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Chapter 183: Struggling?!

Chapter 183: Struggling?!

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System Notification: Survival Challenge ending in ten seconds!

Everyone was holding their breaths. Apparently, while Li Ruo-Er and Ma Xiaoru were held back by the hordes of Zergs, someone else was pushing his way through the creatures!

Wang Tong was frustrated while taking hits from the creatures, cursing the one who created this system for making the virtual "attacks" feel so real! Nevertheless, he was not giving up. He had to make it through for the sake of the happiness of his life.

However, the Zergs were definitely not bothered by his motivation for winning, and compared to the other two ladies, this boy seemed to be even more tougher to handle. Somehow, Wang Tong was not afraid of getting hurt, or to be exact, he would choose when to get hurt in exchange for greater benefits. Only an experienced fighter would know the strategy of "sacrifice".

However, knowing when to get hurt was not enough to overcome this situation.

The countdown had begun, and Wang Tong was still trying to accelerate. The finish line was just steps away, yet he was intercepted by tons of Zergs. Moreover, if he chose not to take a few steps back, he would be immediately KO-ed by those creatures. Somehow, his all-out charge had sent him into a dead end.

Halmond was nervous as hell. If this round ended in a draw, he could still say it was because of the harsh difficulty. But if Samantha’s team won, they would be up for a bad start.

Five… Four…

Students of Ayrlarng held their breaths. The admiration towards Wang Tong from Carl and the rest of the team had reached another level, and everyone acknowledged Wang Tong as their real top-dog. It might be difficult, but still, they wished Wang Tong would be able to create a miracle.

Zhou Sisi prayed hard as she closed her eyes and put her palms together. Being a Catholic, she placed her faith in God, hoping that there would be a miracle!

Wang Tong then unleashed a force and blew the surrounding Zergs away. He had not given up yet, and he would fight until the very end.


Wang Tong made a harsh hissing sound as he charged into the middle of the surrounding Zergs. As soon as he did that, the creatures froze their actions. Somehow, the sound had got them confused. The hiss had successfully bought enough time for Wang Tong to make a counterattack!

Two… One!

Ding Dong!

‘Time’s up! S-Ranked Survival Challenge cleared… Congratulations Wang Tong!’

In fact, it was Wang Tong’s head that had made it to the finish line. The scene was embarrassing, but what mattered was he had won the round.

Students of Capth were left speechless. It was unbelievable that someone had eventually done it!

The candidates of Capth were also stunned by what happened. Wally and a few other candidates looked startled, because they couldn’t believe that someone could really clear an extremely difficult scenario like this.

Or, perhaps something was wrong with the system?

Li Ruo-Er was the first to step out, wondering who on earth was this Wang Tong fella!

Meanwhile, the other candidates of the Ayrlarng-Bernabeu Alliance rushed towards Wang Tong immediately as they cheered. Ma Xiaoru was even holding his hands.

"Great job buddy! I knew you can do it!" Ma Xiaoru said with a smile. As Li Ruo-Er noticed how cheerful and happy her rival was, the young mistress of the House of Li slightly frowned.

At that moment, it became clear to the students of Capth that Wang Tong was, in fact, the actual ace of Ayrlarng!

Halmond calmed himself and said, "Congratulations, Principal Samantha. He is truly an amazing talent. No wonder you looked so confident."

"Thank you for your kindness, Principal Halmond. That smart kid just got lucky." Samantha was more than happy. However, she kept her politeness.

"Round one goes to Ayrlarng. Next round would be Intel Programming Battle!" Halmond announced in a serious tone. Then, he looked towards his team with his pressuring vision, signaling his team to grab hold of themselves!

The candidates of Capth were infuriated. They had never been in such a humiliating position before; no academy had ever dealt such a heavy blow to them before! Especially a team like that!

However, Wang Ben didn’t complain while he was resting by the side, because he was the only one who knew Wang Tong very well. The dude might look silly, but his level of strength was beyond imagination. One had to be fully prepared in order to defeat him.

"Yo Wang Ben, you knew that dude huh? Anything you wanna share with us?" Wally asked. He remembered Wang Ben did mention that dude before, but no one paid any attention during that time because no one expected he would be that good.

Wang Ben lifted his head and replied, "Now it’s too late for that."

"So, you mean I’m no match for that punk huh, is that what you’re trying to say?" Wally got pissed off by Wang Ben’s attitude. He had always been mad at Wang Ben for not showing any respect to him.

"Yea, you’re no match for him." Wang Ben replied with a straight face.

Wang Ben’s reply made Wally really mad. As Wally stood up and tried to walk towards Wang Ben, Li Ruo-Er unleashed a scent of Soul Energy and interrupted with a smile on her face, "Let’s not fight amongst ourselves since we’re a team. Don’t embarrass yourselves, okay? I’m sure Wang Ben didn’t say that intentionally, since he is a man with a few words. If this Wang Tong fella is really that good, why don’t y’all leave him to me?"

