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Chapter 170: To Know Yourself As Well As The Enemies

Chapter 170: To Know Yourself As Well As The Enemies

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"Stop fooling around Wang Ben! Aside from Ma Xiaoru, you were Ayrlarng’s only asset, not to mention we’re sending out every elite to take them on, which basically leaves them no chance. I bet you chose to join us at the last minute because you saw how strong we are." Wally was annoyed by Wang Ben’s attitude, because Wang Ben didn’t respect him as one of Capth’s No.1.

On the other hand, Li Ruo-er seemed to be interested in Wang Ben as she kept staring at him. Currently, Wang Ben was the biggest gossip of Capth, because he declined Capth’s invitation and chose Ayrlarng instead, but in the end, he came back to Capth. So, everyone assumed he switched to Capth because he was unhappy with Ayrlarng’s current status.

Wang Ben kept quiet. Then, Li Ruo-er smile and said, "Mr. Wang Ben, since we’re comrades now, why don’t you tell us everything you know, like who’s the one we should be paying attention to in Ayrlarng?"

Everyone turned towards Wang Ben. Somehow, Li Ruo-er was able to influence everyone in the classroom.

"I’m not the strongest fighter of Ayrlarng, and neither is Ma Xiaoru. The strongest of them all is actually Wang Tong." Wang Ben commented calmly.

Everyone looked puzzled and confused, wondering if there was really such a strong person.

No one had ever heard of Wang Tong. If he were really that strong, he would be already famous throughout the world. And why would he choose Ayrlarng if he was that strong? In short, who was this fella that emerged out of nowhere?

"I assume this Wang Tong fella is one of your friends?" Li Ruo-er asked all of a sudden.

Wang Ben startled as he felt a sharp pain in his heart as Li Ruo-er said that. Somehow, Li Ruo-er’s vision was extremely "sharp", as it was able to penetrate his feelings.

"It’s ok, you don’t have to say if you don’t want to."

Wang Ben chose to ignore Li Ruo-er, then he stood up and said, "If that’s all, I’d like to be excused Mr. Halmond. I’ve another training to attend to."

"Alright, you may go now." Halmond nodded. There were a lot of special students in Capth and they were not to be treated as ordinary students, which was why they were usually given a few special rights and freedom.

As soon as Wang Ben left, Halmond continued with a smile, "What Wang Ben said was also what I was trying to warn you guys. The one who defeated Best was none other than this Wang Tong fella."

How did Ayrlarng get their hands on someone who was so talented in both METAL Combat and Battlecraft Combat?

"You call that a friend?" Wally shook his head. If Wang Ben had kept quiet, Ayrlarng might be have been able to surprise Capth. But now that he had said that, Capth would be prepared for him, and this Wang Tong fella would never be able to create any miracle as long as they remained cautious.

"You’re wrong, Wally. He said that because he was trying to tell us that none of us would be able to stand a chance against Wang Tong." Li Ruo-er explained gently.

Meanwhile, Wang Ben was walking in the campus by himself. He looked at the sky, feeling complicated inside.

He was no chicken no matter how bad the situation was, because he was born as a fighter. Perhaps this was his chance to challenge Wang Tong. Nevertheless, he had to win in order to prove he didn’t make the wrong decision!

He would prove that his father was right through victory!

Nevertheless, no one was able to understand how he felt right now.

The representatives of Capth seemed excited and began to pay attention after having an interesting briefing. To be honest, they wouldn’t care much if those were only the words from Halmond, because he was always using the same trick every year. After all, teachers were always afraid of their students making careless mistakes. However, things like this barely happened in Capth.

"So, who’d you choose, Bisu?"

"Of course, that Wang Tong fella. Cloning Technique of two hundred and thirteen, huh? Interesting!"

"Don’t be too excited, as he might not be as strong as you think. Stay cool. Obviously, Mr. Halmond would highlight our opponent’s strength in order to get our attention. My guts are telling me that this dude was very weak in his operating maneuvers. He was able to win because he had speedy hands and good Soul Energy, which is why he was able to do that in the end." Flash smiled as he said that. Apparently, both of them were not happy about the current situation, because no one amongst seniors and juniors of Capth was able to challenge them. Of course, there was Best, but if he didn’t make any improvements, it would be meaningless as well.

Sometimes, being invincible would make one felt lonely. Flash knew this feeling very well.

"You’re right. It’ll be boring if that’s really the case. He’s totally a rookie if he doesn’t know anything about operating maneuvers. Controlling maneuvers by itself are practically useless. Thank god you reminded me, or else I would really be disappointed."

"Haha, we shall see soon."

"Yo boss, look at the arrogance of that punk Wang Ben, behaving like he’s the real No.1!"

"Hmph, I’ve always been trying to see how strong he is. I’ve been waiting for him to challenge me, but there’s no response at all. To be honest, I’m kinda disappointed." Wally said.

"Well, I think that’s because he’s a coward. After all, he made the mistake of going to Ayrlarng and came back to Capth months later, which proved that he was not as strong as we assumed, since he made such a terrible mistake. If it wasn’t because of his old man, I’m sure he’d be rotting at Ayrlarng by now."

