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Chapter 189: Absolute Suppression

Chapter 189: Absolute Suppression

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Flash was able to weaken his opponents with his operating maneuvers. However, Wang Tong seemed to have shown a different level of operating maneuvers.

Perhaps Flash was the only person who would be able to stay focused and fight on while being locked in a stalemate for such a long period of time. If someone else was put into his position, that person might have already surrendered long ago. In fact, only the player himself would be able to understand that sort of depression and desperation.

Although it had only been a couple of months since the previous tournament against Bernabeu, Wang Tong had improved drastically in this short period of time, and Best knew about this better than anyone else. Flash would’ve already been defeated if he had no new tricks up in his sleeves. Yet, if he couldn’t think of any way to disrupt Wang Tong’s amazing operating maneuvers, there would be no way that he could last until the final showdown.

Best was curious of Wang Tong’s pressuring defensive strategy; he had never seen anything like that before!

This iron defense was controlled by a person with the maximum APM of above five hundred and seventy, who at the same time possessed a robust recon team and a great awareness of the overall situation. Basically, Wang Tong was unrivaled if he chose not to go offensive and kept maintaining a strong defense instead.

Finally, Flash couldn’t wait any longer and chose to attack one of Wang Tong’s new and weaker base. He had to seize this opportunity to attack if he didn’t want to wait until the final showdown.

Students of Capth immediately cheered in excitement. Finally, Flash had made a move instead of remaining still. The match had been quite boring as both players were acting like two cowards, and all they did was just checking on each other instead of attacking; it was kind of embarrassing.

However, Flash decision surprised Bisu. Although Flash had a good perspective, Bisu was able to understand the situation better since he was a spectator. Apparently, this was not the chance to strike yet. Nevertheless, this was the only opportunity Flash had, because if he chose not to strike now, he’d be owned by Wang Tong in no time for sure.

The battle has gotten intense as soon as it began. Wang Tong had a huge team of Heavy Armed Units that served as his defense line, not to forget he was also armed with his precise control. Controlling speed was all that mattered at this point. With his super APM, Wang Tong would be able to handle Flash’s attacks while continuing to expand his operating maneuvers.

However, Flash still chose to go full force even though he was struggling to destroy Wang Tong’s base, and within minutes, the casualties of Flash’s army had increased drastically. Not only that, he was unable to destroy Wang Tong’s base. Flash also realized that he would soon be surrounded by Wang Tong’s troops if this continued. Hence, he chose to retreat after sacrificing a great amount of his units.

Carl and the rest of the alliance candidates cheered; the chance of subduing Flash at one fling was finally here!

Meanwhile, the students of Capth were fairly anxious. Kal even noticed that he was sweating a lot while watching this match; he was no longer depressed about his defeat.

It was a scary battle indeed!

Wang Tong’s strategy was to tempt his opponent to attack him, and if his temptation succeeded, it would be game over for his opponent. Even Flash could no longer wait and charged towards Wang Tong, which was definitely a huge mistake.

Everyone was expecting Wang Tong to strike back. However, Wang Tong didn’t do so. Instead, he regrouped his troops and carried on with his defensive play. Wang Tong’s legion was expanding again!

That was indeed one hell of a defense!

To Flash, that was definitely a close shave. Although Flash did lose a great number of troops, he was given enough time to regenerate and replenish. After a short while, Flash had gained back the number of troops he lost. He was really lucky, and Wang Tong had just missed his chance to end this.

Yet, Flash wasn’t happy at all. Instead, he was also hoping for Wang Tong to attack him. In fact, Flash would be given a chance to turn the table if Wang Tong chose to strike back. But Wang Tong had noticed that somehow and didn’t go after him.

Nevertheless, Flash couldn’t help but wonder if Wang Tong was really trying to defend all the way until the final showdown, or was he an idiot.

If that were the case, he would focus on technology development and assemble his armada as soon as possible. After all, Flash was very confident in his own skills, and he believed that he would still have a chance to win even though Wang Tong was very good in controlling maneuvers.

But if he really decided to focus on technology development, what should he do about his defense? Flash was well aware that his defense was not as good as Wang Tong’s, and there would be a temporary opening once he switched his strategy. If Wang Tong was able to foresee the timing to strike in this short period of time, it could mean grave danger to Flash.

Flash knew that acting indecisive was very dangerous in a battle, so he immediately decided to change his strategy and focus on technology development instead! Flash also decided not to provoke Wang Tong anymore because he would never be able to get past his tough defense, and he had lost enough troops by doing that just now. Wang Tong obviously didn’t have the intention to strike either. The situation had developed into a race of technology development, and whoever finished first would have a bigger chance to win.

