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Chapter 167: Cool Down

Chapter 167: Cool Down

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Zhang Jin was certain that she already had more than enough information to make a bold hypothesis; it seemed like eighty percent of her previous theory was right after all. In fact, every descendant of the House of Zhang would make bold hypothesis even if the possibility was only twenty to thirty percent; not to mention that this time, things were far more interesting.

She was certain that Einherjar Wannabe didn’t come from nowhere, she inferred that he was actually a boy who had randomly come across this extraordinary power and decided to give it a go in PA. Knowing that his age of sixteen was more than enough to narrow down her reasoning, she even ruled out the possibility of him being an Ivantian after observing his behavior. It might be impossible for many to do so, but Zhang Jin had no problem with it since she was very familiar with the way an Ivantian walked and talked. Furthermore, she could tell apart the difference between Ivantians, Earthlings, and Martians, which left her with only two other options: Einherjar Wannabe was either an Earthling or a Martian.

Zhang Jin focused in her profiling and analyzed a few possibilities. She even managed to rule out that Einherjar Wannabe was from one of the Five Great Houses and concluded that he was only an ordinary boy who had been blessed with a fantastic encounter. However, the encounter itself was not enough as he would need someone to teach him the basics. Zhang Jin was also certain that his GN Force was not lower than one hundred and fifty nodes due to the vast compatibility of his tactics, and its difficulty had clearly exceeded something that could be learned from a random martial arts guidebook or Space Crystal found in the streets.

She realized that Einherjar Wannabe must have a good mentor that was able to help him with the powerful tactics, so Zhang Jin tried to recall if anything similar had happened and been reported in recent years.

Everything had been abnormally secretive, perhaps the tactics was actually stolen from another family?

However, nothing similar had happened to the Five Great Houses. In fact, it has been really peaceful in the recent twenty years, and incidents like this didn’t even occur in famous dojos.

It seemed like Zhang Jin’s reasoning had come to a dead end, so she put down her documents and calmed down by taking deep breaths. Since the data was not enough, she would have to dig deeper to understand the whole picture.

Her biggest dream was actually to complete the unfinished business of her forefathers, which was to figure out the real identity of the Blade Warrior. Zhang Jin had doubts about the fact that her ancestor, Zhang Linjing, actually knew the real identity of the Blade Warrior, but for some reason, there was no written evidence about it. Zhang Linjing had to know since she was the creator of the Tactics of the Conscious Heart and also the only person who had reached the highest level. Obviously, there should be more information if she had no idea who he was and was looking into him. However, there was not even a single piece of paper about it, which meant that Zhang Linjing might have known everything herself!

Zhang Jin had always been looking for an opportunity, a difficult task that would provide her enough challenges and could significantly boost up her Tactics of the Conscious Heart once she had found the solutions. It seemed like the topic about Einherjar Wannabe was quite interesting; however, Zhang Jin still doubted that it would be enough for the boost.

After putting down the files about Einherjar Wannabe, Zhang Jin then turned to the latest update regarding the three main political forces. These forces had been going head to head against each other in terms of military, politics, and lifestyle; they would even slit each other’s throat in order to obtain the greatest benefit. The latest topic was the argument regarding the ownership of the Hyper-Conductive Magnetite that was recently discovered on Norton, and the struggle was getting more and more intense; however, Zhang Jin had no reason to be concerned about it.

On the other hand, the Academy of Ayrlarng, which General Li Feng graduated from, had finally begun to rise after falling into a deep slumber for a long period of time, all thanks to Samantha and Ma Xiaoru. The two ladies might have had what it took to lead Ayrlarng toward the victory against Bernabeu; however, the chances of defeating Capth were almost zero.

Judging from Capth’s behavior, they would probably send out their freshmen to take on Ayrlarng and Bernabeu, but even so, Ayrlarng and Bernabeu would definitely have a hard time handling those freshmen...

The second phase of the special training program had been held in Bernabeu, while the third phase would be held in Ayrlarng since the new facilities had been installed and the new dormitories had been established. In other words, Wang Tong was finally able to return to his own room.

Samantha even created a new dorm sorting system for the sake of Ayrlarng. She had recently divided the dorms into three categories, and the students of the A-Class were given the dorms with the best condition. Regardless of the complaints she might receive, Samantha had decided to do what she thought was best for Ayrlarng since she was the principal of the academy. She knew that those who were against her would shut up if she was able to show them the improvement. Moreover, a better reputation of the academy would also be able to create positive effects to every student.

This would be the final dashing period for the team as they would be facing the Goliath, Capth, in a week’s time. Samantha only wished for one thing: nothing else but Victory!

She needed a miracle for the sake of her ambitious plan that no one would ever dream of, and if they were able to defeat Capth, this would be the first step of her achievement.

However, things were not looking good, and maybe even worse than she had expected. Originally, she believed that her chances of winning would be higher since she had Ma Xiaoru as her ace, but it wasn’t as perfect as she had expected. Ma Xiaoru’s influence was not as huge as it seemed, and it couldn’t be helped because that was Ma Xiaoru’s personality, but Samantha knew that it wasn’t right to be over-demanding.

