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Chapter 186: Strong Enough to Leave the Opponent Speechless

Chapter 186: Strong Enough to Leave the Opponent Speechless

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Flash grinned as he noticed that Bisu was about to end the match with something that was originally created by Bisu to be used against him. Flash was curious of what sort of strategy Bisu had come out with; he wanted to know if it would really be able to subdue him.

Both players had finished developing and equipping their fleets. It was clear to the spectators that Bisu’s hands were faster and he was more experienced than Wang Tong. Somehow, the "quality" of Bisu’s troops seemed better. Nevertheless, both of them had gotten ready for the final showdown.

Candidates of Capth were well aware of Wang Tong’s fantastic Cloning Technique, which was almost as good as the Kaedeians’. He was obviously blessed with a great sense of balance and impressive synchronization of his left and right hands. However, Kaedeians’ Cloning Technique was not an unrivaled technique, as there were also much stronger techniques in this world.

Both of them gathered their fleets at last. They had also been doing a great job in reconnaissance, as both players were able to tell what was going on at the other side.

Bisu was the first to make a move the moment he sensed the right timing. On the other hand, Wang Tong had also begun to unleash his Cloning Technique. Based on the number of the increasing fleets, he would be able to win in no time.

However, people seemed to be more interested in how Bisu would counter Wang Tong’s Cloning Technique.

The match was getting more and more intense!

Both Bisu and Wang Tong were almost adjusting their breathing at the same time while firing at each other in space; both of them seemed well-matched in terms of technology development.

The match had turned into a race between two pairs of speedy hands!


All of a sudden, the war zone was bombarded with rounds of explosions, turning it into a sea of flames. The system then began to scan and calculate a number of fleets destroyed after a "tug-of-war" of less than three minutes.

Generally speaking, Battlecraft Combat was not only a battle of fleets and control, but also a competition of a feet commander’s operating maneuvers and battling methods. However, the final decision would still be based on the outcome!

Bisu grabbed his fist in excitement; he had successfully demonstrated his perfect creation: the ultimate Art of the Celestial Blossom!

Usually, final showdown between fleets would take place after both players finished setting up their formations, and researchers of Earth Confederation had even tested and concluded that the Triangle Formation was the most efficient one during battles. But, casualties would be unavoidable in battles like this, regardless of formations and strategies. Yet, Bisu was confident that he would be able to do better with his brilliant controlling maneuvers.

They key of his Art of the Celestial Blooming was to move his fleets around constantly while executing rhythmic attacks, so that he would be able to reduce casualties, and at the same time, enhance his firepower. However, this sort of strategy was difficult to master as the user could potentially become an easy target if his or her controlling maneuvers were slower, or the formation wasn’t perfect, absolutely suicidal.

However, Bisu was confident in doing so, because he had that sort of speed and precision in his controlling maneuvers!

As shown on the monitor, Bisu’s highest APM had increased to five hundred and forty-seven, even higher than the count that he was able to achieve in his previous training! Not to mention the fact that it was the Utilizable APM!

It was a perfect strategy indeed!

He wasn’t afraid of getting locked on by Wang Tong’s cloned fleets, because his extraordinary strategy had enabled most of his fleets to negate Wang Tong’s attacks!

Meanwhile, the crowd was completely amazed by Bisu’s superb controlling maneuvers. Although he wasn’t able to demonstrate a new strategy like Carl, he had created something amazing with his out-of-this-world controlling maneuvers!

However, Bisu’s excited face immediately turned pale after one second. He was utterly petrified by something impossible.

Apparently, ninety percent of Bisu’s fleets were annihilated… He was the one that was losing!

No one amongst the spectators could believe what they were witnessing! Everyone started to wonder if there was something wrong with the system. Even Halmond was shocked. In fact, he had been having a strange feeling at the beginning as Wang Tong walked in, like he could tell something bad was about to happen to them.

Students of Capth were infuriated. They would’ve suspected the opposing team cheated if this match didn’t take place in their arena and using their equipment. The only possible explanation was a system malfunction occurred at the end of the match. However, the possibility of this to happen was extremely low.

The system then analyzed the status of Wang Tong’s fleets. Apparently, his rate of casualties was fifty-eight percent, but this percentage was more than enough to buy him a victory. Furthermore, Wang Tong had also amazed everyone with his insane APM count of five hundred and seventy-nine!

Bisu was shocked by Wang Tong’s APM. He had always been proud of his APM, yet this time, he was completely overpowered. Apparently, Wang Tong’s controlling maneuvers during critical moments were even stronger than him!

Bisu accepted his fate of defeat, yet there was still one thing he couldn’t understand. He was desperate to know how could Wang Tong’s Cloning Technique able to withstand his Art of the Celestial Bloom.