Wally calmed down as he realized that he had almost made another mistake due to his hot-temper. He had to remain calm like the others in order to protect his image. Wally’s face relaxed, as he remembered that an ace should maintain its sportsmanship all the time.

"But before going head to head with you Miss Li, that kid would have to go through me first!"

"Yea, round one was only a gift from us. From now onwards, we’re the ones who will be winning all the remaining matches!" Terrance nodded. Being the No.1 amongst second graders, he was embarrassed about their previous loss. He was the leading candidate of the second batch a while ago, and he could’ve won if he had more time.

Now that Ayrlarng-Bernabeu Alliance had won the first round, Capth was falling behind by the score of 0:1. Up next would be Intel Programming Battle.

As for the other students who were not in the arena, all of them stopped when they heard the announcement about their team losing the first round. No one was able to believe their ears.

"There must be a mistake in the announcement. It’s Survival Challenge we’re talking about, how could this go wrong?"

"Let’s go check it out!"

"You must be joking! Losing to a team of weaklings, how’s that possible?"

More students began to gather at the arena. The candidates of Capth looked tensed, knowing that their failure had caused an uproar.

"Everyone survived the S-Ranked Survival Challenge? Really?"

"Oh my god, even Li Ruo-Er and Ma Xiaoru failed, but a nobody named Wang Tong got through instead? That’s absurd!"

"Holy crap, who’s that dude? Is he strong?"

"Apparently, he’s just some ordinary kid with a Level four Soul Energy, but everything about him seems strange!"

The arena was instantly filled with discussions. Some of the students still found it hard to believe.

"Haha, way to go, my man! I knew you could do it!" Carl threw Wang Tong a friendly punch.

Wang Tong dodged and replied, "Woah easy dude, you almost killed me with that punch."

"Good job!" Zhou Sisi complimented with a thumbs up. God seemed to have answered her prayers.

Wang Tong’s victory and everyone else’s survival had boosted the morale of the team significantly, and even caused an immense pressure on their opponents. Zhang Kui would be competing in the next round.

Wang Tong sat on his chair and thanked his luck. He had actually put himself into danger a while ago as he charged, and luckily remembered the hissing sound which saved him. Somehow, he discovered that the hissing sound of Zergs during battles were not ordinary war cries, but some sort of simple and effective commands. At first, he mimicked the hiss because it sounded funny, and it was able to confuse lower ranked Zergs. Yet, he didn’t imagine that it would also work in a situation like that, enabling him to make miracles happen during desperate times.

He felt grateful, it seemed like God didn’t want his first love to end that quickly.

The Zhang Brothers had been preparing a lot of strategies for this day; they seemed confident about winning. Tension rose as soon as the match began. However, King was stronger than they had expected. Sometimes, hard work would not guarantee a winning ticket. Zhang Kui had been defending with all his might, yet he was still unable to stand against King’s terrifying attacks. Clearly, King had gone full force in order to heighten the team’s spirit. In the end, Zhang Kui was defeated within minutes.

Capth won the second round.

Zhang Kui seemed depressed about his loss, feeling that he had disappointed Zhang Yan and Rumi. But it couldn’t be helped, as his opponent was too strong.

"Cheer up buddy, we’re just getting started. It’s not the end of the world." Wang Tong said. Clearly, Capth had decided to strike back in order to defend their "unrivaled" title.

Next round would be Scarlet versus Jia Gang in Heavy Armed Brawl, and Scarlet was completely overpowered by Jia Gang’s dominating skills and power. Basically, there was no element of surprise in Heavy Armed Brawl. Capth had become the leading team with the score of 2:1. Everyone seemed relaxed again. Perhaps the alliance really was lucky in the first round.

Up next would be Battlecraft Combat, and things were starting to get serious. As requested by Samantha, this category would be held using KOF system.

Whoever obtained three victories would win this round of challenge.

The geniuses of Capth were getting impatient. The final two categories were apparently Capth’s strongest subjects, not to mention they had dominated the Battlecraft Combat of Earth Confederation.

For the first match, Capth would be sending out Kal, who was the ace amongst first graders.

The alliance started to look nervous. Best was the first challenger of this category since he was the most confident one.

The first match was filled with excitement. Apparently, freshman Kal didn’t hold back at all and fully demonstrated his strength, showing superb controlling maneuvers and dealing flawless attacks. Best was KO-ed after thirty-five minutes.

Best’s operating maneuvers might be excellent, but his strategies had been fully deciphered by Capth’s analysis team not long ago. Furthermore, the speed of his hands was slightly slower than Kal, which was why Best’s chances of winning were very low. On the other hand, Kal was seen grabbing his fists and celebrating after winning that match. He had finally proven his strength!

Best sat quietly in the control room. He couldn’t believe that he would lose to a newbie. The students of Capth then gave Kal a round of applause for his job well done. Flash and Bisu smiled as they looked at each other. They were pleased to see Kal’s amazing performance. On the other hand, Best did improve, and his skills were better than Kal for sure. But in the end, Battlecraft Combat was full of uncertainty, which was why Flash was the best because of his steady performances since the very beginning.