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Chapter 157: He“s a She

Chapter 157: He's a She

Translator: Double_L Editor: Hitesh_, Tehrn
The other two hundred inmates in prison kept quiet as the fight went on. The leader of the gang of thugs (gang of homos to be exact) was Season, who had an incredible Soul Energy counting to about one hundred and fifty Sols. Yet everyone was stunned when they saw that a strong person like him got owned by a boy in a single strike.

Wang Tong didn’t stop even though a few of the gang members were struggling with all their might. Wang Tong grabbed the last thug by the head and banged it continuously on the cell gate while mimicking his cry, "Help, help, help!" Then he slammed his whole body into the wall, and the guy fainted immediately.

"Anyone else up for some body massage?" Wang Tong said with a smile. However, the others stayed silent since they were all Vicars of Bray. Even a few of the "bosses" among them decided to stay out of this when they witnessed Wang Tong’s speed and accuracy; he wasn’t clearly some weakling to be messed with.

The new inmate who got rescued grabbed onto Wang Tong’s shirt immediately, recognizing him as the protector from any harm.

Wang Tong didn’t want any more trouble. "Let go."

She shook her head. Of course, one would never give up on the last hope of salvation.

"I don’t care if you’re a guy, a woman, or a shemale, let go at once and sit your *ss down over there." Wang Tong had no time to care about the others. He couldn’t even understand what was happening to him.

Finally, she let go when he realized that Wang Tong wasn’t planning on abandoning her. However, she was still staying close to Wang Tong and followed him wherever he went.

No one dared to mess with Wang Tong ever since he showed off his ruthlessness. Some of the inmates went over to help those got their heads stuck in their friends’ *sses, and those who were not involved could only imagine the unbearable pain of getting their *sses shoved. Injuries and traumas like this would require a long time to heal, and it seemed like they would never be interested in shoving *sses or getting shoved again.

However, Wang Tong didn’t expect that this would be over like this, as the people in this place were all criminals, and they might seek revenge through ambushes or set-ups. Yet he decided not to worry too much, he wasn’t worried at all.

Despite all of the screaming and shouting a while ago, no actions were taken by the authority. Obviously, the warden had decided to stay out of this.

Wang Tong then sat in one of the corners of the prison cell, with the new tag-along staying close to him. The person seemed afraid of Wang Tong — probably because he was fierce and brutal — yet her instincts told him that he would never hurt her. But even if he did, it would still be better than getting "eaten" by the other wild boars in the cell.

Wang Tong closed his eyes and thought about Apache’s words. He doubted that all of this was because of Apache. However, Wang Tong really couldn’t remember who he had offended, even though he sensed that the one who was targeted might actually be himself. Whether it was past or present, he was always cautious, not to mention that the incident on Norton had died down, and he had nothing to do with it anymore. Wang Tong really couldn’t recall anything. Although he was on Paradise Island today, he had nothing to do with the rampage of the Zergs on the island.

Perhaps he got targeted because of his Tactics of the Blade?

If that were the case, he would have been taken to a lab instead of a prison cell.

In the end, Wang Tong gave up thinking. He had no reason to fear anything since he had no family, and if anything really happened to him, all of his belongings would be inherited by Old Fart as his pension.

Wang Tong was tired by the little exercise a while ago. Hence, he decided to quietly initialize his Tactics of the Blade and get prepared in case something happened again. Since his Tactics of the Blade had led him to victory since day one, he was sure that the other inmates would not be able to mess with him easily.

Wang Tong chose to keep his distance from the girl because he didn’t want to get him involved in his own mess. Soon, his frustration began to calm down, and his thoughts became clearer as he initialized the Tactics of the Blade. Wang Tong realized that the whole incident was probably connected to the FFC, and had nothing to do with him, because it would be too much for screwing a small potato like him with all of these big actions. If he were right, he would be released in no time.

Nevertheless, Wang Tong felt more relaxed as he noticed that the probability of his thoughts was getting higher.

Except for those inmates who got injured, everything in prison seemed to have returned to normal, and no one was willing to mess with Wang Tong. However, the rest of the inmates were still unwilling to give up on the tag-along. They would do everything to get their hands on her, and some of them even began to make a move. After all, men were perverted animals, not to mention the men in a prison. These sexually driven animals would never give up simply because of Wang Tong’s existence, and their desire would become stronger instead. They kept staring at the girl like they were trying to "eat" him alive.

The poor girl was frightened by all of those menacing glares, but she had nowhere else to hide, so she moved herself closer to Wang Tong. The bunch of perverted pigs was extremely turned on by her shy and timid reaction, and if Wang Tong were not around, she would definitely be r*ped to death. Without a doubt, that delicate body would never be able to withstand the terrifying sex drive of more than two hundred men.

Wang Tong gradually dispersed his Soul Energy and began to scan the prison cell to get a better "look" at what was going on. He could clearly feel the anxiety of the sexually aroused inmates, and he also could tell that someone was getting ready as well. Something was about to happen soon.

