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Chapter 134: Wang Tong’s Doubts

Chapter 134: Wang Tong’s Doubts

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Gansus gave a stone-cold sneer and explained, "Luckily for us, these creatures have low IQ, or else we would be dead for sure. Listen up, even though the Green-eyed Zergs have good visions, they are also the ones with the lowest rank in the legion of Zergs. They are ‘programmed’ to transmit images of what they saw before switching to attack mode, so we can actually see it as a chance for us to improvise according to the situation."

"You mean we can actually beat them at their own game?"

"That’s right, we can use their tricks against them! Although we should never underestimate their capabilities, we should also never overestimate them. Since the Green-eyed Zergs are the ones with the lowest rank, they might be good at observing and detecting, but they don’t have the ability to analyze what they see! They can’t tell if the info they obtained are true or false since it is always up to the ones with the brains to analyze."

Everyone began to understand after hearing Gansus’ explanation, at least now they knew that it was not going to be one man’s responsibility when it came to fighting off Green-eyed Zergs during full force attacks. Moreover, both recon team and intel analysis department of the military would have their own sets of skills to handle these creatures, and thankfully, mankind was still able to outsmart the Zergs in terms of intel gathering. However, instead of large-scale battles, most of the fights against the Zergs were mainly dispersed warfare in the recent decade, which was why normal troops should also be cautious and pay attention to these creatures as it would become a matter of life and death even though it might not have anything to do with the overall situations.

Everyone nodded, they seemed to have understood one thing in Gansus’ lessons: remember the methods and act spontaneously when encountering that particular species of Zerg.

Wang Tong tilted his eyebrow and hesitated to speak; however, Gansus was able to notice his minor change of expression.

"Wang Tong, ya wanna say something?"

Wang Tong paused and said, "Sir, recently I’ve been doing a lot of readings about Zergs, but it seems that some of the info in those materials are already outdated and became unusable. Besides, most of the things you said in class are not even mentioned in the textbooks."

"Hmph, that’s because the authorities of the Earth Confederation are always busy expanding their military might, and although some of them have been focusing on education development, yet it is still not enough."

"I’ve seen these Green-eyed Zergs before; however, if I’m not mistaken, they’ve also evolved into another type of Green-eyed Zergs. The new ones are smaller in size, approximately one meter long, the color of their bodies are scarlet instead of the generic green, and they are extremely weak in their attacks, but their flying speed is twice as strong as the conventional ones. The rough estimation of their charging speed is around two hundred kilometers per hour. Not to mention they’re also quite aggressive, but I’m not sure if they share the same archetype with the common Green-eyed Zergs."

Gansus was surprised to hear what Wang Tong said, and everyone else in the class was also started by Wang Tong’s words. Aside from being a teacher, Gansus was also the expert in the study of Zergs, and for the sake of his lessons, he had a lot of friends and comrades who were constantly updating him with the latest info about Zergs. Not every teacher in Ayrlarng was as hardworking and passionate as him.

"So you’ve seen them before?"

"I can’t be specific, but they do share a similar appearance. These smaller ones are very timid, and they generally don’t participate in battles. Personally, I think they might be the ones giving commands," Wang Tong explained further. He had no proof as the info was all based on his observations during previous battles.

Gansus remained silent for a while and said, "Let’s continue after class." Then Gansus asked Wang Tong to sit down and carried on with his lesson about Green-eyed Zergs.

"Way to go, Mr. Know-it-all," Ma Xiaoru praised impressively.

"Nah, it’s just my luck."

Somehow Ma Xiaoru was unable to fully understand Wang Tong, it didn’t seem like he was acting and showing off, but everything he did was beyond what people usually achieved. Most of the students had never seen a Green-eyed Zerg before, let alone its archetype.

However, everyone had gotten used to Wang Tong’s extraordinary performances as they had already been learning together for quite some time.

Gansus asked Wang Tong to follow him to his office as soon as the bell rang. Obviously, Gansus was very keen to learn about this himself even though it was way above the syllabus.

"Take a seat." Gansus’ office was very simple but surprisingly neat and tidy. "Ya want something to drink? I’ve only got water."

"Water will do, Sir."

"So tell me about this weird looking Green-eyed Zerg that’s not included in the archive of Zergs." Gansus looked very interested.

Wang Tong began to tell him what he saw, and Gansus seemed to be amazed by what he had heard, "It’s absolutely a miracle for you to be able to survive on Norton."

"Sir, I’ve had this thought for quite some time, but I’m not sure if it’s okay to say here."

"Don’t be a wimp, feel free to say anything in my office."

"I have a feeling that the Zergs are using Norton as an experimental base. During my later days on Norton, I’ve been spending quite some time observing these creatures. Not only I’ve discovered that their species have increased, but apparently, they were also fighting among themselves. According to what the biologists said, the Zergs should be self-evolving creatures, but from what I saw, it felt like more like a breeding farm controlled by another party which allows the Zergs to kill each other in order to survive. Besides the new Green-eyed Zergs, there are also quite an extensive amount of Zergs which are not available in the archive."

Gansus lit up a cigarette and said, "What’cha said is totally different from what we’ve heard, the Confederation had been spending more than a year eradicating those troops of Zergs, yet they didn’t manage to discover what you just said when they were doing their extermination. If what’cha said is true, then it’s possible that the legion of Zergs is plotting something disastrous."

