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Chapter 153: The Fight

Chapter 153: The Fight

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"Wang Tong, since higher-ranked Zergs are lurking around, I think we really should head to the beach as soon as possible while those creatures are still focusing on attacking the base, we would be safer once we reached the beach," Wang Ben said.

"Yeah I agree, those are just a bunch of creepy crawlies. We are here to train to become stronger, not to become sissies!" Apache agreed on Wang Ben’s idea, he wasn’t afraid at all since he had been through a lot during his training days at the Spatial Anti-smuggling Bureau.

"Let’s treat this like a simulation!"

Wang Tong knew that both of them were eager to get physical, and it would only ruin their moods if he insisted on staying put. Although it was risky, they still had a point; hence Wang Tong had no chance but to agree as well, after all, it would be safer if the three of them to stick together.

"Alright, but make sure you don’t fall into an entanglement, or else we will be toasted," Wang Tong said. He totally understood Wang Ben and Apache’s heroic impulse, but he chose to remain calm; based on his experiences on Norton, the Zergs were not as simple-minded as they expected.

"I’ve seen a lot of talented ones, but you’re definitely the first one who’s strong yet way too cautious." Apache laughed and shook his head, he might have said "cautious", but he actually meant "chicken".

Wang Tong faked a smile, then he began to plan out their fighting strategy.

Although the three of them managed to travel in stealth mode, yet it wasn’t very useful as the Zergs were everywhere on Paradise Island, they were discovered by the creatures within minutes and were forced into a fight.

Wang Ben was the first to strike as if he had been holding back his anger since his arrival on Paradise Island, he immediately unleashed his Fist of the Racing Tiger and punctured a hole in the body of a Scythe Zerg. Apache sneered and unsheathed his Horseslayer as he leaped across, slashing every Zerg on his path like a hurricane.

However, Wang Tong sighed as he saw them fight, knowing that this was not how they should engage!

Unlike the other two who were enjoying themselves and creating epic violence scenes by blasting the creatures into pieces or slashing them into halves, Wang Tong’s attacks were simpler, yet always hitting them at their sweet spots.

Wang Tong managed to advance in a jiffy. Wang Ben and Apache were able to keep up with him at the beginning, but their formation quickly began to fall apart. Apache was still okay as he was good with speed, but Wang Ben could barely keep up because he had been using too much strength fighting every single Zerg; his punches might be ferocious, but the effectiveness was just like Wang Tong’s simpler attacks. Nevertheless, not everyone was able to control their own strength, or perhaps this was how the Fist of the Racing Tiger should be.

Wang Tong had no choice but to slow down, but they were completely surrounded by Zergs again in no time. Obviously, they had underestimated the battle intelligence of the Zergs, and since the base built by the FFC was completely locked down and the creatures were unable to break through easily, the Zergs would automatically swarm around when they discovered the traces of humans, and of course, their leaders were keen to capture the three of them.

Having no fear of death, the lower-ranked Zergs began to charge toward the three of them. Even though the trio managed to kill tens of these creatures, their numbers kept increasing. If the three of them were stuck in a lower terrain, they would be "flooded" to death.

"This is getting worse!" Apache said as he licked his lips, his Horseslayer was covered with the disgusting body fluid of Zergs, and it was getting heavier due to the weight of the gooey substance.

However, the real higher-ranked Zerg was still staying hidden, waiting for the right moment for an ambush.

"Stay alerted guys, they’re trying to catch us alive. I’m pretty sure their boss is hidden on this island as well!"

"Damn, don’t tell me there is some kind of brain-juice sucking monster," Apache joked.

"Nope, it does exist. I’m not sure if it is an Encephalon Zerg, but I’ve seen a lot of other higher-ranked species on Norton. My advice is to look out for those with a stinger on the lower part of their abdomens!" Wang Tong wasn’t joking around, he had seen higher-ranked Zergs before which were capable of doing so; not only were they able to suck out the brain fluid of humans, but they would even kill their own kind. However, Wang Tong wasn’t sure why they would do that since he was neither a biologist nor a Zerg, and the only thing that he knew was to kill them before they killed him.

"This is endless, you two cover me, I’ll blast us a way out!" Wang Ben said as he killed two Zergs with three punches; meanwhile, Apache managed to slaughter a Skulk Zerg.

This never-ending process was tiring, but luckily, their stamina has improved a lot after being trained by Massa, at least they were now able to make a calm and sober judgment. Somehow, Wang Tong sensed that something was fishy as he noticed they had only been fighting lower-ranked Zergs, and it would be bad if they wasted too much strength on them. Furthermore, he noticed that Wang Ben seemed to be not as calm and cool as he usually was, but he decided not to undermine the confidence of his comrades.

Apache, on the other hand, seemed to be enjoying the thrill of the fight as he unleashed his warcry, he was excited to witness the true power of the Fist of the Racing Tiger!

