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Chapter 143: Comprehension

Chapter 143: Comprehension

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However, Wang Tong’s dream of becoming a fleet captain might be difficult to achieve as he had no family background and most importantly, he had no backstage supporters. In fact, this wasn’t something that could be achieved by having strong fighting abilities, if he failed to become a fleet captain, Wang Tong would have to become a foot soldier, which he hated.

Anyhow, Wang Tong didn’t bother to think too much at the moment; other than being inspired by Massa’s overall theory, somehow nothing else that was said later by Massa mattered anymore.

Massa finished his lecture with the same boring expression: "I’m giving each of you ten minutes to discuss among yourselves and revise what I said a while ago, after that, there’s gonna be a series of training for everyone."

However, the students were too exhausted to have any discussion. While most of them were taking the ten minutes to get some rest, Wang Tong was excitedly applying the theory to his own tactics even though it wasn’t enough time for him to perform a complete routine. Nevertheless, he had made up his mind to examine the utilization of the Tactics of the Blade with a different perspective. Wang Tong might not know anything about the Five Greatest Tactics, but he did believe that there was nothing as mystical as his Tactics of the Blade. It was able to initialize on its own even if Wang Tong was unconscious, which also explained why Wang Tong’s Soul Energy was getting stronger and stronger.

Wang Ben was a hardworking person, and so was Cao Yi; apparently, both of them were also using the ten minutes to practice on their own. In fact, they would do it whenever they were spare time. Generally, there would be one hundred different outcomes even if one hundred people with the same potential were practicing the same tactics; in the end, it all depended on their own efforts.

The rest of the morning was fully occupied by all sorts of training; however this time, they were in different groups. For instance, Rumi and those from Intel Programming Class were scheduled for the training of their hands and fingers reflexes and also visual discernment practices; the level of difficulty was much harder than the ones they had at their respective academies.

Meanwhile, Wang Tong and the rest of the team were scheduled for something special.

"Basically, the students of the Command Force, METAL Combat Class, and Heavy Arm Force are most likely the ones who will engage directly with the enemy’s troops. The capability of doing so requires a strong body and an indomitable willpower, and you will need to challenge the limits of your body in order to improve your willpower. So, without further delay, everybody, drop down and gimme two hundred push-ups."

Everyone was stunned, especially Ma Xiaoru, Zhou Sisi, and Luo Manman from Bernabeu. The three of them might be the students of Command Force, but in the future, they would be working in the fleets for sure, and the chances of them getting the position of a foot soldier were basically zero, so it was unnecessary for them to ramp up their stamina. Nevertheless, an order was an order, and they were not in the position to object Massa’s arrangement.

Massa then turned toward Wang Tong. "You, forward!"

"Yes, Sir!"

Thump… Massa threw a heavy backpack to Wang Tong.

"I’m giving you a prize since you were the first to complete this morning’s training, from now onwards, you’re required to carry this in all of our training! Is that clear?"

Everyone sensed the menacing aura in Massa’s words, more than enough to send chills down their spines.

"Roger that, Sir!" Wang Tong carried the backpack without complaining.

All of a sudden, Wang Ben stepped forward and said, "Sir, I’d also like to have one of that!"

Massa grunted, "Hmph, Wang Ben I see, the son of General Hu Ben. Very well, since I heard that many from Capth are waiting to teach you a lesson, it’s time for you to train harder in order not to disgrace your old man." Massa then threw a backpack to Wang Ben.

Apache stepped forward as well. "Sir, me too!"

Massa glanced at Apache and threw him a backpack, after that he turned to the rest and said, "Anyone else? Feel free to step forward."

Cao Yi stepped forward while scratching his head, Massa said nothing and handed him a backpack as well. Unwilling to get left behind, Hu Yangxuan sighed then stepped forward and requested one. Somehow Wang Tong’s great performance had pushed all of them closer to the edge of the cliff.

As for the others, it was not that they didn’t want to make an effort, but everyone had their own limits. If they were to carry one of those, the weight would crush them to death for sure.


Everyone dropped down and began doing push-ups immediately; however, this time none of them chose to go fast, they conserved their energy and tried their best to maintain their breathings and body conditions instead. Apparently, they were afraid that there might be some other difficult training later waiting for them.

"Lift your *ss! What’s wrong with your hips!" Massa then swung his baton onto Carl’s butt without any hesitation.

Carl had no choice but to bear with it. His arms were aching, but he wasn’t going to admit defeat since Wang Tong and the rest of them who were carrying the backpack didn’t show any complaint. After all, those who were less talented would have to contribute more effort than the others.

On the other hand, the other batch had also been busy, especially the students of Battlecraft Combat Force. Best was looking proud while training, he wasn’t troubled at all by these basic training since his super operating maneuvers were achieved through all of his previous training on reflexes. Nonetheless, Massa knew that Best was stronger than most of them, so he also had specially prepared a lot of difficult tasks for Best.

Within minutes, Carl was already experiencing cramps on his extremities; meanwhile, Rumi was also having a hard time on her Intel Programming Training, the different waves of discernment training had caused her eyes and brain to go dizzy, not to mention that the condition of her body wasn’t quite well at the moment.

"Remember, your enemies will never strike during the day you are at your best, so you’ll also need to prepare yourself to face your strongest enemy at your weakest condition, only then will you be able to become a real unrivaled one!"

