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Chapter 176: Noob?

Chapter 176: Noob?

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Apparently, Rhin had no idea how popular she was. After all, she was seldom seen in PA. Nevertheless, the Kaedeian missy was not aware of the uproar she caused whenever she showed up in PA.

On the other hand, PA’s official administration even used Rhin as the "ambassador" to attract players, and they didn’t even pay her for using her image. Somehow, Earthlings would always make use of the generosity of Kaedeians. After all, Kaedeians were very kind to Earthlings.

Rhin versus Einherjar Wannabe?!

Every Battlecraft Combat and most of the METAL Combat fighters who were waiting for Einherjar Wannabe were stunned when they saw Rhin respond to Einherjar Wannabe’s challenge request. Everyone seemed to be waiting for Einherjar Wannabe’s decision. If he were to accept her challenge, it would literally become "the clash between Earth and Mars".

Wang Tong was no God. Of course he’d accept Rhin’s challenge!

Wang Tong chose her as his opponent because the name of a Kaedeian looked cool and sounded nice. Furthermore, Wang Tong was aware of Kaedeian’s talent in this category; in short, Rhin was the best choice amongst the list of opponents.

"Hmm, this Kaedeian seems strong for being highlighted by the system. She has to be an elite!" Wang Tong concluded after looking at her profile.

Wang Tong couldn’t wait to demonstrate what he learned in his recent training. People used to say that there were no weaklings amongst Kaedeians. Hence, Wang Tong would really like to see how good they were and how sick their aerial and ground attack methods were.

"Well hurry up, pick that one with the long-a*s name. You know how much I LOVE those unique ones!" Einherjar Wannabe commanded as he pointed at Rhin’s ID.

"Yo mister, have some respect. Those are Kaedeian writings." Wang Tong sighed over Einherjar Wannabe’s rudeness.

In the end, Wang Tong selected Rhin as his opponent, and their match would begin in ten minutes. The other Battlecraft Combat lovers seemed excited about the match.

This was definitely the best excitement ever.

Meanwhile, Cameron sat back in his chair. He was sick of this nonsense and felt like wanting to strangle every single staff. Clearly, they had forgotten his order about placing the stronger opponents at the bottom of the list.

"Boss… we’re sorry..." His staff members apologized carefully. Actually, they did follow his order, but they didn’t expect Rhin would appear out of nowhere and respond to Einherjar Wannabe’s challenge request. And they didn’t even expect Einherjar Wannabe would accept immediately.

Within minutes, players who didn’t use to pay attention to Battlecraft Combats had found out that Rhin was Kaedeian Royal Academy’s best new recruit. Apparently, she was even capable of almost wiping out every single freshman of every academy on Earth Confederation.

It seemed like Einherjar Wannabe had a delicate taste in choosing opponents after all!

Einherjar Wannabe gave Cameron not just heart attacks, but headaches as well. The kid’s insanity was driving Cameron crazy and torturing him to death.

"Boss, what do we do next?"

"Of course we’re not going to call it off since the choice has been made. The only thing we could do now is spread the news and promote this match. It’s now or never!" Cameron roared.

"Yes sir, right away!"

The record of Rhin’s Cloning Technique was at two hundred and nine fleets when she was accepted into the academy. However, that was her past record, and no one knew what her current record was.

It seemed like Einherjar Wannabe had chosen a "suicidal mission" this time.

On the other hand, Einherjar Wannabe seemed happy about the data he was reading, "Wow, she’s good! Hey kid, go out there and teach this missy a lesson, make the Earthlings proud, will ya? Go get ‘em!" Einherjar Wannabe laughed.

Wang Tong chose to ignore him though. He was well aware that the opponent he was about to face was a real tough one. Apparently, the speed of this girl was almost the same as him, and she was skillful in other aspects as well, since it was in her blood. Wang Tong knew that he would never stand a chance if he were to challenge her before having those lessons. But now that he had improved, he would really want to see how good he had gotten!

Both players were warming up and clearing their minds, Rhin seemed serious about this match. She was picturing Einherjar Wannabe as a strong opponent, getting herself ready for a real battle.

Tons of Battlecraft Combat and METAL Combat players had gathered up in the arena within minutes. However, most of the Battlecraft Combat players were there to watch Rhin’s performance.

People did enjoy watching matches like this. After all, matches that consisted of Kaedeians were like learning materials, because their performances were always flawless and looked like a piece of art.

However, Battlecraft Combat players didn’t seem to care about Einherjar Wannabe. Basically, the number of Battlecraft Combat players was larger than the number of METAL Combat fighters in every academy; usually, they were here for learning purposes.

Nevertheless, everyone wished that Einherjar Wannabe would last a bit longer, and hopefully, he wasn’t some kind of noob that had no idea what on earth this was.



Both players entered speed checking mode and began to warm up their fingers. In the meantime, they were also allowed to check the accuracy of the lock-on ability of their Soul Energy here. However, this check was optional. Both players were not able to see their opponent’s checking, but spectators were able to watch both player’s checking situation.

The screen was then divided into two columns, and hundreds of thousands of Zergs appeared as the match began. Rhin was the first who made a move. Her fingers then moved at an incredible speed and lit up the skies with countless explosions, hitting every single Zerg precisely.

She was seen cloning out two hundred fleets in no time, without even breaking a sweat.

Meanwhile, Einherjar Wannabe was also making his move… and he was also able to clone two hundred fleets in a short period of time! Perfect!

