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Chapter 131: A Girl“s Feeling

Chapter 131: A Girl's Feeling

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It was the match that everyone had hoped to witness, and everything seemed to be going on the right track. The sixteen-year-old Einherjar Wannabe had once again created a miracle. If his previous wins were all surprises, this victory would fall under the "mind-blowing" category.

Most of the time Einherjar Wannabe was intimidating during battles, yet there were also times that he would be careless, especially since he had the "fetish" of knocking out his opponent with their own techniques, which everybody loved and hated at the same time.

Nevertheless, everyone was eager to find out the real identity of Einherjar Wannabe. They couldn’t help wondering how a sixteen-year-old boy could be so experienced in fights and what sort of tactics he practiced that could sustain battles like this. In fact, even the Five Greatest Tactics wouldn’t be able to do so, if people would have to pick one from those five tactics, the House of Dower’s flawless Tactics of the Deva King might be the only one with the highest possibility. Yet they knew that Einherjar Wannabe was not one of the successors of the Tactics of the Deva King because his movements were not elegant and graceful at all, his movements were too much sloppy.

However, if that really was the case, was there any tactic in this world that could exceed the Five Greatest Tactics? Somehow the match had brought out a lot of questions that awaited to be answered.

Wang Tong didn’t leave immediately after the match, he sat and tried to remember what just happened. Wang Tong was actually planning to unleash the power of his two hundred and fifty-six nodes Tactics of the Blade when Wings of Heaven pushed him to the corner with his brutal attacks. However, Wang Tong didn’t do so because he knew that it wouldn’t bring any benefit to his training since it would only be a temporary solution. In the end, Wang Tong managed to overcome his fear and defended himself from Wings of Heaven’s fatal strike by overclocking his GN Force as he counterattacked. Wang Tong might be able to withstand such an attack in PA, yet he knew he would’ve been sliced into half in real battles due to various circumstances.

Nevertheless, it was a fruitful battle, and he managed to learn something new. At least, he made a breakthrough and uplifted his confidence, this was important as one would have to believe in one’s own strength in order to thrive.

Wang Tong’s fight and Soul Energy at the moment was induced through his sixteen nodes Tactics of the Blade, and he had made a rather strange discovery recently. Apparently, the two hundred and fifty-six nodes Tactics of the Blade had significantly boosted his GN Force, yet it did not affect the power of his Soul Energy. However, no one was able to notice this previously, even Wang Ben thought it was his own mistake for not being able to defend himself from Wang Tong’s attack.

Even Einherjar Wannabe — the only one who had fully practiced the Tactics of the Blade — had no answer to this question. To him, the simplified eight node Tactics of the Blade was total rubbish. It might be safe for everyone to practice, but it wouldn’t have much help in the practice of one’s Soul Energy, which was obviously why the other tactics were stronger than this one. Furthermore, the Tactics of the Blade only served as the base of the training process, which allowed one to avoid becoming deranged and reduce the chances of turning berserk during the practice of other tactics.

Wang Tong’s sixteen nodes version was way much stronger than the usual eight nodes version though, which explained why his Soul Energy would skyrocket once mind opened. Moreover, the dangerous life on Norton served as the key for him to master the power within; nevertheless, it had been the two hundred and fifty-six nodes version that had changed him completely. However, there were still a couple of things that bothered him; one of them being the amount of his Soul Energy that didn’t increase significantly even though the two hundred and fifty-six nodes Tactics of the Blade had applied a finishing touch to the mastery. It also explained why there wasn’t any huge contrast when he unleashed his Soul Energy, but it did manage to enhance his abilities to fight. Hence, Wang Tong suspected that the two hundred and fifty-six nodes Tactics of the Blade was most probably meant to have a direct effect on his GN Force only.

Anyhow, that was only his speculation since the real explanation was not available yet. Nevertheless, the mystical Tactics of the Blade was unlike the other conventional tactics so everything might be possible.

Wang Tong knew that he would have to train harder because the sixteen nodes Tactics of the Blade was the core to every connection. His fighter instinct was telling him that things would go terribly wrong if he got obsessed with the two hundred and fifty-six nodes version since power that could be obtained easily was always unstable and unsustainable.

How he wished he had a mentor by his side, then he wouldn’t have to figure it out through trial and error and guess everything on his own every single time. Hopefully, he wouldn’t go crazy as time went on.

Previously, Wang Tong had learned the delicate control of his GN Force through the match against Cisco, as for today, he was able to learn a new hand-chopping technique. Wang Tong then waved his arms to imitate the chopping action and chuckled as he struck a pose at the end, he even began to realize that he was quite handsome when he did that at the final part and might really have what it takes to be a celebrity. Instantly, the unrivaled warrior had turned into a silly, narcissistic boy in the game room.

Growl… growl…

"Aww, come on, I just fed you!" Wang Tong smacked his belly as he grumbled.

In order to eat, Wang Tong would have to spend money again, but it couldn’t be helped. He was starving and needed to eat to replenish his stamina since he was drained after the match with Wings of Heaven a while ago.

"Yes, yes, stop growling. I’m gonna feed you in a minute!" the growl from his stomach got louder as Wang Tong spoke while smacking his own belly. It was obviously "protesting" against him for causing the intense hunger. Wang Tong had gone through a lot of hardships while he was trapped on Norton, yet now he was going through starvation; then again he blamed the big man up there for making him suffer.

"Boss, the bill please?"

"Haha, it’s okay, you can just swipe your card right there. So how was the match? Exciting?" The shopkeeper smiled brightly.

"Of course, it was awesome! Hey, thanks for reserving the room, by the way, I’d have been damned if I’d missed it!"

"You’re welcome, our shop might be small, but privileges would definitely be provided for the VIPs! Well, see ya next time, go… good night!"

