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Chapter 191: A Legendary Character

Chapter 191: A Legendary Character

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On the other hand, Earthlings wouldn’t worry too much about Kaedeians, other than their relatively close relationships with House of Lie. After all, both races had been sharing the same planet since ages. Nevertheless, Earthlings were thankful for the sacrifices made by these two races during the great war against Zergs. The bravery of both Martians and Kaedeians definitely was the key factor of mankind’s success and final victory. General Li Feng too had to agree that the people on Mars feared nothing in order to ensure the survivability of mankind, even death.

Martians and Kaedeians had been going through ups and downs together, which was why these two races were so close to each other.

During the glorious days of General Li Feng, even the almighty General Rilangalos Dower had to admit that he was no match for the legendary general. But, the glory of Earth Confederation began to decline year after year following General Li Feng passing away. Soon, mankind gave up monarchy and had the world ruled under a parliamentary system. Even though Earth Confederation had the most seats, yet Earthlings were getting weaker and weaker due to their laidback habits. But luckily for Earthlings, an Einherjar would be born in the House of Li from time to time. Moreover, House of Ma was also able to frequently amaze the universe with their advanced technologies and inventions. These two houses had been ensuring Earthling’s position as the alpha race since day one.

Hence, Flark prevented the struggle from happening. It was clear that Earth Confederation could never afford to lose both House of Ma and House of Li, and this political struggle would only sabotage Earth Confederation’s power within the Pan Solar System Alliance. Without power, Earth Confederation would be replaced by Ivantian’s advanced technologies and the geological advantages of Mars; not to mention both Centaurus Cluster and Andromeda Galaxy were also beginning to rise and prosper.

People were well aware of the consequences, yet most of them would only be making decisions based on their personal interests.

Nevertheless, Flark was bold enough to smoothen things out with both forces and successfully suppress the political conflict. Later, he was well-respected as the peacemaker of Earth Confederation. Even the master of House of Li had to address Flark as Mr. principal. After the incident, it had become a tradition for the younger generations of House of Li to enroll in Capth.

Only the big names in the military and political community would have the honor to hang around Flark. Yet, Samantha was special because of her ancestor’s connections with both House of Li and House of Ma. If it weren’t because Galber was one of General Li Feng’s important partner, and also the only one who was able to get in touch with the Blade Warrior, Samantha would never have had the chance of getting such privilege.

Unfortunately, Galber’s descendants were not as outstanding, and the family tended to survive with the help from House of Ma. Things got better after they took over PA. However, it would be quite difficult for the family to get involved in politics again.

Most military and political personnel were aware of Samantha’s success in becoming the principal of Ayrlarng upon graduation. However, they didn’t bother much.

Yet, the well-respected principal was kind, and had Halmond invite Samantha to sit right next to him. As for Halmond, he was only allowed to stand behind Lieutenant General Flark, even though he was Capth’s vice principal.

Samantha could feel those unfriendly glares of jealousy as she sat down beside Flark.

"Thank you for having me, sir." Samantha greeted and behaved like a student, even though she was already a principal herself.

Flark smiled gently, "Now, that’s how an energetic lass from Capth should look like! But remember my child, being too pushy would only make things worse."

Samantha was startled but remained as calm as possible. Clearly, Flark wasn’t addressing things related to this tournament, as compared to the other mega events, this tournament was nothing to him. Yet, Samantha’s guts were somehow telling her that Flark was talking about something else.

Seemed like it would be impossible to hide everything from this amazing principal!

"Yes, sir. I’ll keep it in mind." Samantha accepted Flark’s advice politely even though she was kind of confused.

Flark smiled back and didn’t say anything else. In fact, Flark rarely gave opinions or advice to the others due to his current position. Yet, he didn’t mind giving his advice to Samantha since she used to be a student of Capth.

Samantha managed to snap out from her confusion and calmed down as the second half of the tournament began. However, she would definitely look into the meaning of Flark’s words when she got back to Ayrlarng.

Finally, the long-awaited METAL Combat matches had begun. So far, the Ayrlarng-Bernabeu Alliance had been doing great, and this was the chance for them to become famous!

"Hey look! Is that Senator Caroo?"

"That’s General Kathro right there!"

The number of famous persons, along with Principal Flark’s presence, had caused the team to freak out a little. Nevertheless, Carl was able to remain relaxed. In fact, he was quite excited to know that so many people would be here this afternoon to witness their glory.

"Hey buddy, we’re gonna be famous once we eliminate those punks!" The others were trying not to laugh when Carl said that.

"Wake up, Carl. We’re still a long way from winning. We would have to just do our best as Capth would be pulling out their A-game for sure after suffering those terrible defeats." Best commented.

Unlike Battlecraft Combat, METAL Combat required Soul Energy, which was based on one’s tactics and mastery. Contingency might have played a big part in Battlecraft Combat, but it definitely had nothing to do with METAL Combat, since it was obvious that the students of Capth had been practicing better tactics than the students of Ayrlarng.

