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Chapter 177: The Ultimate Strategy

Chapter 177: The Ultimate Strategy

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While Einherjar Wannabe had deployed his invisible troops, Rhin was still struggling with her own army. Aside from constantly getting bombarded by her opponent’s frustrating jets, her base was also exposed apparently, and Wang Tong was able to observe the overall situation perfectly.

His invisible troops would be reaching in five minutes.


Everything blacked out before she could respond to his attacks!

Einherjar Wannabe had successfully subdued the ultimate Art of the Blazing Flare in eleven minutes and thirty-five seconds, and Rhin was forced to surrender!

Rhin had no choice but to surrender since she had lost all of her radar stations. Without radar stations, Einherjar Wannabe’s invisible troops were technically invincible. However, she had no idea how Einherjar Wannabe managed to overpower her in such a short period of time. Her defeat was totally absurd, as she didn’t even have the time to demonstrate her superb controlling maneuvers.

Everyone else was also shocked to witness the unbelievable scene, and couldn’t help but wonder how exactly Einherjar Wannabe won!

After a short consideration, Rhin decided to re-challenge Einherjar Wannabe.

Wang Tong agreed and accepted her invitation without hesitation, as he also wanted to get familiar with the feeling under the pressure of Rhin’s operating maneuvers!

"Einherjar Wannabe versus Rhin, round two begins in twenty minutes."

All of the spectators went crazy, especially fellow students of various military academies, they even chose to skip classes in order to watch the upcoming match.

"Oh my god, check this out!"

"Art of the Blazing Fire was defeated!"

"Einherjar Wannabe subdued Kaedeian Royal Academy’s No.1 in ten minutes!"

More and more students were seen giving lame excuses like stomachache, headache and so on in order to skip classes for the sake of the match. After all, Einherjar Wannabe had successfully defeated the unrivaled Art of the Blazing Flare! Moreover, he won with his strategy instead of controlling maneuvers.

Finally, round two began.

Rhin kicked off with the same setup, because she believed that her Art of the Blazing Flare was flawless, and her previous loss was due to her late deployment of troops. This time, however, she would not make the same mistakes!

On the other hand, Einherjar Wannabe was busy developing his own planes, doing exactly what he did in the previous game. As Rhin was about to deploy her troops, Einherjar Wannabe sent in his interference again, and she was unable to defend against it. Apparently, Einherjar Wannabe had obtained the upper hand in the air, and although Rhin had done her best to defend, in the end, she wasn’t able to protect her radar stations. Minutes later, Einherjar Wannabe’s invisible troops charged in again, and game over encore!

The time was even shorter this time, nine minutes and thirty-five seconds.

However, Rhin was still unconvinced by her defeat, and wondered why she wasn’t able to demonstrate her controlling maneuvers as always.

In the end, she asked for round three!

This time. Rhin gave up her Art of the Blazing Flare and began her set up with the Art of the Lightning. She decided to focus more on attacks!

Unlike the previous matches, Einherjar Wannabe chose to build up his defense first this time. Earthlings were known for their strong and tough defenses, and the defenses in Einherjar Wannabe’s base were outstanding. Most people knew that the theory of defense was easier than offense, yet the Art of the Lightning was designed to subdue its enemy through superb controlling maneuvers. However, Einherjar Wannabe was able to defend with his flawless controlling maneuvers, nullifying most of Rhin’s attacks. At the same time, he even managed to send in fighter jets to destroy Rhin’s base without using invisible troops, tearing her whole strategy apart.


She was thoroughly defeated!

Rhin almost broke into tears. Her original intention of challenging Einherjar Wannabe was to learn from the matches, but now, she was totally owned by his dominating strength!

Rhin wondered if he was a senior student from another academy. But as she opened his profile, she was shocked to see he was only a sixteen-year-old peer instead. Both of them were at the same age, but Einherjar Wannabe’s absolute power was completely absurd.

Although she was ashamed of her defeat, Rhin held onto her awkwardness and asked, "Would you mind telling me… what sort of strategy was that?"

Hundreds and thousands of students who were stunned by the matches were seen fixing their eyes on the screen, waiting for Einherjar Wannabe’s reply. Apparently, what happened just now was even more exciting and outrageous than the usual METAL Combats, because everyone got to witness a brand new strategy aside from the amazing controlling maneuvers. Even the Kaedeians had no idea what that battle strategy was!

Wang Tong was pleased with his performances. In the end, he managed to understand the true meaning of command, even though his battle strategy was not completed. Finally, he learned the essence of perspective and timing. After all, war was all about seizing the right timing. As long as there wasn’t any mishap, the opponent would never stand a chance, and might even able to fool the opponent with illusional tactics.

However, Wang Tong had never thought of a name for his "strategy", since he had never considered it as one. It was more like a feeling instead. As long as he mastered this "feeling", he would be able to utilize any battle strategies.

Noticing that his battle strategy emphasized on airborne attacks, he managed to think of a catchy name for it — Art of the Soaring Heaven!

After answering Rhin’s question, Wang Tong logged out immediately. He felt great even though he didn’t get to join any METAL Combats. Moreover, the previous matches had significantly boosted his confidence.

"Art of the Soaring Heaven?" Rhin murmured the words repeatedly in her heart. She had never suffered any defeat like this before. She was able to last until the end in her previous matches with her seniors, but she totally didn’t stand a chance in front of that man. She was completely dominated.

