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Chapter 145: No Big Deal at All

Chapter 145: No Big Deal at All

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The special training program would be able to carry on if this time was a huge success. It would be specially designed for the aces and elites in the academies, and it would prevent from neglecting the talented ones.

Martyrus knew that Massa might have gone a little too far after leaving Wang Tong alone on the beach, but that was because he had witnessed too much life and death situations on the battlefield, and he had chosen to hide his feelings because of that; apparently, being strict was his way of caring. Soldiers or fighters should always be prepared for any crisis, even during peace; not to mention that the Earth Confederation wasn’t peaceful at all. A crisis would always be lurking around, whether it was the endless streams of pirate smuggling cases or the threats caused by those horrible Zergs. Ordinary people might be able to enjoy their lives, but the soldiers had to be prepared for war at any time.

It might be a little harsh for the students; however, brilliant disciples were born under the supervision of a strict teacher, and furthermore, they were the successors of the future generation.

As a matter of fact, Massa was not a sadist, he did that because he wanted to find out the limits of every student. He would reduce the harshness once he noticed their limits and then gradually increased the difficulties in order to break their limits. As for Wang Tong, Massa was strict with him probably because the boy had caught his interest since it was rare to find a student with such capabilities.

Martyrus couldn’t wait to see Wang Tong’s performances as well, he was very excited for the upcoming surprises from Wang Tong.

It seemed like God was really trying to test Wang Tong’s faith. Not only there was no moon that night because the night sky was overcast with dark clouds, but strong currents of wind also roared across the vast ocean, and within minutes, the island was hit by a ferocious squall.

The sea might have been gentle and peaceful during the day, but it had turned violent as the thunderstorm raged, and every corner of the beach was slammed by surges from the waves.

Instantly Wang Tong felt even lonelier. He would have to face the frightful darkness and the intimidating force of nature all by himself on this deserted island.


Lightning jagged across the night sky followed by peals of thunder. The layers of dark clouds seemed to be getting heavier, turning into a pressuring aura above the stormy sea. It was definitely a power that should be feared and respected by mankind.

Yet Wang Tong remained still like a sculpture, he wasn’t affected by the strong currents of the wind and the huge surges from the waves at all. There were times when Wang Tong was hit by the wave, but his feet never moved an inch.

Wang Tong was not giving up, he clenched his teeth and was determined to get through this; if he chose to retreat, all of his hard work would be wasted. How he wished he could initialize the Tactics of the Blade to counter the force of the wave, but he was told by Massa not to utilize his GN Force, and clearly this training was to improve the limit of his willpower.

He had to overcome all the struggles as this was his chance of self-discovery, he had to see himself clearly in order to transcend himself!

Another surge was slammed upon the beach as if mother nature was trying to intimidate the young man by showing off its dominance.


A giant wave about ten meters tall came crashing down toward him, yet Wang Tong stared at it with his eyes wide open, no fear at all.


Wang Tong stretched his arms wide open and stood firm like an iron pillar, then he unleashed a warcry to "welcome" its arrival.


"Sir, a category three typhoon is coming this way, and I’m afraid it’s going to last for at least a day or two. Should we take him back?" one of the teaching staff asked.

Massa shook his head, he didn’t sleep because the monitoring system was temporarily down due to the immense thunderstorm. However, the last image he saw was Wang Tong’s "fight" against the huge surge, which explained why he wasn’t too worried since Wang Tong was tough, and Massa knew he would not die easily.

Meanwhile, Ma Xiaoru was also having trouble sleeping because she couldn’t help worrying about Wang Tong. Even though she was staying in the bunker, she was still able to hear the sound of the thunder roaring and the waves slamming on the beach, yet she could only hope that Wang Tong was alright under the heavy downpour.

The next day, Massa didn’t wake them up in the middle of the night but at four in the morning instead; everyone was awakened by the annoying alarm. Nevertheless, they had learned their lesson and gathered up within five minutes.

"Not bad, you kids are lucky today, this is the best weather for outdoor training, so let’s begin!"

Everyone carried their backpacks and started jogging. No one bothered to ask why there was no day-off since it was raining because they already knew that "Mold-face" Massa would only call a day-off if it were raining daggers outside. Anyhow, it seemed like all of them had regained their spirit after a good rest. Everyone was in good shape and was fully concentrated on the training. One would be at its best when their vital essence, energy, and spirit were fully combined.

Down at the training field, everyone was seen running in the rain even though the thunderstorm persisted, and since Massa was unable to use the magnetic weights under the heavy downpour, Wang Ben and the other guys were told to double-up the weight of their backpacks.

"Faster, move it, c’mon, even pigs are running faster than all of you! The sky ain’t raining torpedoes, so speed up!" Massa waved his baton and yelled like a mad man in the middle of the field. In fact, even the heavy storm was unable to cover up his loud voice.

While Wang Ben and the rest of the team was busy training, Wang Tong was also busy "fighting" against himself and mother nature. He had been spending the whole night getting hit by waves for more than tens of times, yet he still managed to remain still.