In reality, the fleet commander would typically take over the control of the entire armada by infusing his or her own Soul Energy into the Commanding System during the critical final showdown. Generally, the commander’s Soul Energy and techniques were the key factor to the number of fleets in control, and also the attacking methods. The fleet commander would need to possess immense Soul Energy as well as mastering every complicated controlling technique in order to enhance the armada’s firepower. Nevertheless, this last resort was only meant to be used in case of emergency, as it would cause a great amount of damages to the user’s body. The fleet commander would require a long period of time to recover in reality.

In fact, only a few amongst hundreds of thousands of Command Force students would have the chance to use it in the future. Yet, every student was required to learn this, because this could be their saving rope in real battles.

One had to master this in order to become a fleet captain or fleet commander.

Bisu’s Art of the Celestial Bloom was meant to be used at the end of a battle. Not only could this glorious strategy nullify the lock-on from the cannons of the cloned fleets, this also happened to be one of the greatest methods of dodging the attacks from Zergs’ Space Hives during battles. The main focus of his method was to counterattack while maintaining the minimum casualties of his fleets. It might be slower and the hit rates were lower, yet it wouldn’t matter since the counter attacks were mostly grouped artillery attacks; the most crucial part was nothing but controlling maneuvers.

On the other hand, fleet formations would be based on the enemy’s formations and also the sufficiency of one’s APM. Obviously, it would be even more difficult and burden one’s body and Soul Energy in real battles. However, students would be focusing more on creativity instead.

Nevertheless, Bisu’s ultimate attack was ferocious and amazing.

The monitor then replayed the loser’s performance, and all of the spectators were startled by his brilliant performance. In fact, the whole Pan Solar System and the Kaedeians would be amazed by his breathtaking strategy. It seemed like Carl’s surprising performance had stimulated Bisu’s perfect controlling maneuvers; he had even exceeded his previous performances during training.

Which brought in the next question, how was Wang Tong able to survive?

Aside from Wang Tong, everyone was suspecting him of cheating, even Halmond. Samantha and the other candidates from every other A-Ranked academy had no idea how he did that. Clearly, it was something more than the ordinary Cloning Technique.

Everyone finally understood what on earth that insane APM of more than five hundred and fifty was, as the monitor showed Wang Tong’s replay. Apparently, he had unleashed an extraordinary Cloning Technique that was out of this world!

Normally, Kaedeians’ Cloning Techniques were either cloning from left to right or right to left in order to maintain the efficiency and fluency of the process. Bisu’s strategy was specifically designed to counter the "conventional" Cloning Techniques. Yet, he had never expected Wang Tong would demonstrate some sort of centralized Cloning Technique known as Axis Cloning!

Group of fleets commonly dispersed starting from the outer part, yet Wang Tong’s version was totally different, which explained why Bisu was unable to target all of his fleets. Not only was that Axis Cloning the perfect counter of Art of the Celestial Blossom, it had also significantly improved upon the glitches of Cloning Techniques.

This sort of Cloning Technique was not something new, but it was barely used because of the high requirement of speed and physical fitness. Most importantly, it also required skills in locking on moving targets, not to mention there were also series of complicated controlling maneuvers that required precise judgments. It was basically impossible for most people.

In the end, Bisu suffered a devastating defeat. Although Wang Tong had won, he had lost more than half of his troops during the final showdown. Even though Bisu was unable to utilize Cloning Techniques, he was slightly better than Wang Tong in terms of both qualities and quantities of his fleets.

If Wang Tong was not able to pull off that fantastic Cloning Technique, Bisu could’ve won by obtaining the advantage and outrace him in the second and third phase of their match. But unfortunately, Bisu had lost his main forces in phase one, which further explained his defeat.

Two upgraded battle strategies were demonstrated in this match. Yet, whether it was Wang Tong or Bisu, both of them had clearly amazed everyone else with their insane APM and scary abilities, and had even achieved something unimaginable by the Kaedeians!

If the video of today’s match were to be shown to fellow Kaedeians, it would definitely scare the crap out of the students and teachers of the Royal Academy.

Even if Bisu were to fight against one of the aces from Kaedeian Royal Academy, he would never suffer a devastating loss since he was still able to deal quite a damage to the Kaedeians with his Art of the Celestial Blossom.

Yet, for some reason, Art of the Celestial Blossom had made Wang Tong’s Axis Cloning look even stronger.

After all, in the battle between two geniuses, one would stand and the other would fall.

Bisu sighed as he sat down emotionlessly, but wasn’t upset over his defeat. Originally, he was planning to create another historical moment today by demonstrating his Anti-Cloning Technique strategy. He was hoping to announce something that would surprise the Kaedeians.

However, Bisu’s ultimate strategy was completely overpowered by Wang Tong’s outstanding Cloning Technique; he was no longer the focus of the people.

Moments later, Bisu stood up slowly. As one of the senior students of Capth, Bisu was definitely tougher than Kal, and he would never lose the pride of Capth even though he was defeated!