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Chapter 144: A Special Reward

Chapter 144: A Special Reward

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A sudden change would take place once the effort had reached a certain level, and usually, people would call this achievement "comprehension". However, the comprehension would never occur out of the blue; the accumulation of hard work and effort were the key factors for this to happen.

Wang Tong had been training in a serious attitude, he was actually very happy for this kind of training because he would be able to initialize his Tactics of the Blade while training his physical fitness. Wang Tong was glad that he didn’t have to worry about getting disturbed and was able to be fully concentrated on his training; moreover, he didn’t have to worry about meals and rentals. Everywhere could be Wang Tong’s paradise... as long as he didn’t have to worry about money.

Everyone began to adjust their pace gradually in order to adapt to the hindrance of the seawater, and they had also adjusted the strength of their movements in order to stabilize their center of gravity.

A lot of things could be learned as long as they settled down their attitudes, it was always better to calm down and do as they were ordered instead of wasting their time and emotion on grumbling and complaining about it. After all, their own fate would be up to them to decide.

They might be young, but they were not a bunch of fools. They knew that they had to look for their own ways of learning as soon as possible. Rumi, for instance, who was only fourteen years old, might be the youngest amongst the team, yet she had been able to learn a lot of new things in her own way. Nevertheless, Rumi was still the slowest amongst the team, luckily she had Ma Xiaoru and Zhou Sisi accompanying her, or else she would not have been able to hold out for sure.

Teamwork and support were not about taking someone else’s place during the training, but to share the joy and pain with each other.

However, speed was still the crucial factor in this training, as they might lose their chance of having dinner if they couldn’t complete before the designated time.

As most of them in the leading position had begun to slow down, Wang Tong was still running while maintaining his speed as if he were some kind of monster that would never get tired. It might be normal if he were utilizing his GN Force, but that was impossible since Massa prohibited the utilization of GN Force. The rest of the team would probably be stunned if they found out that Wang Tong was actually initializing his tactics at the same time.

Wang Tong discovered something weird while he was exercising and practicing the Tactics of the Blade at the same time, he noticed that the overall circulation of the sixteen nodes tactics had become slower, but the fluency of the delicate processes controlled by his Dantian (the Cinnabar field) had improved instead. Wang Tong felt a sense of warm current circulating within his body and continuously eliminated his fatigue.

In the end, Wang Tong became the only one who was running happily. While the others were trying their best to keep up; some of the strong-willed ones were seen silently competing against each other during the training.

Of course, Wang Tong was the first who completed the training, luckily his anklets detected no signs of GN Force, or else Massa would definitely suspect him of cheating. In fact, Massa had been keeping an eye on Wang Tong since the beginning of this training because Wang Tong’s physical fitness and stamina were incredibly amazing, and Massa needed to be sure if there was any foul play, yet he was surprised to find nothing suspicious at all. Massa couldn’t help staring at Wang Tong, wondering if he was really a human for not being out of breath after such a hectic task.

"You may head back for dinner," Massa said emotionlessly, he didn’t praise Wang Tong at all.

As Wang Tong was trying to put down his backpack and remove his anklets, Massa stopped him and said, "No, don’t remove them, put these on as well."

Massa threw him a pair of magnetic wrist weights and said, "Wear these on your wrists 24/7 from now onwards and do not remove them unless I say so. Understand?"

"Yes, Sir!" Wang Tong saluted.

Massa nodded emotionlessly, and as soon as he pressed a button, Wang Tong’s arms and legs were immediately bounded by the magnetic force.

"Since normal weights have no effect on you, I’m giving you this special reward, take your time to get used to it," Masa was clearly sending Wang Tong a message not to mess with him.

Apparently, that was the real function of these weights, and Wang Tong would have no choice but to adapt to the immense magnetic force.

"And don’t even think about using your GN Force!" Massa commanded and went off to see how the others were doing, somehow Wang Tong didn’t notice the faint smile on Massa’s face as he left.

Barely able to move a muscle, Wang Tong stood on the beach like an idiot. He had no idea what Massa did to the anklets and wrist weights, all Wang Tong knew was that he had to break out from this huge magnetic force as soon as possible!

Wang Tong tried his best to adapt to the magnetic force; however, it was way more difficult than he had expected.

Obviously, Massa had basically understood the capabilities of his body through the previous training, which was why Massa decided to skip the basics and let Wang Tong took on the toughest difficulty. The definition of training was to discover, stimulate, and create a breakthrough in one’s hidden potential. Nevertheless, Massa was also trying to seize the opportunity to show Wang Tong that he was the boss.

In fact, Massa had already been planning to let Wang Tong try out something different the moment he finished the round-island jog since the level of Wang Tong’s potential was much higher than most of his teammates. Massa would have to train him to the standard of the special forces in the military.

Both Wang Ben and Apache arrived at the finish line ten minutes later, they were surprised to see that Wang Tong was still standing on the beach like a wooden pillar; a wooden sign with the words "Do Not Disturb" written on it was placed right beside him as well.

Wang Ben and Apache wanted to know what had happened to Wang Tong, but they were too hungry to do anything else. In the end, they decided to hop on the chopper and head back to the cafeteria first.

Apparently, the two of them were the only ones who were qualified for dinner, supposedly Cao Yi and Hu Yangxuan could also make it, but the extra weights had slowed them down drastically and caused them to miss dinner.

The rest of the team were even slower, but at least they could have some rest later. It has been a tiring and unforgettable day indeed.