"Anyhow, he is the successor of Fist of the Racing Tiger. So he has to have something inside his pockets, and we shall see how strong he really is."

Normally, top students would always wait for someone to challenge them, and Wally had been expecting Wang Ben’s challenge. But Wang Ben chose to train every day instead ever since he came to Capth, and was always keeping quiet in class, like he didn’t want to make any friends or talk to anyone. Wally dared not to challenge because he was uncertain of Wang Ben’s strength. However, he would be able to see how strong was Wang Ben since he would be taking part in the upcoming competition.

As for the nobody called Wang Tong, Wally chose not to pay attention to him since the level of strength between Cpath and Ayrlarng was totally not same. If he was strong in Ayrlanrg, that meant he was only normal in Capth!

Clearly, Wang Ben had to learn that he was no longer one of the rubbish of Ayrlanrg, but a glorious member of the almighty Capth. He had to learn the sense of pride.

Meanwhile, Samantha seemed unhappy about her latest intel. She had been wishing that Capth would underestimate them, but right now, it seemed like the plan was not going to work.

Capth’s candidates were mostly freshmen, but there were two second graders who were the best of the best in Battlecraft Combat, and their freshmen were also dominating in the other categories. Apparently, Capth and Yalden had been dominating most of the subjects this year.

Ayrlarng had Ma Xiaoru as its trump card, but Capth managed to recruit Li Ruo-er in this competition, which had basically murdered the other academies.

Furthermore, Capth’s founder ceremony was during the event, which explained that they were trying to secure Capth’s invincible status for the sake of the celebration.

"Xiaoru, tell me everything you know about Li Ruo-er’s Tactics of the Enchantress."

This was also one of Samantha’s worries. Apparently, the tournament would be using KOF system, meaning that the candidates may take part in multiple categories repetitively. One could even stay in the ring and knock out every other fighter if necessary. Although Li Ruo-er might not participate in the end, they still would have to figure out a way to defeat her in order to vanquish Capth.

Ma Xiaoru seemed calm as she heard that, "I’m not too sure."

"Have you girls ever fought each other during your time at the House of Li?" Samantha seemed curious.

Ma Xiaoru smiled and replied, "The House of Li was huge, and I only met her for a few times during family dinner. You can say we know each other since we’ve chatted for a few times, but we’re not close. If you want me to compare myself to her in terms of our tactics, I’d say she looked more like an enchantress than I do."

Samantha got even more worried. This meant that Li Ruo-er was also someone not to be underestimated. Although direct descendants were more talented, that didn’t mean that they were more powerful since many of them were flamboyant playboys and playgirls, which explained why so many huge families had disappeared into the history from time to time.

Ma Xiaoru’s Tactics of the Enchantress seemed weird, since she still wasn’t able to totally behave like one. Samantha was worried if that was because of her incomplete mastery. However, she didn’t tell Ma Xiaoru about it.

Amazing tactics like this required full devotion and concentration of both mentor and disciple, or else, its power would be affected. Obviously, House of Li’s mentors would give their best to coach their own descendant. However, due to the agreement between House of Li and House of Ma, the mentors had no choice but to teach Ma Xiaoru as well. But only God would know if they had skipped any important parts when she learned. After all, Ma Xiaoru was not the direct descendant of House of Li.

"Don’t worry Sam, Capth might be strong, but they’re not invincible. You can leave Li Ruo-er to me." Ma Xiaoru smiled and said as she noticed Samantha’s worry.

After using all sorts of methods to get her hands on the intel, Samantha’s confidence plummeted after reading the content. As a former student of Capth and the current principal of Ayrlarng, Samantha knew both academies very well, and she was well aware of the huge gap between her own students and Capth’s.

Actually, Samantha was able to tell that something seemed to have happened between Ma Xiaoru and Li Ruo-er, judging from Li Ruo-er’s unexpected participation, which meant she urged to take on Ma Xiaoru in the upcoming tournament. However, Samantha didn’t know the reason she wanted to fight. Perhaps she only wanted to compare her own tactics with Ma Xiaoru’s, or maybe there were some other reasons.

"Well, we have no choice but to march on. Tell everyone to gather up."

"Relax, Sam. Everyone has been training very hard throughout the weeks. I have faith in the team, and I have faith in you!" Ma Xiaoru nodded.

Ayrlarng and Bernabeu’s trainee gathered up at the meeting auditorium. All of them had been doing a great job throughout the special training program, and they appeared to be more confident and energetic after going through tons of hardships together.

As Samantha walked in, Hu Yangxuan whispered to Wang Tong, "Our gorgeous principal seems to have gotten prettier lately, way to go bruh!"

Wang Tong stomped his feet onto Hu Yangxuan’s as he heard that, seeming embarrassed about it.

"First of all, thank you for your hard work. Principal Martyrus and I are very impressed with your improvements. D-Day is approaching, and I’ve obtained the name list of Capth’s candidates. Some of them are popular, and some are not. Principal Martyrus and I have also collected a bit of information regarding their candidates, and I’m about to show it to all of you, so that you can learn more about your opponents, and maybe think of any methods to counter them."

Samantha seemed worried as she noticed their spirit of excitement. Hopefully, they’ll still be optimistic about this after the briefing.