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Chapter 125: The Rookie Dance Machine

Chapter 125: The Rookie Dance Machine

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"Oh, leaving this early?" the shopkeeper asked enthusiastically. He might really be treating Wang Tong as his lucky charm.

"Yea, I have some errands to run in school."

"Good for you, not addicted to games. Well, this is for you, a 20% discount card, do visit us when you’re free!" The shopkeeper happily slipped something into Wang Tong’s hands.

Wang Tong looked puzzled, was the shopkeeper trying to praise him, or poison him? Anyhow, Wang Tong grabbed that discount card and left DREAM Heaven with a smile on his face.

While he was out there relaxing, the whole PA community was shaken by the uproar he had created a moment ago.

Einherjar Wannabe had scheduled a challenge, and this time, his opponent would be the IPA player named Wings of Heaven!

Instantly, all of the discussions in PA focused on the ID, Wings of Heaven. TPA players had no idea who he was, but it seemed like everyone in IPA was very familiar with this ID. Apparently, he was even much stronger than Solitary Snow. Not only did he possess a Dream-Ranked METAL Suit, but most players were also intimidated by his unbelievable fighting skills and abilities.

Some even suspected that he was actually a fighter in real life, yet he joined the IPA for no reason. With such dominating strength and that incredible armor of his, without a doubt, Wings of Heaven was known to be one of the "glitchy" players in the IPA. However, this guy had a weird personality, and he almost got no friends. Furthermore, not many would dare to challenge him due to his bloodlust and brutality.

Anyhow, there was one thing for sure, that dude was insanely strong!

Not to forget he was given two days to get ready!

Cameron was all excited when he received the news. Finally, everything began to go on the right track! Two days were more than enough for him to prepare a bigger stage, but it would still be free to watch since Einherjar Wannabe had turned down his deal. Nevertheless, it was still something to be hyped about.

All of the staff in PA were fully concentrating on their tasks. They were at the edge of losing their jobs when this major project of DREAM was to be terminated due to its disappointing profits, but since they were given another chance as Einherjar Wannabe emerged, they would obviously seize this opportunity to maintain their employments.

Meanwhile, it seemed like Wang Tong’s good intentions were useless after all, instead of coming back again on Sunday, most of them still chose to stay and camp in PA, but without the usual tension and nervousness. The most excited ones were the IPA players, everyone seemed to be full of anticipation after knowing that something epic would happen on Sunday night, it was a blissful sensation indeed.

It was normal for Einherjar Wannabe to disappear after dropping a message; however, Wings of Heaven too was nowhere to be seen, like he had vanished into thin air; to everyone’s surprise, Wings of Heaven didn’t make any pre-match comment, he remained quiet and calm instead.

As soon as Wang Tong returned to his room, Zhou Sisi was already waiting there.

"Aren’t you having a break today?"

"Yup, which is why I came looking for you. Don’t you feel lonely spending every day on your own? Come, let’s do some singing!" Zhou Sisi said as she smiled.

Wang Tong scratched his head and replied, "Nah I’ma pass, I’m not good at singing."

"Nonsense, it’s simple! All you have to do is scream and shout. C’mon and have some fun, young man, fun is good for your training!"

Wang Tong hesitated, but Zhou Sisi dragged him along forcefully. "C’mon, be a man, it’s not like I’m asking you to go to war!"

"I’d rather go to war," Wang Tong whispered to himself. Nevertheless, he was okay to try something new, or else he would really become a boring person.

A group of people was already there when both of them arrived at the karaoke lounge, the group was an equal mix of boys and girls, and most of them were from A-Class. Of course, all of them knew Wang Tong since he was already one of the "celebrities". In the beginning, he was only known as the sidekick of Ma Xiaoru and Hu Yangxuan, yet no one expected him to be the "hidden last boss" amongst the trio. Additionally, all the other girls looked cheerful when they saw him.

"See what I meant? You really have become one of the celebrities in Ayrlarng, and what you said during that match even became popular amongst students of the Command Force!" Zhou Sisi said proudly.

"...What did I say?"

Zhou Sisi immediately mimicked Wang Tong’s expression on that day, pointed her finger and said, "You were saying?"

Wang Tong almost fainted, that was just supposed to be one of his random "sucker punches" against Best’s arrogance, and he didn’t even bother to remember saying that after the match. Best was strong indeed, but he was stupid for being careless.

Two of the guys were seen tearing their vocal cords apart on stage, together with the holographic background dancing, they did kind of look like superstars.

The atmosphere was all fired up by the intense singing and dancing.

As a youngster, Wang Tong would, of course, listen to some pop music, but he had no time to be further interested than that.

"Why don’t you give it a try?"

"Nah, I’m good. I’ll just be one the audiences for the time being!"

Zhou Sisi then got up and took the center stage. Obviously, this was not their first time being here, it seemed like they were having a boys versus girls singing contest. Being good or bad at singing wasn’t important in this "competition", as long as the performer was able to lead the crowd and uplift the atmosphere, it felt more like a stage to express one’s emotion.

Surprisingly, everyone was quite good in singing. Wang Tong was not an alien, so basically he was familiar with the songs, and there were even some that he could hum along to, yet he had never tried singing them. Actually, he was really thinking of giving it a try after seeing their high spirit, but in the end, he gave up that idea because he had no experience in singing and his bad vocals might spoil the mood.

On the other hand, Zhou Sisi was doing great on stage, it was like she had become another person on stage, her youthful vibe was all over her amazing dance moves, totally different from how she usually looked like in class.

