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Chapter 200: Mystical Orb of Light

Chapter 200: Mystical Orb of Light

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Things didn’t look good. Although the auto-regeneration ability of Wang Tong’s Tactics of the Blade was exceptionally strong, the damages caused by his own body had gotten worse. In fact, most of the superior tactics had to be passed down by mentors because they that had greater Genome Nuclear Sources, and were known to be more complicated and contained higher risks. Mentors would be able to aid the proteges by sharing their energy force if anything happened, which also explained why most of those aces and elites were born in big families. Even though countless decent fighters had emerged throughout generations and there were also a great deal of truly talented ones, yet most of those people would choose a wrong path in the end and some would even stop improving; some even lost their minds after going berserk. In the end, the remaining small amount of people were the only ones who thrived.

"Hey, he’s not doing good! Vitality is dropping!"

"Hurry up and put him into the T-33 XMD Capsule."

"Yes, doc!"

"What’s going on? Wasn’t he doing fine just a while ago?"

"I have no clue, it’s definitely strange because even Terrance, who suffered more severe damages, is doing fine already."

"Could it be there is something wrong with his tactics?"

A few doctors immediately went to check on Wang Tong. Apparently, his Soul Energy and body condition wasn’t very stable, and even the doctors had never seen something like this before.

Wang Tong was then placed into a medical capsule, his body still shaking and trembling.

In his fuzzy state of consciousness, Wang Tong could tell that his body was gradually losing control, and he could feel that something within his body was about to burst. But he was too weak to do anything about it. All of a sudden, Wang Tong saw a golden shimmering light glowing in his EMF, and the light got bigger and bigger. As soon as the orb of light became as big as his fist, it began to move around Wang Tong’s body, and he could feel that he was regaining his senses as the orb of light passed through every part of his body. In the end, he gave up struggling and followed the golden orb of light. His body was instantly filled with a warm sensation…

Samantha consulted the doctor about Wang Tong’s current condition, but even the doctor had no explanation for it. Luckily the medical team was able to get to him in time before Wang Tong’s critical condition escalated. The doctor told Samantha that Wang Tong’s condition had returned to normal and everything was under control. Hence, he should be waking up in no time.

Samantha was immediately relieved after hearing the doctor’s explanation. Samantha then turned towards Wang Tong’s capsule, her heart filled with a warm sensation as she knew that Wang Tong had risked his life for her ambition. Even she felt a sharp pain in her heart when she witnessed Wang Tong getting stabbed by Terrance back then.

She wasn’t able to keep her cool anymore; her heart was completely filled with Wang Tong.

Meanwhile, Ma Xiaoru, Zhou Sisi, Carl and a few other teammates were anxiously waiting outside the ward, and were finally relieved after knowing that Wang Tong was fine. On the other hand, the whole Ayrlarng was filled with cheers and tears when the rest of the students received the news about their victory against Capth. No one had expected this could happen.

"Relax kids, he’s gonna be fine! You’re free to enjoy the rest of the evening in Capth." Samantha smiled and said to her students. Nevertheless, she would be staying to take care of the rest of the procedures.

As soon as her students left the ward, Samantha silently stared at Wang Tong, who was still lying in the capsule. She gently placed her hand on the glass and said, "Get well soon. I’ll be waiting for you to fulfill the promise between us."

Samantha instantly blushed and was embarrassed of what she said… and as soon as she said that, a couple of air bubbles gushed out from Wang Tong’s mouth. Samantha shook her head and wondered if Wang Tong was actually trying to talk to her.

"Hurry up you little perv. I’m not gonna wait for too long, you hear me?"

Meanwhile, Wang Tong was still following the golden light orb in a mystical journey of power discovery. The light orb was warm, and it released a pleasant and wonderful vibe. As Wang Tong’s Tactics of the Blades slowly recovered, he noticed that the inner circulation of his Soul Energy was also letting out a dim golden glow.

Ma Xiaoru came in after Samantha left Wang Tong’s room, her feelings complicated as she saw Samantha walk away. Although her fight with Li Ruo-Er ended up in a draw, yet Ma Xiaoru knew that it was because Li Ruo-Er had been holding back. Due to certain circumstances, Ma Xiaoru had to keep her distance with the House of Li for the sake of the relationship of both Houses with Earth Confederation. Without a doubt, Li Shimin was a perfect guy. However, Ma Xiaoru had no feelings for him at all.