Wang Tong’s level of determination was completely off the chart, he would never give up unless he was dead, but to be honest, he still would never give up even if he died!

Unnoticed by the others, Wang Tong held on tight to himself no matter how many times he was hit by the waves. Fear was born within one’s weakness; however, once one overcame the weakness, one would become fearless!

He clenched his teeth and stared at the ocean with his fiery eyes as if he was taunting the ocean.

Day two came to an end, yet everyone still couldn’t get used to the training even though they had experienced the difficult tasks on day one. Aside from Massa’s sadistic methods, the bad weather and challenging environment were also the reason they were terribly exhausted. However, all of them were seen initializing their tactics spontaneously when there was time, in order to maintain the conditions of their bodies.

Everyone was so tired that they had almost forgotten about Wang Tong.

The gale persisted at night even though the heavy rain had started to turn into drizzle, and all of them were sleeping soundly as they needed to recharge for tomorrow’s training. However, the boy was still standing by the sea…

The typhoon finally died down on the third day, the blazing sun had shined upon Paradise Island once again. The water on the ground had already evaporated as they finished their morning jog. After the tiring exercise, everyone got into the chopper and head to the beach once again. Due to yesterday’s typhoon, they had been unable to train on the beach; however, the weather was fine again, and obviously, there was no way they could escape from the round-island marathon.

Nevertheless, everyone was worried about Wang Tong; they wondered if he was okay since he was left alone by the sea for a couple of days, but when they asked Massa, he only told them to mind their own business and threaten to increase their tasks if they carried on asking.

"Hey look, it’s Wang Tong! He is still standing there!" Hu Yangxuan yelled out as he saw the familiar figure through a window of the chopper, the others leaned toward the window when they heard that and were all amazed to see that Wang Tong still standing by the sea.

Everyone wanted to rush toward Wang Tong when the chopper landed on the beach, but they were instantly stopped by Massa and his baton.

"You are not here on vacation! If you wanna catch up, do it after the training. Now go get yourselves ready. I know some of you were hiding food in the room last time, so this time I’ve notified the kitchen staff not to give anyone a single piece of bone if the person can’t finish the training before the time limit!"

Everyone stood still and gazed across as Massa walked toward Wang Tong by himself. He wondered if the kid was still conscious.

"Hey Wang Tong, squeak if you’re still alive!" Massa said. He appreciated Wang Tong’s bravery, but obviously, the kid wasn’t smart enough; those magnetic weights were specially designed as the training gear for the elites in the special force, and the user had to infuse a little amount of GN Force in order to move. In the beginning, Massa wondered if he had gone too far, yet he couldn’t resist to use it on Wang Tong ever since he witnessed his amazing performance.

Wang Tong turned toward Masa and smiled, "Sir, can I join the training?" Wang Tong asked as he waved his hands, his movements were slower than usual, but he was already able to move.

Massa was stunned and absolutely amazed by what he saw; however, he remained calm, "Hmph, not bad, c’mon, the training will begin in a minute."

"Yes, Sir!" Wang Tong saluted and then ran toward the team, his paces and movements were way slower than before.

Massa almost fainted when he saw Wang Tong’s movements, he couldn’t believe he was still able to run!

Yet Wang Tong expected that anyone who accepted this training was able to do so, and somehow he thought his performance was bad since he had used a long period of time to adapt, not to mention that the coach had no comment on his training. However, he felt great about "defeating" the ocean, his spirit was uplifted as the sea returned to its calmness and the sun shined bright again; he was filled with the will to prevail against anything. It was indeed an indescribable feeling of the satisfaction of being victorious.

Although Massa remained emotionless, he was actually deeply impressed by Wang Tong’s outstanding performances.

Everyone cheered as Wang Tong returned to the team; however, they were forced to put their catch up aside since it was time for Massa’s brutal training. Apparently, all of them had realized the importance of food as their training required a lot of physical strength and energy. Massa would never reduce his training if they didn’t eat, so they really needed to bring out every inch of their effort for the sake of getting food.

Wang Tong was starving. He had never felt so exhausted before, and the past two days had been extremely torturing.

"Everyone, listen up, I’m adding a new rule into our next training: instead of taking care of your teammates, I’d like all of you to run on your own."

"Sir, shouldn’t we be focusing on teamwork since we are a part of the military?" Carl asked.

"Hmph, you wouldn’t be asking this silly question if you knew the meaning of teamwork. Well, let’s do it this way instead, all of you will be granted dinner if half of the team is able to make it back before the time limit, but if you fail, no one’s getting food tonight. How’s that for teamwork?"

"Bring it on!" Wang Ben said, obviously he was kind of pissed off.

"I’m fine with it, I’m on a diet anyway." Apache squinted his eyes and leered at Massa.

It seemed like Massa had become the "public enemy". They were tired of their coach acting like he knew everything and were all keen to prove to the "Mold-face" devil that he had underestimated everyone. It was time to show him what real teamwork looked like!