It was indeed a feeling that she had never felt before.

Art of the Soaring Heaven!

Einherjar Wannabe dominating in Battlecraft Combat!

The almighty Mr. Know-It-All!

Was he the reincarnation of Einherjar?

Art of the Blazing Flare was finally defeated after fifteen years!

Was there anything he couldn’t do?

Art of the Blazing Flare crumbled after twenty years of dominance!

Einherjar Wannabe’s victory had once again become the latest gossip. However, aside from the virtual PA, it had also created an uproar in the real world. Normally, some people wouldn’t pay too much attention to METAL Combat, because it was basically only a duel of strength. But unlike METAL Combat, many were drawn to Battlecraft Combat, since it was a match between brains, especially if it were a duel between strategies!

This time, it was Art of the Blazing Flare that got defeated!

While Wang Tong was traveling towards Capth on the plane, Einherjar Wannabe’s victory had gone completely viral. Everyone was talking about it. Some students even uploaded the videos of all three matches onto the network of their academies, and the videos even managed to catch the attention of many Battlecraft Combat teachers. Everyone was startled by the amazing footages.

Undeniably, Rhin was pretty skillful herself. However, many students then mimicked Einherjar Wannabe’s battle strategy and realized that Art of the Soaring Heaven was able to subdue Art of the Blazing Flare easily, unless the player who used Art of the Blazing Flare had reached the peak performance. In other words, Art of the Soaring Heaven had overpowered Art of the Blazing Flare unless there were improvements, or else, it would be eliminated for sure.

Apparently, Kaedeian Royal Academy had paid attention to those matches, as it had quite a big impact. The Kaedeians still couldn’t believe that their ultimate strategy was defeated that easily.

Nevertheless, it took a very talented person to create a battle strategy in Battlecraft Combat, and it took tons of practices to be shaped to perfection. Regardless of Earthlings, Ivantians or Martians, geniuses in terms of Battlecraft Combat had been emerging continuously over generations. Some even managed to become famous captains and generals. But those people were only able to improve and strengthen existing strategies or demonstrate amazing abilities in battles, yet none of them had ever invented a strategy.

After all, the hardest thing to do was to invent! Only God and Blade Warrior had what it took to invent something!

However, Einherjar Wannabe had demonstrated to the world that miracles still existed in the post Blade-Edge Era.

More and more people had gotten interested in the topic, and every news seemed to be talking about Einherjar Wannabe.

Battlecraft Combat experts even confirmed that this was completely a new strategy. It might seem incomplete, but they were certain that there would be more changes and it would kickstart a revolution.

Everyone seemed pleased by the name "Art of the Soaring Heaven". After watching those videos, experts were certain that there would be improvements in the future. However, Rhin was apparently too weak to trigger Einherjar Wannabe’s improvement. Obviously, her strategies were no match against his, not even her controlling maneuvers were able to aid her.

"Shut the front door!" The team was startled by the unbelievable news. They weren’t paying attention to the matches because they were trying to relax themselves and some were busy doing revisions. They did hear something about the uproar, but were not sure if those were only rumors. But now, they were completely stunned by this surprising news.

"Art of the Soaring Heaven? How dare he use such a punchy name? I need something like that too!" Carl exclaimed. He had come up with an ultimate strategy too, but didn’t have time to think of a name for his strategy. He knew it had to be something punchy if he wanted to become famous. Hence, he began to think of a name.

"Rhin was the best student amongst first graders in the Kaedeian Royal Academy, her Cloning Technique was more than two hundred fleet-counts, and her AMP was definitely above four hundred fifty. She was absolutely not a weak opponent!"

"Einherjar Wannabe is truly a monster!"

"Art of the Soaring Heaven, I’ll start researching on this once I got home."

"Forget about it, don’t get distracted. One has to completely master a battle strategy in order to fully demonstrate its power, or else it’ll be kinda awkward."

The team continued their discussion about Einherjar Wannabe after the news ended. Meanwhile, Wang Tong was listening to his music while submerging in his own thoughts, yet it wasn’t about Art of the Soaring Heaven. In fact, every battle strategy had its own pros and cons, and one had to pay attention to his opponent’s set up. Airborne recon and interference were only one of the early strategies, and one must remember to act accordingly if the opponent was preparing the counter measurements.

The sense of control was kind of like mastering Tactics of the Blade; everything depended on battle experiences.

Wang Tong was able to think of a few formations and battle strategies. He felt good about it even though the strategies were still far from completion. Somehow, he knew that the tournament against Capth would be very fruitful.

Meanwhile, at Capth, Flash and Bisu were also watching the three matches.

"Big bro, this piece of strategy seems interesting. It seemed like one was able to develop anti-aerial systems at the beginning, but it would ruin the player’s pace and widen the time gap if he or she chose to do so. Somehow, this battle strategy focused more on the early game, and requires decent controlling maneuvers."

"Hmm, interesting! I’m guessing those were only the first parts of his strategy, and he still hasn’t shown any countering maneuvers in his fights. Obviously, the following parts of his strategy were all based on the early game."

"Which is why I said, it is still early to crown him as one of the strongest players. He is still fresh in this category, and I’m sure the Kaedeians would do something about it very soon."

"Which is why we have to seize the chance of challenging if he appears again. I’d really like to see how strong he is, and I have to say he has quite a good battle perspective."

"Yea, after all, he was able to improve game after game in those three matches."