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Chapter 173: The Pleasure of Bullying

Chapter 173: The Pleasure of Bullying

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Perhaps Tactics of the Blade contained some kind of a mystical power that was able to inhibit Tactics of the Enchantress’s unique ability. Finally, Wang Tong had to believe that the tactics that he had been practicing were none other than Blade Warrior’s legendary Tactics of the Blade. Only the legendary fighter would have the ability to create such a mystical power!

Great! He was officially one step closer to his dream of becoming the Baron in space!

The great amount of Soul Energy began dispersing in every direction due to the presence of a resistance force, which also enabled Ma Xiaoru to use the force as a booster to her Soul Energy. She would be able to obtain a greater boost as long as Wang Tong’s Soul Energy remained still like a solid boulder!

Ma Xiaoru began to go full force, gradually showing the true power of her Tactics of the Enchantress. Meanwhile, Wang Tong himself had also made a discovery. He noticed that he was able to feel the initialization of Tactics of the Enchantress. Although it wasn’t a detailed feeling, he was still able to understand the situation.

While he was defending against Ma Xiaoru’s Soul Energy, Wang Tong also noticed the initialization of his own tactics had also become faster, as if his Tactics of the Blade were drawn to her Tactics of the Enchantress. It was a remarkable feeling indeed.

Judging from the resonance, Wang Tong was wondering if there were such things as masculine tactics and feminine tactics.

Many researches had been done regarding Pair Practicing Tactics. It was believed that this practicing method was similar to the theory of Yin and Yang, and would be able to enhance the power of both parties. But for some reason, its practitioners would become extremely vulnerable to the allure of evil. Hence, the Confederation had banned this sort of a method to be imparted publicly. However, some families would still pass this to their next generation, but most of them were not famous.

Undeniably, both Yin and Yang would be attracted to each other as the Soul Energy from both male and female began to react to each other. But, it would require an extra level of effort to turn this attraction into propulsion.

Nevertheless, Wang Tong’s sanity was unaffected, and his mind was still clear. He noticed that Tactics of the Blade had been "consuming" the Soul Energy from Tactics of the Enchantress like it was some kind of a "supplement". However, that didn’t mean that Wang Tong was engorging Ma Xiaoru’s Soul Energy itself. Instead, his body was actually absorbing the unrecyclable Soul Energy released from Ma Xiaoru’s body. He wouldn’t mind it since his tactics were enjoying its "meal, " and he wasn’t feeling uncomfortable, so he preferred to "let it be" when he was in practice mode.

On the other hand, Ma Xiaoru’s Soul Energy was still increasing. This would have become a breaking news if she were an ordinary person. But, being the successor of tactics of the Enchantress, of course, she would have this amount of Soul Energy. In fact, as both successors of the House of Ma and also Tactics of the Enchantress, she had to be strong, or else, she would be despised.

Ma Xiaoru had been burdened by stress like this since she was young. However, instead of developing an ambitious and arrogant personality or the urge to create her own business, Ma Xiaoru preferred the life of a normal person. But, she was born without this option. She was a smart girl, which explained why she would always give her best effort even if that were something that she didn’t like. So far, she had never let anyone down.

Wang Tong was looking at Ma Xiaoru as he enjoyed his "meal". He realized that she was actually a lively and lovely girl with a beautiful mind. Unfortunately, she was born in a complicated environment. However, she didn’t back down despite her gentle personality, because she was willing to sacrifice, and she would throw in all of her effort for the sake of her identity.

Meanwhile, Ma Xiaoru’s body was seen releasing a purplish aura as her long hair fluttered. Her Soul Energy was rising uncontrollably. She wanted to say something, but she was unable to control her body anymore. Her Tactics of the Enchantress was initializing like it had gone berserk. She felt that her mind was fading out, like she was about to fall into a dark hole.

However, Wang Tong was feeling comfortable as his tactics continued to consume her Soul Energy. Aside from its power, Tactics of the Blade was also able to initialize by itself, yet it would be slower if it weren't driven by consciousness. However, he noticed that the speed kept increasing as he kept feeding on the Soul Energy; it was strange indeed.

"Yo kiddo, are you planning to get her killed?" Einherjar Wannabe appeared from nowhere, staring at Wang Tong like a madman. Instantly Wang Tong regained his conscious, and discovered that Ma Xiaoru had fallen into an abnormal state.

"What’s going on?"

"You really are an idiot! Tactics of the Blade and Tactics of the Enchantress are both Pair Practicing Tactics, yet you’re only absorbing her Soul Energy without channeling your own Soul Energy to her body, which is basically similar to murder… Wait a minute, why would I know all about this? Oh dammit, I can’t remember!"

"Hello! Stop talking to yourself and tell me what to do next. I was absorbing because I thought it was only some kind of unrecyclable Soul Energy. I didn’t mean to do that!"

Somehow, Wang Tong felt like kicking Einherjar Wannabe on his head!

"Well, give it back you idiot!"

"How?" Wang Tong was frustrated as he kept scratching his head. Somehow, Tactics of the Blade were too strong and kept causing him trouble from time to time.

"Hmm, lemme think..." Einherjar Wannabe thought hard as he placed his chin on one of his palms, which got Wang Tong more frustrated…

"Hurry up! Aren’t you an Einherjar? You should be able to solve this easily!"

"It’s simple. All you have to do is make love to her, and everything will be alright once your Soul Energy is connected to each other. Perhaps, your Tactics will also have great improvement!" Einherjar Wannabe giggled all of a sudden, like he had remembered something.

"Oh cut the crap, A-hole!"

"Hmph, I was just kidding, you idiot! I really suspect there is something wrong with you for not falling for a pretty lady like this. If I were twenty years younger… two hundred years younger… Oh whatever, release your own Soul Energy and try to synchronize with hers!"