The shopkeeper waved his hand happily, all thanks to this kid, tonight was yet another full house. With the customers screaming and shouting in his shop and drinks selling fast, the shopkeeper almost called Wang Tong "golden goose" by mistake.

However, Wang Tong didn’t suspect anything, as a matter of fact, he thought the shopkeeper was being nice to him probably because he looked cute and honest!

After leaving DREAM Heaven, the somehow narcissistic Wang Tong went off to assuage his hunger.

"Xiaoru, I’m sure that my dream of crushing Capth will definitely come true if this Einherjar Wannabe dude becomes one of us!" Samantha said as she gulped.

"Looks like you’re eager to recruit every single elite into Ayrlarng, Sam."

"The more, the merrier! Now that I’ve obtained Paradise Island as the training base, I’m finally able to relax... gosh, I really feel like kissing you right now, come closer my dear little princess."

"Eww, get off me, you’re disgusting!" Ma Xiaoru might be able to handle the Tactics of the Enchantress, but she was helpless in front of Samantha.

"Why the long face my dear little princess? What’s bothering you? Wanna talk about it?" Ma Xiaoru had been very moody lately. Even Einherjar Wannabe’s incredible match was not able to get her interested, and Samantha believed she knew the reason.

"Nothing, I’m fine." Ma XIaoru shook her head.

"Oh… I think I know why. Did that idiot make you upset again? Didn’t you use the method I taught you? Men will not appreciate you for being nice to them, in order to get their attention, you must act proud."

"He wasn’t like that!" Ma Xiaoru defended.

"Oh, so it’s really about that idiot huh."


"Alright, okay, my bad. Why don’t you tell your big sis what’s going on? I can’t believe my methods failed!" Samantha was really curious to know why Wang Tong would ignore such a perfect girl like Ma Xiaoru.

Ma Xiaoru then began to explain how she applied Samantha’s "proud peacock" method, and Samantha was showing a weird expression after hearing Ma Xiaoru’s words.

"Sam, do you think… do you think he already has someone he likes?" Ma Xiaoru looked worried. Somehow, her mood swings were caused by the fickle and unpredictable qualities of the Tactics of the Enchantress, but if the person who practiced it were losing her mentality, the tactics itself could become uncontrollable.

Even though she had been practicing hard on her Tactics of the Enchantress recently, her progress had become stagnant. Apparently, not everything could be under control by being rational, especially since her personality was totally different from Samantha’s.

"Perhaps he’s..." Samantha’s serious look made Ma Xiaoru nervous, could he be…

"Perhaps he’s gay!" Samantha said in a serious tone.

"Sam! I’m not gonna talk to you if you keep teasing me."

Samantha couldn’t help teasing Ma Xiaoru, even she was attracted to this kind-hearted and pretty little girl. Nice girls like Ma Xiaoru were getting lesser and lesser, not to mention her wonderful family background, yet that idiot Wang Tong kept ignoring her…

"Do you really like him that much? I mean, you two barely know each other; moreover, there are tons of guys who are better than him." It seemed like Samantha was also curious about Ma Xiaoru’s feelings for the kid as if it wasn’t supposed to be like that.

"Even I have no idea why... Perhaps it’s because I’m comfortable being around him, it’s hard to explain verbally though, I dunno what’s wrong with me."

"Relax Xiaoru, whether he likes you or not, it’s not a big deal; furthermore, you are not sure of your own feelings as well, so there’s no need to get tangled up with it. Just be normal and be direct at school tomorrow, feel free to talk to him or have lunch together, you don’t have to hide your feelings," Samantha said.

"You’re right, Sam! Silly me!" Ma Xiaoru jumped up all of a sudden.

"A-hem, missy, you just flashed your panty to me, please mind your image!"

Without a doubt, Ma Xiaoru’s figure was stunningly gorgeous for her young age, and her prettiness was one of a kind, not to mention she was armed with the Tactics of the Enchantress. Rumor has it that every woman who practiced the Tactics of the Enchantress was hard to be "tamed", yet it would be the best thing to ever happened to a guy if he was able to do so. In fact, the first person who was able to do so happened to be General Li Feng, and it turned out that his ability to hit on girls was just as impressive as his glorious achievements. According to the legend, even General Rilangalos Dower, the greatest rival and also the mightiest Zerg slaying partner of General Li Feng, was deeply impressed with his charm around women.

Even though General Rilangalos was known as mankind’s greatest Mr. Perfect, he didn’t marry someone stunningly beautiful. Many Ivantian girls were heartbroken when the news of his marriage was made public.

Those happened many years ago though.

It seemed that Ma Xiaoru had also become hard to be tamed, only God knows what would happen in the future.

"Your figure is better than mine, Sam. I wish that someday I could be like you." All of a sudden, Ma Xiaoru hugged Samantha from behind. Obviously, her practice on Tactics of the Enchantress had also brought up her impishness.

"Oh you naughty little lady, how dare you to ambush me like that. Looks like someone needs to be punished!"

The two pretty ladies began chasing each other across the carpet, if there were men in the room, they would be completely mesmerized by their pearly white feet. Present or future, these two beauties definitely had what it takes to make the world go round…

Monday Blues was common amongst most people, yet Wang Tong looked energetic and excited. It seemed like he was satisfied with yesterday night’s match, and also the fact that he ate well and had a good night sleep.

He noticed that most people were talking about Einherjar Wannabe’s match, and he had even got the attention of some Ivantians since the former captain of the Golden Star was involved in that fight. When the Ivantians were interested in something, Martians would barge in for sure. Apparently, Martians had frequently been competing against Ivantians in recent years, mainly because the economy of Mars was growing strong and rapidly as it was the main transit planet of the Centaurus Cluster. With such a development, it would be normal for both of them to compete against each other.