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Chapter 179: Might of the Victor

Chapter 179: Might of the Victor

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Students from the other four academies were busy checking each other out, probably because they were all elites. It seemed like the rest of the academies were also forming their teams by blending senior students with the freshmen. Hence, only a few recognized each other while most of them were new faces. Seniors were crucial in tournaments like this. If a team were made up completely of freshmen, they would definitely be defeated by Capth miserably.

As students from Capth entered the arena, the candidates from other academies instantly felt like they had become chimpanzees in a zoo. It was a strange feeling indeed as the students from Capth showed no signs of respect and were very proud of themselves, even though the participating candidates were the elites of their respective academies.

Yet, it couldn’t be helped since they were the students of a famous S-Ranked academy.

Nevertheless, everyone would admire "celebrities" like Ma Xiaoru; people from every academy was seen drawn to her automatically.

The first match was survival challenge. Unlike the previous one between Ayrlarng and Bernabeu, the scenario this time would be selected from the S-Ranked archive; the difficulty would be extremely high, and the success rate would be lower, and even the students of Capth would find it difficult.

Finally, the match began, and everyone focused on the monitor immediately, staring at the live feed of every participant down there. The winning condition of this S-Ranked difficulty scenario was simple, which was to reach the designated goal and survive until one of the teams was completely wiped out. There was no time limit in this around, which was sort of unfavorable for Capth. Yet, the candidates of the S-Ranked academy were up for a challenge, in fact, they were not quite bothered by it.

The difference between Capth and Cruxs was just like how Ayrlarng and Bernabeu used to be, not to mention a few candidates from Capth were extremely strong. The awaiting candidates were seen gasping and startled by Capth’s amazing performances. However, Wang Tong fell asleep in the middle of the match. Apparently, he had been spending the whole night brainstorming his Battlecraft Combat strategies; no wonder he was so exhausted.

As for the rest of the team, some were sighing, and some were clapping as they continued watching the match. Surprisingly, Capth didn’t send out all of its team members to take part in this round; even the renowned Li Ruo-Er was nowhere to be seen. Apparently, Capth was confident enough to only send out five students in this round.

In the end, Capth won by 2:0. Clearly, the S-Ranked difficulty was much tougher than expected. The result of this match was not able to fully demonstrate the real performances of Capth. After all, the S-Ranked difficulty was also too much for their own candidates. However, Capth was about to show their extreme dominance in the upcoming rounds.

Up next would be Intel Programming Battle, which was King’s field of expertise. Apparently, this boy genius was able to own his opponent even though the opposing guy was a third grader. The poor guy was absolutely crushed, even though he had two more years of experience than King.

King rubbed his eyes after the match ended; it wasn’t even challenging. King’s victory had officially kickstarted Capth’s killing spree! The poor third grader lost not because he was weak, but because King was way too strong!

In the Heavy Armed Brawl, Jia Gang had successfully owned his opponent with his brutal strength; the difference in terms of strength between him and his opponent was like heaven and earth. As soon as Jia Gang won, he immediately unleashed a fierce roar and showed off his muscular body, sort of looking like a giant grizzly bear.

It seemed like Capth was not planning to go easy on their opponents after all.

Students from the other academies felt uneasy, as their ears were surrounded by the cheers from Capth’s students, most probably because they were about to face the same opponents very soon.

Clearly, watching their opponents’ live performances was way more torturing than looking at their personal data.

Battlecraft Combat was Cruxs’ last chance of scoring points. It would be alright if they lost, but nothing was more humiliating than getting zero points throughout the tournament.

In the next three rounds of Battlecraft Combat, Capth had decided to send out another first grader, Kal, to "entertain" their guests!

Battlecraft Combat and METAL Combat were the most important subjects in every academy. These subjects were also the most popular subjects amongst students, mostly because those who were able to shine in this two subjects would become the next celebrities in their academies.

Capth’s students went wild as Bisu showed up in the spectator seating area; he was truly a celebrity of the academy. Somehow, the candidates from other academies were startled by Capth’s list of candidates. Clearly, Bisu was already more than enough to single-handedly destroy each and every one of them, yet it seemed like Capth had gone a bit too far to put in Flash on the list as well. However, today they would be joining the spectators instead of participating in the matches.

The candidate from Cruxs was pissed off. Clearly the two of them were sitting in the spectating area because they were confident that Kal was definitely capable of handling all three rounds by himself.

Bisu, however, turned towards the students of Ayrlarng and saw his old rival Best. Both geniuses acknowledged each other’s presence instantly.

Finally, the match began, and Kal’s performance was absolutely spectacular, it didn’t take him long to beat the crap out of his opponent. Capth wasn’t even bothered to switch out Kal, as they were confident that he would be able to win three rounds in a row!

In round two, Kal had obviously won the moment he unleashed his Art of the Hellfire Spark at the very beginning, knocking out his opponent within ten minutes.

As for round three, Kal’s opponent made a terrible mistake at the beginning due to the nervousness of fighting against a stronger opponent. Hence Kal was able to subdue the poor dude easily and won three times in a row, scoring another three points for Capth.

The students of Cruxs were terribly crestfallen, as all matches of Battlecraft Combat ended.

