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Chapter 181: Clear-cut

Chapter 181: Clear-cut

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Wang Tong was well aware that this was the time for him to prove himself to Samantha. Instead of talking, he knew this was the best time to do something to answer the affection of an amazing girl like her. Moreover, Capth’s candidates had really drawn Wang Tong’s interest.

He remembered Old Fart saying once, "Women had to be won by conquering their hearts. If there’s someone you adore, then show her your strength!"

Wang Tong was well aware that Samantha really wished for a final victory, yet she didn’t put in too much hope because the gap in terms of standards was too big. The bigger the desire, the greater the disappointment; but without a victory, Wang Tong would not be able to win Samantha’s heart for good.

Realizing that this was his final chance, Wang Tong finally got serious. Knowing that his opponents were all elites, he would have to be extra careful as well!

Wang Tong started as the slowest amongst all candidates, and he didn’t use any of the given equipment because they were in his way. Instead, Wang Tong chose to follow his own instinct. Soon, he realized that his sense of smell had picked up an unfamiliar scent. Even though he used to live in a zoo of Zergs back at Norton, yet all species were not covered. However, almost like Cao Yi, Wang Tong had a good habit of summarizing things. Wang Tong was born with a good memory, and was able to store all experiences in his brain.

As a matter of fact, Zergs had a strict division of species, almost as strict as their ranking system. Their evolution patterns were mostly traceable, as they were all based on the specific primal species. Different Zergs might have a different level of ferociousness. However, most Zergs of the same species had the same characteristics. But the fighters would need to have a calm judgment under huge pressure when fighting against those creatures in order to find the similarities.

Both Li Ruo-Er and Ma Xiaoru were advancing at an incredible speed. As the match went on, people started to notice the difference. They began to realize that Apache was speedy but lacked variations. On the other hand, Ma Xiaoru seemed to have unleashed her real strength under Li Ruo-Er’s pressure. Both ladies were leading and had even outraced everyone else, after all, the two of them were the successors of Tactics of the Enchantress. Meanwhile, spectators in the arena seemed to have increased as they found out that Li Ruo-Er and Ma Xiaoru were participating. Everyone’s attention was still focused on the two "princesses".

People seemed to like comparing the two of them with each other since they both studied the same tactics. The House of Li was deeply rooted in the military while the House of Ma was Earth Confederation’s one and only financial tycoon. So, of course, these two ladies would always be living under the spotlight. Fortunately for the ladies, public media had been very nice to them.

After all, if any of these two families were being offended, Zergs would be the only "party" that one could turn to.

Obviously, Zergs were not very fond of "unwelcomed guests", and they would swarm in from all directions in order to eliminate the threats. The long-awaited battle had finally begun, and this was, in fact, the test of one’s strength, experience, intelligence and different capabilities. No one would be able to extinguish all of the Zergs. Winning required a good strategy, unless he or she possessed the strength of an Einherjar.

Somehow, Li Ruo-Er and Ma Xiaoru were able to free themselves from being surrounded by Zergs by demonstrating an extreme speed and various combinations of movements.

As for the rest of the candidates, they were all being very cautious and kept themselves hidden while advancing at a moderate speed. Yet, encounters were unavoidable in the base of Zergs. When one was being surrounded, shaking them off as quickly as possible was important because that would be like achieving a stage by stage victory.

S-Ranked difficulty focused on survival and speed. It might be a bit too tough for most of them. However, this was the standard of Capth. The elites of Capth didn’t even bother to look at the scenarios of lower ranked difficulties, as most of them had high requirements for themselves.

The elites of Capth usually trained in S-Ranked difficulty scenarios. However, luck was still an important factor when it came to winning. Obviously, the candidates of Ayrlarng would find it even more difficult. Even though they had been taught by the coach and went through a lot of special training, situations like this would still be a bit too much for them.

Hu Yangxuan and the rest of the alliance weren’t the only ones who were surrounded by Zergs. Apparently, the candidates of Capth were also stuck in a mess, as Cisco, Wally and Wang Ben too were surrounded by hordes and hordes of Zergs. Wally tried to break off by unleashing a burst of GN Force. However, he was trapped again within less than ten meters.

It couldn’t be helped because the scenario was randomly drawn and it was truly outrageous.

On the other hand, Cao Yi seemed to be doing better as he was moving very carefully. He managed to stay calm as he knew that he wasn’t in a rush. Although he was weaker compared to the others, Cao Yi was aware that there was still a chance for him to win if he could stay calm and focused. His strategy was to proceed according to the surrounding situation. This was why Cao Yi was seen advancing at a slow speed. He would stop and observe the situation if there were Zergs around the corner, and would choose to avoid confrontation if he were able to do so. Even if that weren’t possible, it was better to make clear observations before attacking.

However, he would never be able to reach the final goal if he kept traveling at that speed. But clearly, Cao Yi wasn’t completely focused on winning. He was here to train for improvement.

Wally, on the other hand, was keen on showing off. But more importantly, he was eager to prove himself better than Wang Ben. Unfortunately for him, his burst of GN Force had drawn the attention of even more Zergs, and he was struggling to kill all of them.

