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Chapter 115: Aux Armes!

Chapter 115: Aux Armes!

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Cisco was pissed off when he realized Wang Ben turned down Capth’s offer and chose the dying Ayrlarng instead. Being one of the upperclassmen of Capth, Cisco had always wanted to do something to prove Wang Ben wrong, and he realized that the best and simplest way was to defeat this Einherjar Wannabe dude.

The Fist of the Racing Tiger? So what?

Ding Dong…

“Oh my god… It’s Einherjar Wannabe! He chose us, we did it!” one of them roared.

“I’ma contact Cisco right away!”

The crew got busy immediately, and soon, one of the dorms in Capth became bustling with noises; everyone was excited and couldn’t wait to see the fight between Cisco and Einherjar Wannabe. Cisco was indeed the center of attentions as his No.1 title was earned after going through numerous battles, he was the real deal without a doubt.

The news about the clash of titans quickly spread amongst second graders like wildfire, no one would’ve missed this since every match involving Cisco was very “educational”.

Coming up: Einherjar Wannabe versus Cisco -- NO.1 -- Capth S·LV·TWO

Luv Ma turned toward Miao Xiu with a smiling face, like those big eyes of his were saying, “What a shame, you got ignored again; this time you lost to an ID that packs a punch!”

However Miao Xiu remained calm, “No.1 amongst Capth’s second graders huh, interesting. Goddammit, I should’ve used an ID like this to draw his attention.”

“Bullsh*t, what makes you think that you’re the No.1 student among us first graders?”

“Aw, shaddup will ya? If that sonuvab*tch weren’t around, the No.1 title would’ve been mine!” Miao Xiu yelled. Apparently, the No.1 title was left vacant among first graders because Patroclus was not interested and didn’t take part in the ranking, then a few other elites too decided to pass due to his absence.

As the saying goes: “A newborn calf makes little of a tiger”, which also explained why faultfinders often existed amongst first graders regardless of academies. In fact, Miao Xiu was also one of those daredevils among this year’s first graders of Estrella Academy; however, none of them had the guts to pick a fight with Patroclus ever since that incident. Moreover, the trauma from Miao Xiu’s impulsive action still lingered around like a ghost.

After all, Patroclus was an existence from another world. In the eyes of the Ivantians, he was even crowned as their almighty prince.

“Anything interesting about that ID?” Miao Xiu squinted his mouth.

“Dude, that guy is strong, VERY strong. Every No.1 of all S-ranked academies has their own forte, and that Cisco fella is extremely skilled in sword fights!”

“Hmm, so he’s a pain in the *ss?”

“Yea, and he’s hard to be handled. This person remained in his No.1 position for almost a year, yet he was never defeated, not even once.”

“Haha, interesting! Meaning Capth will be super humiliated if Cisco loses tonight.”

“Yea man, this is what we’ve been waiting for. I think this is the perfect chance for Einherjar Wannabe to show us what he really got.”

“Oh, something tells me that you’re standing on Einherjar Wannabe’s side, am I right?” Miao Xiu said as he slanted his eyes.

Luv Ma only smiled and said nothing.

On the other hand, Cameron was smart enough to expect that Einherjar Wannabe would turn down their offer when he saw the latest pairing. TPA could only use money as their chip to bargain; nevertheless, Cameron believed that Einherjar Wannabe didn’t do all these just to seek for a sponsorship; it couldn’t be helped since the strong ones were also the rich ones most of the time.

“Show me the complete data of his rival!” Cameron commanded. He was thinking that perhaps they could dig up and sort out the information of the opponent and sent them to Einherjar Wannabe for his reference. After all, he believed Einherjar Wannabe wouldn’t reject this since he was obviously here to search for strong opponents, yet he was a stubborn kid. Judging from all of these, Cameron was confident that Einherjar Wannabe’s true identity was a youngster, they were on the right track since the beginning.

“Boss, you’re not gonna believe this, his opponent is really Cisco, the No.1 student amongst second graders of Capth!”

“Haha, even better! Spread the news at once! Send it to everyone out there!”

“Yes, Boss!” All of the staff began to get busy.

However, Cisco’s personal data had been already uploaded on the forum by someone else before Cameron’s men could announce it. In fact, no one would even care to check out his information the moment they heard “No.1 amongst Capth’s second graders” because obviously, this guy had to be strong since he was crowned as “No.1”. No one commented about his empty battle-log either, since, of course, he would have no interest in TPA judging from his status.

Within minutes, Cisco’s unique identity had created an uproar, and it even caught the attentions of students from every academy who were still hanging out in the TPA. Interested or not, everyone seemed eager to watch what was going on.

The mysterious and invincible warrior versus the dominating existence of Capth.

Students from non S-ranked academies got even more excited, they couldn’t wait to witness the strength of the No.1 student of an S-ranked academy.

The time for battle preparation was extended to half an hour, this had never happened before in any other matches as generally, it was not more than five minutes, yet an exception was given this time due to the unique identities of both fighters.

Wang Tong was speechless as he stared at the countdown timer on the monitor, deep down he couldn’t stop cursing the administration for wasting his precious money by having him wait for half an hour, and he even suspected that this was their revenge on him for rejecting the ten grand.

Somehow, the big man up there always liked to pull tricks on the poor ones.

Nevertheless, there was one thing that was sure: if Cameron, who expected Einherjar Wannabe as a millionaire, were to see him now mumbling and grumbling over a couple of dimes, he would be speechless.

Anyhow, Wang Tong calmed down, closed his eyes, and initialized his Tactics of the Blade. He was a man with patience because he understood that only those who had patience were qualified to be called a hunter. The impatient ones would become the hunted...

“Luna, wake up! Wake up!”

“Geez, what’s wrong with you man, can’t you see I’m sleeping?”

“Get your *ss up, Einherjar Wannabe is about to fight Cisco!”

“Which Cisco? The dude from Capth you mean?”


“Holy crap! I’ll be there in a jiff!”

“Wassup, Cao Yi?”

“Einherjar Wannabe’s match will begin soon, tell the guys to wake up and grab a chair.”

“It’s very late already, is it an important match?”

“Cisco is the opponent.”

“Roger that!” the guy answered immediately.

Einherjar Wannabe might be famous, but his fame was somehow like a movie star; unlike Cisco, who was like a real superstar for being one of the strongest elites from Capth! If he were to wear a mask and made up a show, he would also become someone like Einherjar Wannabe, but he wasn’t interested in doing so.

The match between Einherjar Wannabe and Cisco was the clash between mystic and reality!

Their match seemed to have become a global phenomenon. After all, Capth did have a huge influence throughout the globe.