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Chapter 156: Fair

Chapter 156: Fair

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Wang Tong and Apache were confused. Both of them were taken away after a brief medical treatment, and they could somehow feel that they were taken into custody judging from the serious looks of the METAL Fighters. However, they couldn’t understand why.

Wang Tong kept asking for an explanation, but no one answered them; the boys felt like they were talking to a bunch of dummies.

They had no idea where this place was. The boys were locked up in a cell, and no one was telling them what was going on.

On the other hand, Wang Ben’s plane had landed, and he was immediately taken to the command center by a military truck. Apparently, General Hu Ben was waiting for him.

Wang Ben was grabbing his fists throughout the journey and was a bit shaken when he saw his father, but he wasn’t excited.

"You’re back," General Hu Ben said coldly, as if he had expected what Wang Ben would say next.

"Father, what’s going on? Why were there so many Zergs on the island? Is the military trying to frame the FFC?" Wang Ben seemed agitated.

Actually, Wang Ben purposely invited Wang Tong for tonight’s "adventure". His admission to Ayrlarng was not a coincidence, and of course, it had nothing to do with that letter. Everything was only a part of a plan.

General Hu Ben was one of the members and also an important figure of the Golden Hawk Union. Their mission was to weaken the power of both the House of Li and the House of Ma in the Earth Confederation, and in order to succeed, they had first to deal with the House of Ma. Without them, the House of Li would become a toothless tiger. However, the FFC was not an easy target, which was why General Hu Ben had sent Wang Ben to befriend Ma Xiaoru, and no one had suspected anything fishy about it.

After knowing that there would be a special training, Wang Ben’s mission was to infiltrate Paradise Island and look for FFC’s secret laboratory. Wang Ben accepted it because he wanted to prove himself to his father, but all of a sudden, everything seemed to look like a filthy trap judging from the overwhelming number of Zergs and the perfect timing of the Confederation Army. Everyone knew that experimental Zergs needed to be sterilized at the beginning, yet, the Zergs on Paradise Island had obviously multiplied. Hence, the military had clearly been plotting this since a long time ago, and his infiltration was the trigger of this event.

"You’re here just to say this?" General Hu Ben kept his straight face and glared at Wang Ben.

"Father, what you did was despicable, and I’m disappointed with your decision. I need a better explanation!" Wang Ben ground his teeth. He was ashamed of himself as he remembered the moment when Wang Tong saved him, and it hurt his feelings. In the beginning, he had agreed to help because he wanted to be recognized by his father. But as time went by, Wang Ben hated himself because of the betrayal and the fact that he was a spy, and what had happened today had totally pissed him off.

"Despicable… haha." General Hu Ben chuckled as the word caught him by surprise. Nevertheless, no one would have the balls to say this in front of him other than his son, perhaps because he was still a teenager. However, he had never planned on giving Wang Ben an explanation. He stood up and said, "I’ll lay out two options on the table again: either you continue to stay in Ayrlarng as a spy, or you get your *ss to Capth."

"But father, that’s not fair!"

"You want me to be fair huh? This is the biggest explanation you will get!" General Hu Ben said firmly. Not everything needed an explanation, and he would understand when the right time would come. What had happened today proved that Wang Ben was not suitable to play a part in politics. Aside from knowing how to fight, one would also require other knowledge in order to become a general or a famous warrior. In conclusion, his son was too naive!

Wang Ben’s body was shaking because of his anger and frustration, but eventually, he calmed down and replied with all his strength, "Capth!"

It hurt when he said that word, the pain was unbearable… this was an absolute betrayal. His friends were doing their best to get ready for their challenge against Capth, yet he was abandoning them and switching sides to Capth. However, he’d rather do that than continue to stay in Ayrlarng as a spy. He couldn’t forgive himself for hurting his friends.

General Hu Ben waved his hand and decided to let him be… one had to pay the price in order to grow, and the best way to learn was to learn from one’s mistakes!

Meanwhile, Wang Tong and Apache were taken somewhere else. Apparently, they were arranged for a series of body check-ups.

"Anything suspicious?"

"Everything seems fine. Their Soul Energy is quite active for their age, but it would still be impossible to handle one thousand Zergs."

"How about their injuries?"

"No broken bones. They should be alright."

"Alright then, I’ll take over."

In the military, every sort of injury was known as minor injury, except for bone fractures. Although Wang Tong’s leg was severely injured, somehow the attack had missed his bone, and the wound had healed after giving cellular treatment. However, he was weakened by the attack, and he would need time to recover.

Unfortunately for the boys, no one cared about them and treated them like students from military academies.

Even those who detained them had no idea what was going on. The only order they were given was to take the boys into custody and lock them up in the prison cell of the headquarter. Things were not going according to standard procedure, yet, they had no choice but to follow every single order from their superiors.

"Alright lads, be careful inside," The sergeant who escorted them somewhat felt bad for them and gave them a friendly reminder.

Wang Tong and Apache were shocked as they arrived at the place they were taken to. The place looked like hell, and everyone inside was glaring at them.

