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Chapter 197: M...Monster!

Chapter 197: M...Monster!

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"Did you notice that Wang Ben’s battle rhythm focused on charging attacks?" Cisco asked suddenly.

"Indeed, it seems like he isn’t confident in winning at all." Terrance nodded as he acknowledged the pressure within. Honestly, both him and Cisco were strong, but definitely not stronger than Wang Ben. It would put him in a troublesome situation if Wang Ben lost in the end, not to mention it would become an inglorious victory for Terrance if both Wang Ben and Wang Tong were severely injured after their fight, and it would never feel right.

"Terrance, how does Wang Tong’s weird punching technique be able to stand against Fist of the Racing TIger?" Wally was amazed by what he saw.

"Perhaps it is due to the way he utilizes GN Force. Normally, people would focus their GN Force around their fists during battles to enhance the effectiveness of the attacks. Fist of the Racing TIger is powerful because it has a different way of distributing GN Force to maximize its damages. As for Wang Tong’s mysterious Thunder Punch, judging from the unusual rumbling sound, I think it also had a different way of distributing GN Force."

Terrance closely observed every detail and changes in the ring. If Wang Ben lost, he would have to fight next, and he had to make sure that there were no mistakes on his turn.

Wang Ben charged towards Wang Tong once again. However, his pacing changed this time. Normally, Wang Ben’s pacing was simple and straightforward in order to match his Fist of the Racing Tiger. But this time, Wang Ben was seen utilizing Dash of the Tiger created by General Hu Ben!

Back then, Wang Ben had no choice but to take straightforward steps because he wasn’t powerful enough to master everything. Yet, as soon as he was promoted to a Level Five Fighter, he immediately began to master the essence of Dash of the Tiger.

Everyone knew that martial arts were all about balance. Since the weakness of punch-style fighters was their lower torso, hence they would have to practice matching pacing as well in order to maintain the strength of their tactics and also protect themselves. As for Wang Ben, he had significantly increased the power of his tactics by unleashing Dash of the Tiger!

Wang Tong immediately focused. He wasn’t going to charge recklessly towards Wang Ben who had combined Fist of the Racing Tiger with Dash of the Tiger, enabling him to drastically improve his aim and timing. Somehow, this was more intimidating than the power of a Level Five Fighter.

As Wang Ben was boosted by Dash of the Tiger, he had completely turned into pressuring attack mode, giving Wang Tong a hard time to defend against the true strength of Fist of the Racing Tiger. Wang Ben managed to throw out two punches in a flash, and Wang Tong instantly felt the pain, while his body was shaking after defending against it. Somehow, the impact managed to penetrate his defense even though Wang Tong had successfully blocked the punches.

Noticing he had nullified Wang Tong’s defense, Wang Ben aimed at Wang Tong’s shoulder and unleashed Leap of the Tiger, sending him flying across the arena.

It was an intense takedown.

Every student of Capth cheered aloud with their thunderous applause. This match had definitely proven Wang Ben’s status as an elite in Capth. Everyone acknowledged that he should be the true No.1 amongst first graders.

"Halmond, send a letter to General Hu Ben after this to thank him for raising such an incredible son."

"Yes, sir," Halmond replied politely.

It seemed like the principal was very pleased with Wang Ben. No wonder he was so supportive towards the Golden Hawk Union. Obviously, this newly risen political and military force would be able to strengthen Earth Confederation. However, there was nothing much they can do for now because House of Ma and House of Li were still the main foundation of Earth Confederation. The only thing Flark could do was to recruit new and strong blood, not to mention Wang Ben’s status was different from the others.

One’s personality would be completely reflected in his or her battling methods. Basically, Flark could tell that Wang Ben was an obedient yet clear-minded kid based on the information when he entered Capth, his past performances in Ayrlarng, and also the incident on Paradise Island; which was why Flark liked him very much.

Obstinate kids like him had become lesser in recent years.

"Get up!" Commanded Wang Ben. He didn’t want this fight to end so soon!

Wang Tong gathered himself and got up slowly. Wang Tong would be able to defeat Wang Ben for sure if he were just using regular Fist of the Racing Tiger. However, things had changed as he added in Dash of the Tiger. Clearly, these tactics were not something to be taken lightly. After all, they were known as one of Earth Confederation’s greatest tactics.

Wang Tong was left with two choices, the first one was to expose his two hundred and fifty-six nodes Tactics of the Blade in public. Even though it was hard to be noticed, but things would really get messy if someone were able to notice that, which was why he dared not to use it here. He wouldn’t care much if he were still his old-self, but times had changed, and he had a lot of secrets to keep. He also had to cover for Old Fart, just in case he was actually a Level-S fugitive.

As mentioned by Massa, he would eventually have to take those off someday, even though he still wished to wear them a bit longer.

As soon as Wang Tong scanned his thumbprint, those magnetic cuffs he had been wearing since the special training came off and fell hard onto the ground.

Students of Capth were very familiar with magnetic cuffs; those were, in fact, military grade insane training devices. The people of Capth were stunned and silenced as soon as Wang Tong removed his restrains.

A while ago, Principal Halmond was very confident that they were going to win in no time. Yet, his face immediately turned green after this jaw-dropping scene occurred… Was Wang Tong actually a monster?