Apparently, Wang Ben needed quite some time to prepare, leaving only two attackers in their party, which instantly increased Apache and Wang Tong’s stress because the swarm of Zergs kept multiplying. As the two of them were busy warding off Zergs, Apache realized that Wang Tong was surprisingly much stronger than he thought he was, given by the fact that he was able to cover Wang Ben almost by himself.

Meanwhile, Wang Ben’s Soul Energy was pumping up, and he began to let out a heavy growl. Wang Ben was infuriated, sometimes there were things that he was unwilling to do but couldn’t reject, yet he would still do them even though he didn’t understand why he had to do so.


Wang Ben roared aloud, instantly boosting his Soul Energy. The impact of the sound wave was so powerful that it even managed to knock off a few Zergs.

"Roar of the Tiger!"

"Dash of the Tiger!"

Wang Ben unleashed the real Fist of the Racing Tiger, and every of his attack was packed with GN Force; it was so powerful that nothing could stand in its way. Wang Tong and Apache covered Wang Ben’s sides and rear as he charged with all his might, emitting an incredible strength as well as a menacing aura!

He had turned like a mini armored tank, he was unstoppable.

Apache and Wang Tong gasped as they saw his dominating aura, no wonder that the Fist of the Racing Tiger was known as the mightiest punch of the Earth Confederation, without even mentioning that Wang Ben was surprisingly full of hype today.

"Soar of the Tiger!"

Wang Ben launched himself forward like a missile and eliminated a handful of Zergs in front of him, and soon, he managed to create an opening. Finally, together with the advantage of the terrain, the three of them were able to break out from the entrapment.

They ran as fast as they could while the creatures were in pursuit; however, within minutes, Wang Tong forcefully stopped both Apache and Wang Ben.


Countless of spikes suddenly launched up from under the ground like pistons; meanwhile, dark matters started to fall from the top of the trees.

More Zergs seemed to be waiting for them, and the breakthrough a while ago was actually a set-up from the Zergs’ leader when it learned that the lower-ranked Zergs were unable to stop the three of them anymore.

Finally realizing their adventure and training had all turned into a matter of life and death, the trio leaped onto the tree branches and dashed upward. Apache was slashing his way up while Wang Ben and Wang Tong kept dodging the Zergs’ attacks; due to the protection from their GN Force, they wouldn’t be killed instantly if they got hit by the Zergs; however, they would be doomed if the creatures managed to block them off.

The three of them unleashed every inch of strength in their bodies and made it to the tree tops, but Wang Tong’s sense of danger was tingling, and almost immediately, he realized that they were tricked by the creatures again!

There were two species of Zergs that didn’t exist on Paradise Island. One of them being the Flying Zergs, and the other one was a creature larger in size; however, there was a type of uncommon Zerg living on this island: the Web Zergs, or commonly known as Corrosive Webs, was one of the species that belonged to the middle-ranked Zergs. They looked like tough, spherical cocoons most of the time, and normal attacks had no effect on them. However, they would turn into giant webs when they attacked, and the webs would transform into a corrosive matter as they trapped their preys inside, killing both the prey and itself then melted everything into a gory liquid. This type of Zerg was even able to destroy Heavy Armed Units aside from killing the METAL fighters, with its capability of melting almost everything, this species of Zerg was like the upgraded version of the Kamikaze Zerg, only stronger and deadlier.

Tens of Web Zergs launched themselves toward the three of them; meanwhile, the ground was filled with Skulk Zergs, ready to stab them to death if they chose to descend.

Wang Tong’s party would have more choices if they were wearing METAL Suits, but now their only chance was to charge!

The Web Zergs in sphere mode were tough as steel, but as they turned into web mode, their tenacity would increase, and they would become super sticky, which was why the three of them were being very careful not to let those creatures stick to their bodies.

Wang Ben and Apache were fearless as they were left with only one option: CHARGE!

Without further hesitation, Wang Tong threw out a shadowy item toward the Zergs like firing a bullet, then he turned toward the other two and said, "Leave them to me!"

The Web Zergs shrank and turned into greenish smog immediately when got hit by Wang Tong’s throwing attack, Apache and Wang Ben then descended down to eliminate the bunch of Skulk Zergs. Although the two of them had never fought side by side before, they knew exactly how to work with each other. Apache was in charge of drawing the attention of the creatures since he was more nimble, while Wang Ben was in charge of attacking every Skulk Zerg that gave away its position.

Right above Wang Ben and Apache, Wang Tong seemed to be having a dangerous waltz with the Web Zergs; however, none of the webs were able to stick to Wang Tong’s body as he attacked; somehow, the three of them managed to stabilize the situation around them.

Wang Ben and Apache also seemed to be dancing with the devil, and the huge amount of Skulk Zergs and their combination attacks had begun to exhaust both of them. All of a sudden, a loud roar thundered across the woods.

Those who hissed were mostly lower-ranked Zergs, but those who roared were definitely higher-ranked Zergs. Soon after the roar, four monstrous figures came charging toward Wang Tong’s party. The huge figures appeared to be approximately three meters tall, their heads looked like giant wolves while their bodies were like ginormous gorillas, and they all had dark and shiny exoskeletons that looked like steel.