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Chapter 140: Nightmare Came True

Chapter 140: Nightmare Came True

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A Nightmare Coming True

"I will leave them to you now," Martyrus smiled as he spoke to Massa.

"I will make sure that they are well trained after my session."

Martyrus and Samantha sauntered off after they handed over the responsibility to Massa. Seeing that the principals had left, the students heaved a sigh of relief and thought that they finally would have a chance for a brief respite.

"Greetings everyone. My name is Massa, I will be your training officer for the time of your stay. I wish to have a good relationship with you at the end of my session, so please heed and follow my instructions. I understand that you guys are all exhausted after drifting in the ocean for so long. Therefore, I have decided to give you guys a day off and start your training program first thing tomorrow.

"Where we are standing right now is District B, where most of your training activities will take place. Your dorms are to the left, and you will find your names on the doors," although Massa's face remained stoic, his voice was soft and caring, unlike the stereotypical foot drill officers.

"Sir, does that mean we are done for the day?"

"Correct. That's it for today. We will start first thing tomorrow! I sincerely hope that you will carefully follow my instructions tomorrow. The two principals have already decided that whoever fails the physical training will be sent away immediately." Massa turned around and stomped away.

Feeling relieved, the students sauntered off to their rooms. They were surprised to find out that they wouldn't need to share their space with anyone since all of them were assigned to an individual dorm. They started to doubt if the training conditions were as bad as the rumors had it.

Some students drifted off as they lay on the comfortable bed, and some, like Carl, who rolled around in his bed without feeling any weariness. To his surprise, he realized that his dorm even came with a Tv. "Hooray! This is much better than I had thought!"

Carl wasn't the only one to think that, and most students were still excited by the new environment. They visited each other and discussed the dramatic turn of events that had occurred earlier that day, when they were still soaked in the seawater in the morning, wondering if they were going to die of thirst. However, now they were dressed in their pajamas, enjoying the clean and comfortable beds.

"Bro, look what I got!" Carl took out a deck of poker.

The boys, including Hu Yangxuan, rushed toward the cards. The events from earlier had been very stressful, and a round of poker was much needed to let go of that stress. The training wouldn't start until the next day anyway.

None of the girls were interested in playing poker, as they had more important things to do, such as bubble bath, face mask, and so on... and tried to rejuvenate their skin after being exposed to the sun for so long.

Ma Xiaoru had packed over a dozen different type of creams and shampoos, and she was sitting with Rumi and Zhou Sisi, explaining the functions of every one of them.

Girls loved their beauty products, and no one could change that. The three chatted excitingly, sharing their experiences of using different kinds of products.

Wang Ben and Wang Tong didn't join the fun; instead, they went straight to their rooms. Wang Ben was never interested in any form of entertainment other than practicing his tactics. Wang Tong, on the other hand, knew that he needed to rest well for tomorrow. He thought of reminding his friend of the gruesome training ahead, but after seeing the happy smiles on his friends' faces, he decided to drop the matter.

To Wang Tong, there was nothing better than cultivating his tactics to kill time; therefore, Wang Tong didn't go to bed right away. Instead, he started to practice the Tactics of the Blade.

Remaining patient while in solitude was crucial to cultivation. Although Hu Yangxuan had the same talent and capacity as Wang Ben, but unlike Wang Ben, he lacked the patience and could not stay focused for an extended period of time, and therefore, his overall power also fell short.

The students from Bernabeu heard the excitements of their neighbors and found out that they were playing poker. Poker was one of the most common means of entertainment; however, it was the only game on this island. Therefore, Bernabeu's students also decided to join in. The boys quickly formed two teams, team Ayrlarng vs. team Bernabeu. Since the official training hadn't started yet, the pugnacious boys, fueled by their testosterone, had decided to move their competition to the table top.

The room was soon filled with raucous laughter and shouts. To Hu Yangxuan's surprise, Best was not only good at spaceship simulation, but he was also a seasoned poker player.

Like Wang Tong and Wang Ben from Ayrlarng, Cao Yi didn't join the poker fever; instead, he was carefully writing down the details of the events that had occurred today. He quickly noticed that they had made many unnecessary mistakes while they were stranded in the ocean. They might have been able to last much longer if they had calmed down and thought about their situation.

He also analyzed the team composition of both Ayrlarng and Bernabeu. Bernabeu's team was stronger overall; however, they lacked a competent leader. Although Apache was a capable and well-rounded fighter, he resented leading, considering it a waste of time.

Cao Yi figured that the reason behind Apache's preference for operating alone was his experience in the Special Unit. Due to the high risk, the members of the special unit were trained to be independent, and no one wanted to become the burden of the team, and therefore, no one had ever asked for help, nor had ever offered any help.

