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Chapter 129: God-Slayer

Chapter 129: God-Slayer

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Achieving fourth tier Soul Power was already difficult regardless of the fighter's league. However, soldiers with fifth tier Soul Power would reach over two hundred sols of soul power, a number that was only seen on a handful of veteran warriors. Therefore, Wings of Heaven's 180 sol soul energy was an extraordinary scene to behold to most PA players, and some IPA players swore that Wings of Heaven's soul energy had exceeded Einherjar Wannabe.

People liked Einherjar Wannabe not because he was invincible — everyone knew that he wasn't — but because of his fighting style. Although his fame had been soaring, everyone had expected that sooner or later, someone who was much stronger than him would defeat him. Although no one wanted that to happen, they accepted it as an inevitable event, while hoping that their idol's winning streak could last as long as possible.

Ever since the invention of the METAL suit, fighter's soul energy had dictated the ultimate strength of the fighters as techniques had become obsolete. Because of that, it became less and less frequent that people heard about new fighters becoming a dark horse and won an impossible fight.

Regardless if Wings of Heaven was truly the Captain of the Golden Star, he was fighting exactly like a professional METAL warrior rather than an amateur IPA player. His superior soul energy had given him a definite advantage against Einherjar Wannabe, whose soul energy had hovered at around only 170 or so.

Many people thought that perhaps this fight would be the one that would eventually halt Einherjar Wannabe's winning streak.

Wings of Heaven attacked again, his blade cut through the air and forced a deadly sense of threat upon his opponent. He had turned himself into a killing machine.

These aggressive hacks and slashes landed one after another on Wang Tong, all aimed at vital points of his body and were from the most awkward angles. Wings of Heaven's attacks had only one intention: to kill his opponent. He cared much less regarding methods. Such techniques that directly aimed at opponent's vital body parts were sneered at by the Academy School of fighting since they were deemed as "cheap" and lacked actual skills. Many METAL fighters, such as those in the Golden Star, didn't agree with the views of the Academy School since they believed that the best kind of techniques were the ones that could finish off their opponents in the quickest way.

After seeing the deadly techniques on the screen, the members of the Golden Star were convinced that Wings of Heaven was indeed their captain. Their captain had been praised for his quick and effective killing moves that looked dull and unprepared, but extremely effective in a chaotic battlefield. Many pirates had been deceived by his seemingly unsophisticated moves and thought that he was a rookie, but in the end, they all had paid the ultimate price for their mistake.

"170 is nothing. While at his peak, he has been a fifth tier fighter!"

Members of the Golden Star watched their captain with admiration, and they were confident that he would win this fight with ease.

Having been caught in the deadly web of attacks, Wang Tong knew better than anyone else that his opponent was the real master of METAL combat. With that unmatched skills in using blades, Wings of Heaven could always be one move or half ahead of Wang Tong, keeping the pressure on him.

Although Wang Tong was surprised by his opponent's power, he didn't waste any time on pondering his true identity. Instead, he executed his signature move, the Parallel Shift, and was then out of his opponent's attack range. Despite the unfamiliar appearance of the technique, Wings of Heaven had immediately understood how the Parallel Shit was carried out.

It would be unwise for Wang Tong to use the same trick twice once it had been seen through. While fighting Cisco, Wang Tong had also used the Parallel Shift. It was Wang Tong's self-invented techniques that took much inspiration from the Zergs. It required him to exert an immense amount of pressure to the tip of his toes and was hard to pull off.

This technique had been caught on camera, and Wings of Heaven had already studied it very carefully. He had formed an idea as to how this seemingly impossible move was achieved and how to counter it. Seeing it in person only confirmed his theory. This was the time to put his research into use. His next move required super human reaction and solid close combat skills, and both were considered crucial and fundamental skills to a good fighter.

The long blade suddenly turned through an angle and cut toward Einherjar Wannabe's neck in a fluid motion that turned the metal into a stream of silver liquid. The ordinary blade had taken on a shimmering hue — the blade aura — indicating that this attack was impossible to block.

So far, the attacks of Wings of Heaven had been rather straightforward and to the point. He didn't care to use any embellished moves that looked more astonishing. It was not to say that he looked down on those moves, it was simply not his style. The style that deployed carefully-choreographed moves were called the Academy School. Wing of Heaven had based his fighting style off of the Academy Style, but through years of real-life battle, he had also gone beyond it and eventually formed his own style: the Neutral School.

As the captain of the Golden Star, his first and foremost duty was to finish off criminals quickly to ensure the safety of his crew, and he had never failed once. Very rarely would he encounter a tough opponent like Einherjar Wannabe, and therefore he needed to adjust himself according to the level of his opponents. That being said, after the couple exchange of attacks, the "Warrior" in him was revived, and he could feel himself getting stronger by the second.

