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Chapter 163: Burst of the Bubble

Chapter 163: Burst of the Bubble

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Wang Tong’s body shifted backward by the immense recoil, but fortunately, his Tactics of the Blade had been initializing at an incredible speed and nullified the penetration of his opponent’s GN Force; however, he was definitely startled by the continuous waves of attacks!

The variation of GN Force served as the key to this intimidating power, and although creating waves of attacks wasn’t difficult even for his Tactics of the Blade, Wang Tong had no idea how to maintain continuous waves of attacks.

Jiang Long was shocked when he saw that Wang Tong recovered and charged toward him. Somehow his opponent had miraculously survived the attack, which was practically impossible because Jiang Long was certain that he had delivered a knockout strike a while ago. Jiang Long then launched another palm strike infused with traction and managed to cause Einherjar Wannabe to stagger because of the attack. This time, Jiang Long demonstrated his capability of controlling his strength by removing the torrential force in his attack. Even though it didn’t send his opponent flying across the arena, the lethality was deadlier than before; that was the ultimate technique of the Firmament Palm Strike which was called "The Entanglement of Death"!

Jiang Long roared while unleashing his continuous palm strikes, instantly turning Einherjar Wannabe into a raft in the middle of a roaring sea that was going to be crushed into pieces anytime soon.

Wang Tong had been giving his best performance, he had altered his pacing and defended as hard as he could; however, he was extremely stressed out trying to hang on under such disadvantages. Nevertheless, it was still the perfect chance for him to understand the true power of the Firmament Palm Strike, even if he was only able to understand a part of it.

Jiang Long was completely dominating the match, yet his opponent was stronger than expected. He decided not to end this hastily as he wanted to see how long could Einherjar Wannabe sustain, and he would let everyone in the world know that there was no such thing as a miracle!

Miracles were basically a wild hope from weaklings!

Wang Tong had taken two hits, and the pain was unbearable, but suddenly he realized something as the force penetrated his skin. With his countless battle experiences, Wang Tong even managed to analyze the psychological state of Jiang Long.

All of a sudden, Wang Tong launched a strike with his palms while he was moving back.


Knowing that his opponent was no match for him, Jiang Long countered with another palm strike. However, Jiang Long was surprised as he soon felt that the force from Einherjar Wannabe was similar to his Firmament Palm Strike, and the tangling force looked exactly like the Firmament Palm Strike’s ultimate technique!

That bastard was copying his attacks!

Jiang Long dodged by moving backward, then he glared at Einherjar Wannabe and said, "Time to show you something that you’ll never be able to mimic!"

This was not a match anymore!

Even if Jiang Long were to win in the end, he would still feel that his precious tactics were stolen by Einherjar Wannabe, so finally, Jiang Long decided to end this misery.

Wang Tong was quite interested in the Firmament Palm Strike in the beginning; however, he seemed to have already lost interest in it after watching Einherjar Wannabe’s demonstration before the match started; nevertheless, he wanted to take this fight between Jiang Long as an opportunity for him to study the theory of palm strikes.

Jiang Long pumped up his GN Force as he held his right wrist with his left hand, his face went solemn, and moments later, lightning seemed to gather within his claw-like right hand, creating a thunderous roar.


"Thunderbolt Strike!"

"So he’s really going to use it." Zhang Jin smiled, she seemed to know what was Jiang Long thinking, and she understood that a perfectionist like Jiang Long wouldn’t be happy even if he managed to win at the end, which was why he wanted to end this match as quickly as possible. However, she wondered if Jiang Long was upset for not defeating Einherjar Wannabe sooner.

That was the consequence of being frivolous, he was too confident and proud of himself which created an opening for his opponent; countless failures and defeats throughout history were caused by this attitude. Hopefully Jiang Long was able to learn a lesson, there was still a chance for him to get ahold of himself.

Perhaps she was too demanding; however, there were only a few among mankind that had the ability to see through human nature, and she might be the only one amongst the younger generation.