Principal Flark was surprised as well. He hadn’t seen such surprise in many years, then he turned towards Samantha and smiled from the bottom of his heart. He was very pleased that Samantha was indeed fully prepared for this day. Flark had to admit that she did very well this time.

Samantha was able to notice the envious and suspicious glares from the crowd, but it didn’t bother her. All of a sudden, she had completely forgotten about those politics and ambitions of hers, as Wang Tong’s manliness had melted her heart. It was an indescribably sweet sensation indeed.

Finally, everyone understood why Wang Ben chose to go mainly offensive. It was outrageous to see a fighter with two sets of magnetic cuffs was able to withstand the ferocious attacks of a Level Five Fighter.

What a monster!

"Don’t tell me you were trying to defeat me while wearing them." Wang Ben gave Wang Tong a cold glare as he said that in his stone-cold voice.

Wang Tong relaxed his wrists and feet. His body felt weird after removing those restrains, and it seemed like a great idea to try out his improvements on Wang Ben. As soon as a person got used to the strength of those magnetic cuffs, their effectiveness would gradually decrease. Noticing that he had often forgotten about those restrains on his arms and legs, Wang Tong realized that it was time for him to take them off.

Wang Tong knew that as soon as he released those cuffs, his strength and speed would be significantly boosted; it would literally give him wings.

Wang Tong smiled and replied, "Well then, here I come!"

The figure of his body disappeared the moment he finished his sentence… What an incredible speed!

Wang Tong dashed towards Wang Ben in a blink of an eye, and Wang Ben threw out a punch with his instinct. However, it missed Wang Tong due to his incredible speed. As soon as he got behind Wang Ben, Wang Tong unleashed his dynamic Thunder Punch towards Wang Ben’s back.

With no room to counter, Wang Ben was knocked away by the forceful attack.

What a monstrous speed!

Even Apache, who was proud of his speed, got startled by what he had witnessed. That was insanely fast! He would have already lost if he were to fight against an opponent with such a speed.

Wang Ben stood up, then adjusted his breathing and unleashed a thunderous roar. He charged towards Wang Tong with his Dash of the Tiger and thrust his Fist of the Racing Tiger… but it missed!

Wang Tong managed to dodge it with his amazing speed. He angled his nimble body, then threw out another punch towards Wang Ben!

Wang Ben took another hit, his speed no match against Wang Tong’s! Aside from his speed, Wang Tong’s strength had also increased a lot. The punch had caused Wang Ben to cough out blood.

The crowd watched in silence, and the people of Capth were never this nervous before.

Wang Tong stood still and hoped that Wang Ben would give up. He had no intentions to harm a friend. In fact, he had been holding back, knowing that Wang Ben could’ve been killed if he went full force.

However, Wang Ben didn’t surrender. He got up and wiped off his blood, then charged towards Wang Tong once again like a beast. But obviously, he wasn’t able to hit Wang Tong.

Wang Tong had no choice but to throw another Thunder Punch towards Wang Ben. This time, it got him on his underbelly and shattered his defense. Unable to control his body, Wang Ben was blasted off by the impact and hit hard on the ground.

Wang Tong knew the pain would be unbearable if a person were hit at the underbelly by a strong impact, and he wished Wang Ben would surrender this time. Even though it was a strong punch, Wang Tong didn’t inflict any damage to his bones.

After coughing out a pool of blood, Wang Ben held together and got up.

"Sir, this is..." Halmond seemed worried. He had no idea why would Wang Ben insist on getting up.

Flark waved his hand and stopped Halmond from interrupting. Halmond had no choice but to stand back.

Soldiers were meant to get injured, not to mention the number of brawls like this had decreased lately throughout the academies. Back then, battles amongst academies used to be bloody and gory, and students were used to getting hurt. Yet, those fights had become entertainment somehow ever since the emergence of TPA.

Fights without injuries were not the real deal! After all, it was all about blood and gore!

Soldiers and fighters were meant to be bloodthirsty.

Wang Ben stared at Wang Tong straight in the eyes, and once again dashed across and unleashed his Descent of the Tiger!


It was followed by another forceful punch. People began to wonder if he were in fact immortal…


Wang Tong didn’t dodge. Instead, he grabbed Wang Ben by his fists and took a few steps back, followed by a strong thrust with his knee towards Wang Ben’s abdomen. With Wang Ben’s fists still in his hands, Wang Tong tilted his body and finished off with a grappling toss! Wang Ben was thrown hard towards the ground.

His attacks were practically useless now.

Everyone remained silent. This was not the Capth they used to know anymore.

Candidates of Battlecraft Combat were stunned as well. They couldn’t believe that he was the guy who had defeated Bisu and Flash a while ago! Most importantly, wasn’t Wang Tong the main candidate of Battlecraft Combat?

The crowd wasn’t expecting Wang Ben to get up, yet he managed to stand up even though the impact had caused his body to stagger. However, his vision was blurry, and didn’t even have the strength to wipe off his bloodied mouth.

Unlike fights in the virtual space, injuries hurt in real battles. Normal, students could’ve been dead already if they were hit like this continuously.

Wang Ben had no reasons to continue fighting as he had already proven his capability in this match. There was no reason for him to fight the insane monster who had been wearing two sets of magnetic cuffs.

Students of Ayrlarng said nothing as well. Obviously, Wang Ben was not fighting for the sake of Capth, as he wasn’t someone who would care much about glory. However, they couldn’t help wondering why Wang Ben wanted to carry on fighting.