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Chapter 142: A Baron in Space

Chapter 142: A Baron in Space

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"Sir, I’ve completed my training!"

Massa remained emotionless, "Good, you may have your breakfast now!"

"Sir, permission to stay?"

"Hmph, whatever, but don’t say I didn’t warn you about missing out your break time though!" Massa said impolitely.

Nevertheless, it sounded like a warning as if he would increase the difficulty of his training since he had so well-performed previously. However, Wang Tong didn’t care much as he returned to the field and began cheering for the others, especially the weakest Rumi, who was almost at her limit. Wang Ben hoped that his act of support and cheers would help her to remain conscious.

Somehow, Massa ridiculous actions had united the spirit of the whole team, and with the support from Wang Tong, Rumi was able to grab hold of herself.

"Sisi, adjust your breathing, take deep breaths and maintain your paces. Yup, yup, keep it up!" Wang Tong said.

Zhou Sisi waved her hands. "Your face… too big… blocking my view..."

Wang Tong touched his own face and then realized that Zhou Sisi was just joking with him.

Everyone was going full force and brought out their best performances to break the limit!

As soon as Wang Ben and Apache had finished their laps, both of them also decided to stay and cheer for the others even though they were not good with words.

"Somehow I feel bad for Massa, yet I believe that he is the only one who has what it takes to build up their fighting spirits." Samantha smiled as she recalled how many hardships she had overcame in order to hire this extraordinary guy as their coach; nevertheless, it seemed to be worth it.

"I think that Wang Ben is the reason he has agreed to help since this would be his chance to repay General Hu Ben’s kindness. Otherwise, I don’t think that he would have been interested in a bunch of random kids."

"Haha, I doubt that," Samantha said as she looked at all of them through her monitor.

Martyrus knew what Samantha meant; apparently, aside from Wang Ben and Apache, Massa seemed to be interested in Wang Tong as well.

An intense and sadistic coach like Massa would never be interested in training ordinary students, he would only be able to exercise his expertise when it came to training the ones with potential. Nevertheless, the outcome was great regardless of the methods he used, and Martyrus had expected that everyone would give up in the middle of it, yet their pride and spirit were ignited under Massa’s stimulation, and they managed to bear with it until the end.

Everyone except Rumi had completed the training, yet all of them chose to stay and cheer for her; finally, she managed to finish after the sunrise, but she immediately passed out as she reached the finish line. Somehow, Massa knew that it would happen, but he remained emotionless as he watched two paramedics carrying Rumi to the infirmary.

Massa looked at his watch and said, "You guys are too slow, breakfast time was already over before you all could finish jogging. The next morning sessions will begin after a thirty minutes break!" Then he left.

Noticing that it was already morning, everyone sat on the ground and enjoyed the sea breeze. Yet deep down they were actually complaining about this horrible place, as well as their insane coach and his terrible training methods.

"Everybody, get up! Up! Don’t sit! Stop lying down Tita, or else you’ll be even more exhausted! Hurry up and initialize your tactics!" Wang Tong said all of a sudden, Wang Ben and Apache were also saying the same thing as the three of them pulled up those who were lying on the ground. If they chose to rest, their bodies would ache and later, none of them would be able to move a muscle. Instead of lying down, all of them had to bear with the tiredness and initialize their tactics, only then would they be able to remove the large amount of nucleic acid remaining in their bodies caused by anaerobic exercises.

Apparently, Massa had successfully strengthened everyone’s stamina limits through his previous training.

Soon, everyone got up on their feet and began initializing their tactics under the supervision of Wang Tong and the others. It was an unpleasant sensation indeed, but they had to do it for their own good. Soon, Wang Tong, who was also very exhausted, also joined the crowd and began initializing his tactics. In fact, Massa purposely gave them thirty minutes to do so, or else they would be doomed in the next session.

After half an hour, they were told to get up and gather up within five minutes unless they were interested to be given a "relaxing" electric massage.

"Attention! At ease, stand up straight! What’s wrong with you, born with a pair of crooked eyes?"

"No Sir, the head of the person in front of me was too big, it blocked my line of sight!" Carl was being mischievous again. Of course, Tita’s head was bigger since the overall size of his body was larger.

Everyone was tickled by Carl’s joke while some of the girls almost burst into laughter, but soon they began to worry if he would be punished by Massa again.

"Oh, really? Why don’t you come with me to the base, and I’ll show you how not to get distracted by someone else’s head?" Massa replied.

Of course, Carl was not afraid of his threats.

Wang Tong didn’t stop Carl because he knew that the only way for Carl to improve was by learning it through the hard way since he was the weakest overall amongst all of them. Rumi might be weak in terms of physical strength, but she was very good in Intel Programming Battle which had low requirements for stamina. However, being one of the Command Force’s student, Carl basically had no expertise other than his optimistic attitude, only God knew what else he was good at.

Yet Carl was not a fool, he loved this team, and he enjoyed spending time with everyone; hence he would work harder through his own methods and try his best not to get disqualified.

In fact, everyone else too was trying their best to become one of the final candidates.

Massa led Wang Tong and the whole team back to the base, but instead of more physical training, the next session was theoretical lessons. Even though it was quite awkward to sit down and watch Massa giving lessons, still it was better than training nonstop.

"I’m going to teach you all about muscle training for each part of your body. This lesson is mainly for the students of Heavy Arm Class, METAL Combat Class, and Command Force, but those from the other classes also need to pay attention as each and every one of you will be participating in the next practice after this."