The bad became worse after Wang Ben’s sudden decision to change side, and Samantha had been having headaches about it. Not only Wang Ben was a strong fighter, but he was very familiar with both Ayrlarng and Bernabeu, especially regarding her secret weapon, Wang Tong, which was no longer a secret. Clearly, Capth would target him soon, unless they didn’t see him as a threat... Nevertheless, she was only hoping that her enemies would underestimate them, instead of praying that luck would be on their side.

Samantha knew that Wang Tong was strong and had already witnessed his capability of making miracles during the competition against Bernabeu, but she wasn’t sure if he would be able to do the same against Capth. Samantha patted her cheeks and told herself not to give up and to stay confident. Otherwise, she might have to retake her Ph.D. in psychology…

Knock knock knock…

"Enter, please."

Wang Tong entered her office. Samantha smiled and asked, "What’s up?"

"Mis… Ma’am, why can’t I have a new room?" Wang Tong almost called her by the nickname he gave her, but he knew he had to be more polite in the academy.

Samantha kept her cool even though she was smiling inside. She knew Ma Xiaoru fancied Wang Tong, and there was nothing between him and herself, but somehow it felt like they were having an affair... anyway, it was complicated.

Perhaps this was what human nature really looked like.

"Mr. Wang Tong." Wang Tong was mesmerized by Samantha’s dazzling smile. "I did this for your own good. You see, obviously, as a member of the F-Class, you’ll be given a new room even prettier than the latest ones, but not now."

"Erm, Ma’am, is it possible for me to have one right now? Since I’ve been going through all sorts of hardship for the sake of the academy..." Wang Tong didn’t give up. He had just found out that there was a pastry chef on duty on every floor of the new block, but most importantly, it was FREE!

Wang Tong adored freebies!

"I’m guessing you want one because of the free food?"

"Ahem, of course not! I asked for one because I was hoping to have a better study environment... for the sake of the academy!" Wang Tong said.

"Really? But my guts are telling me that you ARE aiming for the free food." There was no way to hide anything from Samantha.

"Nah, perhaps it’s just your illusion!" Wang Tong replied confidently.

"Hmm, I know you’re doing this for the academy, but I’m afraid I can’t help you with this. I believe you’ll be able to advance to the A-Class after the next exam, so why don’t you bear with it for a while? I believe you’re not going to ruin everything because of this, am I right?" Samantha replied in a gentle manner.

Wang Tong knew that the gorgeous principal wouldn’t compromise, but it was still worth a try for the freebies. Nevertheless, Samantha was strict when it came to her policies.

"Yea, I know, but dear pretty missy, I’m not happy with the unfairness though." Wang Tong advanced three steps toward Samantha.

Samantha frowned and wondered what the idiot was going to do this time. Ever since he had forcefully kissed her last time, Samantha had been trying her best not to be alone with this kid because she was afraid that he would cross the line. Men were impulsive animals after all.

"Mr. Wang Tong, please stand where you are!" Samantha commanded with a solemn expression. She had to control Wang Tong or else things would become ugly. She might be able to control herself, but Wang Tong was not very good at behaving himself.

Wang Tong adored Samantha from the bottom of his heart, and he was certain that Samantha also fancied him a little; however, he hadn’t expected to be treated this coldly and became kind of depressed. Perhaps he had been too confident about himself, or he was being too optimistic. After all, Samantha owned DREAM Corporation, she was Ayrlarng’s principal, and she was also a girl genius, so obviously, she wouldn’t be attracted to a nobody like him.

Wang Tong cooled down and took two steps back. "I’ll leave you to your work, Ma’am." Wang Tong turned around and left after saying that. He wasn’t someone who liked to mingle around, so since she didn’t like him, he would leave her alone!


Wang Tong’s mood was reflected on the door of Samantha’s office.

Samantha was frustrated too. Things seemed to have gone a little out of control, and she hadn’t expected that it would turn out like this. In the end, she was able to control herself since she was fine living without love.

However, she was feeling bad after what had happened.

Wang Tong raised his head and looked at the sun. No wonder Old Fart always said that women were troublesome. It really felt bad, and he wondered if this was how breaking-up felt.

Right now, he really needed a drink, so Wang Tong dialed a number with his Sky-Net. "Come out now."

"Huh? I’m having a class later!" Hu Yangxuan faked a smile and replied.

"Are you gonna sit there and do nothing while your good friend is heartbroken?"

"What the hell? Hold on, I’m coming!"

Hu Yangxuan was good with women, and he was always able to give good excuses to his "girlfriends" for not showing up. Since his teacher was also a woman, he was able to think of a good excuse to sneak out.

The two boys went to a pub. "Are you sure that you wanna drink? I remember that you’re not good with alcohol."

"All I want now is to get drunk. I’m counting on you to carry me home later."

"I knew it! Oh whatever, I’ll be your drinking and chatting companion today." Hu Yangxuan shook his head helplessly, Wang Tong was his friend after all.

"Is it me or does everything gets messier recently? Dammit man, even Wang Ben has escaped without any reason... What the hell’s wrong with the kid? Sigh..."

Both of them frowned in frustration, things were really not looking good.