting for two days! Since he had shown up, let’s see who he chooses in the end.”

“He’s right, we should give it a shot even if the chances are low. Moreover, this Einherjar Wannabe dude is quite different from the others, perhaps he would accept our challenge invitation tonight?”

“Yea, since Big Brother also purposely spared out his time tonight, let’s wait a little longer.”

Stoke and his gang were not the students of METAL Combat Class, they majored in Astral Realm Intel Transfer and Interference; their strengths for their ages were too low to be the students of METAL Combat Class. However, there was one of them who possessed an amazing strength even though he majored in scientific researches.

Cisco was the No.1 amongst second graders, and he was known as the “all-rounder” of Capth. Cisco met Stoke right after he was defeated by Einherjar Wannabe; since then, Stoke had been paying close attention to Einherjar Wannabe and even sent videos regarding Einherjar Wannabe to Cisco. In the beginning, Cisco seemed to be uninterested in some childish and flashy game like the TPA, but after watching a few matches, especially the one in which Einherjar Wannabe utilized the Fist of the Racing Tiger, Cisco immediately asked Stoke and his gang to reach out to Einherjar Wannabe. Cisco was eager to teach that mystifying brat a lesson if Einherjar Wannabe accepted his challenge invitation.