Flash was completely focused on his technology development; he was getting ready for a final showdown!

Meanwhile, Bisu and Kal were grabbing their fists firmly. In the beginning, they were worried that Flash would be tricked by Wang Tong. Luckily, Flash noticed that and immediately changed his strategy. However, Wang Tong was still busy developing basic troops instead of developing his technology.

This was a chance for Flash to turn the table!

The students of Capth saw a shimmering ray of hope!

Wang Tong’s timid defensive strategy had backfired on him!

Flash’s main troops were seen searching for a chance to pressurize Wang Tong, ready to attack at any moment. He had stopped developing troops and totally focused on technology development. In the meantime, he purposely acted like he was trying to look for trouble by flying his troops over Wang Tong’s base, Flash did that in order to create an illusion of him expanding his army.

Furthermore, it would be a good way to lure Wang Tong out since he would need to make sure if Flash was hiding his troops around Wang Tong’s base; this had turned into a psychological warfare!

As it turned out, Flash had also outraced Wang Tong’s technology development since he had been focusing on defense throughout the match.

Flash’s perspective, precise judgment and decisiveness were the reasons why he was the greatest Battlecraft Combat player in Earth Confederation. In fact, those were the requirements that every player should embrace.

Perspective was indeed the most critical skill to be mastered.

Wang Tong’s advantage would be taken away by Flash in less than five minutes; the battle of brains was getting more and more intense!

Flash had finally revealed his dominance!

Students of Capth were very excited when they saw a chance of winning. The match had been going on for more than an hour, yet it only felt like ten minutes. Nevertheless, they were ready to win in any minute.

Meanwhile, Bisu, Best, Carl and the other candidates were breathing heavily. If Flash were able to survive this crucial period of time, he would be the winner for sure.

All of a sudden, Wang Tong changed his strategy, deploying all of his troops from the base at once!

The face of Bisu and his other teammates turned pale immediately, because Wang Tong had chosen to strike at the perfect period of time, the most vulnerable period for Flash’s army.

It wasn’t a taunt, but an all-out-attack!

Wang Tong was not planning for a face-to-face battle with Flash, but directly aiming for his technology development instead!

Things were already too late for Flash. The defense of his base was not as tough as Wang Tong’s. Hence, there wasn’t enough time for him to stall at all. All he could do at this critical situation was to destroy as many troops as he could.

Flash then deployed his main team and charged towards Wang Tong’s base, but Wang Tong’s iron defense would be able to buy him enough time to stall, and even though his technology development was weaker, he possessed a great number of troops. But most importantly, Wang Tong had struck before Flash could complete his technology development.

The virtual space was completely ridden in the flames of war.

Flash sighed as soon as his technology development center was destroyed. In fact, he knew that he was going to lose when Wang Tong unleashed his attacks. He was defeated by an absolute suppression from his opponent, and luck had nothing to do with it at all.

Flash chose to give up even though he still had a few bases and a decent number of troops. He was too tired to further embarrass himself. His fate was sealed.

He was completely owned by an incredible opponent.

Finally, the undefeatable Flash had fallen.

As the system announce the final result, everyone froze and remained silent, as if the time had stopped.

Wang Tong closed his eyes and recalled what happened a while ago. In fact, the previous success of his offensive strategy in PA had given him the idea of going defensive this time, and he couldn’t believe that it worked too!

Wang Tong treasured rare opportunities like this. Only strong opponents like Flash would be able to stimulate his inspirations. Eventually, all of his intensive training had paid off very well, and battling against amazing opponents like Rhin, Bisu and Flash had helped him improve dramatically.

Nevertheless, a number of flaws still existed within his battling methods and strategies. But after achieving great successes, his next step would be focusing on the improvements of his strategies and also to increase his battle experiences.

As Wang Tong opened his eyes, he noticed that Flash was already waiting for him outside his control room. Wang Tong was quite surprised.

"Congratulations." Flash kept his cool even though he lost. He lost fair and square, and although it might sound strange to the others, he was actually quite happy for being defeated by a player that possessed the same level of strength like him. He was no longer lonely in being at the top of the peak!

"Thank you very much!" Wang Tong accepted Flash’s compliment happily.


Carl and the rest of the team rushed onto the stage and had him surrounded.

"You did it man, you’re the best! We won!"

"It’s unbelievable! I can’t believe he really did it!"

"Yup, we have defeated Capth in this round! I’m happy to pinch your face if you still think that this is just a dream!" Zhang Kui laughed.