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Chapter 168: Men Should Be Brave!

Chapter 168: Men Should Be Brave!

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"Forget about him, I’m sure we’ll be able to find out once we reach Capth. So, what’s the story? Got rejected by our gorgeous principal?" Hu Yangxuan asked as he ordered his drink.

"F#ck my life!" Wang Tong finished a pint in one gulp, and so did Hu Yangxuan, "Relax amigo, tell me what happened. I’m sure you’ll feel better once you said it."

Wang Tong then told him what happened a while ago. Hu Yangxuan immediately burst into laughter as he heard Wang Tong’s story, "My friend, yours is nothing compared to my experience. I enrolled in Ayrlarng back then because I fancied Ma Xiaoru. In order to get her affection, I didn’t mind putting my future at stake. But she would only see me as a friend no matter what I did. So, you really should be grateful. If your level of unhappiness is sitting here drinking beer, I might have to swallow the whole Pacific Ocean in one big gulp. So cheer up man!" Hu Yangxuan finished his pint as he said that. Clearly, he still hadn’t fully get over her. Nevertheless, it was normal for someone to feel sorrow after sacrificing so much for the sake of a girl.

"Why are women so troublesome? Affection is supposed to be simple. You can only choose between like or dislike. I don’t get it, why?" Somehow, Wang Tong noticed that this question was even more complicated than Tactics of the Blade.

"Buddy, you might be an expert in METAL Combat, but you’re definitely a rookie in terms of love and affection. But don’t worry, because you can learn from me… Understanding women is a huge philosophy after all!"

"Sure, I’ll be counting on you, Dr. Hu."

"Very well, hear me out. First of all, you should learn how to see things in another perspective. Generally speaking, relationships between a younger male and an older female are not that acceptable yet. Especially you, my friend, who hasn’t settled down yet. In other words, it’ll be easier if you don’t expect too much."

"Shut up A-hole, I’m very serious about it!"

"Don’t shut me up, I’m being serious too! This is not something you can control. As for Samantha, look at her, she was the prettiest girl in Capth.,Aa lot of boys had confessed to her, but they were all rejected in the end. She was aiming to become the principal of Ayrlarng as soon as she graduated. Do you know what that means?" Hu Yangxuan looked at Wang Tong with the eyes of a wise man.

"What?" Wang Tong seemed confused.

"Means she’s determined you fool. She has her own path to pursue, or I should say, ambition. Obviously, she had already planned her life goals when she was studying at Capth. She would only concentrate on the path she has chosen, and wouldn’t be distracted by anything else. If I’m not wrong, she was cold to you because she’s beginning to lose control of the current situation and also herself." Hu Yangxuan explained thoroughly. Honestly, he admired Wang Tong’s bravery of taking on a hard challenge like this. Judging from the current situation, Wang Tong was already halfway towards success. If the admirers of Samantha were to find out about this, they were definitely going to be SO jealous. After all, Samantha wasn’t someone who would easily fall for a person, not to mention the boys who confessed to her during school days were only a bunch of unemployed "casanovas".

"It’s too complicated, man."

"Hey buddy, you should know that you’ve done quite a good job back there. At least, you’re able to upset Samantha. You should know that the worst kind of love is called one-sided affection. Look at me, I’m your greatest example. Oh, what the hell, bottoms up dude!"


Somehow Wang Tong felt better after hearing Hu Yangxuan’s analysis.

"Actually, in order to make a smart lady like our pretty principal fall for you, you have to be straightforward. If you’re able to tell that she’s kinda interested in you, why don’t you make a deal with her? You can seriously give up if she rejects, as mingling too much would only hurt you deeper. But if she accepts your deal, you’re definitely a lucky man, and everything else would be up to your own performances. You must have the ability of a superhuman if you wish to make a beautiful lady fall for you, especially a beauty of S-Ranked difficulty." Hu Yangxuan continued to explain like a wise man.

"I have to say, my friend, you’re totally a genius! You can seriously become an author if you do not wish to stay in the military anymore!"

Wang Tong slammed his arm onto Hu Yangxuan’s shoulder, then ran off the pub like a breeze of wind. After listening to Hu Yangxuan’s words, he realized he had found his solution. This would be the best way for Samantha to make up her mind. If she rejects, at least it would be the best way to end his misery!

"Yo, yo, I haven’t finished. Wait for me!" Hu Yangxuan finished his beer and stood up. As he was about to leave, he noticed someone was pulling his shirt.

"Why are you pulling my shirt?"

"Sir, the bill’s two thousand and three hundred. Three hundred is on the house, so the total would be only two thousand. Cash or card?"

"... WANG TONG, THE BILL!" Aside from being Wang Tong’s drinking and chatting companion, apparently, he was also his autopay machine.

Back in the office, Samantha had not been doing anything since then. She wasn’t able to concentrate as her mind was confused. Apparently, she had underestimated the influence of affection. In fact, a calm person would find it more difficult to control oneself when a loophole was discovered, because the person would begin to lose confidence.

All of a sudden, Wang Tong barged into her office without knocking, and the smell of alcohol was all around his body. It seemed like Wang Tong was trying to use alcohol as his confidence booster. He knew he wouldn’t have the balls to do so if he wasn’t drunk.