"I’m not a hundred percent sure, Sir, but if they really are plotting something big, that would also mean that their intelligence has tremendously improved."

"It’s possible since these creatures are very good in evolution. However, the only thing I could do in my position is to submit a report to my old pals and see if they can offer any help, yet I’m not sure if the Confederation would be taking this seriously."

"I see, to be honest, what I saw might only be a part of the big picture, since I could only move around the area of my hideout and the radius was very small."

"Actually, this is what I’m concerned about, it does sound like a biological research facility since the small area was turned into a breeding farm that consists of a Zergs’ complete pyramid system… Anyway, I’m very impressed with yer splendid memories, I can’t believe ya can remember everything clearly," Gansus praised him, although there was no proof to backup Wang Tong’s claims, yet Gansus believed that his student would never lie.

Gansus too had no idea why would the Zergs attack Norton since they had been laying low for the past years, yet a large-scaled legion of Zergs suddenly invaded Norton, but they only managed to last for a year. Everything sounded suspicious since the Zergs were not stupid enough to waste their forces to do something that meaningless.

The Earth Confederation had always been bragging about its unrivaled military might, yet somehow it sounded like they had underestimated the capabilities of the Zergs. To be honest, mankind was able to live in peace now all thanks to General Li Feng’s splendid battle strategies combined with the help from the FFC Corporation’s advanced technologies, and there was also the god-like Blade Warrior who dealt a fatal blow to the Zergs at the beginning of the war. However, neither of them were able to exterminate these creatures completely. In fact, the Zergs’ tenacity had surpassed all other lifeforms throughout the galaxy as they were able to survive anywhere, whether it was a tiny planet or even a cluster of meteorites. Not to mention the Zergs’ mysterious Space Hives that were capable of performing Hyper Jump and leap through spaces even though they were bio organisms, which was another reason why mankind couldn’t destroy them completely.

Throughout the battles with the Zergs, mankind was constantly researching new methods to counter the Zergs, while the Zergs’ evolution patterns also tended to focus more on countering mankind. Many people knew that learning and researching were the greatest strength of mankind; however, people began to worry if the Zergs would also develop the same ability throughout as they evolved because the whole galaxy would definitely be doomed if this really happened. Nevertheless, it would be pointless worrying about it since no one was able to predict what was going to happen next.

"It has nothing to do with my memory, Sir. I just happen to use some of them as the ingredients for my ‘meatballs’ since there was nothing to eat on Norton, and I’ve been constantly switching to another type of Zerg as I might get bored of eating the same type every day," Wang Tong looked embarrassed as he said that.

Gansus might be tough, but the words from Wang Tong was more than enough to send a chill down his spine. Those monsters… were they edible?

"Kid, I have to say, you really are something else! By the way, I think it would be better for you not to talk about this in public since the Confederation is still submerged in his period of complacency, and your claims might provoke certain departments, not to mention you’re also one of the survivors of this incident."

"I understand. Thank you, Sir!"

"You may go now. Remember kid, stay sharp and focus, what you’re learning now will definitely be able to aid you when you put your expertise to good use in the future."

"Yes, Sir!"

Gansus felt pleased while staring at Wang Tong’s back as he left, originally he chose to stay away from power struggles and became a teacher because he was tired of fighting among each other. After defeating the last force of Zergs in the Solar System, he was expecting peace for at least another few decades, but he had never expected that these creatures would rise from their own ashes in less than ten years.

In the middle of his thoughts, Gansus moved his wrists, wondering if he was still as tough as he used to be.

Mankind was made out of advantages and disadvantages; no man was complete without having a few weaknesses, and contradictions were always the essence of life.

After running a few thoughts, Gansus decided to write the report he mentioned a while ago. Anyhow, he decided to take the trouble to give those guys a heads-up, as there were still a few guys in the Confederation who were willing to hear him out.

Ironically, no man would be satisfied with being able to live in harmony. During the few years of peace, the former forces led by the Five Houses and the new military government were not able to see eye to eye on a lot of matters and ended up creating economic conflicts and power struggles...

Wang Tong received a message from Samantha’s Sky-net once he left Gansus’ office, he had not been hearing from her since coming back from Bernabeu. However, Wang Tong didn’t expect anything since he knew Samantha had moved on and she was busy preparing for the huge tournament against Capth.

Apparently, she had something to announce for the training program.

Ma Xiaoru, Wang Ben,[_Accepted suggestion_] and some of them were already there when Wang Tong arrived, and they were smiling as he walked in; the group was quickly joined by Tita, Kyaero,[_Accepted suggestion_] and the rest. It was the same ten candidates against Bernabeu, and it seemed like Samantha would be relying on the same team for the fight against Capth.

The candidates of Capth were way much stronger than the elites of Bernabeu. In fact, Bernabeu kept challenging Capth in recent years,[_Accepted suggestion_] but they kept getting defeated; even though Apache was able to win in one of the rounds, yet generally speaking,[_Accepted suggestion_] Bernabeu was the one who got owned [_Accepted suggestion_]most of the time. Rumor has it that Capth didn’t even send out their top candidates in the previous tournaments.