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Chapter 199: Rise to Fame

Chapter 199: Rise to Fame

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Wang Ben had failed to remain calm and totally submerged into the extreme state of madness while fighting against Wang Tong. Thus, he wasn’t able to be completely focus on what was going on and got KO-ed in the end by Wang Tong’s extreme speed. Yet, Terrance was different. During his days in Court of the Templar, he was taught to remain focused and calm even when facing off opponents’ extreme speed and rapid attacks.

Without a doubt Wang Tong’s Thunder Punch was insanely strong. However, the thunderous sound from his fists had given away his position, leaving Wang Tong no choice but to throw out another attack. The more strength Wang Tong mustered, the worse his circulation of tactics of the Blade would become.

Although Tactics of the Blades were able to discharge the impact from outer attacks spontaneously, it was bitterly slow in terms of discharging recoil damages. Nevertheless, Wang Tong didn’t complain about it because he made that choice himself.

Old Fart might be a jerk, but there was one thing that he was absolutely right about: a man should never regret his own decisions.

Before this, Terrance was hoping to fight Wang Tong in a proper manner. But as the fight proceeded, his fighter instinct was telling him to pick the most effective battling method because Wang Tong had given him too much pressure. Only Wang Ben would choose to fight this monstrous guy like a normal person.

Despite the intense pressure, Terrance was still able to read Wang Tong’s thoughts. Obviously, his opponent was gradually reaching his own physical limit; the only thing he needed to do was to wait. It might sound filthy, but that was what real battles looked like. Terrance remained calm and held on tight to his strategy of exhausting Wang Tong, and his splendid defense forced Wang Tong to keep on attacking.

Actions that consumed GN Force would rapidly worsen one’s internal energy. Eventually, the fighter would become sluggish and weak when his or her body reached its limit.

Wang Tong began to feel the symptoms. Clearly, he was too hasty and forgot that Terrance was also a steady expert in fighting. Wang Tong’s intense utilization of GN Force had caused huge troubles to his inner circulation, and things would get worse if he carried on, not to mention it wasn’t easy for a person to recover from internal injuries.

Wang Tong could tell that he was gradually becoming sluggish after Terrance defended against two of his punches. It seemed like Terrance was also an expert in timing, judging from the way he unleashed a few strikes to test him upon realizing that Wang Tong’s strength was getting weaker. As an ace fighter who was trained and educated by Court of the Templar and Capth, Terrance had been demonstrating an exceptionally steady performance so far.

Wang Tong was left with no choice but to exhaust him by attacking continuously. In the end, Terrance had obtained the upper hand in this fight. If it weren’t because of Wang Tong’s mysterious Thunder Punch, Terrance would’ve charged already. Nevertheless, he was still remaining calm, and decided to fully take control of the situation before dealing the knockout strike.

Carl and the others seemed nervous as they realized things weren’t looking good, but it couldn’t be helped since the candidate of Capth didn’t conduct any foul play in securing the upper hand.

Wang Tong immediately felt an intense pain as soon as he was hit by Terrance’s palm strike. Fortunately, he had good endurance and managed to shake it off. Wang Tong had been observing while engaging in the battle. He had to come up with something to defeat a steady fighter like Terrance as soon as possible. However, it would be difficult to find a loophole in his movements.

As soon as Terrance had the battle under control, he flung his sword and unleashed one of Court of Templar’s sword strike technique — the Multi-Edge Slash!

Rounds of GN Force came slashing towards Wang Tong like a hurricane, forcing him to dodge by moving constantly. Even though his speed had decreased dramatically, knowing that he would soon reach his own limit, Wang Tong took the risk to try out another counterattack.

Wang Tong clenched his teeth and infused his fists with GN Force, then charged straight towards Terrance with a thunderous roar!

Everyone wondered if he were trying to go for a suicidal final attack.

Yet, based on Terrance’s observance about Wang Tong’s Thunder Punch, that movement seemed more like a struggling attack! Hence, instead of retreating and giving Wang Tong a chance to counter, Terrance infused his GN Force around his sword and dashed towards Wang Tong. He was confident that his sword would reach Wang Tong first before Wang Tong’s Thunder Punch could reach him!

Without any opportunity to avoid, Terrance’s sword pierced through Wang Tong’s right shoulder, but at the same time, this had also narrowed down the distance between both fighters. All of a sudden Terrance noticed that he had entered Wang Tong’s strike zone and retreated backward immediately; he would never take the risk of getting hit by Wang Tong.

On the other hand, Wang Tong faked a smile. To be honest he was already too sluggish to fling out a big punch due to the overuse of GN Force. However, it seemed like his plan had worked. Wang Tong then pulled out the sword on his right shoulder. Although he would not be able to move his right arm anymore, but he did successfully snatch Terrance’s sword and nullified his GN Force.

As he held onto the comfortable grip of Terrance’s sword, Wang Tong knew that now was the time to end this.

Terrance couldn’t believe that Wang Tong would use such bold and deadly methods just to take away his sword!

None of the students had ever expected that Wang Tong would be this crazy. His unpredictable actions had scared the crap out of many students. However, losing his sword wasn’t a really big deal to Terrance. Moreover, Wang Tong’s injury had worsened and his vitality had definitely gotten weaker.

Wang Tong swallowed his bloody saliva, realizing that the harmonious life on Earth had caused his body to become weaker. Back then, this kind of injury was nothing to him. Anyway, it was time to put this to an end.