Wang Tong immediately channeled his own Soul Energy toward Ma Xiaoru. Fortunately, there were no rejection as he fused his Soul Energy to Ma Xiaoru’s, yet Soul Energy was still dispersing. But this time, Wang Tong controlled his Soul Energy and stopped the absorption.

"Okay, what’s next?"

"Well, let’s see, how’s your relationship with the little lady over there? If you guys are close, then you can give her a push which will also help her to complete the Tactics Advancement. But if both of you are not that close, then all you have to do is stabilize her Soul Energy."

"She’s my friend, of course, I’ll help her advance!"

"Bravo, brave-ass. However, Tactics Advancement is not as simple as you think. Boost up your own Soul Energy and refill her weaker parts with yours. Follow her pace to advance!"

Einherjar Wannabe looked like a relaxed bystander… But how did he know about Tactics of the Enchantress? Why would everything sound so familiar? Pair Practicing Tactics? How did he know about that? Did he once have a Pair Practicing partner?

Einherjar Wannabe remembered two blurry figures, but he still couldn’t get a vivid picture of the shadowy figures no matter how hard he tried, and he felt his energy depleted whenever he tried to remember.

"Hey, hey, come back here. Good god, what’s going on with Xiaoru’s Soul Energy? Is this working?"

"Haha, difficult isn’t it? That’s how Tactics Advancement is supposed to be, you jack-ass. To be honest, I was kinda pissed off when I noticed the smooth progression in your practice of Tactics of the Blade. Tactics that contain more sources of GN Force are harder to be learned and more difficult to achieve Tactics Advancement/ The more sources of GN Force it contains, the longer the progress and the more Soul Energy it requires… Unlike you, you lucky ba*tard!"

"Hey, this is not the time to goof around. Look at what’s going on now, will ya?" Wang Tong hated it when he had to ask for his help. One day, he would kick him right in the face for sure!

"What’s the matter? You look angry. You don’t need my help? Fine, I’ll stay out of this then!" Einherjar Wannabe sneered at Wang Tong. He could tell Wang Tong was kind of infuriated.

"Ahem, of course, I need your help, my dear mentor. You’re my master, my Einherjar and also my dearest friend> Of course I respect you!" Wang Tong said unwillingly while grinding his teeth.

Einherjar Wannabe enjoyed Wang Tong’s expression like this very much; it was sort of entertaining.

"Now that’s better." Einherjar Wannabe then noticed their Soul Energy had increased to the right state and continued, "Hold on to your current Soul Energy. Later, when you felt an immense pressure, unleash all of that energy and overcome that pressure as hard as you can. Once you..."

Wang Tong’s expression changed all of a sudden before Einherjar Wannabe could finish his sentence, as he began to felt an immense pressure and also the huge deficit of Soul Energy from Ma Xiaoru’s side. Apparently, she had used too much at the beginning which caused the lack of Soul Energy at the next part of the process. However, it wasn’t all her fault as her Tactics of the Enchantress had never paired up with Wang Tong’s terrifying Tactics of the Blade before.

Now that Wang Tong knew what to do, he wasn’t intimidated by the immense pressure at all and continued to channel his Soul Energy. A white radiant light was seen fusing with the purplish radiant light. Wang Tong could feel a strong force of inhibition, and he was trying his best to overcome the force.

Einherjar Wannabe stood aside and observed in silence. Somehow, it felt familiar, yet complicated at the same time. Je couldn’t tell if it was nostalgia or hatred. Nevertheless, he had made quite a breakthrough for remembering something. At least this meant he did exist in this world before.

Wang Tong noticed they were about to succeed and he yelled as he unleashed the last push, "Go f**k yourself, motherf**ker!"


Everything went calm…

It felt wonderful, like he was thrown into a pool of water after surviving in a desert without water for three days.

Ma Xiaoru’s Soul Energy gradually swirled back into her body like a purple phoenix, and Einherjar Wannabe disappeared without a trace. Wang Tong immediately adjusted his breathing; it had been a tiring process. Nevertheless, he was happy about the improvements of his Soul Energy.

Apparently, there were loads of benefits for practicing dual core Tactics of the Blade. But for some reason, Wang Tong found it extremely difficult to improve his Soul Energy. Furthermore he was not able to find a comparison for his Cinnabar Field Energy from the second core, and he had no idea how good he was doing. Despite the slow improvement progress of his Soul Energy, he was still able to maintain his cheerfulness and didn’t stress himself for a better solution.

Anyhow, he was able to learn a lot in this dual Tactics Advancement with Ma Xiaoru. Somehow, he felt the bond between him and Ma Xiaoru had become stronger. He liked this feeling very much, like both of them had been knowing each other for a long time.

Wang Tong decided not to interrupt Ma Xiaoru. Nevertheless, she was still the biggest beneficiary of this process and he was only the beneficiary by chance. But he was still feeling happy since he was able to help a friend.

Wang Tong went off to get himself a drink while keeping an eye on Ma Xiaoru, in case anything happened.

Right now, he needed to think of a way to explain what happened! Too bad Einherjar Wannabe disappeared, or else he could ask for his help. He needed to think of a way fast!

All of a sudden, a mischievous idea sparked his mind… He was born to be a bully after all.

Nevertheless, this was another way to express friendship.

Ma Xiaoru took longer time than Wang Tong to complete one circulation of initialization, as she needed some time to regain herself after the tiring process. An hour later, she began to regain her conscious. However, she would still have to continue her initialization.

She was worried if anything happened to Wang Tong as she regained her conscious. However she was relieved when she heard Wang Tong drinking water in big gulps, cup after up.

Ma Xiaoru giggled. Of course he would do that since it was free...