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Chapter 192: Ms. Fantastic

Chapter 192: Ms. Fantastic

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Hu Yangxuan had been wounded six times, yet he was still unable to inflict any damage to Wally. The students of Capth were excited as they realized that Wally was about to win. Wally then thrust his rapier as he unleashed a tide of rapid stabs by channeling a blast of GN Force!

Wally’s Soul Energy reached one hundred and eighty sols as he rapidly fired his stabs like a shower of arrows. His rapier was dancing like a mesmerizing but deadly flower.

The indefensible rapid stabs from a rapier were truly terrifying. In fact, rapiers possessed the highest frequency of attacks compared to any other existing weapons.

However, Hu Yangxuan wasn’t defending this time; in fact, he had been waiting for this since the beginning. Wally was able to maintain his upper hand because his Soul Energy was about the same level as Hu Yangxuan’s, and his attacking methods had successfully inhibited Hu Yangxuan’s performance. To be honest, Apache was the better choice of facing off Wally, yet Hu Yangxuan insisted on fighting him because he had a plan.

Knowing that Capth had saved its best candidates for later, Hu Yangxuan was determined to take Wally down. At least he would be able to lessen the burden of his team!

As soon as Wally attacked, Hu Yangxuan dropped his shield, dashed forward and flung his sword to unleash the Slash of Templar!

He was planning for both of them to perish together!

Immediately Wally regretted his decision to finish him off, but it was already too late. Wally knew about the Slash of Templar, and he knew that he would be KO-ed if he chose to dodge. However, he didn’t expect Hu Yangxuan would choose to use this bold strategy.

It was kind of barbaric, to be honest.

Unlike his older self, Hu Yangxuan had awakened. After going through the special training with Wang Tong and the rest of the team, he had finally learned that fame wasn’t what mattered most in a fight, and a fighter would try to win a battle at all cost, even if it meant to sacrifice everything. Right now, winning was all that mattered!


GN Force from both fighters clashed with each other.

Clearly, Hu Yangxuan’s strategy was to pretend to be defensive and strike back as soon as he forced his opponent to unleash a kill strike! This was his bravery as a fighter!

Wally was furious about the outcome as Hu Yangxuan’s decision of perishing together had forced him to be eliminated. Although he was still alive, yet he would be knocked out for sure if it was a fight in reality. Originally he was planning on showing off in front of those honorable guests by demonstrating an "all-kill". Unfortunately, his plan was ruined by Hu Yangxuan’s outrageous strategy.

As he was about to throw a tantrum, Li Ruo-Er looked at him in the eyes and said, "Wally, mind your manners. You were eliminated because of your opponent’s successful strategy. So suck it up."

Wally calmed down instantly. Now that the battle had ended, throwing a tantrum would only affect Capth’s reputation.

Students of Capth were saying that it wasn’t fair, yet the guests from the military seemed pleased about the match. To them, this was how a duel should look like. After all, this was not some kind of stage performance.

Results were shown on the monitor after a while… The winner was Wally!

Finally, the students of Capth were relieved and clapped vigorously. Although both fighters perished together, Hu Yangxuan was the first to be hit by Wally’s rapid stabs. If this were a real fight, Hu Yangxuan would be killed, and Wally would be seriously injured instead.

Now that Capth had obtained the first victory, things seemed to be not looking good for Ayrlarng. Unfortunately for Ayrlarng, the first match was a loss instead of a draw. They were so close to that, yet it couldn’t be helped.

Hu Yangxuan sighed. Things didn’t work as planned even though he had made his calculations. Wally was better than he expected. Nevertheless, he still felt good for taking him down together.

Samantha too was happy at the final outcome. Hu Yangxuan had clearly improved a lot. At least, he had learned to put down his pride as a Templar’s follower and care less about fame. Samantha was happy and relieved that her tough training was able to help Hu Yangxuan improve dramatically, and she hoped that he would be able to continue improving in the future as well.

After all, Court of the Templar was only a gateway towards success. Yet, to thrive or not all depended on the followers’ determination.

As for the second match, Apache stood up all of a sudden and pointed towards Cisco, "Your turn!"

Clearly, the gauntlets had been thrown!

Everyone was surprised by the alliance’s bold action to call for a challenge!

Wang Ben, who was supposed to go next, went back to his seat, and Cisco walked forward to accept Apache’s challenge. There was no room for him to back down!

Halmond nodded as one of the teachers whispered something to him. Obviously, the candidates were all fired up, and this tournament was getting more and more interesting.

No one had expected Hu Yangxuan, a Templar’s follower, would choose to perish together with his opponent, and no one had imagined that Apache would challenge Cisco publicly.

A year ago, Apache, who was in second grade, got defeated by first grader Cisco. After that, Apache, who was devastated by the defeat, headed off and joined the Anti-Smuggling Special Unit in order to improve his skills. Finally, he was back at Capth, ready for a rematch!

