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Chapter 193: A Beggar Could Never Go Bankrupt

Chapter 193: A Beggar Could Never Go Bankrupt

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However, Cisco had also been keeping his patience and fought steadily, making it difficult for Apache to totally subdue him. Both fighters were trying to exhaust each other out, and whoever managed to expose their opponent’s loophole would be able to win this match.

Students of the other academies were amazed by this spectacular match. They didn’t expect the Ayrlarng-Bernabeu Alliance had such a brilliant fighter in their team. Even though it was unlikely for them to win, it was fascinating because it had been ages since the last time Capth was driven into the corner by an A-Ranked academy.

After alternating his pace and continuously attacking for more than twenty minutes, Apache had managed to find a loophole within Cisco’s Kunai techniques and decided to go for the knockout strike.

This was the perfect chance for Apache as he channeled all of his GN Force and charged towards Cisco like a raging tornado.


It seemed like Ayrlarng-Bernabeu Alliance was about to obtain their first win.

However, Carl and the rest of the team was shocked to witness what happened next.

Apparently, Cisco was still standing, yet it was Apache instead who was blown away by an enormous wave of GN Force.

The upper hand was clearly on Apache’s side. However, he was no match for Cisco whose Soul Energy had reached two hundred and four sols. It was the soul energy of a Level Five Fighter!

Cisco had dominated with his superb GN Force!

Even the students of Capth were surprised that Cisco possessed the strength of a Level Five Fighter!

The crowd went silent for a while, then immediately followed by a round of thunderous applause. The students of Capth were cheering, especially all of the second graders; the confident Cisco they knew was finally back!

Even Terrance, who was his rival, couldn’t help applauding for Cisco. Advancing as a Level Five Fighter had always been the dream of every youngster of his age, and Cisco had made Capth proud today.

Ayrlarng-Bernabeu Alliance had yet suffered another loss. Clearly, Capth was sending a message to everyone, they were not some ordinary academy to be messed with!

Yet, Cisco wasn’t as happy as expected. Instead, he remained calm. In fact, he was no longer interested in competing for the No.1 title, because it was technically useless. All that mattered to him was to defeat Einherjar Wannabe. Although he had managed to obtain the power of a Level Five Fighter after the defeat, he didn’t dare to ask for a rematch when he found out that Jiang Long, the successor of Firmament Palm Strike, who was stronger than him, was defeated too. In order to defeat Einherjar Wannabe, he needed to become stronger than this!

Random victories like this were nothing to him.

Cisco had no intentions to show off when he unleashed that amazing surge of power. He did that because he wanted to get rid of Apache’s mingling attacks as soon as possible.

The arrogant Wally remained silent. To be honest, he had been despising Cisco lately, hoping that this loser would disappear from their sight instead of hanging around the team and disgracing the academy.

After winning the match, Cisco said nothing and quietly waited for the next challenger.

Meanwhile, the big shots who were sitting up there began to make their own comments about this tournament. Of course, most of them were praising how strong Capth was and also praising the teachers for saving a student from his misery as well as Capth’s splendid educational system.

Pride and toughness were the key values of a student of Capth. No one in Capth was a failure, as temporary setbacks were the drive of one to become stronger.

The spectating second graders of Capth were screaming Cisco’s name, the name of their former No.1. Most of his supporters were devastated when he fell off from the top, yet Cisco managed to bounce back, and unfortunately for the alliance, the former No.1 still packed a punch.

"Looks like this tournament is gonna end soon." Bisu sighed. It seemed like Capth’s METAL Combat team had remained unrivaled. However, the Battlecraft Combat team was definitely a disgrace.

Capth was leading by 2:0.

"I doubt it." Wang Ben replied with a straight face.

The whole team was pissed off by his unexpected comment.

"You seem to miss your friends quite a lot, Wang Ben. But I have to remind you that this tournament is about skills and strength. Please know your place when you comment!" Wally scolded. Wang Ben’s disgusting comment had just made his bad day even worse. Moreover, he didn’t understand why would Wang Ben thinks that an academy of weaklings like Ayrlarng was able to make miracles. Clearly, Capth was the one on the upper hand.

How Wally wished that Wang Ben would stay at Ayrlarng instead of coming here! However, Wally wouldn’t say that in front of the public, yet, he bet his team was thinking the same thing as him too.

Wang Ben didn’t pay any attention to Wally’s scolding; he wasn’t bothered by that kid at all.

Level Five Fighter was one of the highest honor that one could get, especially for a second grader like Cisco. Although Capth was known as one of the greatest academies, still the odds of hitting such achievement from time to time were very low.

It seemed like it would be alright to let Cisco handle the rest. After all, Cisco had already dominated the stage with his superb Soul Energy.

Apache was shocked, but it couldn’t be helped as his GN Force was obviously weaker than Cisco, and he wasn’t skillful enough yet to overcome the gap between both of their GN Force.

Things were definitely not looking good for the alliance as the remaining candidates were only Wang Tong and Ma Xiaoru, and suddenly, everyone realized that Ma Xiaoru was missing!

"Guys I have a message from Principal Samantha. She said that Xiaoru will not be participating today, and Li Ruo-Er too will not be participating today either. She also said to let Wang Tong decide for the further arrangements." Zhou Sisi panted as she just came rushing back with Samantha’s latest orders.