As Wang Tong gradually infused the sword with GN Force, he couldn’t help but notice how good the sword was, since it was able to sustain his GN Force without any problem.

Terrance was shocked and his pupils contracted all of a sudden as he noticed the tip of his sword vibrating while it was sustaining Wang Tong’s GN Force…

Wang Tong held the sword in his hand and charged towards Terrance like a projected arrow. Terrance saw Wang Tong was approaching and immediately stepped back while infusing his body with GN Force; he was confident that he would be able to dodge it!

Terrance’s body was approximately one centimeter away from the tip of the sword in Wang Tong’s hand. However, Terrance’s face instantly turned green as he felt a chilly sensation around his abdomen… Could it be the aura from a sword strike?

"Damn!", Terrance couldn’t help cursing. This was definitely his worst day in life. As soon as he said that, Wang Tong unleashed his final attack by launching a kick towards Terrance’s chest.


Blood splattered across as Wang Tong’s kick sent Terrance flying to the other corner of the arena and crash landed right onto the wall. Terrance’s abdomen was already dyed red by his own blood.

The referee immediately stopped the match to avoid any fatality, while the paramedics who were already standing by rushed towards Terrance immediately.

Suddenly, Wang Tong felt a weird dizziness while he was telling himself not to act like a daredevil next time.


Wang Tong collapsed; this was his first time he was feeling happy to faint.

Carl and the rest of the team rushed towards Wang Tong, but were stopped by the staff members. Later on, both Wang Tong and Terrance were carried away by the medics.

"Haha, what a bold and intelligent fighter! Congratulations Principal Samantha, you’ve recruited a marvelous genius!" Flark stood up and continued, "Excuse me as my old body needs to take a break. I’ll leave the guests to your care then, Halmond."

"Yes, sir."

Everyone stood up as they saw Flark get up from his seat. Meanwhile, the monitor began to make an announcement about Ayrlarng-Bernabeu Alliance’s final victory. Aside from that, there was also an announcement regarding Wang Tong and Terrance’s conditions. Apparently, their injuries were under control and was being treated by the medical team.

Carl and a few other guys immediately jumped around like monkeys, while some of the girls were busy crying. This had been their toughest journey, and no one had ever dreamt about winning. Yet, their dream had finally come true!

An ordinary kid named Wang Tong had risen to fame in a single day. He would be remembered as the savior who made a huge comeback and single-handedly crushed the almighty Capth!

His level of strength was unimaginable indeed!

On the other hand, everyone from Capth was extremely depressed. No one was ready for an overwhelming defeat. A moment ago, they were still widely known as the unrivaled Capth. Yet, their undefeatable record was shattered by a boy who no one had ever heard of; it was a bitter feeling indeed.

In short, Wang Tong had prepared an extraordinary present for Capth to "celebrate" their Founding Ceremony.

Despite feeling depressed, Halmond gathered himself and hosted the closing ceremony of this tournament. This was the first time he had to deliver a closing speech as a loser, and that feeling sucked.

Samantha held onto her excitement and delivered a speech to thank Capth for hosting this wonderful tournament. Aside from that, she also praised her students for their extraordinary efforts at the end of her speech. In fact, she had always been extremely generous in praising her own students.

It might have sounded a little arrogant, but it wasn’t at all since they were the only team amongst A-Ranked academies that managed to defeat Capth. Furthermore, the performances of every candidate in all matches had been very impressive indeed.

"Did you see his last attack? Was it really the aura from a sword strike?"

"I have no idea. In fact, I’ve never heard of any Level Four Fighter who was able to do that."

"If the slash was deeper, it would’ve dealt serious damages to his internal organs."

"So, you were saying that he had been controlling his strength?"

"I think it was just a coincidence, or it was because he hadn’t completely mastered the technique. After all, no one would be so considerable in such situations."

"Anyway, today was truly embarrassing. Let’s just wait for tomorrow’s announcements."

"Yea, worst defeat ever."

A few of the paramedics were seen chatting about what happened after checking on Wang Tong’s condition. They noticed that he was extremely well-built and his vitality was amazing, even though his Soul Energy was just slightly above average. To be honest, the medical team of Capth had treated numerous elite fighters like Wang Tong, and there was really nothing unusual about his body. However, they were truly surprised by his amazing vitality, yet there were not much medical researches regarding vitality, since it depended on the activeness of the cells in a person’s body.

Ancient medical manuscript of the Orientals had always been emphasizing on the theory of blood and Qi circulation. It saw life as a form of energy force, yet people had abandoned such theory in the era which was ruled by Soul Energy.

Wang Tong had fallen into a deep meditation state, yet, his body was able to initialize Tactics of the Blade even though he was unconscious. This auto-initialization would be able to speed up his recovery. Nevertheless, a person would be left in a paralyzed state in such a condition and would not be able to move even a muscle. Somehow, it felt like submerging into a nightmare. Perhaps one would be able to wake up from it if the person mustered enough strength to open his or her eyes, but based on Wang Tong’s condition, it would still require some time for him to wake up.

Most of the time, Wang Tong practiced tactics of the Blade with trial and error, and sometimes, he would even have to make some bold decisions. Fortunately, he had been practicing sixteen nodes Tactics of the Blade since he was younger, which was able to provide enough protection and prevented him from going berserk from time to time.