Nevertheless, Li Ruo-Er and Ma Xiaoru were still the strongest of all. Both of them were moving with an extreme nimbleness like swordmasters, and always managed to dodge the Zergs before getting surrounded. This level of variation was all driven by the Tactics of the Enchantress. Others who practiced different tactics would’ve died of exhaustion already if they were to move like how they moved.

Aside from movements, both ladies were also performing amazingly in terms of attacking, slicing through enemies with their superb sword skills. Clearly, both of them had been professionally trained, and they were equally experienced. However, the only thing that got everyone else worried was their stamina.

Wang Tong seemed to be advancing at a decent speed. He wasn’t going full force yet as there was still time. He was waiting for the perfect timing. To be honest, he hated those Skulk Zergs, but the ruckus caused by the other candidates had provoked every single Zerg in this map. Unlike mankind, Zergs were not able to invigorate each other through words and languages. However, they were able to secrete a substance that would stimulate all Zergs to go rampage and significantly boost their strength while toughening their defense at the same time. Normally, fighters would never hope to fight against a provoked Zerg, and would prefer to ambush those creatures instead.

However, that was what Wang Tong wanted, because only then would he be able to tell what was going on, as the creatures’ scent was completely dispersed throughout the environment. Nevertheless, this round was going to be rough, as engaging in tough battles in their base would be unavoidable.

Li Ruo-Er and Ma Xiaoru’s strength was truly terrifying, and were able to startle the students of Capth and Cruxs. They might be at the same age as everyone else, yet the gap in terms of strength was indescribable. With the absolute dominance of such incredible tactics, no wonder the Five Great Houses were still thriving today.

As for the reason behind House of Ma’s glory, aside from staying away from politics, the most important reason had to be their development of the state of the art technologies. Even though the number of technologies were not many, they were still able to let the House of Ma maintain its unshakable position and unique existence among the other four Great Houses.

Rumors had it that the House of Ma actually possessed a piece of technology left down by the Blade Warrior himself. Even the House of Li had no idea what the secret was. Due to an agreement made ages ago, the House of Li had no rights to know what it was.

It seemed like the agreement was made by General Li Feng himself.

Minutes later, both Li Ruo-Er and Ma Xiaoru too were being attacked by Zergs from all directions. Most importantly, they had no idea what was going on in front, as their Soul Energy detection was only able to cover an approximately ten meters radius. It might sound amazing, but the detection ability was not able to keep up with their moving speed. Hence random encounters were somehow unavoidable.

As they were being attacked, both "princesses" were still able to counter while not affecting their traveling speed at all, which was totally absurd. Even though both ladies were not in the same area, it did feel like both of them were competing against each other.

As for Best and the other candidates from Bernabeu, they finally realized that Ma Xiaoru didn’t even demonstrate her true strength during their previous tournament against Ayrlarng. If it weren’t because of the agreement made by both principals, all of them would have been KO-ed by her alone.

Li Ruo-Er and Ma Xiaoru were the first, but their speed had started to decline, and their battles had become more difficult, not to mention that their stamina had also started to decline after charging for a long period of time. They needed to conserve energy in order to look out for any ambush.

Both ladies were seen using the same strategy; to both of them, the early stage of the round were easier even though it was quite difficult for the others, which was why they chose not to waste any time and dashed towards the core of Zergs’ base. As for now, they would need to be more careful and utilize the time they saved earlier at this stage.

Clearly, both princesses were not some brainless beauties. They appeared to have great minds even though they didn’t have great knockers.

However, a dandy once said, "Not to judge b*obs by women’s cup sizes."

Everyone was absolutely drawn to the ladies while they were fighting; they were indeed the perfect combination of beauty and strength. Even the teachers were truly amazed by their performances. Normally, people would either scream and shout or keep a long face while demonstrating their tactics. However, Tactics of the Enchantress were less loud and coarse; no matter facing what sort of situation, Li Ruo-Er would always show an elegant faint smile while Ma Xiaoru would remain gentle as always. Even her sword skills looked gentle, but actually were very lethal. Only a dying Zerg would be able to tell the fear from her attacks as it was being sliced into half.

Somehow, the whole arena was packed with spectators after a while, and the monitor seemed to be focusing on Li Ruo-Er and Ma Xiaoru only. Since Li Ru-Er was barely able to be seen in Capth for most of the time, a lot of spectators seemed to have come just to witness her elegance, not to mention people were excited about the clash between House of Ma and House of Li’s descendants.

As for the other candidates, their situations were shown in the smaller windows on the monitor. Apparently, the personnel in charge of the control room were well aware that the spectators didn’t care much about the other candidates. Even though Wang Ben was famous, his case was still not as interesting as Li Ruo-Er and Ma Xiaoru’s.

Wang Ben had been demonstrating a stable performance. He seemed not to be worrying about the time. At first, the students of Capth were worried if he would purposely let their opponents win, yet they were immediately relieved as they noticed that he was doing good while Wally was still struggling.

It seemed like Wang Ben and Cisco were the second fastest candidates.