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Chapter 195: The Beginning of the Real Battle

Chapter 195: The Beginning of the Real Battle

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Terrance seemed to have understood Wang Ben’s feeling. Clearly, he didn’t want to switch school to Capth in the first place, but he had no choice due to some reason. He could tell that Wang Tong was a close friend of Wang Ben. Judging from Wang Ben’s personality, the stronger their friendship, the greater his fighting strength would be. Without a doubt, this was a match not to be missed. After all, Wang Ben seemed to be the only one in Capth who was the most familiar with Wang Tong. Regardless of the result, it was time for Wang Tong to reveal all of his capabilities.

After listening to the teacher’s words, Halmond frowned and shook his head, "No, that’s too dangerous!"

"What’s the matter, Halmond?"

"Sir, Wang Ben was requesting for a real fight with Wang Tong, but that would be too dangerous!" Halmond seemed frustrated about his troublesome students. A real battle could cause serious damage if the students were not able to control themselves completely, which was why most METAL Combat matches were held using PA system instead.

"Haha, youngsters nowadays are very brave indeed, I’m happy that our academy has raised a good fighter. Very well, I accept Wang Ben’s proposal, and permission would be granted if Mr. Wang Tong is okay with it as well." Flark said in a calm manner.

"Yes, sir."

No questions were asked as long as Flark gave the green light.

After hearing Wang Ben’s proposal, Wang Tong sneered and replied, "Sure!"

Honestly, Wang Tong was also kind of bored with TPA. Although he had no idea why Wang Ben decided to leave Ayrlarng, Wang Tong could tell that he had his own reasons. After all, things wouldn’t always go smoothly as planned. Since they couldn’t become comrades, becoming rivals was not a bad idea too.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the fifth match between Ayrlarng-Bernabeu Alliance and Capth would be switched to a real duel."

Everyone went crazy when Halmond made that announcement. After all, virtual battles would never be as good as a real fight.

Nevertheless, this was a huge test for Wang Tong. A real fight would not only consume his Soul Energy, but his stamina would also be drained as well. Not to mention he would still have to face Terrance, the No.1 among second graders in the match after this.

"What the hell? Wang Ben you traitor, that’s insane!"

"What’s wrong with that guy, how could he be so ruthless!"

"All those ups and downs we’ve been through… Honestly, I’m disappointed."

Tita and the rest had no idea what happened to Wang Ben and why he became so aggressive all of a sudden. Most importantly Wang Tong had even agreed to his proposal!

Wang Tong ignored their complaints and took center stage with a straight face. All he wanted to do now was to fight Wang Tong.

"Wang Tong, I’m okay if you wanna rest a little longer?"

"Haha, let’s begin immediately. I can’t wait." Wang Tong laughed. Surprisingly, he wasn’t feeling bad at all. It was kind of like the time when Old Fart disappeared without saying a word. Wang Tong wasn’t upset at all, because he understood that everyone else, including friends and family, had their own choices in life. This was why he decided to smile when they saw each other again.

Wang Ben had mixed feelings when he saw Wang Tong’s smile. In order not to regret his decision, he would use his fists to prove that his father was right about everything.

The fight had begun!

The whole arena went quiet as Wang Ben initiated his Soul Energy, which also unleashed a fierce aura. That was the energy he had been holding on to for the past month.


The aura around Wang Ben’s body roared like a tiger, and his stone-cold glares were extremely intimidating.


Wang Ben’s fighting aura was more than enough to prove how good he was. On the other hand, Wally’s face went green when he saw Wang Ben’s ferocious aura. He immediately knew that Wang Ben could’ve easily subdued him.

Wang Ben had transformed into a ferocious tiger with that intimidating aura.

Even Flark nodded and complimented, "He is as good as his old man."

Samantha had complicated feelings as well. How she wished Wang Ben was still a student of Ayrlarng. But sadly, it couldn’t be helped. Judging from his performance, he had definitely become stronger. Clearly, her special training had helped him improved a lot. But unfortunately, he had switched sides.

Wang Tong was surprised by Wang Ben’s intimidating aura. He licked his lips knowing that the bar had been raised.

Wang Ben’s eyes looked like he would like to eat Wang Tong alive. Those who didn’t know them might have thought that the both of them were sworn enemies.

Wang Ben unleashed his war cry and dashed forward, followed by his Fist of the Racing Tiger!

Along with its thunderous roar, the punch resembled a fierce tiger charging towards its prey. No wonder it was known as Earth Confederation’s mightiest punch. The unpretentious yet forceful punch was definitely more than enough to intimidate any opponent.

However, Wang Tong wasn’t planning to dodge at all. He immediately ignited his GN Force and thrust a punch.


A huge amount of GN Force dispersed across the arena as their fists met. Both fighters took a few steps back due to the immense recoil. The spectators were startled by Wang Tong’s performance. No one could believe that he was strong enough to take on Wang Ben’s Fist of the Racing Tiger.

Wang Tong stretched his neck while admiring Wang Ben’s ferocious aura> He was very excited to see Wang Ben’s fighting spirit. At this moment, it had nothing to do with winning or losing; all he wanted was a proper duel with Wang Ben.

