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Chapter 154: The Bloody Brawl

Chapter 154: The Bloody Brawl

Translator: Double_L Editor: Tehrn

These monsters were not an original species of Zergs, yet somehow the Zergs had managed to create these hybrids during the war with mankind. Their blood was red like most of the animals on Earth instead of the common greenish blood of Zergs, and they were born with incredible strength. Even though they were about three meters tall, they were not the largest in terms of size; however, they were capable of smashing a hole through armored tanks with a single punch.

Dr. Gimmers would definitely be shocked if he saw what was going on because they were not among the list of experimental species. Unlike living beings on Earth that could only reproduce with their own kinds, the higher-ranked Zergs were able to give birth to numerous species, including hybrids.

The Skulk Zergs seemed to become excited as they released their spikes one after another. The four Were-kongs then roared and began to charge; two running toward Wang Ben, and the other two running toward Apache.

Apparently, those ginormous creatures were surprisingly fast and nimble as they were specifically designed to fight in terrains like planet Earth. In the beginning, Apache thought that he would be able to dodge their attacks like a piece of cake, but he was shocked to find himself being attacked from both sides in a flash.


Apache had no choice but to defend their attacks with all his might in order to dodge the spikes of the Skulk Zergs; however, the impact felt like he was being hit directly by a train, instantly breaking apart and canceling every bit of GN Force in his body; he was caught off-guard completely.

In fact, the attacks of the Were-kongs were categorized as ignition attacks, so instead of using a passive physical defense, the best way was to actually initialize the right amount of GN Force into the parry.

Wang Ben’s eyes turned blood-red, ready to unleash his Fist of the Racing Tiger again after another loud warcry. He stomped heavily on the ground, then charged toward the incoming claws of the Were-kongs as he roared.


The force of the recoil sent Wang Ben’s body backward, while the attacking Were-kong staggered after the impact and had its mouth and fangs bloodied by the forceful punch; however, the other Were-kong was storming toward him like a hurricane.


Wang Ben threw out another punch, only this time it was too rushed, and the force was smaller than the previous punch.


An enormous impact landed right onto Wang Ben’s body, causing him to cough out blood and even knocked him off horizontally, breaking about seven or eight trees before the impact stopped.

In the meantime, Wang Tong had eliminated most of the Web Zergs above. During his time on Norton, Wang Tong managed to learn that the weakness of the Web Zerg was its core sack, and once the core sack was broken, the corrosive matter would kill the Web Zerg instantly. Apparently, Wang Tong’s instinct was telling him that they might be ambushed by these creatures, so he picked up a few stones just in case and hid them in his pocket when they were busy escaping a while ago, and it turned out that it really happened.

However, Wang Tong knew the situation had become worse as he heard the thunderous roars of those Were-kongs, he hadn’t expected that those monsters were right here on Paradise Island as well, and their existence confirmed to Wang Tong that the leader of Zergs was nearby!

Wang Tong descended quickly and tried to grab Apache, but as he was about to do so, the two Were-kongs, who were chasing after Apache, flung a punch toward his back and sent him flying and rolling toward the other side of the woods. Apache’s defense was weaker compared to Wang Ben, not to mention that he hadn’t seen that coming at all; hence he was knocked out by the monstrous punch, and he would die — or at least be crippled — if the Were-kongs were to throw another punch at him.

Wang Ben was struggling to get up, but when he noticed the two Were-kongs that were after him were charging toward him again, he ground his teeth and got up with all his might; he was ready for battle again, and if he were to die, he would choose to die like a fighter.

Wang Tong managed to rush toward Wang Ben, then he grabbed his fists and began to channel his energy, but immediately, he felt a painful stinging sensation as he was trying to recover his balance, the hidden Skulk Zerg had punctured his tight with its spike.

"You little!" Wang Tong was totally pissed off when he saw that. He snapped off its spike with his fist, then forcefully pulled the Skulk Zerg out from the ground and smashed it dead with his punch. All of a sudden, Wang Ben felt an intense pain on his back, and within a second, he fainted and collapsed on the ground.

The Were-kong then grabbed the unconscious Wang Ben by his neck and threw him toward Apache, both of them were guarded by a Were-kong, while the other three turned toward Wang Tong.

As Wang Tong suspected, the hidden boss wanted them alive, as it was probably trying to look for an escape route from their brains.

Wang Tong pulled out the remaining spike on his tight, then he spat out his bloody saliva and said, "That hurts, sonuvab*tch, I’m sick of this sh*t!"

All of a sudden, Wang Tong’s demeanor changed completely.

Yet the three Were-kongs didn’t care much and charged toward Wang Tong at once like three torpedos.

Bam… Bam… Bam…

Wang Tong’s Soul Energy didn’t increase much; however, by channeling the energy from his Cinnabar Field, he was granted superhuman strength which enabled him to repel those three monsters with three strikes at once.


Wang Tong aimed his fists toward the ground and went berserk, wrecking a Skulk Zerg that was hidden under that area.

The other Were-kong, who was guarding the unconscious Wang Ben and Apache, joined the other three immediately, knowing that they were now facing a super strong opponent.


Four ginormous figures charged ferociously at the same time; however, Wang Tong remained still, and as they approached, Wang Tong flung out a forceful punch!


Blood oozed out from one of the creatures as the force from Wang Tong’s fist drilled a hole through its chest!

Immediately the remaining three Were-kongs moved into a defensive formation, but Wang Tong disappeared in a flash. All of a sudden, Wang Tong reappeared on the head of one of the remaining Were-kongs, puncturing its elbow with his left fist and shattered the rock-solid exoskeleton into fragments, then he brutally decapitated the creature with a single tear.