Massa’s lesson was a new experience for all of them, instead of talking about GN Force, Massa’s lesson tended to focus on the energy circulation of the human bodies through their acupuncture points, which somehow had a few similarities with the GN Force. Generally, stamina was also a kind of energy force, even though it seemed to have some kind of connection with the GN Force, yet no one was still able to prove it.

The military had always been emphasizing on physical fitness, while a number of Houses and Clans also advocated physical training; but unfortunately, they were not able to prove their theory of the importance of stamina since no one in these Houses and Clans had ever made any great achievements.

Most of them got drowsy in the middle of the lesson; even though Massa knew they would get tired and sleepy, yet he had tricks up his sleeves to "help" them stay awake... Basically, it was impossible for someone to fall asleep in his lessons!

However, Wang Tong didn’t show any sign of tiredness, and he was completely drawn to Massa’s lesson. For some reason, he believed that what Massa said would be very useful, and it seemed to have something to do with his Tactics of the Blade; it could even be one of the hidden arcanes of the Tactics of the Blade.

Although Wang Tong had put all of his effort in the practice of the Tactics of the Blade, there were still many aspects that he didn’t understand. In short, he only knew how to utilize it, but he didn’t know anything about its principles and also the deeper elements of the Tactics of the Blade.

Basically, the energy force was believed to be generated from a person’s Dantian (the Cinnabar field), which was also known to be mankind’s focal point of Qi (Aura) since ages ago. However, this ancient belief was immediately replaced by the theory of the GN Force as soon as it was published; nevertheless, the theory of Qi had its scientific value as well.

Even though Massa was talking about physical fitness and stamina, yet Wang Tong decided to input the same theory into the Tactics of the Blade because some of its principles seemed to be able to prove his hypothesis about the Tactics of the Blade being a "Dual Core" tactic.

The EMF had always been known as the source of the energy force; however, Wang Tong began to suspect something else as he was paying attention to Massa’s lecture. He began to think about the connection between the energy force, the Dantian, the Soul Energy, and the GN Force.

He doubted that the EMF was the source of the energy force, and since he had been practicing the Tactics of the Blade, Wang Tong clearly understood that the GN Force was actually much greater than the energy force, and the Soul Energy was one of the "tools" to enhance the GN Force. In conclusion, he believed that the sixteen nodes Tactics of the Blade only served as the main foundation of his abilities, yet it was also the key that would lead him to its true strength and the arcane hidden within.

"Although the physical strength can no longer compete with the potency of the GN Force, someday you’ll realize that having something your opponent doesn’t is more than enough to alter the outcome, especially in a dead heat situation," Massa’s voice remained ponderous. He didn’t care if they were listening or not, all he wanted to do was to say everything he wanted to say. Massa would never beg them to listen as they should treasure the chance of learning something new by themselves. Furthermore, these kids were the elites of two A-Ranked academies, so they were obviously old enough not to be spoon-fed anymore.

The students should know that they were not participating in this special training for the sake of their academies, their principals, or anyone else but for themselves! They shouldn’t even be here if their mindset wasn’t right at the first place.

Nevertheless, most of them were trying their best to stay awake and listen. Normal fighters might not have to worry about stamina and physical fitness, but physical training was compulsory for them as they were elites, and they aimed to become the best.

However, Wang Tong was deeply interested in this topic, somehow to him, the theory of the EMF and the theory of the Dantian sounded like the theoretical basis of his Tactics of the Blade, and Wang Tong would be able to make partial explanations about the Tactics of the Blade by changing a few of Massa’s words. Wang Tong was very excited to learn something new, Massa’s lesson would be able to provide him with a stronger pertinence and also improve his mastery in his practice of the Tactics of the Blade.

"Sir, I have a question."

No one was thinking of asking any question as they were all trying their best not to fall asleep, yet Wang Tong’s question got them to pay attention immediately as they knew he would be asking something important, even the students from Bernabeu too were paying attention to it.

"Sir, I’m very impressed by this novel theory, I’d like to ask if there is any tactic that doesn’t base on one’s Soul Energy, or is there any tactics that could use something else as its core foundation?"

Massa shook his head and answered, "Firstly, this wasn’t a novel theory at all. Human bodies have been the most important factor in determining victory or defeat during the era of the Power Armor, which was many years before the theory that ‘Soul Energy invigorates the GN Force’ was introduced to the public. During that time, mankind was known to train themselves and raise their fighting abilities through learning some of the ancient tactics; however, no one was able to become the almighty fighter as the human body itself is not as strong as it looks. No matter how great the mastery is, the human body still won’t be able to completely defend itself from weapon attacks. The reason I’m saying this is because I want all of you to understand that physical training is also one of the crucial co-factors of becoming strong."

Wang Tong sat down and didn’t ask any further question. Judging from Massa’s words, most of the tactics were using the Soul Energy as the core foundation, yet he wondered if the Five Great Tactics were also the same.

For some reason, he began to believe that his tactics was really the same tactics used by the Blade Warrior, and he was quite motivated by this idea.

However, Wang Tong had never dreamed of repeating the myth of the Blade Warrior, nor he wanted to create a legend of his own. Wang Tong’s dream was to become a fleet captain, a well-respected person with a number of people under his command, someone with countless benefits, but most importantly, he wanted to live an enjoyable life with low risks and dangers.

In a nutshell, he wanted to become a baron in space.