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Chapter 133: Recon Zergs

Chapter 133: Recon Zergs

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"No wonder I thought Sisi looked like YIYI. Turns out both of you are really twin sisters. Good God, and you’ve been keeping this secret from us since day one!"

"Yea, Sisi, you should’ve told us earlier since we’re friends!"

"Kiddo, you’re the one who caused this trouble, so fix it yourself." Zhou Sisi waved her hand helplessly. However, Zhou Yiyi stuck out her tongue instead. Although both of them were at the same age, people were able to see that Zhou Sisi was obviously the older twin sister as Zhou Yiyi was still behaving like a child.

Everyone sat back down, and apparently, most of them were still overwhelmed by what had happened awhile ago, Wang Tong, on the other hand, was terribly ashamed of making that horrible mistake.

"I’m guessing you’re sneaking out again huh?" Zhou Sisi pulled Zhou Yiyi toward her.

"C’mon sis, I barely had the chance to go home, so of course, I had to sneak out! Just so you know, I’ll be going back tonight in order to get prepared for the Sub Zero Polar Concert."

Most of the boys got excited by the unexpected appearance of a celebrity. To be honest, Zhou Sisi herself was already quite pretty amongst the girls, but now that they had learned about her idol twin sister and her resemblance to Zhou Yiyi, suddenly they all realized that Zhou Sisi had become even prettier.

However, not everyone seemed to be interested, as the others were busy looking at the twins, Wang Ben and Wang Tong carried on with their feast.

Everyone left right after Carl got his signature from Zhou Yiyi, leaving the twin sisters to do their catch-up. Thankfully this was a military academy, so they didn’t have to worry about getting discovered by crazy fans.

"Yiyi, can’t you stay a bit longer?" Zhou Sisi said as she held her little sister’s hands. Both of them had made their own choices, Zhou Sisi enrolled in the Academy of Ayrlarng, while Zhou Yiyi decided to pursue her dream of becoming an idol. In the end, the two of them had achieved their goals, and this was the first time they got to see each other after parted ways for more than a year.

"Don’t worry sis, this time I’ll be staying on Earth a little longer, and your ticket for the concert is already with me, so please come and see me perform on that day."

"Don’t worry, I’ll definitely be there as long as nothing special occurs!"

"So that’s Wang Tong huh, the dude that you were talking about?" Zhou Yiyi gave a rather ambiguous smile as she said.

"Did you say something weird to him just now?"

"Nope, but that guy sucks, Sis! I suggest you look for another one," Zhou Yiyi replied.

"Shut it, kiddo! You’re talking nonsense again."

"C’mon sis, you’re only a few minutes older than me, but I do feel that the other pretty lady has some feelings for him too," Zhou Yiyi was talking about Ma Xiaoru.

Zhou Sisi smiled and said, "Just take care of yourself, no need to worry about me, I’m fine."

"Yea, yea, I’ll be a good girl. Anyway, promise me you’ll come to my concert or I’ll stop listening to you, Sis! Haha, of course, you can bring him along."

"We’re just friends and schoolmates, it’s not what you think it is."

"Hmph, that picky bastard! You want me to help you talk some sense into that idiot, Sis?" Zhou Sisi seemed to be pissed.

"Don’t do anything stupid!"

"I’m standing up for you, Dear Sister. Most importantly, just now I heard they were saying about challenging Capth, is that true?" Obviously, Zhou Yiyi was quite familiar with Capth.

"Haha, yea, you’ll support me right?"

"Of course, Sis, you can do it! Let’s keep up the good work together!"

"It’s hard to believe that YIYI is actually Zhou Sisi’s twin sister."

"It’s even harder to believe that you’ve mistaken her as Zhou Sisi and brought her along, that’s hilarious dude!" Hu Yangxuan joked.

"Shut up dude, you and everyone else didn’t realize either that she was not Sisi." Wang Tong was obviously embarrassed by his mistake, but who in the world would have thought that she was actually her twin sister?

"Nevertheless, I have to say, I just realized that Sisi has become much prettier lately," everyone laughed as Hu Yangxuan said that.

Zhou Sisi chose to keep it as a secret from everyone because she didn’t want herself to become the center of attentions because of this, and it also explained why she was so good at singing and dancing. Perhaps Zhou Sis might also have become another successful idol if she had chosen the same path as her twin sister, yet Sisi pursued her own passion and joined the military instead.

Both sisters had different personalities even though they were twins.

Zhou Yiyi left right after lunch as she had a busy schedule ahead; nevertheless, she was glad to sneak out and visit her dear sister even though they could only chat for a little while.

Despite that the secret of her idol twin sister got discovered, Zhou Sisi remained the same, so was Wang Tong and the rest of the group; not to mention that both Wang Tong and Wang Ben were not some regular star-struck teenagers.

After that little incident, everyone went back to attend Gansus’ lecture. This time, Ma Xiaoru took the initiative to sit beside Wang Tong after realizing that she had no reasons to distance herself, all she had to do was to act normal. Ma Xiaoru felt more relaxed after she managed to overcome the awkwardness.

"So, what do you think about Yiyi? Beautiful isn’t she?" since Gansus hasn’t arrived, Ma Xiaoru took the chance to ask Wang Tong.

"Yes she is, but you look prettier," Wang Tong answered honestly.

"That’s very kind of you."

"Well of course, since it would be impolite for me to bite the hands that fed us good lunch," Wang Tong joked.