On the other hand, Wang Ben too had noticed Wang Tong’s agitated spirit as their GN Force clashed. Although his advantage in Soul Energy was higher than Wang Tong, yet Wang Tong was able to counter with his colossal aura, like an unshakable titan.

However, unlike the conventional punches, Wang Ben’s Fist of the Racing Tiger was as tough as steel!

Wang Ben took a deep breath and flexed his forearms. Then, he unleashed a gigantic force of energy as he shouted, "Roar of the Tiger!"

Clearly, he wasn’t trying to drag the match as he had decided to unleash his killing move this early.

"I’ve been waiting!"

Wang Tong repositioned his body and unleashed his Butterfly Dash. He too was well aware that mingling with Wang Ben’s Fist of the Racing Tiger was a bad idea! However, before the crowd could admire Wang Tong’s brilliant Butterfly Dash, he was knocked back by another punch.

Wang Ben didn’t make a continuous attack. Wang Tong’s Butterfly Dash didn’t bother him at all as his center of gravity would never be affected while he was completely focused. Wang Ben’s strength was overwhelming, and he had been waiting for this day to take on Wang Tong.

"Go full force, Wang Tong. If you really want to defeat Capth, first you’ll have to go through me!" Wang Ben pointed towards Wang Tong and said in a deep voice.

Suddenly, Wally realized everyone was admiring Wang Ben’s dominating aura. Clearly, his elegant style was no match to Wang Ben’s macho-ness. He might still remain the No.1 amongst first graders, yet somehow, he could tell that he was no longer the strongest. With Li Ruo-Er and Wang Ben’s existence in Capth, his title had surely become worthless.

Wang Tong rubbed his chest as he got up. Wang Ben had surely improved a lot, thus, he had no reasons to hold back anymore.

Both fighters flung a punch at each other again!

Wang Ben was clearly one of the few that knew how strong Wang Tong was, and he still had no idea how he lost to him last time. However, he was determined to win this time!

Wang Ben’s Soul Energy was around one hundred and eighty sols while Wang Tong’s Soul Energy was around one hundred and seventy sols. At his age, Wang Tong’s Soul Energy was impressive indeed. However, it was not the strongest level yet, and the reading of his GN Force would be similar to his Soul Energy based on the existing data.

Yet, Wang Tong was bold enough to use his fists and took on Earth Confederation’s mightiest First of the Racing Tiger. Either he was fearless, or he was a fool.

The atmosphere of the arena froze. Students of Capth had never imagined that it would be this intense. Upon his enrollment in Capth, Wang Ben had been keeping a low profile. He didn’t bother even though people were discussing about him, and many had even underestimated him at the beginning. Clearly, they were all wrong.

Wang Ben had fully demonstrated the essence of Fist of the Racing Tiger!



His steel-hard fists were dispersing a menacing aura. This set of tactics was specially designed to counter and subdue those elegant-looking tactics and techniques. Only real hard kicks and punches would be able to put up a good match against it!

Which was why Wang Tong chose to fight him with denser techniques. Without a doubt, Wang Ben had improved a lot!

Wang Tong had to make a breakthrough in this critical situation.


Wang Tong thrust his fist for a straight punch, while Wang Ben countered with his roaring Fist of the Racing Tiger. Clearly, Wang Tong was going to lose since Wang Ben had the upper hand in terms of GN Force.

All of the spectators gasped as soon as they saw a figure being knocked back… It was Wang Ben!

Wasn’t Fist of the Racing Tiger known as the mightiest punch of all? What happened exactly?

Wang Tong remained unharmed. The straight punch resembled the one he used to one-hit-KO Cisco.

Cisco’s face went pale as he realized that Wang Tong’s punch wasn’t a simple GN Force infused strike. Instead, it was also surrounded by an overwhelming menace, which also explained why Wang Tong was able to stand against those opponents who possessed higher GN Force than him. Without a doubt, his instinct during crisis was not to be underestimated.

Wang Ben got up to his feet unhurt. The successor of Fist of the Racing Tiger was trained for this kind of impacts. Basically, tactics of most military families were based on one same practicing method, which was to learn taking hits before learning how to fight.

This was very crucial while facing stronger enemies. In short, the tougher the body, the higher the chances of victory. After all, whoever that was able to last longer in a brawl would win.

Wang Ben didn’t stop and charged towards Wang Tong again with his Fist of the Racing Tiger. He would never back down no matter how strong was his opponent.

Wang Tong was amazed by Wang Ben’s improvements. He didn’t expect that Wang Ben was able to defend against his forceful attack. Wang Tong’s punch attack originated from the palm strike that he learned from Einherjar Wannabe. Apparently, that palm strike of Einherjar Wannabe was not martial art but a murderous technique instead. It was extremely brutal and required two hundred and fifty-six nodes Tactics of the Blade to fully unleash its strength. Even though it was able to penetrate any sort of defenses, it would also inflict a great deal of recoil damage to its user. The user could be killed after unleashing a few hits if he or she didn’t possess strong GN Force for self-protection. Based on the existing facts, Wang Tong now believed that Einherjar Wannabe was really an Einherjar in his past life, and Blade Warrior might be the only one that was capable of trapping his soul into the Space Crystal.