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Chapter 152: Besieged

Chapter 152: Besieged

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The Confederation Army had proceeded to N-2 Entrance, and the troops from both sides were seen fully prepared to infiltrate the island. It would not be easy for the Zergs on the island to withstand the attacks from both sides since they were on human territory.

Under Ma Xiaoru’s supervision, Dr. Gimmers turned on Sky-net and accessed FFC’s surveillance system, then he entered a three-dimensional passcode in order to open two of their emergency gateways; however, nothing happened after waiting for about ten seconds.

"What on earth is that, Dr. Gimmers?" Ma Xiaoru’s sounded unpleasant, she had been controlling her anxiousness, but she was about to reach her limits.

Dr. Gimmers became nervous as he remembered that all of those who practiced the Tactics of the Enchantress had strange tempers, and he would never want to piss her off since there was practically nothing that the princess of the FFC couldn’t and wouldn’t do.

"Miss, it looks like our system has been sabotaged by someone else, probably the traitor, and right now, I’m unable to open the emergency gateways," Dr. Gimmers explained as he tried to activate the protocol again.

"I’m not interested in hearing your explanations, Dr. Gimmers. Fix it and save my friends now!"

Dr. Gimmers knew he would definitely be held responsible for this; however, he didn’t expect that the traitor would be so detailed and almost sabotaged everything they had. Nevertheless, he really would like to know why that person would go through all the troubles just to do this. Fortunately, he was the one who handled the overall defense mechanism, or else it would certainly cause a mayhem and eventually develop into a catastrophic incident if the Zergs escaped; not to mention that the Zergs were extremely hard to exterminate, just like cockroaches.

Which was why the Zergs that were brought back to Earth for experimental purposes had to be sterilized in the first place, but clearly there were a few missed outs on this island. Dr. Gimmers didn’t want the military forces to enter Paradise Island in the first place because he was trying to hide this from them. He knew that the FFC’s image would be affected once this was made public, or even worse... this would become the perfect chance for the ones behind this to uncover all of the secrets that belonged to the FFC!

Meanwhile, the Confederation Army had begun to launch their attacking protocol; meanwhile, everyone else was suspecting their "spontaneity".

"Why don’t we let Zhang Kui and Zhang Yan give it a shot?" Martyrus said as he saw the frustration on Dr. Gimmers’ face. Dr. Gimmers might have his scientific knowledge and contributions in experiments, yet obviously, he was not a good crisis handler.

A cunning old fox like Martyrus clearly knew this wasn’t a simple accident but a set-up from some other party, and based on Samantha’s calm expression, she seemed to have figured it out as well. The principals of military academies were just like politicians as they were also able to access classified information that wasn’t made public. Moreover, some principals of S-Ranked academies were even powerful enough to influence both military and political circles.

"I’m afraid we will have to give them a try!" Dr. Gimmers agreed after a small hesitation since he wasn’t familiar with this category. Things had begun to fall apart and what happened was way out of his expertise.

As the rest were seen worrying about Wang Tong and the other two who were still trapped on Paradise Island, the Zhang brothers showed great enthusiasm when they knew they were wanted for their expertise. Virtual system attacks normally required all sorts of equipment, but all thanks to Principal Martyrus, both Zhang Brothers were already given a laptop which contained state-of-the-art software and resources that would get the job done. Martyrus didn’t set any boundary for the two of them as long as they promised not to do anything crazy, this was his method of cultivating talents. He knew that the Zhang Brothers would have to unleash their capabilities in order to improve, which was why he decided to let them handle the virtual system attack. Martyrus had never expected that their expertise would be needed in such occasion.

The Zhang Brothers asked no questions and began to do their "thing"; however, they seemed to look puzzled as they accessed the system.

"What’s wrong with the two of you? Why the long faces?" Martyrus asked.

"Sir, someone planted an intelligent, five-dimensional randomizing program into the system, we have never seen something like this before."

"Cut the crap, will both of you be able to handle it?"

"Yea, but we won’t be responsible if the whole system falls apart!" Zhang Yan said.

Martyrus looked at both of them and ordered, "Fix it!"

"Haha, leave it to us then!" The two of them immediately began their attack. On the other hand, the Intel Programming personnel of the military had also begun to attack Paradise Island’s system in their warships.

Dr. Gimmers was certain that Paradise Island’s ultimate defense system would never be subdued that easily. The five-dimensional randomizing program was the most expensive program for the time being, and it seemed that the traitor’s target was not to destroy everything but to plant a digital virus by using its position in this company as a cover. Somehow, the randomizing program had triggered the self-defense mechanism of the main system which wouldn’t let anything go in or out. How Dr. Gimmers wished Allens, who was the expert in this category, was here to help, but right now, he had no choice but to leave it to the kids.

The enthusiastic brothers began to exercise their expertise; however, they were still struggling to break through the island’s defense mechanism; meanwhile, everyone else could only wait patiently since they were not able to do anything else.

