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Chapter 141: Special Training

Chapter 141: Special Training

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"Alright boys and girls, time for your next warm-up exercise!" Massa ordered, followed by the emergence of a one-meter wide running track surrounding the field as he snapped his fingers; a strange glow seemed to have illuminated both sides along the running track.

"Breakfast will be served after all of you have completed the twenty laps jog." Massa grinned.

Wang Tong and the other students obeyed silently. As they walked onto the running track, all of them were startled by a sudden increase of the pressure, their backpacks got heavier, and their movements were constrained by a greater gravity force.


Everyone thought that it was going to be easy at the beginning, but Massa would never give anyone a chance to slack off. He had given everyone the same harsh training regardless of their strength and stamina, and obviously, there would be punishment for those who performed badly or made mistakes in the training. The running track was actually a magnetic runway that was capable of generating a gravity twice stronger. However, Massa would be holding back on them today as this was only their first day of training.

Everyone was stressed out by the "warm-up exercise" due to the fact that they were prohibited from utilizing their GN Force; not to mention that all of them had just finished their first set of training a moment ago. No one said a word as they jogged; however, most of them were pretty exhausted due to the series of physical activities.

One of them being Hu Yangxuan who took more time than the others during the first set of training because of the punishment for being late. Apparently, he had overslept because of spending the whole night playing poker. Anyhow, he would also have to join the others for the second set of training. Hu Yangxuan had been slacking off ever since he had left the Court of the Templar, and the handsome youngster had gotten used to the freedom of doing things that he liked and the comfort of Ayrlarng. However, his days of slacking were over since he was given the same harsh training as Wang Tong and the others, and it was time for him to get rid of his sluggish attitude.

Instead of correcting their problems and horrible habits in one shot, Massa decided to take it slow as he preferred doing things step by step.

No one dared to pull any tricks with their GN Force because Massa was able to detect even the tiniest scent of it and he would tase the cheater with his taser. Aside from being strict, somehow he was also quite cruel.

Wang Tong was the lead runner; honestly, he enjoyed training like this since his previous training in the academy wasn’t as helpful, and he wasn’t able to do much by himself because he was not a professional trainer.

Even though his knowledge had increased dramatically, yet somehow, Wang Tong felt that his physical fitness had decreased ever since he had left Norton, and he had been craving for more practices in order to ensure his best performance, which also explained why he was so excited about this training.

As for Wang Ben, he was running right behind Wang Tong. Apache, on the other hand, looked rather relaxed since he was very good with his speed, and the training here was similar to the ones he had at the Spatial Anti-Smuggling Bureau. However, Ma Xiaoru seemed to be gradually slowing down; no doubt her stamina was better than most of the ordinary people there since she had been practicing the Tactics of the Enchantress, but she wasn’t able to unleash its best performance due to the prohibition of utilizing her GN Force, which caused her to become exhausted in no time.

Meanwhile, Massa was standing there with a straight face as he closely monitored their individual performances. Those who ran in the leading positions were obviously the stronger ones, and they would be doing fine in the military, but some of them were extremely weak; generally, the overall performance of this team was uneven, and there was a huge gap in terms of strength and stamina amongst all of them.

Rumi felt like she was going to faint at any time, yet she was still holding out. Even if her body was in a good shape, her stamina was still drained by the heaviness of her backpack, not to mention that she had used most of her strength during the previous part of the training; within minutes, she was seen sweating abnormally.

The other teammates began to worry about Rumi’s condition as her face was as pale as a ghost. However, Massa didn’t give a damn about it, he would still tase her with his taser if her speed dropped to a certain level.

In the beginning, everyone was only unhappy with his strictness, but Massa’s cruelty began to piss everyone off when he did that to Rumi, thinking that he had gone too far and it might kill her.


Rumi screamed and fell as she was struck by the taser, this time Carl was fed up and yelled, "Are you crazy? You could’ve killed her!"

Massa went forward and scolded him with a scornful expression: "What do you think you’re doing, young man?"

"I’m remonstrating against your method of training! We’re guys so we might be able to take it; however, Rumi is weaker than most of us!"


Unable to negate Massa’s taser, Carl fell onto the ground after being tased three times. Everyone gathered around him immediately as he fell down, and apparently, all of them were mad at this ruthless coach for treating them like a bunch of slaves.

Massa stared at the bunch of angry trainees and scolded them again with an intimidating expression: "Back on the track now! All of you!"

"With all due respect Sir, there should be a borderline for harsh training like this, this is too much for us!" everyone began to voice out their opinions. Apparently, most of them were quite pampered at home despite being students of military academies, and they didn’t like the way they were treated. They were able to accept waking up before dawn for special training; however, they were not able to tolerate Massa’s cruelty and his torturing methods.

Massa stared coldly at the group of kids; as their coach, he was only paid to conduct their physical training, but other than that, it was none of his business. Hence instead of wasting his time arguing with them, he shouted, "There are only two options: One, hop on the next flight and get the hell outta my face. Two, you do what I tell you to do!"

Everyone kept quiet instantly even though they were angry, instead of behaving like crybabies, they knew that they had no choice but to follow his orders in order to become stronger before challenging Capth.