Although Old Fart used to say women were troublesome, yet he had also mentioned that men should be brave regardless of the outcome. Men should strike whenever they found the perfect timing. However, Old Fart seemed to have owed a large sum of money after saying that.


Samantha sensed trouble and tried to stop Wang Tong, but her reflexes were slower than him. Wang Tong hugged her tightly in his arms and surprised her with a deep kiss.

Within seconds, Samantha stopped struggling as she began to understand her feeling. The only action she took was pressing the button and close the door of her office.

Wang Tong only let go of Samantha when he noticed she was out of breath. Samantha didn’t know if she should be angry or happy. Anyhow, things really had gone out of control.

Wang Tong could tell that Samantha was also interested in him from their kiss a while ago. Furthermore, he was not some regular childish kid since he had been through a lot, and his mental age was older than his peers. Moreover, he had never thought about interfering in Samantha’s ambition. After all, Wang Tong was not somebody who would randomly give up.

Even if he were to give up, he would still need to find out why.

As Samantha was planning to talk, Wang Tong silenced her by placing his finger gently over her lips, "Listen to me. I know you have more than thousands of excuses to reject me, and I know they would all sound right, and most of them would be facts. But even so, I’m not giving up on you. Life is short, youth is even shorter… and there’s no way to buy back youth. All I’m saying is …I don’t want the both of us to regret!"

Samantha smiled, "Alright then, do tell me what you’re trying to propose. But first, release me."

"Let me hug you a little longer!" Wang Tong insisted.

Samantha shook her head helplessly. Nevertheless, she enjoyed this feeling.

"Why don’t we make a deal? Give me four years, and I’ll prove to you that us being together is right!"

"Haha, you’re as capricious as always." Samantha knew what Wang Tong was trying to say. However, he was still very young and four years were too little for him to prove anything. She would never fall for a person simply because of those boring secular conditions. But at least, the guy had to be able to win her heart.

"Am I not being mature? I think it’s less complicated that way. How about this, let’s make another deal, using the competition against Capth as a bet. Are you in?" Wang Tong was trying his best to win the heart of the beauty in his arms. The stronger she looked, the greater he desired to protect her.

"I’m listening."

"I’ll defeat Capth, but you have to promise me not to fall for another guy within these four years!" Wang Tong sounded very serious.

"Are you sure you want to make a deal with this?" Samantha wondered how men could be so confident without any reason. No one would dare to make a deal by using "defeating Capth" as the bet.

"Of course, I’m sure!" Wang Tong was very confident. He had been improving from time to time, and also been learning a lot in PA recently. Since he was able to defeat a strong elite like Jiang Long, he expected the candidates of Capth would be almost the same.


"However, promise not to ignore me during this period of time. if I’m distracted because of this, I might lose and mess up everything!" Wang Tong laughed.

"Hmph, clearly that’s your true purpose for all of this. I really can’t believe a tough guy like you could be such a miser. But make sure you can keep this as a secret between us, or else, my days as Ayrlarng’s principal would be over." Samantha said shyly like a teenage girl in love. She was helpless in front of Wang Tong even though she was always rational. However, Wang Tong did know her weaknesses very well. If it weren't because of the previous deal they made during the competition against Bernabeu, she would never develop any relationship with Wang Tong, and things would still remain under control.

"Well… you see..." Wang Tong hesitated.

"Oh God, please don’t tell me you’ve told someone about it!"

"I swear to God I didn’t say anything. But somehow, Hu Yangxuan managed to guess it."

Samantha wished she could find a hole and hide herself from the embarrassment.

"Don’t worry, Hu Yangxuan would never mention this to anyone. I swear, except him, no one else knew about it!"

"It’s all your fault!"

Knock knock knock…

"Ma’am, it’s a video call from Senator Leston. He wishes to speak with you."

"Okay, Thank you very much."

Samantha was sort of unwilling to leave Wang Tong’s arms. She might be cool, but that didn’t mean that the warmth from a man would not be able to melt her heart. However, women were always better than men when it came to self-control.

"What are you looking at?"

Samantha had no idea how gorgeous she looked at this moment. People always said that the prettiest moment of a girl was the time she fell in love, and a cool beauty like Samantha was even prettier.

"Go wash your face and sober up. Make sure you do your best and walk the talk!"

"I’ll vanquish Capth alright… for the sake of our future!"

Wang Tong left the principal’s office happily. Compared to what happened in the afternoon, it was like heaven and hell.

Samantha shook her head and stared at Wang Tong’s back as he turned around and left. She enjoyed this blissful feeling very much.

"Good day, Senator Leston."

"Principal Samantha, I’ve contacted tens of other senators, but they are demanding more results. Apparently, defeating Bernabeu itself was not enough."

"I’m well aware of that. Rest assured Senator, I’ll provide what you’re asking for."

"Anything good happened recently, Principal Samantha? I have to say that I’m impressed by your capabilities. However, please make sure you’re able to stay calm. Being too emotional is not a good sign in this industry." Senator Leston said in a calm voice.

"Thank you for your kind reminder, Mr. Senator." Samantha nodded gently without giving any explanation.

"Very well, everybody has high hopes for you."

Samantha turned off the screen and touched her cheeks. They were still hot… all thanks to that little imp.