Wang Tong was surprised to see this side of Zhou Sisi and was mesmerized by her vibrant charm, she really looked like a star.

Immediately, Zhou Sisi’s classmates began to clap along with her incredible dance moves, dancing might not be Wang Tong’s expertise, but he was deeply impressed by Zhou Sisi’s movements, it was full of vibe and allurement.

Wang Tong was completely drawn to her, he couldn’t believe that this was the same Zhou Sisi he knew since day one.

Soon, Wang Tong began to clap along with the rhythm, then Zhou Sisi turned around gracefully and dragged him on stage, making the crowd gone wild.

"C’mon!" Zhou Sisi smiled as she began to twist and turn around Wang Tong, droplets of sweat glittered across the stage as she fluttered her long hair, she was full of energy!

Everyone around was clapping as they turned their attention to Wang Tong, and he was troubled by the pressure. Wang Tong knew he had to do something instead of standing there like a fool, but he had no idea how to dance!

"Ah whatever, yeah I’m a rookie so what, it’s not like I’m afraid to dance!" The Wang Tong closed his eyes and began to count the beats, moving his head in and out as he did.

Crack… crack…

Wang Tong began to move along stiffly with the music, looking like a crab; however, Zhou Sisi was a pro, and she managed to back him up with her elegant dance moves in order to reduce the awkwardness.

Clearly Wang Tong was a bad dancer; nevertheless, everyone carried on clapping and cheering.

Wang Tong tried his best to dance along, but the rhythm just didn’t seem right, all of a sudden he had a vision of a Spider Zerg dancing along the music, and he decided to mimic its dance moves.

It was weird at the beginning, but slowly the movements began to fuse with the music, and in no time, Wang Tong was seen grooving to the music. Zhou Sisi, who was trying to guide Wang Tong into the rhythm, was surprised to see him grooving to the beats so quickly.

Everyone was stunned by his alien movements at first, but as the music played went on, everyone went crazy about it.

Wang Tong too had fully submerged into his groove, he had created a rather unique dance by moving his arms and legs rigidly, like a Spider Zerg dancing in the wild. Somehow the way he moved looked like a ritual dance, and it could only be described in one word: danger!

It was the dance of a beast!

Zhou Sisi became the beauty dancing beside the beast, luckily she was able to adjust her movements instinctively since she was quite gifted in dancing.

As soon as the music stopped, Zhou Sisi fell into Wang Tong’s arms right in time. It was flawless!


The karaoke lounge was roaring with cheers and claps, Wang Tong turned toward Zhou Sisi as he wiped off the sweat on his forehead. "How was I doing?"

He was embarrassed for doing something way out of his comfort zone.

Zhou Sisi replied with a handful of excitements in her eyes, "Wang Tong, you’re a genius!"

Wang Tong gave a satisfying smile, he had no idea he could be that attractive that he made the other girls scream. In fact, the girls had just realized Wang Tong was actually quite a handsome young man, very charming indeed!

Amongst the crowd who gathered around him, Wang Tong even realized that some of them were actually not from Ayrlarng. At first, only a few noticed his dance and were planning to leave, but somehow a few of them couldn’t help watching, in the end, more people were drawn to the crowd to see what was going on.

Wang Tong’s exotic dancing received a thunderous round of applause.

"Hey, dude, where did you learn these crazy steps?"

"That was superb!"

"Yea, I’ve never seen that before, it has this raw and wilderness vibe!"

"Dance Machine!"

"Dance Machine indeed!"

Wang Tong seemed to be embarrassed for making such an uproar. Actually, he had just made that all up spontaneously because he didn’t want to stand there looking like a fool. To be honest, he had absolutely no idea what he was doing a few minutes ago.

Dance Machine?

It would be great if they called him Einherjar instead, and thank god Einherjar Wannabe wasn’t around, or else he would joke about it for sure.

Soon as Wang Tong fired up the atmosphere, everyone else too began to dance. While they were busy dancing, Zhou Sisi dragged Wang Tong toward the sofa as both of them needed a rest badly.

"I thought you said you knew nothing about dancing, but here you are rocking the stage, and you even threw in your own twist!"

"I had no choice since you were the one who pulled me on stage!"

Zhou Sisi was amazed, "I have to say, you really are a genius. I wonder if anyone has recorded it. I’m definitely keeping one for my collection!"

"I’ma get cocky if you keep on complimenting me."

"Well, you should be. Wang Tong, in the future, if you already have enough of the military, you really might wanna consider turning toward the entertainment business, haha," Zhou Sisi joked as she crossed her leg, suddenly Wang Tong felt the adrenaline rushing up to his brain, and he started to wonder if his drink contained any alcohol.

Nevertheless, Zhou Sisi did look amazing today. Wang Tong had only seen her hard-working side as a good student, yet he never expected her to be so bold, and not to mention she looked hot as well.

"Entertainment business? Thank you but no thank you, I’m a man with a bigger dream!"

"Is it to become the next General Li Feng? Haha, I bet every Earthling has the same dream too."

Mankind would have been eradicated if General Li Feng hadn’t been born. The METAL technology and strategies he created had directly influenced the development of mankind for the next tens of decades, as well as allowing Earth to maintain its position as the hub of the universe. However, it was an undeniable fact that the Moon had already outraced the Earth to become the new economic hub of mankind’s universe. It couldn’t be helped since the Ivantians had inherited most of the virtues of the Earthlings, but they almost had no defects.

However, Wang Tong shook his head when Zhou Sisi said that.