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Chapter 132: The Twin Sisters

Chapter 132: The Twin Sisters

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Generally, both Ivantians and Martians had agreed on making planet Earth as the hub planet, and even reluctantly agreed to have Earth as the political hub. However, neither of them would compromise when it came to deciding which planet would be the economic hub and the one with the most popular city. Thus triggering the Martians and Ivantians to go head to head against each other in order to prove who was stronger and better.

Through gaining help from the Kaedeians, Mars had been developing rapidly in recent years and was even turned into a planet that was suitable for Earthlings to live in. Besides that, unique species of plants were also brought to Mars, transforming its habitat to a green as vibrant as Earth. Furthermore, two out of the three largest spaceports were also located in Mars, which also explained one of the reasons behind their arrogance.

"Wang Tong, all of us from S will be going out for lunch later, my treat, so make sure you come along, Captain!" Ma Xiaoru said to Wang Tong in a jolly manner. It seemed like Ma Xiaoru had really come to her senses. In fact, it wasn’t a big deal at all so she really had no reasons to have scruples since youngster shouldn’t be hesitating that much from time to time.

"Wow, a treat from our dear vice captain, of course, I’ll bring along my appetite!" Wang Tong loved free lunches.

"Alright, I’ll be expecting your arrival later!"

"An invitation to a banquet from the princess, obviously, everyone will be there," Wang Tong joked.

"That’s very kind of you, I’ll let you sit beside me later then," Ma Xiaoru said in a charming manner.

"Thank you, your Highness." Ever since Wang Tong defeated Bernabeu and became one of Ayrlarng’s aces, no one was jealous of him getting too close to Ma Xiaoru anymore.

Wherever there was free food, Carl would be there. Somehow the word "polite" didn’t exist in his vocabulary, no wonder he was called the grandmaster of cheekiness.

Ma Xiaoru went to confirm her reservation as soon as the class was dismissed, and Wang Tong went off to inform Zhou Sisi about the lunch gathering; she had to be very busy lately for not replying to his message on Sky-net.

Wang Tong was always enthusiastic about food, which was why he didn’t want to be late because he knew that Wang Ben and the other few members with a huge appetite wouldn’t be waiting for him even though he was their captain.

"Ah, there she is, but why is she walking in the opposite direction?"

Apparently, the way Zhou Sisi walked looked so elegant today, she was wearing a cap, and even the way she dressed looked different, simple yet stylish.

Wang Tong rushed forward and surprised her from behind, "Sisi!" Then he hooked his right arm on her shoulder and whispered, "You think I wouldn’t recognize you in another outfit?"

All of a sudden, Zhou Sisi grabbed Wang Tong’s hand and elbowed his ribcage, it caught Wang Tong by surprise, luckily he had good reflexes and managed to defend Zhou Sisi’s elbow strike with his left hand. Then, Zhou Sisi’s elbow strike was quickly followed by another kick aiming toward his crotch, of course, Wang Tong managed to dodge her attack again.

"Woah Missy, don’t you think you’re going a little too far? You could’ve killed your own mentor!"

"Get off me!" Zhou Sisi seemed to be kind of embarrassed.

"Okay, okay, don’t hit me. I’m just here to tell you that Xiaoru has invited us for lunch to celebrate the establishment of S, and since you’re not replying to my messages on Sky-net, I took the trouble to run-around looking for you. C’mon hurry up, Wang Ben and the guys are gonna finish all the food if we’re late!" Wang Tong said with a smile on his face.


Somehow Zhou Sisi looked strange today. Usually, she wasn’t that defensive.

"What’s wrong?" Zhou Sisi asked.

"Dunno… you look weird today."

"You’re thinking too much, c’mon let’s go! I thought you said we’re supposed to hurry?" Zhou Sisi gave Wang Tong a little push.

"You look weird with a cap."

"Shut up, I was just trying on a mysterious look today." Wang Tong zipped his mouth immediately, it seemed like Zhou Sisi was having a bad day.

"The best thing a man can do is to shut the hell up when a woman is infuriated." Quotes by Old Fart.

As both of them arrived, the other members were already there.

"What took you two so long? Wow, Sisi, you’re looking different today!"

"Alright fella, that’s enough. Well, since we’re all here, cheers! Bottoms up!"

"Vice captain, aren’t we supposed to have alcohol for such occasion?" Carl asked aloud.

"No, we’re having Gansus’ class in the afternoon, unless you are planning to skip his class," Hu Yangxuan said.

"I don’t drink alcohol," Rumi said softly as she rubbed her fingers.

"Alright, fine, if you guys say so... cheers guys!"

Everyone raised their glasses together and clank for the cheers, creating a joyful atmosphere.

The boys then began to gobble up. Since they already knew each other, no one was acting shy at all. The girls, on the other hand, kept looking at each other, obviously ashamed of the guys’ embarrassing expressions.

Tita from the Heavy Arm Force had the biggest appetite amongst the boys, not to mention that he was also the biggest in terms of body size. In fact, the training of the Heavy Arm Force was the toughest compared to the other faculties because Heavy Arm Operators were required to maintain a strong body, which was why their physical training was harsher. Ever since his humiliating defeat against Bernabeu, Tita learned that he wasn’t as strong as he thought; hence he had been working out really hard recently.

"Hey guys, looks like Einherjar Wannabe had done it again, do y’all think he’s actually some sorta top-notch from another academy?" Tita mumbled while chewing his food.

"Possible, since weirdos always exist in S-Ranked academies. Apparently, they don’t like to compete in school, but they’ll rampage at some other places!"