All of a sudden, Wang Tong seemed to have noticed something, and he began to realize that Old Fart’s past advice was not nonsense at all.

After an hour of peace, those thugs who were beaten up by Wang Tong were finally feeling better, but they didn’t dare to look at Wang Tong anymore. They also didn’t ask to speak with the warden. Obviously, they knew that the warden would never even bother anyway.

Finally, the other three leaders stood up, and were immediately followed by their gang members. Noticing that something wasn’t right, the girl turned toward Wang Tong and tried to ask for help with teary eyes, as the huge crowd of people approached. She was unaware that the button of her shirt was loosened, the fairy white skin was clear to be seen. The dirt on her face was washed away by her own tears, revealing the true fairness of the complexion, and she happened to be a very pretty lady. To be honest, it would be more than enough to turn everyone into a beast if she was just an ordinary girl, let alone a beauty like her. It seemed like nothing would be able to stop those inmates from going berserk anymore.

"Hey man, why don’t we make a deal? You give us the girl, and I promise that no one will ever mess with you again," said one of the leaders who was a black dude.

"Listen, dude, we know you’re strong, but it wouldn’t do you any good if you decide to make us your enemies. How about this? All of us can take turns, and you will be the first to have some fun."

"I bet your Soul Energy level is at Rank four, and so is ours. So it’ll be a mess if you decide to fight us. So waddaya think? Make friends with us, and we’ll punish the f*g for your sake, sounds good?"

Apparently, there were four leaders amongst all prisoners, and they all had their own gangs. However, the other three hated the guts of the gay leader, but they had never thought of mingling with him. Since he was screwed by Wang Tong, the other three saw it as the perfect chance to get rid of him for good.

Obviously, those three leaders were still afraid of Wang Tong. The boy might have the Soul Energy of a Rank four fighter, but his actual strength was more than that. There was no point of messing with someone who wasn’t going to stay here for very long or avenging the defeat of the f*g. However, they would do whatever it took to get their hands on the girl, because no one knew if she would be released soon.

"No, no, please don’t, don’t hand me to them, I’ll give you whatever you want." The girl said as she tried to grab onto Wang Tong, but Wang Tong dodged and shrugged his shoulders. "Do whatever you want, it’s none of my business. Just pretend that I’m not here."

The other inmates were surprised by his "kindness". However, something didn’t seem right... unless he was trying to ambush them while they were busy having fun.

"Are you sure?"

"Do I look like I’m joking? Or are you trying to ask me to lay the bed for you guys?" Wang Tong then returned to his corner and closed his eyes. He didn’t wish to see any of what was going on next, and was planning to stay out of this matter.

"Geez, thanks, dude. Hey, fellas! Let’s dig in!"

"D… don’t come any closer, there are so many of you. I… I’ll only give my body to the strongest person, or I’d rather kill myself than letting all of you r*pe me," The girl backed down in fear.

"Hey, Kanro, let me have her!"

"Stop bullshitting, Simon, f#ck off!"

"Yo, who says you two are the bosses, huh?"

The three of them began fighting each other, and clearly, this wasn’t the first time they had fought. The three of them were just forming a temporary "alliance" in order to get the girl.

Wang Tong sat there and did nothing. He really wasn’t planning to care about what was going to happen. Meanwhile, the girl was completely frightened by the arguing men, and all of a sudden, the black dude named Kanro grabbed the girl by her neck.

"Are you trying to make us fight each other? Not a chance, li’l b*tch!"

"Haha, all three of us can do her at once, and we’ll leave her to the rest once we’re done!" Simon yelled, followed by the cheer from his underlings. However, it seemed like the girl’s delicate body would never be able to survive after a few rounds.

Wang Tong stayed put like a statue. He wasn’t showing any guilty conscious this time.

"Help me, Wang Tong. I can’t believe the student from a military academy is actually a chicken..." The girl cried in fear. Although her scream might be able to evoke the sense of justice in most men, it would also cause the beasts to become even more sexually aroused.

Wang Tong stretched himself and yawned, then he said, "Hey lady, you’re more than capable of becoming an actress. I’m trying to get some sleep here, so keep it down okay?"

Somehow, the pretty lady had managed to release herself from Kanro’s grip before Wang Tong could finish his words.

The three leaders were stunned by the unexpected event. After all, men were always blinded by their impulses. However, before Kanro could react and unleash his Soul Energy, the girl had already landed a lightning-fast kick to his balls. Kanro couldn’t even scream as he began tossing and turning in pain on the ground.

The girl turned toward Wang Tong and smiled. "How did you know?"

Wang Tong chuckled, "Why should I tell you?"

"Aww c’mon, you’re a man, so don’t be so stingy. How did you know besides me calling out your name a while ago?" The pretty girl threw Wang Tong a wink. Judging from the way she spoke, she was definitely older than him, and he could tell that she was experienced.

After all, seduction required skills.

"First, a warden would never throw a pretty girl into a cage full of men unless he was blind, and second, you were good at pretending to be scared, but a scared person would never have the mood to toy with her fingernails," Wang Tong replied with a smile.