As night falls, the students were seen running toward the finish line one after another; everyone was terribly exhausted, especially the two big fellas from Heavy Arm Force. Nevertheless, all of them came back in one piece.

The chopper had been traveling back and forth, sending students back to their base one by one; it seemed like they would have to starve tonight as there were no restaurant or cafeteria here since it was only a small island right next to Paradise Island.

However, Wang Tong, who was the earliest to arrive, was still standing at the same spot, he shut his eyes and was looking serious while trying his best to expand his arms and legs. No one dared to walk toward him as they saw the wooden sign, wondering if he had done something which angered the "Mold-face" Massa.

"Mold-face" was apparently Massa’s new nickname.

It was already very late when Ma Xiaoru, Zhou Sisi, and Rumi arrived. They were obviously the last batch to complete the training. Rumi was extremely drained and looked like she was about to collapse anytime, today’s training was way over her body’s limit. Even though she was weak, her willpower had proven that she was a strong fighter.

"Alright, you three are the last ones, get to the chopper."

"Sir, what about Wang Tong?"

Massa looked across toward Wang Tong who was standing still on the beach, then he sneered and said, "That’s his reward, don’t bother."

The helicopter took off as Massa shut the door close, Wang Tong was the only one that was left behind, still standing at the same spot like a sculpture.

Rumi was immediately put on the drip by the doctor, and lucky for her, the fatigue could be handled easily by the latest medical technology. Moreover, the medical facility in Paradise Island was second to none, which was why both principals were not worried at all.

Meanwhile, in the chopper, the two ladies were very worried about Wang Tong, "Sir, if we leave him there, how would he be joining us for tomorrow’s training?"

"Training? Haha, don’t worry, he won’t be able to move for at least ten days since he is prohibited from utilizing his GN Force," Massa said.

Those magnetic weights were specially designed for the training purposes of the special forces in the military. Actually, the users were required to generate a little amount of GN Force in order to maintain their movements, and it would also consume a lot of stamina. Massa didn’t tell Wang Tong because he wanted to reduce Wang Tong’s arrogance; the youngsters should never be arrogant as this attitude would hinder their improvements.

Ma Xiaoru and Zhou Sisi felt bad for Wang Tong, both of them wished to plead for him but decided not to do so as they saw Massa’s stone-cold expression; knowing that their pleas would only worsen the situation.

Wang Tong stared helplessly at the chopper, with the last batch of students gone, he was the only person on this deserted island in the middle of the vast ocean. The sunset was long gone, and he was still maintaining the same position at the same spot.

No dinner was served to those who arrived late, but fortunately, Apache and Wang Ben who went back first managed to smuggle some food for the others. Somehow, those two guys, who were bad at making conversations, managed to persuade the kitchen staff for that. After all, both of them knew that the rest of them would be toasted tomorrow if they didn’t eat anything.

Everyone finished their food without leaving a trace, at the beginning they were afraid that "Mold-face" Massa would barge into their dorm any minute, but luckily for them, he didn’t show up after the last training and probably went off for dinner.

None of them dared to sleep immediately, as they had to initialize at least two rounds of their tactics in order to replenish their stamina, or else they wouldn’t be able to move a muscle tomorrow. Sleep itself would never be enough for one to recover from this level of physical stress.

Rumi’s situation was worse than the others as her tactics was weak and the condition of her body was barely holding up. Fortunately, Ma Xiaoru helped her to initialize her tactics for two rounds, and she was able to get better after that. The Tactics of the Enchantress was basically the only one from the Five Greatest Tactics that could help others to initialize their tactics.

"Thank you very much, Xiaoru. I’ll try my very best!" Rumi was able to regain her strength after initializing two rounds of her tactics.

"Keep it up, we’ll be here for you." Ma Xiaoru smiled, apparently she also didn’t expect the special training would be this hard; nevertheless, she understood that this sort of training was necessary for them in order to vanquish Capth. No pain, no gain.


"What’s wrong, Xiaoru? Where’s Wang Tong by the way? I thought he was the first one to finish the training, where did he go?" Rumi asked, clearly Wang Tong had already become a well-respected figure in her heart.

Ma Xiaoru then explained Wang Tong’s situation to Rumi.

"That’s definitely an extra training from our coach, but how could he left him alone in the deserted island, not to mention without any food, water, and shelter." Rumi seemed to be quite worried.

"Don’t worry, I’m sure Wang Tong will be able to survive. You should probably go get some rest, tomorrow is going to be another rough day."

None of them were interested in a game of poker this time, not even if the god of gamble were to arrive tonight; they were too exhausted to open their eyes after initializing their tactics and fell asleep almost immediately. It was definitely a day to be remembered.

Two memorable days to be exact.

Within minutes, the whole room was filled with yawns and snores.

While everyone was asleep, Wang Tong was still standing alone on the beach, he didn’t move at all because he wanted to get used to the force. This position was the best he could maintain, and the force would tighten the gaps again if he tried to move a muscle, which was why it would be impossible for him to walk as he would instantly fell on the ground for sure.

For some reason, a blissful feeling emerged within Martyrus’ heart as he saw Wang Tong. It was probably the sense of pride as a teacher. Martyrus was feeling proud to witness one of his students growing and improving little by little.

"Principal Martyrus, I’ll leave the rest to your care. It’s time for me to prepare what’s coming next."

"Rest assure, Principal Samantha. I have faith in all of them." Martyrus nodded.

Apparently, Martyrus had already foreseen a couple of possible improvements the moment Samantha brought him this plan, yet somehow he still had underestimated the potential of the students.