Everyone was finally relieved as they saw Einherjar Wannabe was not a noob. They didn’t expect that he would be able to do something that even Kaedeians were struggling to achieve.

Meanwhile, Wang Tong was already excited. He couldn’t wait to go head to head with the girl!

The supporters and fans of Einherjar Wannabe began to sing and cheer. As they had expected, Einherjar Wannabe was capable of doing anything!

The battle had begun!

Both players were seen setting up their formation. Their controlling maneuvers were flawless. Nevertheless, this was just the basis of this category, which meant there was not even 0.1 millisecond of deviation between both players.

Both players’ performances were about the same in the first three minutes.

Excitement and anxiety ran through every spectator’s heart as the battle between strategies was about to happen!

Kaedeians were known to possess a number of unrivaled battle strategies. The strategies might not be as perfect as they seemed, however, the Kaedeians were able to "adjust" everything to perfection. In fact, Earthlings stood no chance against Kaedeians in this category, unless the person was extremely talented.

Apparently, Rhin had chosen the hardest strategy of all, which contained loads of kaleidoscopic elements, known as Art of the Blazing Flare. This strategy required delicate controlling maneuvers and high mentality of the user. Even the Kaedeians found it difficult to pull out. But if one were able to pull it out, victory would be guaranteed in no time. Normally, Kaedeians would only use this when they were facing a tough opponent in battles.

Many players sighed when they noticed Rhin chose that strategy. Judging from Einherjar Wannabe’s impressive performance, she might stand a chance if she chose the radical Art of Lightning, and might be able to win if she was able to seize the chance. Nevertheless, Art of the Blazing Flare was a piece of strategy held dear by most Kaedeians. They were the only ones who knew how to use it, and only they were able to pull it out with perfection.

Furthermore, Kaedeians had been improving this piece of strategy over the past decade, and were able to maximize its performance. Apparently, this strategy was even accepted by the Kaedeian troops, and it was able to increase the effectiveness against Zergs while minimizing casualties of the troops at the same time.

On the other hand, Battlecraft Combat players shook their heads as they noticed a bunch of IPA players cheering and shouting at the other corner. But it couldn’t be helped; after all, they had no idea of what was going on.

As the crowd turned towards Einherjar Wannabe, they were shocked by his outrageous strategy. Perhaps, he was a noob after all! Apparently, the crazy fella was busy developing a team of T-5 model Fighter Jets, which was absurd because this type of aircraft was only good against ground forces, but was very weak against air forces. His destiny would be sealed if he were up against stronger aerial forces. Furthermore, this type of aircraft was not the strongest anti-ground forces of all. In short, what the hell was he doing?

Was he planning to gain control of the overall situation?

Everyone who was excited about Einherjar Wannabe moments ago was very disappointed over his insane actions. He really a was noob after all!

Soon, both players began their reconciliation procedures, and both players were doing good in this. However, Einherjar Wannabe’s ground forces seemed not enough, perhaps due to the uneven allocation of resources. Rhin was about to begin her first wave of attacks in less than five minutes, but how was Einherjar Wannabe supposed to counter her attacks?

This was totally absurd!

Everyone was disappointed and wanted to leave!

Some were unwilling to see. After all, most Earthlings were not a fan of watching their own kind getting owned by other races. Some decided to get back to their own business instead. After all, no one would like to waste their time watching a boring fight between a Kaedeian genius and a brainless Earthling!

On the other hand, Rhin felt strange as she continued to build her own troops. It seemed strange that her opponent was clueless about battle strategies. Somehow, Einherjar Wannabe had begun to interfere before she could finish building her troops, but his firepower was obviously not enough. What was he trying to do?

Rhin then set up her defense cautiously. Even though Einherjar Wannabe had obtained the upper hand in terms of technology development, he would still be toast in no time once she charged in with her ground forces.

Meanwhile, Wang Tong was seen enjoying himself. Somehow, he had forgotten who his opponent was, and began doing things at his own pace. He finally understood the kind of "control" mentioned by Einherjar Wannabe a while ago. It felt great indeed!

He was able to see what was his opponent was doing. Instead of making attacking units to attack his opponent’s respawnable forces, he chose to attack her radar stations and interfere with her progress!

Rhin was good enough to notice Einherjar Wannabe was getting better in his "worthless" actions. Surprisingly, she wasn’t able to advance much with her ground forces, but her opponent was able to slow her down gradually by disturbing her base with a few aircrafts. Something had to be going on, after all, his controlling maneuvers were as good as hers!

In the end, she chose to delay her advancement. Meanwhile, Wang Tong was performing good in his operating maneuvers. His, new bases were almost complete, and he had set up a decent defense across ground area. However, he wasn’t stopping. Rhin noticed that instead of stopping, Einherjar Wannabe was still developing T-5 model Fighter Jets for some reason.

Soon, people began to understand the true meaning behind Einherjar Wannabe’s insane actions. He was trying to build an invisible troop!

The technology of invisibility was first created by Kaedeians, and it had become one of Earthling’s main military forces after years of development. However, they required more money to be built, and the opponent’s radar systems had to be destroyed beforehand in order to ensure their best performance. Due to Einherjar Wannabe’s interference earlier, people were surprised to find that all of Rhin’s radar stations had been destroyed!

Goodness Gracious, perhaps Einherjar Wannabe was about to create another miracle again!