Although Wang Tong agreed with Massa’s methods and was capable of sustaining this level of physical stress, he knew that most of them were not as tough as him, especially Rumi who was known to be exceptionally weak; he felt bad seeing his teammates suffer.

In the middle of that, Rumi got up and carried her backpack, then she said in a trembling voice as she struggled to jog, "It’s okay guys, thanks for worrying, but I’ll definitely finish this training!"

"What are you all looking at? Carry on! Ten more laps for each of you!" Massa ordered in a domineering tone.

That made Carl and the others even angrier, yet they chose to bear with it even though they hated Massa’s guts; since Rumi too was not giving up, of course, all of them would also stick to the very end.

"If I ever see anyone of you trying to avoid your training by using your teammates as an excuse again, then you can get lost!" Massa glared at Carl as he scolded them mercilessly.

In fact, they were also trying to stop Massa from torturing them aside from standing up for Rumi.

Massa became stricter than he was a while ago. He even sneered as he monitored their performances as if he was trying to seek vengeance for what had happened previously. He began tasing anyone who slowed down a little and was yelling about continuously. Somehow, that previous retaliation from his students had forced him to reveal his true cruelty.

"Faster! Faster! Faster, you pigs! Are you trying to challenge Capth with this level of strength? Not a chance!"

Carl kept his head down and grumbled. He swore to avenge the humiliation from Massa. Tita and the rest were also infuriated, yet all they could do was to release their anger through jogging.

Everyone knew that they would fail directly if they gave up on their training, they were here to outrace each other and to be selected as one of the final candidates against Capth. Since all of them were able to have each other’s back during yesterday’s critical moment, of course now, they would also choose to stick together.

Everyone began cheering for Rumi as they ran past her, Wang Tong noticed that Rumi needed motivation very much as he saw her struggling, and he knew he had to do something.

All of a sudden, Wang Tong, who had been jogging in a constant speed, began to accelerate, and Wang Ben and Apache followed instantly. After two laps, both Ma Xiaoru and Cao Yi were completely left behind; however, Wang Tong was still gradually accelerating lap after lap; soon, Wang Ben and Apache began to sweat due to the two times gravity, yet Wang Tong’s speed was getting faster and faster. The two of them looked at each other and wondered if Wang Tong was actually a machine; nevertheless, they were still able to keep up with his speed.

The trio formed into a weird formation, as Massa focused his eyes on Wang Tong who was leading in front, the first thing that came to his mind was the three of them were just being childish and tried to show off. As soon as Massa pressed one of the buttons, immediately the three of them felt an increase of the pressure, and their backpacks became heavier.

Massa decided to teach the three of them a lesson by altering their pressure to four times gravity force. Instantly, Wang Ben and Apache were held back by the sudden increase of the pressure and were no longer able to accelerate. However, Wang Tong only staggered a little and continued his acceleration; apparently, he wasn’t affected at all.

Immediately, the other students knew that their crazy-a*s coach had increased the weight of the trio’s backpacks when they saw the blue light on their backpacks flashing and reacting to the running track. Yet Wang Tong was unaffected and maintained his acceleration, which somehow turned into a silent motivation to the others.

"Keep it up, fellas!" Carl shouted.

He loved screaming and shouting, and he was also a unique existence amongst all of them, he might be simple minded and impulsive from time to time, yet he was a very bright kid.

Wang Tong purposely retaliated in another way in order to boost their spirit. The way he ran generally became a motivation to the other teammates, which also indirectly increased their energy and reduced their level of fatigue; everyone seemed to be able to feel some sort of spiritual cheer whenever Wang Tong jogged past them at an incredible speed.

As for Rumi, the heartwarming cheer was even able to help her regaining consciousness whenever she felt like fainting.

On the other hand, Massa was still standing there looking solemn as he observed Wang Tong in silence. In fact, Massa was totally surprised by Wang Tong’s performance as he had never heard of anyone like this in Ayrlarng and Bernabeu. In the beginning, he had assumed that Wang Ben was the one with the best stamina, yet he didn’t expect that this kid was even stronger than the son of General Hu Ben.

Nevertheless, Massa still assumed that Wang Tong was just being childish and tried to show off his anger by running fast, and he expected that Wang Tong would slow down after three or five laps due to the physical stress. To him, Wang Tong was just an amateur who knew nothing about endurance.

Massa ignored Wang Tong and continued to focus on tasing those who slowed down — especially the troublemakers like Carl — of course, the pain was extensive, and it would make their legs going numb, yet the unpleasant sensation was able to keep them conscious.

Carl had no choice but to bear with it, at that moment, he had totally forgotten about restoring the glory of Ayrlarng. All he wanted was to complete the training; after all, Carl wasn’t some irresponsible punk who would use the others as an excuse to run away from challenges. Sometimes, anger was also able to turn into motivation.

To Massa’s surprise, Wang Tong was showing no sign of slowing down after five laps, he had never expected to see such an extraordinary student amongst these kids from the academies. Generally, having strong fighting abilities didn’t mean that the person would also have good stamina, and only a few would pay attention to the training of their physical strength in this era that only focused on the utilization of the GN Force.

In the end, Wang Tong was the first to complete the training.