The Thunderbolt Strike was the trump card of the Firmament Palm Strike, and surprisingly Jiang Long had already mastered the technique even though he was just promoted to Rank 5. Every person who had fought against the Firmament Palm Strike knew about this technique very well, and no one had ever deciphered its secret; however, they knew that METAL Suits would only be able to block off a tiny part of the Thunderbolt Strike as the attack mostly dealt direct damage to the enemy’s inner body instead. In short, the Thunderbolt Strike was powerful and destructive.

Attacks that could break through one’s defense were lethal in real fights. Only a handful of people’s GN Force could provide a strong enough defense for themselves to resist, so the Thunderbolt Strike was no doubt one of the best technique in this pro-offensive era.

Everyone was impressed to learn that Jiang Long had mastered this amazing technique at the young age of nineteen. Since almost no one could withstand the power of the Thunderbolt Strike, he might be already one of the top ten fighters amongst the younger generation. Only a person with a stronger GN Force would be able to defeat him.

Nevertheless, Jiang Long had had enough!

The IPA players were astonished by what they were witnessing. The Thunderbolt Strike was known to be one of the most imperious attacks of mankind and could hardly be seen in reality, yet they were lucky enough to witness this extraordinary technique in PA!

Being able to possess such level of strength at such a young age, Jiang Long was no doubt a "glitchy gladiator". Not to mention Einherjar Wannabe wasn’t armed with any METAL Suit, which made him extremely vulnerable!

It seemed like Einherjar Wannabe was startled by his Thunderbolt Strike; somehow, he kept staring at Jiang Long’s attack and did not move a muscle at all.

However, some of the spectators were hoping to see if Einherjar Wannabe would be able to mimic the Thunderbolt Strike!

Jiang Long sprung into action, aiming his lethal right hand toward Einherjar Wannabe, knowing that Einherjar Wannabe’s fate was sealed as he launched his right palm. Meanwhile, Einherjar Wannabe’s eyes were still focusing on Jiang Long’s Thunderbolt Strike, he was so concentrated as if he had found his beloved.

Wang Tong knew he had discovered something new. He was mesmerized by the wonderful sound of the lightning, the thunder. Wang Tong thought that Einherjar Wannabe had already shown him the secrets of the palm strikes, but as he learned about the Thunderbolt Strike, only then was he able to understand the true, hidden secrets of palm strikes.

However, he had no idea how to mimic that!

Nevertheless, he decided to fight back, but he was only able to counter with an ordinary palm strike!

Jiang Long knew that Einherjar Wannabe’s ordinary palm strike was no match to his Thunderbolt Strike, perhaps this was his opponent’s final struggle.

Time for the final showdown.

Cameron fell back onto his chair, this was it, his career was over.

Usually, Zhang Jin wouldn’t make any assertion before the match ended, this time, however, all she did was shook her head. Einherjar Wannabe was going to lose, and she hadn’t expected that the first time she watched him fight would also be his last fight.

The final outcome was revealed.

Jiang Long was stunned, everyone else was shocked by what they had witnessed!

Zhang Jin paused as she was about to turn away.

It was a devastating strike. But instead of Einherjar Wannabe, it was actually Jiang Long who was defeated.

As both fighters clashed their palms onto each other, everyone expected that Einherjar Wannabe’s right arm would be blown off, but his arm remained unhurt.

In a flash of a second, Jiang Long’s right arm exploded like a balloon! After that, Jiang Long instantly collapsed, his eyes were wide opened; he couldn’t believe what just happened.

In fact, no one believed what just happened in front of their eyes... "What on earth was that diabolic palm strike?!"

No one knew what was going on!

Even the ferocious Thunderbolt Strike would only be able to fracture its opponent’s arm! However, Jiang Long’s right arm wasn’t broken, it exploded! It was as if Einherjar Wannabe had installed C4 on Jiang Long’s arm as their palms clashed into each other. Everything was blown off and destroyed in a blink of an eye as if someone had crushed a raw egg, and an immense amount of energy force was dispersed throughout the arena as it exploded.