Apache had thought about playing the role of the leader; however, he had realized that none of his team members was worth his effort, except for Cao Yi.

Apache laid on his bed, reflecting today's event in his mind. He never liked the look of Massa, and his overly kind gesture had raised Apache's alarm. He believed that there must be more than what just met the eyes.

Apache didn't warn anyone since he thought that the best way to learn for these rookies were from their mistakes.

Life had taught him that failure was always more useful than success, providing that one was willing to learn from their mistakes.

Apache finished his dinner, practiced one round of his tactics, and went off to the bed. He didn't even bother to say goodnight to his classmates.

Cao Yi wanted to discuss his findings with Apache; however, he saw that Apache's door was shut and figured that he was already in bed.

In the meeting hall, raucous laughter and shouts came wave after wave. Rumi had been exhausted and could not stay up, so she went to bed soon after Wang Tong had left. Inside of Ma Xiaoru and Zhou Sisi's dorm, the two girls chatted happily without realizing the passage of time.

Despite the commotions the students were making, no one had come to stop them. They felt that the rules on this island were even less strict than at school. It was as if the boot camp had turned into a tourist camp.

Wang Tong had fallen asleep; he needed to rest. It had been a long day and more intense training was still ahead of him. Although he had superb endurance, he figured that there was no need to waste any of his energy on games either.

Suddenly, the siren in District B went off. The noise from the siren was insistent and earsplitting.

"Attention. Please gather in the hall in five minutes!" a synthetic voice announced through the speaker.

Wang Tong heard the siren, rushed to the meeting hall and saw that Apache and Wang Ben had already arrived. The three of them stood in the hall without saying a word to each other.

Two minutes later, Cao Yi also arrived, followed by Ma Xiaoru. Four minutes later, Officer Massa appeared.

"Pfff... Only five?"

He then looked at his watch and started to count down,"Ten, nine, eight, seven… two, one!"

Wang Tong heard a series of wails coming from the other students’ dorms. Carl screamed as he felt an electric current shot through his body. In a blink of an eye, he was already out of his bed and did not intend to return to it.

When everyone arrived the meeting hall, they were separated into three groups.

"Sir. I think it's too early!"

"It has just passed midnight, and I told you yesterday that we will start training today!"

Everyone was shocked as they didn't expect Massa to have taken the meaning of "First thing tomorrow" so literally.

"Students from Battle Command, METAL fights, and Heavy METAL, run two kilometers with 20-kilogram weight bags. The others do it with 10-kilogram bags. Whoever was late for the assembly, double it for yourself. You won't have breakfast before you finish it. Go, NOW!"

The ones who had been playing poker dropped to the floor after hearing Massa's commands. They had just been electrocuted out of their bed — some of them hadn't even fallen asleep yet — now they had to undergo intense training.

There was a large field outside of the main structure of district B. Their weight bags were already prepared for them there.

"Sir! Can I use GN force?" Shi Liang asked.

Massa threw him a stern glance which made Shi Liang's hair stood on ends.

"No," Massa said stoically.

"Start Running, NOW!" Massa turned around and urged the students to start running.

The students unwillingly picked up their weight bags and started their training. The bright flood lights hanging high up illuminated the field as if it were day time, and somehow, it made the students feel even more tired.

Massa stood in the middle of the field, holding an electric taser, making sure that whoever had fallen behind would get stunned. "It is not a punishment," Massa thought to himself, "it is just to help them wake up."

By then, everyone had realized how naive they were in thinking that the training would be easy, yet, this was only the beginning.

The basic training not only aimed to improve their physical condition but also to mold the students into ever-vigilant soldiers with iron wills.

Although Massa was pleasantly surprised that there were five of them that had arrived on time, he felt that the overall quality of the students was sub par.

The students quickly split into three groups. The first group consisted of only six students: Wang Tong, Ma Xiaoru, Wang Ben, Cao Yi, Hu Yangxuan, and Apache. The second group was the largest, and the third group consisted of only two girls: Rumi and Stia. Both of the girls were sick after a tumultuous day and had not recovered yet. As the two frail girls struggled to catch up with the second group, they lamented over the cruel joke that life had played on them.

The students of the first group carried out the training without any difficulty. Not only were they well rested, but jogging early in the morning was also their long-term habits. Therefore they felt that the training was just a stroll in the park and finished it very quickly without any difficulty. They returned to Massa after they were done.

"Stand at ease!"

Massa turned his attention to the profiles of the students who had already finished. He quickly found out that a couple of them needed additional strengthening in certain areas.