Cisco, who was originally Capth’s No.1 amongst second graders, too had hit the bottom of the rock after getting defeated by Einherjar Wannabe in PA. Shortly after his defeat, he was forced to handover his title as No.1.

In fact, the students of Capth had been doubting his performance. However, he shouldn’t have problem handling opponents like Apache.

None of them talked much as both fighters were men of a few words.



Both fighters were seen getting ready for the fight. Apache was glaring at Cisco while doing his warm-ups, "I hope you were not wasting any time throughout the year!"

"...Do I know you?" Cisco looked confused.

Apache grinned, what an arrogant lad!


Apache dashed towards his opponent at an extreme speed and thrust out his long blade. On the other hand, Cisco was seen fighting with his bare hands. It seemed like Cisco had changed a lot. Somehow, it felt like he had gotten weaker.

However, Wang Tong was able to tell that Cisco had definitely gotten stronger. Hopefully, Apache was prepared for the upcoming challenges.

As the fight went on, it was clear that Apache had become fiercer after attending the special training and he seemed to have improved a lot. In fact, Cisco could be in danger if he were his old self. Last year, Apache, who had continuously defeated two of Capth’s candidates, was surprisingly defeated by Cisco, who was still a freshman at that time. Apache clearly remembered the look on Cisco’s face, not completely filled with despise, like he was trying to tell Apache that his level of strength was only average in Capth. After that, Apache went off on a journey of self-improvement like he had to put his life at stake. In the end, his training paid off, and he was finally back.

Time for a long-awaited revenge!

Wally was startled when he saw Apache dashing across the ring like a hurricane. He didn’t expect Apache to be that strong, and if Wally were still fighting in this match, he would be doomed for sure.

Wally’s fighting method was weak against nimble opponents, not to mention Apache was extremely experienced. Clearly, Apache had been training extremely hard, and he had definitely improved a lot. Even the attacks from his long blade had become deadlier than before.

While everyone was focusing on Cisco and Apache’s duel, Ma Xiaoru had slipped out from her team. On the other side, Li Ruo-Er too had disappeared. Both ladies walked into the smaller arena that they had been using earlier this morning. No one was there except those two stunning beauties.

"Dear Xiaoru, I haven’t seen you in a few days, yet you’ve become prettier." Li Ruo-Er smiled gently.

"Ruo-Er, why are we fighting?" To be honest, Ma Xiaoru didn’t intend to fight her at all.

"My dear sister, this is our deal remember? Not to mention I’ve agreed to skip this tournament just like you’ve asked. Actually, I’ve never wanted to participate. I don’t think we should be ‘performing’ in public like ordinary people."

"Ruo-Er, your brother is amazing, and I admire his talents, but you can’t force me to fancy him because of that."

"I’m aware of that, and I’m not forcing you to fall in love with him. All I’m asking for is a chance. Like I’ve said, I’d like you to go on a date with my brother if I win. But if I lose, I’ll back away from this business."

This was Li Ruo-Er’s deal with Ma Xiaoru, and she would fight Ma Xiaoru whether she liked it or not. She let Ma Xiaoru to choose if she wanted to fight officially in the ring or privately somewhere else. After a brief consideration, Ma Xiaoru decided to settle this privately, in order to lessen the burden on Wang Tong. As a matter of fact, she wasn’t totally confident in winning against Li Ruo-Er, and she could tell from Wang Tong’s determined eyes that he was desperate for the final victory. Moreover, this happened to be the perfect opportunity for Ma Xiaoru to settle this frustrating business with Li Ruo-Er.

"Okay, deal."

"Very well, dear sis. However, there’s one thing that I need to tell you. It seemed like Wang Tong’s love interest was our dear sister Samantha. According to my observation, the way she looked at Sam felt different." Li Ruo-Er said.

Both ladies began to fight. Ma Xiaoru remained calm, yet she was kind of startled.

Wang Tong fancied Samantha?

All of a sudden, Li Ruo-Er unleashed her attacks!

On the other hand, Apache seemed to have suppressed Cisco. Based on the overall situation, Cisco’s attacks didn’t become weaker in terms of strength; his Kunai was still as good as it used to be. However, the power of his attacks seemed to have decreased. Meanwhile, Apache’s performance was getting better and better.

In fact, Apache had been learning all sorts of aggressive techniques during his internship at the Anti-Smuggling Special Unit, and had even come up with some techniques for countering Cisco’s Kunai. They worked well with his advantage in terms of speed as well.

The students of Capth were surprised to see the level of strength Apache possessed. To them, he had to be the strongest candidate of the Ayrlarng-Bernabeu Alliance. Some of the students even began to remember him; he was the speedy fighter that had defeated two candidates of Capth.

Apache had returned, and this time, he was ready to crush the candidates of Capth with his bare hands!

Apache gradually took control of the pace and had successfully inhibited Cisco’s Kunai with his good sense of distance. Apache’s good memory enabled him to counter Cisco’s attacks precisely.

He was seen pulling off a fantastic performance with his patience and skills.