This place was where the military held their suspects. Everyone knew that places like this were a mess when a bunch of "energetic" fellas were placed in the same space, and it would really be a miracle if no one started a fight.

The inmates seemed surprised to see Wang Tong and Apache, as they didn’t expect the arrival of two young boys.

Apache had never been to a place like this, but he had heard a lot during his internship at the Anti-Smuggle Special Unit. "Well, looks like we’ve offended someone. We were sent here obviously on purpose."

"Offended someone?" Wang Tong seemed startled. He had always been cautious not to offend anyone, let alone someone in a higher rank.

"I guess it’s me, I’ve probably stepped on somebody’s tail when I was with the Unit, and the person is now looking for payback," Apache thought for a while and said. There was no way that Wang Tong could’ve offended anyone, and the possibility of it being his fault was higher since he did participate in a few events in the Unit. But Apache had no idea whose tail he had stepped on. Nevertheless, this "prank" seemed to have gone too far as they were only a couple of nobodies.

Wang Tong smiled and said, "So, meaning we will have to fight again?"

"Most probably." Apache seemed to have noticed a bunch of unfriendly glares. Not only was this place filled with violent people, but there were also the "abnormal" ones who had gone crazy after getting locked up for too long and couldn’t control their sexual desires. Apache used to hear about it when he was with the Unit. However, he had never imagined being treated like this someday.

"Here they come." About ten inmates walked toward the boys. The leader then checked on Apache and Wang Tong, and the way he looked at them felt horrible.

As the boys grabbed their fists and prepared to fight, a warden came knocking on the cell and asked, "Which one of you is Apache? Step forward." Then, the warden turned towards another person and said, "You, get in and enjoy yourself."

Both boys looked at each other, then Apache stood up and got escorted away by two METAL Fighters. The warden didn’t even look at Wang Tong as he closed the cell gate and isolated the rest from the outside world. The person who got pushed into the cell a minute ago was about the same age as Wang Tong, mumbling and shaking in fear.

The new inmate looked even more delicate. Wang Tong and Apache had been working out so their skin tone was darker and their bodies were more muscular. However, they could tell that the new inmate was fairer, even though the place was dark and dirty. Eventually, the gang of thugs turned their attention to the new inmate. Somehow a guy that looked like a girl would be "satisfying" as well.

"You wanna join us, lil’ kid? I can offer you protection if you want to." The thugs got the new inmate surrounded near the corner of the wall. They were almost drooling as they approached.

"What are you doing? I… I’m a guy!"

"Hahaha, we’re guys too, so don’t be scared, a’ight?"

"Don’t come near me, or I’ll scream for help!"

"Scream for help? Haha, you heard that? Well, go ahead. I like it when you spice things up. I can’t believe they’ll send in a lil’ lass, hell yea! It’s been years since I last laid my hands on a woman!"

All of the thugs went crazy and turned into a pack of "craving" wolves when they heard the word "woman". Even the other inmates got interested as they heard that.

"I… I’m not a woman!" The new inmate was extremely scared — like a deer surrounded by a group of lions — and had never expected that this would happen in a military facility.

Wang Tong didn’t want to get involved at the beginning, but his guilty conscience and busy-body were telling him to save the poor fella. So he tapped the leader’s shoulder and said, "Hey man, why don’t you leave the new fella alone."

The leader of the thugs didn’t expect that this lad would be bold enough to act as the middleman.

"F#ck off, you’ll get your turn after I have had enough fun..."

Wang Tong decided to fight, and instantly, the prison was filled with screams and shrieks. However, it wasn’t the leader who was screaming... Wang Tong had stuffed the leader’s head into the *ss of his "sidekick" who was standing next to him.

Within a second, the whole prison cell had turned into a slaughterhouse. Two of the guys, who were laughing happily a moment ago, could be seen crying like pigs who were about to be killed.

Wang Tong wasn’t planning to stop as he was having a lot of fun. The rest of the thugs then charged towards Wang Tong. Apparently, they were not very good at fighting, and none of their GN Force was more than two hundred. The strongest amongst them was the leader, but no one had expected that Wang Tong would have been so good at fighting.

Within minutes, their head and b*ttholes were "joined" by Wang Tong like Lego parts, except for one of the thugs who got lucky because the number of members of the gang was an odd number. However, Wang Tong patted his hands and smiled as he turned towards him, planning on what to do with him next.

"D… don’t come an… any closer... HELP! HELP! SOMEONE’S TRYING TO KILL ME!" The last thug cried for help as he banged on the cell gate like a mad man, hoping to get the warden’s attention.

Meanwhile, the warden was smoking outside the premises. He was ordered to send the new kid into the cell and let the other inmates have some fun with this kid. Apparently, this wasn’t the first time he had received orders like this, and since all of them were a bunch of rascals, things would clearly get messy immediately.

Nevertheless, the warden wasn’t planning on caring, so he turned on the soundproofing mode and turned off every CCTV, leaving no evidence behind.