"Hurry up and straighten your postures, and don’t you even think about pulling any tricks as doing so will only mean that you’re lying to yourself!" Massa said as he walked around them with the baton in his hands, getting ready to punish anyone who tried to cheat.

Finally, lunch was served after a bundle of hellish training in the morning. Aside from Wang Tong and Wang Ben, usually most of them would be a little picky when it was about food and would complain about the lunch provided by their academies from time to time; yet today’s lunch was totally a feast! Everyone went crazy when they saw the large portions of good food that were served. Even Rumi, who used to eat slowly and politely, was seen gobbling up her food, it was an unbelievable scene indeed.

Clearly, the only way to handle over-pampered babies was to have them going through hardships; same goes to soldiers, officers or trainers in the military would always have tricks up their sleeves when it came to handling troublemakers. Furthermore, mankind had been depending on its own adaptabilities to strive for success since the beginning of time; hence the human body was not as fragile as it looked like.

"Is there any more food?"

"Yup, here you go!" the cafeteria staff said as he laid down another dish on the table. He was amazed by their appetite, and apparently, all of them were enjoying the dishes even though nothing special was served.

"Fellas, remember to control your appetite! Don’t overeat, or else you’ll get sick later in the afternoon," Wang Tong reminded everyone. So as he said that, some of them, who were trying to go frenzy, stopped eating immediately. They knew Wang Tong was right about self-control, and it was important to stop when one’s tummy was full. Since they expected to have physical activities later in the afternoon, it would be better for them to feast on during dinner.

Ma Xiaoru had never been through any hardship even though she was born and raised in a strict family, and this special training was definitely one of the toughest challenges she had ever faced; however, she didn’t even grumble once about the privation.

Most of them from Ayrlarng and Bernabeu were expecting that the little princess of the FFC would request special privileges since she had no reason to be like the others. Unlike the others who needed to squeeze every bit of their effort in order to make miracles, Ma Xiaoru was able to achieve anything without going through all the troubles; she could easily become a fleet captain if she wanted to, yet she insisted not to take any shortcut. Most of the team had been complaining since day one, yet Ma Xiaoru didn’t make a single fuss about it.

Honestly, most of them were deeply impressed by Ma Xiaoru’s personality; usually, people from rich families would act friendly and amiable all the time, especially girls who actually thought they were real princesses. However, Ma Xiaoru was nothing like those.

Everyone gathered and lined up immediately as soon as the bell rang, this time they managed to gather up before Massa could say a word, fearing that he might be giving out more "add-ons" to their training sessions.

"Hmph, that’s more like it, but still far away from becoming a soldier. I think you will all be enjoying this afternoon’s training! We’re heading to the beach..."

Everyone hopped into the chopper and got to the beach. The moment their feet hit the sand, the students were completely mesmerized by the blazing sun, the panoramic view of the ocean, the beautiful sand, the lofty coconut trees, and the rippling waves. How the boys wished they could remove Massa from the view and pitch a few camps, maybe even have a couple of juices while enjoying their poker game and watching the beautiful girls having fun by the sea. What a paradise.

Nevertheless, their dreams were crushed by the wave as they saw Massa’s boring face.

"This afternoon’s session is gonna be endurance training, and y’all will be doing this IN the sea." Massa then gave everyone a pair of anklets and ordered them to put it on.

Everyone’s expression went pale the moment they put on the pair of anklets, they were very heavy.

"Very well, now, attention! March ten steps to the front!" Everyone managed to march like soldiers since they were the students of military academies. All of them began to wonder what Massa was thinking as they stood in the sea while waiting for the next order.

"The task is going to be sightseeing around the island, as simple as that. This is the starting point of your round-island tour, only those who can make it back before eighteen hundred hours will be served dinner, only if you can… haha… now get moving!"

Everyone’s expression turned solemn as they heard the word "dinner", it took a while for the helicopter to reach here; judging from that, the island was definitely much bigger than they had imagined.

Some began to grumble as their sadistic coach ordered them to start moving.

Soon, they tended to discover that their anklets were actually more than a pair of conventional ankle weights; Apparently, they were also able to standardize their routes; the hindrance might be lesser if they travel closer to the shore, but it would set off the warning siren if they exceeded the preset perimeter, meaning that the anklets could not leave the designated depth of the seawater.

Carl and the rest were unable to bear with it anymore and began to curse Massa for his sadistic tortures.

Although they didn’t like it, still they had to keep jogging; nevertheless, their situation was better compared to Wang Tong and the other few. The hindrance from the seawater was an immense stress on both legs, and it would even cause them to lose their balance.

The sea water by the shore had lesser buoyancy, but still, it was able to cause a loss of balance, and now Wang Tong and the others finally realized the benefit of this training. As a matter of fact, Massa’s training methods might be too much for normal students and ordinary soldiers, but these tasks were definitely necessary for the training of elites and special forces.

They were here to be trained into elites, it would be impossible for someone to succeed while having all of the leisures and pleasure, as one would never make bricks without straws.

Somehow, Wang Tong and the other few managed to realize one thing: even if they were having the same training and showing the same effort and persistence, the outcome would vary if they were not being serious about it.

As the saying goes: "You reap what you sow." A hundred percent of effort meant that the outcome would also be a hundred percent. Yet if one chose not to take it seriously, the result would never be as effective.

In fact, it was also the same when it came to the practice and initialization of the tactics. Although there was no vivid difference between a casual round of initialization and a serious round of initialization within a period of time; however, it didn’t mean that there was no difference at all.