The team was startled by Zhou Sisi’s news. Although Ma Xiaoru and Li Ruo-Er’s decisions to pull out was not bad for the alliance, yet they were still being put in a difficult situation. Not to mention Cisco was still active in play, and it would be too risky to send out Wang Tong right now, since the team still needed him to deal with the upcoming stronger opponents. If this exhausted him right now, there would be no chance for them to win at all.

"Cap, I’ll go." Cao Yi stood up and volunteered. Honestly speaking, aside from Wang Tong, he was their last hope that still packed a few punches. Cao Yi knew that he wasn’t good enough to be their final trump card. After all, he was no match against Wang Ben, and it was unlikely for him to knockout Terrance, the new No.1.

During the ten minutes break, Cao Yi understood that all he needed to do was to significantly exhaust Cisco with his unique battle methods.

Wang Tong patted on Cao Yi’s shoulder, "You don’t have to worry too much, just see it as a rare chance to go head to head with a Level Five Fighter."

Cao Yi nodded.

Meanwhile, Li Ruo-Er and Ma Xiaoru’s duel was getting more intense, not to mention it was a real fight instead of a duel in the simulator. Both ladies fought like they were performing a graceful and elegant, yet deadly waltz. It was truly a fight like no other.

In this mega-showdown between Tactics of the Enchantresses, the battle between Soul Energy was even more lethal than their swordfights. For those who practiced super tactics like Tactics of the Enchantress, GN Force infused attacks might be even more aggressive compared to most of the conventional tactics, yet the direct attack through channels of Soul Energy was definitely way deadlier than GN Force.

Technically, one’s fate would be sealed once the opposing fighter managed to penetrate his or her mental defense.

In other words, Soul Energy was actually the strongest form of power. Yet, one would require tons of practice in order to shape it into a form of attack. However, the Five Greatest Tactics were the ones that had the most advantages in practicing Soul Energy attacks, which explained why Li Ruo-Er and Ma Xiaoru were able to do it.

Those who practiced one of the Five Greatest Tactics were able to baffle their opponents with surges of Soul Energy, making their GN Force infused attacks even deadlier when the opponents were hit by their Soul Energy. Obviously, that was the reason why they were called the Five Greatest Tactics.

Tactics of the Enchantress specialized in phantasmagoric Soul Energy attacks. Hence, instead of using swords, they were battling each other using Soul Energy most of the time. In fact, Li Ruo-Er was trying to weaken Ma Xiaoru’s mind by mentioning that Wang Tong was in love with Samantha. Whether she believed it or not, her Soul Energy would be affected if she weren’t able to focus. That was the main reason why those who practiced Tactics of the Enchantress were not allowed to fall in love, as it would become a disadvantaging loophole.

Unlike Tactics of the Enchantress’s phantasmagoric Soul Energy attacks, House of Lie’s Tactics of the Incandescent Fire enabled its users to turn their Soul Energy into a terrifying pyromantic forces, which were strong enough to directly scorch their opponent’s mind.

"Dear sister, it seemed like you’ve gotten stronger."

"You’re not bad either!"

In the beginning, Li Ruo-Er thought that she would be able to defeat Ma Xiaoru within minutes with her Soul Energy and GN Force attacks. However, it seemed like Ma Xiaoru was tougher to break than she expected.

Back at the main arena, Cao Yi walked towards the ring bravely. He was confident about his detailed pre-battle researches, and had even done his homework on Cisco. As the fight began, Cao Yi was seen continuously slashing towards Cisco with his dual blades, hoping that it would be able to tire him out. At the same time, Cao Yi remained cautious and tried not to mingle, since Kunai was specially designed for close combat. He wouldn’t be able to get away if he got too close.

Even though Cao Yi had more knowledge about Cisco than Apache, unfortunately, he was not as strong as Apache and was knocked out by Cisco after fifteen minutes without unleashing his power of Level Five Fighter.

To be honest, it was completely normal for gaps to exist between A-Ranked academies and the almighty Capth. Generally, the crowd of spectators realized that they had expected too much. The current score was 3:0. Clearly, Capth had secured their final victory, and had put the alliance one step closer to misery.

Cao Yi was depressed. He was hoping that he could last a bit longer, but it couldn’t be helped as Cisco was too strong indeed. Apparently, things didn’t go as he had planned because the gap between them and Capth was wider than expected.

Wang Tong smiled and said, "Why the long faces? We’ve made it this far. Look at all those people, they’re here to see us. A beggar could never go bankrupt. So, cheer up fellas, this is not the end. Leave the rest to me!"

Wang Tong warmed up his fingers and headed towards the ring. Everyone had shown great improvements after the special training. Although it was not enough to bring down Capth, still this opportunity had increased their experiences. They had done their part, and the rest would be his matter. He still had to fulfill his promise with Samantha.

Wang Tong was kind of excited.

Flark seemed pleased about Samantha’s ability to keep calm regardless of winning or losing. Clearly, Samantha was hoping for a miracle in this afternoon’s tournament, and even though her team was pushed to the edge of defeat by the score of 3:0, somehow, she was still able to keep her cool, which was very important for those who wished to get involved in politics!