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Chapter 159: Peerless Palm Strike

Chapter 159: Peerless Palm Strike

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Wang Tong would be taking part in two events, one of them being METAL Combat and the other Battlecraft Combat. These two were the most important subjects of the Command Force. To be honest, Wang Tong was not very good with his overall perspective and operating maneuvers, yet he was chosen in Battlecraft Combat due to his superb Cloning Technique, which amazed everyone.

Their schedule on the first day was jam-packed with tons of lessons that were meant to strengthen their willpower. The teacher was "feeding" them a huge amount of information, and the lessons on the next day were all based on the information they learned on the day before. In short, they needed to understand everything as fast as possible in order to keep up with the class.

It seemed like Principal Martyrus had suggested Karl to join the Battlecraft Combat training, but judging from his performances on day one, he was even worse than Wang Tong. Nevertheless, Carl remained positive and didn’t show any sign of backing down.

Generally, everyone seemed depressed over Wang Ben’s absence. But from another perspective, it caused them to become more focused on their training, which was definitely a good sign. Martyrus decided to keep an eye on them instead of altering their mentality right away, because they had to overcome this hardship by themselves in order to improve. Nevertheless, Martyrus would create a plan to boost their confidence little by little.

After so many years, Martyrus had finally seen a hope of vanquishing Capth, and he wished it would work this time. He was already an old man, but he really wanted to see Bernabeu defeating Capth while he was still the principal. He wouldn’t mind getting help from Ayrlarng, as long as his dream was achieved.

Wang Tong tossed himself onto his bed after one whole day of training, tired as a dog. Today’s training of their technique in METAL Combat was easy, and he managed to finish the task given by the trainer without a sweat. However, Battlecraft Combat was definitely killing him. His brain had almost exploded after memorizing every single battle strategy. But, in order to become a fleet captain, his knowledge in Battlecraft Combat was more important than METAL Combat, not to mention Wang Tong’s dream was to become a Baron in space. However, Ayrlarng was very weak in this category, and even though Wang Tong was able to learn some techniques like the Cloning Technique by himself, he would not be able to master battle strategies, tactics, overall perspective, and operating maneuvers on his own. Nevertheless, the difficulty was beyond Wang Tong’s expectation.

Best was no doubt the one with the greatest performance amongst the trainees, proving that he was really the world’s third strongest Battlecraft Combat player. Aside from Apache, he was definitely the one with the highest chance of winning. But unfortunately, he had always lost because both the No.1 and the No.2 of the Earth Confederation were in Capth. However, this time, he wasn’t planning on losing! After being defeated by Wang Tong’s superb controlling maneuver, Best had learned his lesson and began to train harder upon realizing the importance of controlling maneuver. As long as he was able to improve, their chances of winning would increase as well, even if they were only able to win one round!

It didn’t feel good to always become a runner-up, let alone the second runner-up.

Wang Tong tried to revise what he had learned today, but in the end, he jumped up and gave up. "Dammit! My bladder is gonna explode!"

"Go take a p*ss, you idiot. No one’s stopping you!" Einherjar Wannabe appeared and replied.

"Oh! What brings you out this time?" Wang Tong said in a happy tone. Seeing Einherjar Wannabe during this stressful period of time was definitely helping him release some of his stress.

"What do you mean by that? I can obviously come out whenever I feel like it!"

"So how’s it? Are you gonna become a super Einherjar soon?" Wang Tong teased.

"Super your *ss, I’m bored as hell! Hey kid, let’s go for a fight. I seriously need some excitement!"

"Damn, can’t you see I’m in the middle of a special training program? Do you know what I’m saying?"

"Aw... shut up and stop pretending to be a good boy! Hurry up! Aren’t you bored? C’mon let’s go!" Einherjar Wannabe egged on Wang Tong.

Wang Tong was bored too, to be honest, and he was kind of frustrated over Wang Ben’s incident. Although he thought that Wang Ben was wrong in leaving the team at this critical moment, he still believed that there had to be a reason behind his unexpected action.

"Alright, let’s go. Time to show you my improvement!" Wang Tong boasted.

"Hmph, I’ve only been away for a few days, and someone’s getting cockier," Einherjar Wannabe jeered.

Einherjar Wannabe might always be quarreling with Wang Tong, but actually, he was the only person with whom Wang Tong would share his secrets. Wang Tong was more than happy to have Einherjar Wannabe as his companion. However, the rebellious teenager was not very good with expressing himself.

Anyhow, a battle was the best method to forget about all the troubles!

Einherjar Wannabe logged in.

He chose to log in on a Wednesday instead of the weekend, and after two weeks of absence, Einherjar Wannabe was finally back.

Wang Tong and Einherjar Wannabe read through the list of challengers sorted out by the administration. "Wow, Kid, way to go!"

"Of course, don’t you know that I’m quite the celebrity here?" Wang Tong said in a proud manner.

"Yea yea… Well then, let me pick one for you..."

As Einherjar Wannabe began to go through the list with great interest, Wang Tong looked at him and wondered what the feeling of being inside the Space Crystal was. Was it a space of nihility? If that were the case, the emptiness would really drive a human crazy. Anyhow, Wang Tong decided not to ask since Einherjar Wannabe didn’t mention anything before.

"Hey, Kid, stop spacing out, say something! Tell me what’s going on recently."

"Nah, nothing much."

"There’s gotta be something, tell me anything! Hey, what the f#ck’s that shitty song? Turn it off, it’s irritating."