"Take it easy buddy, I’m sure we’ll be alright!" Carl replied confidently. Those who didn’t know Carl might have thought that he was an idiot for being that confident. Yet, the team had been spending time with him for months, and they knew that this was his way of self-cheering. To be honest, this carefree and relaxed attitude would make a huge difference during the fight!

One would be able to perform smoothly as long as he or she remained calm.

"So, Capth is sending out Wally for round one. Anyone?" Wang Tong asked.

"I’ll do the honor!" Hu Yangxuan stood up and replied.

Wang Tong nodded. Hu Yangxuan had been training quite hard lately, and Wally seemed like the perfect opponent for him.

Wang Tong’s goal was to aim for the final victory, and he also knew that this tournament was not just about him, but for the sake of Ayrlarng. This tournament was the perfect opportunity for self-motivation and self-improvement, and Wang Tong had shown his best performances in Battlecraft Combat. So now would be the time for Hu Yangxuan to show his talents.

Not to mention, the opposing team would be saving their stronger aces for later. Hence, this was definitely the chance to obtain one win.

Hu Yangxuan was ready for the challenge ahead.

Participants would be fighting each other in Capth’s TPA, which was slightly different from the conventional TPA. Capth’s TPA was programmed to simulate the consumption of Soul Energy, even though it wouldn’t cause any harm to the participant’s body.

Meanwhile, Wally seemingly wasn’t bothered at all by the fact that his next opponent was a Templar's follower.



Wally wielded his rapier, a type of sharp-edged blade that was commonly used by ancient western noblemen. This type of weapon was famous for its rapid stabs and amazing agility.

On the other hand, Hu Yangxuan was equipped with a sword and a round-shield. Clearly, he had done his researches about Wally.

This was a duel between two fighters of the same level, as Wally was Capth’s No.1 amongst first graders while Hu Yangxuan was a Templar's follower. Nevertheless, in the eyes of the students of Capth, Ma Xiaoru and Hu Yangxuan were the only elites that Ayrlarng had.

Wally sneered confidently while looking at the round-shield on Hu Yangxuan’s left hand.

The first match had begun!

Wally immediately activated his Soul Energy and unleashed his GN Force. Knowing that offense was the best defense for rapiers, he began to unleash his rapid stabs. He bet that his opponent didn’t know that a shield would never be able to parry all of his attacks.

Wally had constantly been changing his pacing while striking Hu Yangxuan with his rapid attacks. Instantly, Hu Yangxuan was amazed by Wally’s amazing skills and the fearsome agility of the rapier!

After a while, Hu Yangxuan was injured. Somehow, his shield was able to parry the first strike, but was unable to ward off the following strike. Hu Yangxuan had been trying to counter, yet Wally always managed to dodge and stay out of his striking distance.

Wally then placed his rapier in front of his chest and tried to provoke Hu Yangxuan. Luckily Hu Yangxuan was able to keep calm and get into position. Although Wally possessed an amazing agility, yet his attacks were not deadly enough.

Hu Yangxuan then began to unleash his counter attacks. It seemed like he really had mastered the basics he learned at Court of the Templar, and managed to keep Wally busy with his continuous slashes. Hu Yangxuan’s pacing was stable, and he was exceptionally skilled in defending with GN Force. Clearly, Court of the Templar had done a great job in training such an amazing elite.

Furthermore, Hu Yangxuan was able to read his opponent’s rhythm and also sense his opponent’s desire to attack while maintaining his stability. It was clear that Hu Yangxuan was no longer the arrogant kid he used to be after going through so many things. The way he fought had become more mature, and he even learned how to read minds.

Hu Yangxuan noticed that Wally wasn’t only some bloke with a big mouth, as his family had been practicing rapiers for centuries and they had even created their own battling methods by infusing GN Force into their rapier attacks. It might be sort of useless on the battlefield, but it was definitely strong in a duel.

Clearly, Wally wasn’t called No.1 for nothing.

The fight was already intense as soon as it began. Hu Yangxuan had been hit for a few times, yet he was still unable to deal much damage to Wally. After all, attacking a moving target was not an easy task.

Only Apache, who possessed incredible agility, would be able to deal with Wally’s speed.

"Things are not looking good for Hu Yangxuan."

"That slick sonuvab*tch, how I wish he stops bouncing here and there. Cao Yi, have you done any research on how to handle this crazy dude?" Carl asked.

Cao Yi scratched his head and answered, "Honestly, I did, but his speed is much quicker than I expected."

On the other hand, Apache was looking elsewhere, it seemed like he wasn’t paying any attention to the match at all.

Meanwhile, Hu Yangxuan was still struggling to deal with Wally. It seemed like Wally was more patient than expected. Hu Yangxuan chose to use a shield in the first place because he was hoping that it would be able to frustrate his opponent and cause him to make mistakes. Basically, Hu Yangxuan was thinking on the right track, but somehow had forgotten that rapier users were known to be patient. They tended to behave like venomous snakes, accurately jabbing little by little.

Wally had obviously obtained the upper hand in this match, and he was waiting for the right moment to unleash his knockout strike.