"Hasta la vista, you ugly-a*s looking chimpanzees!"

The remaining Were-kongs were pissed off as they witnessed two of their own got killed in a jiffy, and suddenly, the other Zergs around the area also seemed to have gone crazy and began to charge toward Wang Tong.

"Stop making me mad!"

Wang Tong threw out a punch and knocked off a fang of one of the Were-kongs, then he lifted it up by its chin and threw it out like a baseball aiming toward the other Zergs that were charging at him.

"Stop making me mad!"

"Stop bugging me!"

Wang Tong kept repeating these words to himself as he finished the enemies off one by one. Apparently, he had developed this habit when he had been trapped alone on Norton, and even though he had managed to rectify this habit after returning to Earth, for some reason, the environment seemed to have triggered this old habit again.

He grabbed both remaining Were-kongs with his hands and waved them around like a pair of giant sticks, sweeping off the enemies around him. More and more Zergs were getting killed by Wang Tong’s ferocious attack, especially the inferior Zergs that were exceptionally weak against his menacing power. The Skulk Zergs around him seized the opportunity for an ambush, but as their long vertebrae were approaching a three-meter radius around him, their attacks stopped as Wang Tong dispersed his Soul Energy through their spikes and caused them to explode one after another, turning the Skulk Zergs into puddles of green, bloody mess.

Wang Tong, who was still holding the two monstrous creatures in his hands, stretched his neck and yelled, "You want a piece of me?!"

Another batch of Zergs swarmed toward him again, Kamikaze Zergs flew in from all directions and exploded like a continuous chain of grenades; however, Wang Tong was unhurt as he used the bodies of the two Were-kongs as his "meat-shield".

While Wang Tong was busy with his bloody brawl, the troops outside were still busy hacking the system. Zhao Yongzhuo was getting impatient, he had been waiting for almost an hour, yet the bunch of so-called "experts" still couldn’t get the doors to open.

Nevertheless, he wouldn’t dare to charge in by force because he knew that he would be the one to be blamed if his impulsive action caused any Zerg to escape. On the other hand, Ma Xiaoru’s team was still struggling with the system as well. Carl was getting nervous like his butt was on fire, yet he was no help to the situation at all. Rumi and the Zhang Brothers were giving all of their efforts to solve the "puzzle"; however, the randomizing program was way tougher than they had expected, not to mention that most of the tech experts on Paradise Island were killed in this accident.

The other students kept quiet and tried not to disturb the three of them, everyone wanted to help, but there was really nothing they could do. Zhou Sisi sat on the other side quietly, knowing that being nervous would only make things even worse.

Suddenly, Zhang Yan shouted, "Done! I’ve calculated all of its variations, the decoding process will be complete in three minutes, counting down as we speak! The doors will be opening soon, so tell your troops to get ready, and be careful not to let any Zerg escapes!"

Paradise Island had become a mess. Some of the creatures were still trying to get into the base, and the forest on the east coast was completely ruined. Wang Tong was sitting on the head of a Were-kong corpse, his body was covered with greenish goo, most people might find it disgusting, but Wang Tong was practically "immune" to the smell since he had eaten them for a year.

Wang Tong took his time to clean up his body while mumbling to himself, he didn’t seem to be afraid of another ambush. All of a sudden, he noticed some movements among the bushes, and he grabbed the thing by his hand in a flash. It appears to be a plump and "meaty" creature that somehow looked like a magnified tapeworm.

"C’mon, stop struggling, you little piece of sh*t!"

The worm-like Zerg kept moving its mouth as it struggled, then it launched a tentacle-like siphon toward Wang Tong; however, Wang Tong’s reflexes were quicker and managed to tie a knot to its siphon.

"You want a piece of me huh?" Wang Tong grabbed the worm-like creature by its head and slapped it continuously.

It screamed after being slapped and tried to attack Wang Tong with its siphon again; however, it failed since Wang Tong had tied a knot to its siphon. Apparently, this type of Zerg was not good in attacking, given by the fact that it used to be fed by inferior Zergs.

Wang Tong seemed to be having fun with it, then he gave it another slap, making its body turn like an empty beer bottle.

"Stop bugging me!"

As it stopped, the creature screamed crazily again, Wang Tong sighed and said, "What an ugly looking a*s!"

Slap… Slap… Slap… Slap… Slap...

Wang Tong carried on slapping the weird creature that looked like a human brain, soon its plump body was swollen up by the continuous hits.

"Stop messing with me!" Wang Tong yelled as he slapped, moments later the worm-like creature stopped moving, it had seemed to be weakened by his "attacks", surprisingly its defense was even weaker than the inferior Zergs.

Grunt… Grunt… Grunt…

The creature was grunting non-stop, either it had decided to surrender, or it was traumatized by the slaps; nevertheless, Wang Tong felt good about it. After finishing his "torture", Wang Tong decided to leave no traces behind, so he dug a hole and buried the creature head side down, then he stood aside and waited for the "magical" moment.

Moments later, a tiny explosion occurred, and the ground was shaken like a little earthquake. Soon greenish liquid gradually oozed out from the burial spot; Wang Tong then made a victory sign happily with his hands as he saw that. Somehow he came up with this killing technique after encountering this type of Zerg a couple of times. The creature might look like the mysterious Encephalon Zerg; however, Wang Tong knew that it was only one of the higher-ranked leaders among the legion of Zergs. It could have been the commander of the Zergs, but it was definitely not the one that was controlling everything... or maybe, it could be a new species of highly intelligent Zerg that was created to fight against mankind, yet somehow it might be a little too weak for an intelligent creature.