Up next would be METAL Combat, which was the main focus of every academy. As for the unrivaled Capth, this was definitely their best field of expertise.

Capth was still using the same strategy by sending in the first grader for the first round. This time, they sent in Wally, and he managed to nail it perfectly. However, Capth wasn’t planning on letting him fight four matches in a row, but giving the other candidates and substitutes a chance instead. In the end, Capth defeated Cruxs by 3:1; obviously, Cruxs’ win in round three was a "consolation prize" from Capth. After all, it would be too humiliating if they were crushed completely.

Nevertheless, nine points were more than enough for Capth to prove its dominance.

The students of Cruxs did nothing but sigh after all matches ended. They were extremely confident yesterday, but now, they were terribly devastated.

As Cao Yi summarized his data, he realized that Capth was not impenetrable, even though their opponents were very strong. For example, there were a few candidates in METAL Combat that Cao Yi thought that they would be able to defeat. Yet, Cao Yi knew that this was not the strongest formation of Capth.

In the end, challengers lost dreadfully on day one.

Students of Cruxs went right back into their hotel rooms right after the humiliating defeat and got scolded by their teacher-in-charge. Obviously all of them were totally ashamed of their poor performances.

"Yo Wang Tong, wake up! Stop dozing off." Hu Yangxuan said. In fact, Hu Yangxuan himself was playing his video game all the time, since matches like these were not worth watching; he woke Wang Tong up as the tournament ended.

However, Wang Tong didn’t move a muscle. Then, Zhou Sisi turned around and said, "It’s meal time dummy!"

Wang Tong bounced up right when he heard the word "meal", "Where? Where’s the food?"

Students of Capth that were leaving were surprised to see an idiot like that being selected as a candidate to take on Capth. What a total bullsh*t!

Wang Tong wiped away his saliva and said, "Sisi, I can’t believe you’re lying to me! As your punishment, you’ll have to give me your portion!"

"Hey, don’t bully Sisi!" Ma Xiaoru interrupted.

"Haha, I was just joking."

"I can’t believe you’re able to fell asleep in the middle of those exciting matches. It’s kinda disrespectful to the almighty Capth, don’t you think?" Hu Yangxuan joked.

"Aw shaddup. Who says I was asleep? I was actually thinking. Meanwhile, you’re playing games the whole time. Now, who’s disrespectful huh?"

"Hey fellas, cut the crap. Things might get messy if you two carry on joking." Carl laughed as he noticed the unfriendly glares from the students of Capth.

"Haha, relax! Take it easy, I’m just joking." Carl turned around and tried to cool down the atmosphere.

All of a sudden, Bisu walked towards the team, "Are you Wang Tong?"

Wang Tong looked around and pointed at himself, "Well, the name might be a bit dull, but I’m sure I’m the only one with this name here."

"Very well, I’ll be waiting." Bisu turned around and walked away cooly after he said that. At that moment, the students of Capth finally realized that Wang Tong had to be something else for being acknowledged by Bisu, no wonder he was so arrogant.

However, Wang Tong replied shyly, "Erm… you don’t have to wait for me. I’m not interested in men." Bisu almost fainted as he heard that ridiculous reply, yet he kept his cool and maintained his demeanor as an elite.

"Well, looks like Capth had been studying about us. I’ve no idea if I should be happy or worried to hear that." Cao Yi said. Clearly, Capth knew about the capabilities of their alliance, which also meant that it’ll be harder for them to win by surprising their opponents.

"It seems that he’s very calm for not falling for the taunt easily. That’s an elite right there." Ma Xiaoru said, and Zhou Sisi nodded in agreement.

The more they learned about Capth, the more they agreed on its S-Ranked title. Not only were the students stronger, but they all appeared to have the attitude and aura of an elite.

Due to the unexpected early end of day one, the other academies were given the afternoon to prep themselves. As the host of this event, Capth had been very generous about this; they even allow the other academies to access certain areas in order for them to get familiar with the environment.

To be honest, there was nothing much to prep for METAL Combat and Heavy Armed Brawl, since those categories were all about the strength of the fighters. However, the team did have to discuss on the strategies of Intel Programing Battle and Battlecraft Combat.

After witnessing Kal’s performance, Carl seemed to be more confidence instead of depressed. He was seen practicing by himself afterward. However, he wasn’t sure if he would be able to participate, since Best had higher chances of winning after all. Yet, Best would have to brace himself to take on his greatest enemy Bisu, and the intimidating Flash, who had never been defeated ever since he mastered his battle strategy. No wondered Flash was nicknamed "The Excalibur".

Cao Yi seemed to have become the team’s "secretary", as he seemed to know a little bit about everything. He even did a few researches regarding Intel Programming Battle. Although he wasn’t as talented as the Zhang brothers and Rumi, yet he would still be seen constantly providing them suggestions and thoughts. Furthermore, he was even able to make flawless analysis regarding Battlecraft Combats.

Carl then pulled Cao Yi away to discuss something with him secretly. Even though no one thought that Carl would have the chance to take part, they were impressed by his seriousness. He seemed to be possessing a self-satisfying level of confidence.