Judging from all aspects, Ma Xiaoru knew that this was definitely not a coincidence. It looked more like a set-up from the Golden Hawk Union in order to break down the FFC, but Ma Xiaoru seemed to be more worried about Wang Tong and the other guys instead of the island itself, and she felt bad for involving the boys into this matter.

Obviously, the Confederation Army was trying to trample FFC’s concession on experimenting the Zergs. They knew that their special rights to conduct experiments on Zergs would be withdrawn as the high-risk activities had turned into complete chaos, and even if the FFC was able to continue, they would have to go through a lot of trouble for the settlement. Not to mention that this was the perfect opportunity to sucker punch the glory of the FFC.

Ma Xiaoru was quite familiar with these sort of battles since she was born and raised in this family, and she had been learning on how to cope with this sort of pressure since a young age, which one of her tasks included the practice on the Tactics of the Enchantress.

Meanwhile, Zhao Yongzhuo was seen urging his tech personnel to speed up as they needed to seize every single opportunity; nevertheless, they had underestimated the system itself. Gaining control of the system was not as easy as they had expected.

After a while, the Zhang Brothers seemed to look troubled. Apparently, the two of them were unable to handle everything at once.

Finally, Rumi stepped up and asked, "How can I help?"

"Can you do it?" Samantha asked.

"I think I’ll be able to help by working on the inscribed figure group of Hill’s Angle. It should be able to shrink down the probabilities of the code," Rumi seemed shy when she was questioned by Samantha.

"Hop in, what are you waiting for?" Zhang Yan said. The two of them were troubled by the massive intelligent program, and they realized that it was hard to keep up as the main system would refresh immediately as soon as they destroyed one of its sequences. Unfortunately, no one else was able to help, and it seemed like both parties were racing against each other in order to finish their businesses and get out as soon as possible, yet right now they had no choice but to wait patiently even though it was really hard to remain calm.

Originally, Wang Tong’s party was only planning on killing a few Zergs to warm up; however, they had never expected that things would get nasty. Wang Ben and Apache seemed to have gotten ready to fight, but instead of fighting, Wang Tong unleashed a yell then grabbed the two of them and ran off. They wouldn’t stand a chance against that number of Zergs since they were not wearing METAL Suits. Their only choice was to FLEE!

However, the Zergs also knew how to terrorize their enemies, especially when there was a leader in command; apparently, those creatures were not planning anything fancy since they were only up against the three of them. Wang Tong sensed that the situation was about to go south; hence instead of playing the hero, their best strategy was to escape.

Wang Ben and Apache followed Wang Tong as he ran, and immediately the three of them knew that something went wrong when they noticed that the walls on the field were gone, the ground was locked down, giant walls were pulled up on around the beach, and the sky was shielded by an energy barrier.

Of course, the three of them would never stand quietly while waiting to be rescued, the trio realized that they were not the target of those creatures, but they were attacking the base frenziedly instead in order to get under. The trio decided to hide in the wild for the time being to avoid unnecessary contact. Nevertheless, they would engage the Zergs if there were only a small amount of them.

The three of them hid on top of the trees using the leaves as their cover, then they chose to cover their tracks by withdrawing their Soul Energy in order not to be discovered by the Zergs.

As soon as Wang Tong finished his surveillance on top of the tree, Apache asked immediately, "What the hell happened?"

"I have no idea, everywhere seemed to be filled with Zergs. I guess that Paradise Island is actually an experimental base for Zergs, and for some reason, the Zergs on this island had gone berserk. Based on the incredible amount of Zergs, I believe the base had been completely locked down, now all we can do is to wait for the troops."

Yet Wang Tong knew that the METAL fighters on this island would never be able to handle this number of Zergs, so in conclusion, their luck was terrible. For some reason, Wang Tong noticed his peculiar "fate" with the Zergs as he would always get surrounded by these creatures whenever he was in the wild; hence he would have to be more careful next time.

Apache and Wang Ben were confident; however, unlike Wang Tong, who was looking like a disappointed tourist, the two of them looked solemn.

"Instead of waiting, why don’t we fight our way out?" Wang Ben said in a deep voice.

"Yea, since they are all just a bunch of weaklings, I’m sure the three of us will be able to handle them!" Apache nodded in agreement.

"Forget about it guys. Based on what I saw just now, those were just the usual recon units that also serve as expendable cannon fodders. The stronger ones stayed hidden on this island, not to mention that they are more familiar with the terrain than the three of us," Wang Tong explained since he was very familiar with these creatures.

Wang Tong wouldn’t need to worry so much if he were on his own, there would be plenty of places for him to hide since Paradise Island was a huge island, and it would buy him a lot of time until the arrival of the military troops. He was certain that the Confederation Army would arrive in no time since this was happening on Earth.

However, Apache and Wang Ben seemed to believe more in their judgments, and both of them didn’t like the idea of staying still and waiting to be rescued because to them, right now was their best chance to head toward the beach, and it would be too late if they were surrounded here by Zergs.