Ma Xiaoru got angry and gave Wang Tong a good hard pinch when no one was watching. Of course, Wang Tong didn’t scream in the class since it would be embarrassing, so he bit his lips and endured the pain.

"Yo, Wang Tong, are you not feeling well?" the other guy sitting beside him asked.

"Nah, he’s good, I think he ate too much just now." The guy was totally mesmerized by Ma Xiaoru’s charming and cheerful smile.

How Wang Tong wished he could pinch her back for his revenge, but obviously he would never do that since the other classmates might be watching, and it wasn’t right to hurt a lady.

After all, women always got the best of men.

In the end, Wang Tong had no choice but to endure the pain, while Ma Xiaoru smiled at him triumphantly.

The whole class shushed when Gansus’ heavy footsteps echoed through the doorway of the classroom as everyone knew Gansus preferred silence. Then, Gansus stomped his left foot on the ground, examined everyone and began his lesson: "Today we’ll be learning about another type of Zerg. These species of Zergs might be weaker in terms of combat compared to the other Zergs, but they all have one common ability, which is flying."

The Airborne Zergs were one of the most notorious kinds of Zergs among fighters because they could expose the whereabouts of mankind’s troops, and their flying ability was really a pain in the *ss. However, there was nothing to be worried about during full force attacks as these Zergs would be handled by units specialized in anti-airborne warfare. Additionally, the Airborne Zergs were also the weakest in terms of defense.

"Take a look at this, this creature here is a Meganeura Zerg[1], or commonly known as the Green-eyed Zergs. They are one of the most common types of Airborne Zergs which specialize in reconnaissance surveys." The image was quickly followed by the detailed data of the Meganeura Zergs. Their size was about three meters in length, their main arsenals were a pair of claws and the tail spine, which allowed them to stab and fling their victims up in the air. The Meganeura Zergs also specialized in close combats. Their large, green eyes had absolutely no dead angles, and they also had excellent flying speed.

"Since y’all have gone through and understood its profile and data, now I’d like to hear about yer thoughts." Gansus laid down the question to the class.

Being the most active student in the class, Carl raised his hand and volunteered to give his opinion, he loved to talk, and nothing could’ve stopped him.

"Go ahead, Carl."

"Sir, these Green-eyed recon-bastards are one of the most expendable cannon fodders in the legion of Zergs. They have weak combat abilities, all we have to do is to avoid getting detected on the battlefield as fast as we can and kill them as quickly as possible once we see them, or else our whereabouts will be exposed."

"Anyone else wanna add anything to that?" Gansus asked after hearing Carl’s thoughts.

Apparently, everyone else in the class too had the same thoughts as Carl, since these lowest ranked Green-eyed Zergs were no strangers to most of them, no one said anything in addition since they had no other thoughts; however, some students did briefly discuss it among themselves.

"Thank you, Carl. Well, it seems like all of ya think that the Green-eyed Zergs are only some sorta weak recon scouts and there’s nothing to be feared as long as ya stay out of its radar huh?"

Everyone in the class nodded and began to think what would Gansus say; as far as they knew, those were the only data in its profile, and there was really nothing scary about recon scouts.

"However, these type of Zergs would already be obsolete if we could perfectly avoid their detections. Yet, these Green-eyed bastards still exist up until now even though the Zergs keep on evolving, which means that they are still very useful in the battlefield. The fact is, it is impossible for us to avoid being detected by them, even if we proceed cautiously in the thick jungle. Those huge eyes are not just ordinary eyes, they are actually made out of hundreds of thousands of compound eyes. Normally, those eyes won’t react to rocks, trees, and the other stuff, but they’re very sensitive when it comes to detecting mankind, like spotting charcoals in a land full of snow, easy peasy!"

"Sir, how far are they able to see?"

"Good question, I’d say around five hundred meters to about one kilometer even in a rough environment. When these creatures detect humans, they’ll directly send the image of what they saw to the brain of their leader."

"Oh God, so it means we will be detected anyway?" the class immediately kicked up a fuss.

Even though Gansus was a strict lecturer, he had never forbidden his students to speak up or having discussions in his class.

"What I’m trying to say is, no one can ever escape from the vision of the Green-eyed Zergs," Gansus made the final conclusion.

"But sir, that means we could be ambushed by Zergs anytime on the battlefield!"

"Yea, don’t we have any sort of technology or mechanism that could deal with those creatures?"

Somehow Gansus was fed up with these hot-blooded idiots.

Bang bang bang!

"Silence, silence, I said silence! Like I said previously, these creatures will be handled by a recon team specialized in anti-airborne warfare during full force attacks. However, most of the time, the recon teams will be unavailable during squadron missions, and when you happen to encounter the Green-eyed Zergs, that means your team’s whereabouts is already exposed, so the only thing you can do is to act accordingly to the situation," Gansus explained.

"Sir, so you were saying that they’ll definitely see us if we see them, am I right?"

"Yes, that’s what I’m saying, and don’t you guys ever think that there might be exceptions. There are 99% chances that the Green-eyed Zergs would have already transmitted the info of your whereabouts when you encounter them, and since their job is done, they will definitely switch to attack mode."

"But Sir, why would these creatures continue to stalk us instead of just directly attack when they see us?"


1: Meganeura is a genus of extinct insects from the Carboniferous period, which resembled and are related to the present-day dragonflies. Wikipedia