As the blade whizzed through the air at Einherjar Wannabe, many in the audiences closed their eyes, unable to find it in themselves to witness the inevitable downfall of their hero.

The warrior had been awakened, with both superior technique and soul energy at his disposal, Einherjar Wannabe had little to no chance of winning this fight.


The audiences heard a series of raging blares that sounded like powerful but brisk explosions, and then, they saw the blade — still with its blade-aura intact — being knocked away. Einherjar Wannabe paralleled shifted again and was out of harm's way.

Wings of Heaven was also caught off guard. He brought the blade closer to his eyes and studied the back of the blade, wondering what had happened to it just then.

Wang Tong flexed his fingers in relief. His opponent's attack had come too fast for him to use even his fists to defend himself, but he then realized that he could still use his fingers. Leveraging the results of his recent training, he flicked his fingers rapidly at the blade — more than 50 times in a blink of an eye — and he was able to save his skin in this moment of life and death.

The success of his finger technique had also exhilarated Wang Tong. This was the best way to test the effectiveness of the micro control of his GN force.

Although his fingers felt a bit sore after having endured so much strain, Wang Tong was thrilled with the outcome.

Other than Wings of Heaven who was greatly impressed by the move, no one could make out what had just happened. As a veteran Warrior, Wings of Heaven didn't not blindly believed in soul energy. Although soul energy was a good indication of a fighter's strength, overly relying on it would make one overlook the role that other factors played in combat, factors such as fighting styles, skills proficiency, and GN force.

Wings of Heaven was also in awe of Einherjar Wannabe's ability to copy other fighters abilities as he had reckoned that the finger flicking was no doubt inspired by Einherjar Wannabe's former opponent, Cisco.

On the big screen, DREAM had just updated Einherjar Wannabe's current level of sol reading, and it remained around 170.

"That was my self-invented technique: The Blood Craze," as Wings of Heaven spoke, he realized that this might be the last time he would ever use his signature technique. He felt content to have such a powerful opponent in his last fight. A true warrior's dream was to die on the battlefield, although his fate had refused him such an honorable conclusion of his life, he decided to use a tough fight to bid the overdue farewell to his military career.

The audience heard a low booming sound coming from the body of the former captain. His soul energy was still on the rise as it had yet reached the peak.

The eyes of the captain started to glow red as his soul energy soar.

190, 191, 192... Everyone's heart was caught in their throat. Would it exceed 200? After the 200-threshold, his soul energy would become so powerful that he could overwhelm Einherjar Wannabe with ease.

As Wings of Heaven started to tremble slightly, his soul reading finally stopped.


Wings of Heaven had entered a near-trance state. Although his soul energy increased by only 15 percent or so, he had jumped an entire soul-tier, which would give him a decisive advantage over Wang Tong.

What made his soul energy even more dreadful was the sense of death and aggression that made Wings of Heaven seem like a bloody demon straight out of the hell.

In most cases, the terrifying sense of dread emanating from Wings of Heaven would have paralyzed his opponent.

The faces of the members of the Golden Star lit up with excitement. They had recognized this scene, and it was a reenactment of that hellish battle against the Wasp. Their Captain had entered a battle trance and slaughtered the entire fleet of pirates to save their lives.

At that moment, their captain had leveled up his soul energy to the fifth tier and unleashed the most terrifying attacks upon his opponents. If it were gods that he was against, he would have been called the god-slayer.

On that day, only half an hour after the Golden Star boarded the pirate ship, they were surprised by the swarms of pirates when they had been expecting only a dozen of scattered criminals. Most of the members went down quickly after being severely outnumbered. When the leader of the Wasp announced their final charge against the few remaining soldiers, Wings of Heaven entered a battle trance, and the rest was only history.

"Einherjar Wannabe is in grave danger!"

Cao Yi and his friends were surprised by the identity of Wings of Heaven. They had never expected to see such a powerful fighter with so many stories in the IPA league.

"That's Ulysses," Apache had finally spoken. He had been in the Special Unit for over a year and had seen many powerful fighters there, but yet, he had to concede that none were stronger than the captain of the Golden Star, Ulysses.


Ulysses charged at Einherjar Wannabe with a roar. His eyes lit up with craze, and in there, Wang Tong didn't find his own image but the scene of the battle that had broken this once proud warrior.

On that day, when Ulysses had uttered the same roar in the same trance, he didn't think for himself, but only for the lives of his dear comrades. He was willing to give up anything, including his life to save his friends.

With such power and advantages, Ulysses had been, and was, unstoppable.

By then, it was evident to everyone that Wings of Heaven was indeed Ulysses.