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Chapter 175: Deep into the Tactical Core

Chapter 175: Deep into the Tactical Core

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"Pick one." Wang Tong said generously. Actually, he was trying to thank Einherjar Wannabe for always helping him at the critical moment.

Einherjar Wannabe glanced over the list of challengers and noticed the number of challengers had increased. It seemed like a lot of weaklings had backed down after Jiang Long’s defeat, but at the same time, that match had also drawn a lot of attentions of those who were stronger.

A lot of them were IPA players. They appeared to be quite excited, hoping that Einherjar Wannabe would choose one of them as his opponent this time. Apparently, all of the IPA players in the list were equipped with high-ranked METAL Suits. But that was okay, because Einherjar Wannabe wouldn’t mind if his opponent were strong in the virtual world or in reality, as long the opponent worthed his time. He was no doubt the most wonderful opponent an IPA player could get. They couldn’t wait to see if Einherjar Wannabe would really pick an IPA player this time.

Everyone waited with their eyes wide open. The awkward silence meant Einherjar Wannabe had not made any decision yet.

"Hey, kiddo, what’s this?" Einherjar Wannabe pointed at the spinning globe icon.

"That’s Battlecraft Combat. I’m also having lessons for this subject. Unlike METAL Combat, Battlecraft Combat is a battle between players by commanding their own fleets… Kinda like dogfights."

"Battlecrafts huh… commanding fleets… hmm, I think I’ve done it before. Perhaps I’m really a genius… Yeah, I have to be a genius!" Einherjar Wannabe started to brag about himself repeatedly.

"So, now you’re interested in this too?"

"C’mon, let’s do this."

Wang Tong was speechless, as he stared at the crazy and demanding ghost. But Wang Tong wouldn’t mind giving it a try, since he had been training hard for this recently, not to mention he was genuinely interested as well. However, he had never paid much attention to the Battlecraft Combat in PA, and he wasn’t sure about the performances of other players.

Wang Tong then decided to click on the icon. Apparently, Battlecraft Combat was also a part of PA, but unlike PA, there were no IPA and TPA in this function, because ordinary people were also capable of operating it. However, their speed in operating and making judgment was obviously going to be slower.

Wang Tong sent out a challenge request.

System Notification: Einherjar Wannabe sent a challenge request.

System Notification: Einherjar Wannabe sent a challenge request.

Everyone stunned, even Cameron though there was something wrong with his ears.

"What the hell’s going on?"

"Boss, Einherjar Wannabe really is requesting for a Battlecraft Combat."

"What the f*ck… That kid was insane!" Cameron was left speechless. He wondered why he would give up METAL Combat and dip his feet into Battlecraft Combat instead.

Even the dumbest kid would know that Battlecraft Combat was way different from METAL Combat. METAL Combat was all about throwing heavy punches with one’s GN Force, but Battlecraft Combat was all about the brains, a different kind of fight.

Why would the dude choose something that didn’t have anything to do with his expertise? This would only increase his probability of losing!

Most importantly, this was not how the business worked!

Cameron was infuriated. However, he couldn’t do anything because he had no rights to interfere Einherjar Wannabe’s choice. He was the one who had to compromise on this matter.

"Get me someone who’s not that strong, someone with a beautiful battle record and moderate strength... God, I really wanna kill this troublemaking sonuvabitch!"

"Roger that, boss."

"Boss… something’s not right."


"More than a thousand players have reacted to his challenge request. Would it be kinda awkward if we arrange someone to fight with him?"

Mostly, those who liked METAL Combat also enjoyed Battlecraft Combat. Some might only be interested in either one. Nevertheless, they would also watch the matches because the excitement of dogfights was very different from some hot-blooded one-on-one brawls.

"What are you thinking?" Wang Tong asked as he was getting familiar with his maneuvers.

"Idiot, first you should bombard the whole area with these, and you should be focusing on air control!"

"Dude, you got it all wrong. The ground control abilities of air forces are limited, especially in a difficult terrain like this. So, the strategy should be a cooperation between air forces and ground forces!"

"Cooperate my a*s! I know what you’re trying to say, but you have to know what the true meaning of control is, which is to let your opponent follow your rhythm. It’s all about manipulation for god’s sake!"

"Yeah yeah… Since you know a lot, tell me, what’s this?" Wang Tong questioned while pointing at one of the battlecrafts.

Einherjar Wannabe replied, "...I don’t care what it is called. All I know is it’s one of air forces’ fleet… Kid, what I’m trying to say is, it’s all about control. Whether you’re having a one on one brawl or commanding fleets at war, make your opponents become one of your chess pieces and have fun toying with them. This is what you call an ace… Get it?"

"Yea, I’m a human, of course I understand."

"Then why would you set your formation like this? Your Soul Energy should have no problem controlling this, and you’re a smart kid. Yet, you’re being so defensive. What a fool! Like I said, air control!"

"Shh, if I choose to focus on air control, it’ll be completely game over if my opponent attacked me with a ton of ground forces!"

"Are you an idiot? You’ll be able to finish them off in a jiffy if you choose to strike first. That’s how you get the job done!" Einherjar Wannabe seemed kind of frustrated over Wang Tong’s stubbornness.

All of a sudden, Wang Tong was enlightened by Einherjar Wannabe’s lecture. Of course he would do that, since his control ability was better than most of the people. Everything became clear in a flash.