Wang Tong finally understood Einherjar Wannabe’s palm strike… absolutely gory and brutal, even Wang Tong was stunned to see what he had done.

Again, people couldn’t help wondering what on earth was the true identity of Einherjar Wannabe.

Wang Tong left the arena after the match, leaving the crowds with a bundle of questions.

On the other hand, Cameron said his prayers and took his medicine immediately; apparently, the excitement was a bit too much for his heart to handle... Then he turned toward his staff and tried to calm them down, "Relax people, it seems like we’re not going anywhere after all."

Miao Xiu and Luv Ma turned toward each other, they were the earliest ones to follow Einherjar Wannabe in PA. While the others were expecting him to lose, somehow the two of them knew that Einherjar Wannabe had tricks hidden in his sleeves; however, they were totally stunned by his violent palm strike that was able to shatter the Firmament Palm Strike and the Thunderbolt Strike like porcelains.

"Any idea what the hell was that?"

"I might need to check my database... or perhaps look into the archive..." Luv Ma gulped as he answered, he still seemed to be in shock.

"Check on what? Your brain is already a living archive for every single information! What are you going to search for if you have no idea what that is?"

"So what should we do?"

"Time to pay your crush a visit, you idiot. This is the perfect chance to look for her since she knows more than both of us!"

"Erm… I think it’s kind of a bad idea… not to mention it’s already late..." Luv Ma hesitated and scratched his head.

"Don’t be a sissy, it wouldn’t do any harm since we’re just going to ask her a few questions, plus aren’t the two of you in the same circle? C’mon, man up you idiot!"

Luv Ma hated when Miao Xiu called him a sissy, so he summoned his courage and dialed Zhang Jin’s number on Sky-Net. Luv Ma had been admiring Zhang Jin since the day he enrolled in Estrella Academy, and he even joined the same Reasoning Club as Zhang Jin; however, both of them had only met a few times.


The whole arena was filled with cheers, Firmament Palm Strike or not, nothing would be able to stand in his way!

Einherjar Wannabe KO-ed his opponent with his own fighting style as always, and this time, he had demonstrated an unknown palm strike loaded with an immense amount of ignition force that was able to outshine the one and only, Thunderbolt Strike!

The cheer lasted for more than ten minutes. For some reason, the people were unwilling to leave the arena even though the match had ended, and Einherjar Wannabe wasn’t going to make another appearance anytime soon, yet they chose to stay and feel the excitement a little longer.

Everyone was excited, except for one.

Jiang Long had no idea how Cisco had felt before that, but now he knew, and he was way more devastated than Cisco. The outcome of this match had never crossed his mind because he was destined to win. However, he had lost in the end... badly.

He was always proud to be born in his family, he had given all his effort in the practice of the Firmament Palm Strike as he had sworn to foster and enhance their family’s pride and almost went berserk because of that. In the end, his hard effort guided him to become a Rank 5 fighter at the age of nineteen years old... the celebration in his family, his father’s smile, everything felt like yesterday…

Everyone said he was a super genius, he himself thought so as well, but even with his talent, he had also given his best effort. But unfortunately, he had still lost!

He was defeated by someone that only possessed the Soul energy of a Rank 4 fighter, he didn’t expect that the Firmament Palm Strike that he used to brag about would be so fragile. Suddenly, he felt as if the whole world had turned gray, he was sweating in fear, and he did not even have the strength to get up on his feet.

Did he make any mistake? What could it be? Was there another palm strike tactics that was even deadlier than the Firmament Palm Strike?

He had been spending his time doing research on various palm strike tactics and even studied ancient martial art manuscripts. Nevertheless, the intimidating force from Einherjar Wannabe’s attack still lingered around his body, haunting him like a ghost…

Jiang Long remained still while his mind was becoming number gradually...