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Chapter 116: Real Power

Chapter 116: Real Power

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"When mystery clashes with reality, who will come out as the winner?" such was a self-contained question that PA had proposed to the audience.

The mysterious Einherjar Wannabe had undoubtedly become the star of the PA system. His popularity had reached a new height after winning over millions of IPA fans. On the other hand, Cisco was a superstar in real life who was destined to join the ruling class in the future.

"How's the support rating?" Cameron asked.

"Over 90% of the IPA players are siding with Einherjar Wannabe. This is amazing, ever since that guy showed up, our rating has skyrocketed."

"That's only natural. The IPA players must have felt that Einherjar Wannabe is more relatable as if he had given them a voice in the overall PA system."

Cameron pondered on. He realized that DREAM had been overlooking the IPA players' needs for too long. To them, the PA system was more than just a simple game; it was a vessel through which they could re-live their dreams. This is one aspect of the PA system that the DREAM had long forgotten, despite the fact it was in their name.

"How about the TPA league?"

"It's the same, more and more TPA players are logging in as we speak, and our TPA subscribers has since increased five folds. I wager that no one wants to miss the show when it's live."

Although DREAM would release the video recording, the atmosphere was very different while watching it on a screen comparing to watching it live. Unfortunately, due to the bandwidth restrictions, not every member could sign up and watch the live actions.

"Excellent, keep your eyes on things and report to me immediately if there is anything slightly out of place."

"Yes, boss."

Wang Tong heard the PA system's notification indicating that the preparation was done. Wang Tong was exhilarated at the thought of fighting the top student from the S-Class Academy.

Meanwhile, at Capth, the training room was packed with students, most of them were second-year students who majored in METAL combat. Some of the students were Cisco's fan, and they came with admiration, but some students were not. They came here to study the legendary fighter as the mysterious Einherjar Wannabe ought to provide them a golden opportunity to do so.

Cisco had already entered the arena. As a student who had been crowned the number one fighter at Capth, Cisco was already used to the attention, so he seemed indifferent at the excited crowds.

Cisco had never thought about failure. As a number one, he had to prepare himself for a challenge at all time. Thinking about the outcome would only slow him down, so he had decided to never think about defeat but to focus on the fight instead. It was unsurprising that Cisco had a feverish passion for combat; he welcomed tough opponents and feared to waste his time on a weak challenger.

The arena could fit ten thousand people from the audience online, and by then it was already full. The cheers came wave after wave. Almost all of the audience members were cheering for Einherjar Wannabe, especially the IPA players since they saw Einherjar Wannabe as one of them and therefore wanted him to win.

Although Einherjar Wannabe was from the TPA league, he respected the IPA fighters, and in the IPA player's eyes, he respected their dream.

The virtual avatar of the two fighters had appeared, as well as their profile that was loaded onto the big screen. The decorated records of Cisco was hard to miss, and it had somewhat dulled the IPA player's excitement. The gap between the two players was evident, one started from a no-account and only recently rise to popularity after a few miraculous victories; the other was a genius and born to be one of the strongest power in the world.

Cisco didn't pay much attention to the reactions of the IPA players. He never cared to understand those who were weaker than him, as he had deemed them unimportant. He needed to only focus on his biggest enemy: himself. Having absolute confidence in his ability, Cisco believed that he needed only to surpass himself in each fight, then no one in the world would be able to defeat him.



"Player please enter!"

The referee stepped inside of the arena. He, like all the audiences, had been waiting for this match for many days, and he considered an honor to referee this game.

Einherjar Wannabe's avatar looked rather pedestrian, but his body seemed to emanate a particular energy. On the other side, Cisco stood over 6 feet tall, and his tenacious body suggested the incredible lethal power hidden inside. Cisco looked indifferent and cold; he didn't think that winning this fight would be too much of a problem.

"I have seen you used the Fist of the Racing Tiger, care to show it to me again today?" Cisco asked frankly in a confident voice. He didn't hide the fact that his challenge was instigated by the Fist of the Racing Tiger, but to the lesser extent, by Einherjar Wannabe himself.

Einherjar Wannabe simply shrugged without giving a clear answer. The vague reply annoyed Cisco. He had expected Einherjar Wannabe to throw himself at his feet, like many of his fans, thanking him for the opportunity to fight him. But instead, he had gotten the cold shoulder.

"Game Start!"

Cisco didn't dwell on Einherjar Wannabe's attitude since Einherjar Wannabe didn't seem to intend to use the Fist of Racing Tiger willingly, Cisco conceded that he would have to beat it out of him.

Cisco struck at Einherjar Wannabe with a run-of-the-mill attack, it was a test to see if he could call Einherjar Wannabe a worthy opponent.

Einherjar Wannabe raised his arm to defend, and in a blink of an eye, the two combatants had exchanged a dozen blows, and then the two parted.

The two fighters were both very cautious. Cisco didn't use his METAL suit since he had figured that he wouldn't need it.

However, after exchanging a few blows, Cisco registered that Einherjar Wannabe's defense was solid and he did it with ease. Cisco conceded that the opponent in front of him was more challenging than he had thought he would be.

"Interesting… Try this!"

Cisco strode a couple of wide steps and was then right in front of Einherjar Wannabe. He clenched a fist and pounded it heavily at Einherjar Wannabe.

"The Inch Step!" A few audiences gasped out of surprise.

As the pride of Capth, Cisco had mastered various techniques within the Federation, and he was particularly good at the Inch Step. Most of the fighters would have nothing left in them by the time they had finished their Inch Step at this great length, but Cisco had executed every move fluidly with ease and could still deliver a heavy attack at his opponent.

The ability to follow up with an attack seemed trivial, but it had encapsulated the difference between the amateur and professional fighters. It was the finesse in the execution that had set the two groups apart.

There was no time for Einherjar Wannabe to dodge the attack, so he blocked the punch with his arm but was sent flying at the impact.

Cisco paused a second and lamented over his opponent's poor defense strategy. He then immediately followed with Inch Step and emerged in front of Einherjar Wannabe who was still trying to gather himself. Cisco didn't give him any time to react, he kicked high at Einherjar Wannabe and set him flying again.

Cisco suddenly sprung high up like a cannonball while his opponent's body was still in the air. When he was vaulting over Einherjar Wannabe's body, he delivered three kicks, and all landed squarely at Einherjar Wannabe.