"Nevertheless, the outcome was absolutely mind-blowing! His opponent was a fighter with fifth tier Soul Power, yet Einherjar Wannabe was able to defeat him with his level fourth tier Soul Power, he is really something else." Although they were the top-notches of Ayrlarng, they were thrilled when watching Einherjar Wannabe’s matches every single time. His strength and ability were off the chart.

"Yo, everyone is having a conversation yet you’re still eating." Zhou Sisi gave Wang Tong a little push.

"Oh, wha… yea, he’s good, really good," Wang Tong murmured a few words and carried on with his feast.

At the other end of the table, Wang Ben was also eating in silence. Instead of spending time commenting on Einherjar Wannabe’s amazing performance, he’d rather focus his mind on what he could do to ask for a rematch.

As a matter of fact, Wang Ben was incredibly excited after watching the match between Einherjar Wannabe and Wings of Heaven. Einherjar Wannabe was special to Wang Ben since that guy was the one who made him who he was today. However, the more excited he felt, the more prudent he would get. If Wang Ben was still the old him, he would have been eager to challenge him again, but he had changed! Now, all he wanted was to be well prepared in order to push himself further, and Wang Ben would not ask for a rematch unless he was able to reach his own expectation. Furthermore, he knew it would be meaningless if he were to re-challenge him without any preparation.

Wang Ben assumed that Einherjar Wannabe would like to see him again in the battle ring too, but he definitely did not want someone who wasn’t fully prepared. Apparently, Wang Ben was quite pressured by Einherjar Wannabe’s recent performances, yet he didn’t back down and turned those pressures into urges instead.

Zhou Sisi was left speechless as she was a bit disappointed in Wang Tong’s slapdash attitude.

"I heard that Einherjar Wannabe has become the most wanted person of Capth right after Cisco was defeated, and a lot of students have been sending him challenge invitations ever since," Ma Xiaoru who was sitting right next to Wang Tong changed the subject all of a sudden, she began to envy the natural intimacy between Wang Tong and Zhou Sisi, which was kind of impossible for her to achieve.

"Students of Capth have always been ambitious, but unfortunately for them, Einherjar Wannabe isn’t someone who could be easily defeated. In fact, these youngsters will never stand a chance against Einherjar Wannabe… unless you’re one of the Four Princes," Hu Yangxuan said.

Hu Yangxuan didn’t over-exaggerate Einherjar Wannabe’s ability because there were still quite a handful of aces hidden among the students of Capth, and besides Capth, there were also a lot of young aces in the Court of the Templar. Usually, higher ranked disciples in the Court of the Templar were not interested in battles like this; however, he had no idea if the hidden aces of Capth would be interested since those weirdos were always full of surprises.

"I still can’t believe that we will be facing off against Capth soon," Kyaero said while touching his head, he felt that it was already a huge honor just being able to participate in such event, as most of them who entered Ayrlarng would never expect such privilege.

"Hmph, what’s so amazing about Capth? As soon as we crush them into pieces, then it will be the moment for Ayrlarng to bask in the glory again! Hahaha!" Carl was full of confidence as usual. No one said nothing as he laughed, but Carl wasn’t embarrassed at all. Most probably because he was born with an optimistic personality, he was always joyful.

Zhou Sisi shook her head as she stared across the fellow elites of Ayrlarng.

"What’s wrong, Sisi? You seem quiet today, it’s not like you."

"Yea, are you feeling okay, Secretary Zhou?" a few of the boys questioned.


Suddenly, someone slam-opened the door as Zhou Sisi was about to speak, and everyone couldn’t believe what they were witnessing; the poor Carl almost stuck his chicken drumstick into his nose. Wang Ben and Wang Tong were the only ones who were still eating when this happened, but Wang Ben stopped eating too when he looked up, but Wang Tong had no idea what happened as his back was facing the door.

"What’s wrong fellas?"

Wang Tong turned around and immediately got stunned by what he saw; there were two Zhou Sisi’s! One was standing by the doorway while the other one was joining them at the dining table! What in the name of God was going on here?!

"There you are, Yiyi!" Zhou Sisi was surprised as well.

"Sis!" The other "Zhou Sisi" got up from the dining table and gave Zhou Sisi a big hug while kissing her on the face.

"You naughty girl! Oh, I’m so sorry guys, this is Zhou Yiyi, my twin sister!"

The other "Zhou Sisi" took off her cap and revealed her long dark hair, "Hello everyone, I’m Zhou Yiyi, the younger twin sister, nice to meet you all… you guys have been very entertaining." Zhou Yiyi then burst into laughter.

"You… you… you’re..." Carl stood up all of a sudden, and the rest of the group finally realized what was going on. Both Zhou Sisi and Zhou Yiyi’s figures were identical, and Zhou Yiyi managed to fool their eyes since she was wearing a training outfit and she covered most of her face with the cap; however, the group was able to see the difference between those two girls as Zhou Yiyi took off her cap.

Zhou Sisi had the appearance of a good student, while Zhou Yiyi, on the other hand, looked vibrant and rebellious. Although the two of them looked exactly the same, somehow people were still able to differentiate the two of them from their silent and active personalities.

"You’re YIYI from Happy Girls!" Tita yelled, apparently the tough guy was also one of those Happy Girls fans.

Happy Girls was currently the most popular teen idol group consisting of three members, one from Earth, one from Moon, and one from Mars; two of them were Earthlings while the other one was a Kaedeian girl.

These girls were the biggest rising stars in recent years. All three of them had their own characteristics, and their voices and images were widely accepted amongst the younger generations, not to mention that they were also very talented in singing; hence their fame skyrocketed as soon as the album entitled "Happy Girls" was released.