"You really are a genius, my friend! I’m starting to get what you meant. To control is actually to lure and manipulate the opponent, something like tricking them to engage by going defensive, or trampling their rhythm by going offensive."

"I have no idea what you’re trying to say. Remember this core theory: air forces are designed for interference, and ground forces are designed for battle. Whether you’re against mankind or Zergs, it’s the same theory!" Einherjar Wannabe explained proudly.

Wang Tong didn’t give him a damn though, he needed to concentrate. There wasn’t much time left, and he needed to think of something quickly. He needed a strategy that had never crossed his mind, something that was capable of turning the table!

"Boss, we’ve sorted out the first batch of recommendations, but it seems like Einherjar Wannabe wasn’t interested at all..." One of the staff members seemed worried.

Einherjar Wannabe was smart. Perhaps he had noticed that the list of people they provided was not strong enough. They might have good results, but their abilities are not up to his expectation.

"Give him a few minutes. Perhaps he was looking through the list."

Fifteen minutes had passed, and Cameron finally began to worry. Did Einherjar Wannabe really notice something?

"Change it!"

"Right away, boss."

Einherjar Wannabe really was a troublesome golden goose. Cameron was worried if his weak heart would be able to sustain any further. Hopefully, the kid wouldn’t pick someone too strong to handle.

Meanwhile, Wang Tong was eager to test out his new idea. During his days of training, his mind was filled with operating maneuvers, strategies and techniques, but lacked creativity. Thankfully, his creativity was finally back, and he couldn’t wait to test out his new idea on his upcoming opponent. He would seize this opportunity to prove that he was right.

Like what Einherjar Wannabe was saying a while ago, reconciliation would directly affect a person’s perspective, operating maneuvers and also the control of timing! Everyone knew the importance of reconciliation, but what if he were to combine reconciliation and attack?

It seemed like Wang Tong had finally pieced his puzzles together. Mow all that was left was implementation.

Apparently, Einherjar Wannabe was still a nobody in Battlecraft Combat community, even though he was already a celebrity in METAL Combat community. Yet people were shocked to see the well-known Einherjar Wannabe be bold enough to step his feet into Battlecraft Combat community, bravo indeed!

A number of strong players were eager to fight him. They’d like to see if he would also be able to create a legend in the Battlecraft Combat community.

"It seems like he is quite famous. So many people are willing to challenge this guy."

Meanwhile, at the Kaedeians Royal Academy at Mars, this situation seemed to have caught the interest of a girl. Being the best newcomer of the Royal Academy, she was undoubtedly talented in Battlecraft Combat. Not every Kaedeian would be able to perform well in METAL Combat, but they had definitely dominated Battlecraft Combat. Apparently, Kaedeians were born for this task, and most importantly, they were strong in setting fleet formation.

Mankind Confederation was almost the same when it came to fleet formation, despite a few minor differences amongst Earthlings, Ivantians and Martians. However, due to the uniqueness of their bodies and the difference in terms of abilities, the fleet and ground forces formation of Kaedeians was very different from Earthlings’. Both parties had their own specialties, but generally speaking, Kaedeians would have the upper hand in this field. Kaedeians had always be the strongest in terms of Battlecraft Combat, but of course, their number of fleets still fell under the control of the Confederation. Not to mention all of these years, they still abided by their oath of allegiance. Hence, there was nothing much to be worried about.

Nevertheless, Earthlings were always proud of themselves, and had been spending years to prove to everyone that they were the strongest of all in all aspects. But in general, their losses were still greater than victories. Furthermore, Kaedeians preferred to keep a low profile. They would learn from their mistakes and kept their victories to themselves. Thankfully, the personalities of most Kaedeians were able to work along with the arrogance of Earthlings, or else, they would’ve been completely wiped out by the greedy mankind.

Rhin was curious of why so many people would challenge someone with zero wins and losses. Perhaps he was another ace or elite from Earth?

He had to be some kind of a hidden ace!

Rhin was exceptionally hardworking recently, as the assessment from Her Highness was around the corner. Even though she was already the best newcomer, she would still have to show more effort in order to become Her Highness’s reading companion, which was a stepping stone towards her dream of becoming one of the ministers; it was an honor of fellow Kaedeians for one to become a public servant.

Kaedeians had been living their lives with gratitude ever since making peace with Earthlings. Everyone was aware of the fact that it would require a lot of effort for the sake of peace, which was why every Kaedeian was hoping to serve their country, even if it would cost their lives.

Rhin was very nervous for her upcoming assessment. If she were to challenge the Earthling, perhaps it would be a beneficial match. Rhin smiled as she responded to Einherjar Wannabe’s challenge request.

Ding Dong…

A series of Kaedeian characters appeared on the monitor. Apparently, Kaedeians would use their real names as their PA ID’s. These ID’s were quite eye-catchy as well because of their unique languages. But of course, they would be followed by the translated version in the language of the Confederation.

Rhin was one of the toughest ones amongst the Battlecraft Combat community in PA. Kaedeians were known to be talented in Battlecraft Combats, and Rhin was definitely one of the celebrities among the community.

Unlike Earthlings, Kaedeians were not busybodies, but they had also underestimated the busybodiness of Earthlings. Most Kaedeians were natural born exotic beauties, and a lot of men would be attracted by their gentleness, not to mention they were outstanding in terms of Battlecraft Combat. This was why every Earthling from different academies would be paying attention to each year’s best newcomer of the Royal Academy.