"You’re out-of-date mister, this is the latest trend." Wang Tong laughed as he turned off the background music. To be honest, he’d rather listen to Einherjar Wannabe’s loud voice than the latest songs, and in the end, Wang Tong briefly told Einherjar Wannabe what happened recently.

"Hmm, interesting, stay alert Kid," Einherjar Wannabe didn’t give a lot of advice because Wang Tong would know what to do, and Einherjar Wannabe knew that he was not as patient and cool-headed as Wang Tong.

All of a sudden, something caught Einherjar Wannabe’s eyes. "What the f#ck, how dare this dude call himself Peerless Palm Strike? Not on my watch! Hey kid, finish this dude off!"

Einherjar Wannabe picked the player with the ID that said "Peerless Palm Strike".

Wang Tong did remember Einherjar Wannabe mentioning before that he had practiced palm strikes before, or perhaps it was one of his expertise.

"Relax, anyone can call themselves anything in the virtual world. Take it easy."

"Hmph, he should change his name if he isn’t strong, and if he insists on not changing, we’ll beat the crap outta him!" Einherjar Wannabe was pissed off and felt like punching the dude right on his face.

Wang Tong suddenly had an idea as he was staring at Einherjar Wannabe. He sighed and said, "Normally, players recommended by the administration are aces. Perhaps he really has what it takes to be the Peerless Palm Strike. Why don’t we pick someone else?"

"Nonsense, I’ll pick no one else but him! It’s time to teach this dude who the top dog is!" Einherjar Wannabe turned even angrier when he noticed that Wang Tong was trying to chicken out. A fighter like him would never back down from challenges, especially since Wang Tong was using his "name" as his ID.

"Sigh... Of course, I want to help you teach the dude a lesson since we’re buddies. But my body still hasn’t fully recovered from the fight on Paradise Island, and I only wish to utilize my sixteen nodes Tactics of the Blade… there’s a huge chance I might get bullied, and I don’t want to dirty your name." Wang Tong waved helplessly, unwilling to accept the challenge.

"Cut the crap. I’ll teach you a few moves, and I guarantee you’ll not be bullied… Wait, why are you so enthusiastic all of a sudden? Oh, so you were trying to fool me, huh!?"

"I’m doing this for your own good, just in case one day you vanish, and all of your tactics and techniques get wasted. Trust me. Teach me, and I’ll make you proud." Wang Tong was well aware that Einherjar Wannabe was strong, but he was a gritty miser who didn’t like sharing.

"Yawn, I’m tired. Let’s go back and get some sleep," Wang Tong then pretended he was trying to leave.

"Alright, you win. I’ll only do it once, so you better pay attention!"

"Bring it on!" Wang Tong laughed. Since he already possessed the almighty Tactics of the Blade, the only thing he needed to do was to master it step by step. However, he still didn’t have any killing moves. In Wang Ben’s case for example, although General Hu Ben’s tactics were not the strongest of all, his Fist of the Racing Tiger was an amazing martial art that was able to strengthen one’s GN Force. Furthermore, it seemed like every ace and elite had their own killing moves; apparently, most of them were family heirlooms.

Wang Tong had seen the Fist of the Racing Tiger a few times and even managed to mimic it, but he still felt that it was missing something. He was certain that there was something unique about this tactic. However, Wang Ben was still unable to discover this hidden part... otherwise, General Hu Ben would never have been able to become one of the Ten Greatest Warriors of the Earth Confederation.

Although secrets like these were always passed down to the male descendants only, Wang Tong was still unable to obtain any information from Wang Ben regarding this.

Nevertheless, he already had an ace by his side. Whether he was the real Einherjar or not, he had to have some tricks up his sleeves.

In the end, Wang Tong picked Peerless Palm Strike as his opponent.

The news immediately spread across the whole PA at the speed of light.

Einherjar Wannabe had arrived!

All of his supporters showed up. Everyone felt like they had been waiting for ages for this moment, even though Einherjar Wannabe was only gone for less than two weeks. Most of them were expecting an epic match during the weekends as a stress releasing entertainment. In fact, no one was thinking this way when he showed up the previous weekends. But after his disappearance, everyone felt like their weekends were missing something, and they were quite depressed about it.

Without much hesitation, Einherjar Wannabe had selected Peerless Palm Strike as his next opponent. Normally, players would go by all sorts of names in PA. There were some crazy names like "Emperor of Chaos", who sounded strong but were actually noobs and rookies. Nevertheless, this Peerless Palm Strike dude was recommended by the administration, so he should be really strong.

Meanwhile, Cameron was finally relieved; after all, Einherjar Wannabe was his golden goose, and his sudden disappearance almost scared the crap out of him.

Cameron was excited when he saw that Einherjar Wannabe logged in, and so were his staff members. Everyone got into position and made sure everything was alright for the sake of Einherjar Wannabe, and even finished preparing the personal data of the recommended fighters. Whoever Einherjar Wannabe chose, they would provide him with the respective information.

Peerless Palm Strike was definitely the strongest one in the list.

ID: Peerless Palm Strike, TPA player, real name: Jiang Long, Ivantian, No.1 student amongst third graders of the S-Ranked Lustre Academy on Moon, and successor of the House of Jiang’s Firmament Palm Strike.

The Firmament Palm Strike was known as one of the Ten Greatest tactics of the Ivantians, and was also known as the world’s mightiest palm strike. It was as popular as Earth Confederation’s Fist of the Racing Tiger.