People might ask why so, yet Ma Xiaoru wouldn’t bother explaining because this was how she felt. If she had to find a reason, she would say it was because Li Shimin felt unrealistic and she found Wang Tong more attractive because he was ambitious and faithful, even though he might look like a fool or a jerk from time to time. Yet, she couldn’t help falling for him.

After overhearing Samantha’s words to Wang Tong, only then Ma Xiaoru found out that Samantha really had feelings for Wang Tong, and Wang Tong fancied Samantha as well.

Somehow, Ma Xiaoru was deeply saddened, because Samantha was the only one that she didn’t want to compete with. As Ma Xiaoru stood in silence and gazed at Wang Tong, she couldn’t help develop a strong feeling for him, so close yet so far.

Perhaps, it was time for her to move on.

After a while, Ma Xiaoru left with a solemn expression…

Minutes after Ma Xiaoru left the room, Zhou Sisi came in and stared at Wang Tong through the glass window. Then, she gently knocked on the window and said, "Wang Tong you jerk, I can’t believe that you would be bold enough to hit on our principal. Honestly, I think Xiaoru suits you better… Sigh, what the hell am I saying. Get well soon my dear mentor, I’ll be praying for you!"

Zhou Sisi developed a complicated feeling as she stared at Wang Tong, the "Sleeping Beauty". She felt like she would never be able to compete against Samantha and Ma Xiaoru, but at least she would be able to see Wang Tong as her close friend. Perhaps she really did fancy him, but she knew it wasn’t romance.

After making sure that no one was around, Zhou Sisi gave Wang Tong a gentle kiss through the window and then bolted out the room like a child who did something wrong.

Moments later, another figure came laughing gently as he walked in, "Haha, yo Mr. Casanova, how’s it feeling to have so many visitors? Hmm, if so many pretty ladies would care about me, I wouldn’t mind taking your place, you know? Anyway, get well soon buddy, everyone’s waiting for you to return as their hero." Hu Yangxuan said as he gently knocked on his capsule.

Then, Hu Yangxuan grabbed a chair from the corner and sat down right next to Wang Tong’s capsule and said, "Oh by the way, Wang Ben’s alright, but it would take about half a month for him to recover. Both of you idiots are tiring everyone out. However, I could say that you’ve just become a celebrity, and looks like it’s time for me to teach you how to deal with fans. Or else, you’ll be drowned by the screams and cheers of those fangirls out there."

"To be honest, I think Sisi was right. I also think that Xiaoru is the better one for you. Principal ‘Mac-Gorgeous’ is a person who has her own dreams to pursue. Instead of love, work is the focus of her life. But Xiaoru is different. Although she is the successor of FFC, she’s kind, gentle and understanding. She’s definitely the best candidate for a wife, am I right?" Hu Yangxuan continued.

"Oh, so I’ll take your air-bubbles as a yes then. Coming to think of it, Sisi ain’t that bad either. Oh well, rest assure as I’m not gonna hit on her since she fancied you as well."

After talking non-stop in the ward, finally a nurse barged in and asked Hu Yangxuan to leave Wang Tong alone. Before he left, Hu Yangxuan even bragged about going to hit on the pretty girls of Capth. If it weren’t because Hu Yangxuan was a handsome young man, the nurse might have kicked his ass already.

Even Wang Tong would’ve chased him out if he was conscious. Clearly, the young man had forgotten that one had to tone down in the ward.

Breaking news: Ayrlarng defeated Capth in the mind-blowing tournament!

The fantastic Principal Samatha, a gorgeous beauty who created miracles!

An absolute different founding ceremony for Capth: Ayrlarng-Bernabeu Alliance’s truly unexpected victory in the Inter-academy tournament.

Wang Tong: the absolute genius of both Battlecraft Combat and METAL Combat!

The rise of a new star: Yay or nay?

Every newspaper throughout Earth Confederation was reporting the same news on the following day. Back then, when Samantha became the principal of Ayrlarng, most people didn’t give a damn and thought that it was just a game of the rich ones. Some even thought that she was naive.

Yet, Samantha immediately began to apply her ideas as soon as she took over Ayrlarng, completely reshaping its image. In the end, the former top student of Capth managed to create another miracle. Through her leadership, Ayrlarng, which had been known in recent years as an academy of weaklings, had finally defeated the unrivaled Capth!

There were immediately hundreds and thousands of good reviews regarding Samantha. As of now, Samantha was no longer the naive girl who everyone had been talking about. She had finally become one of the greatest assets of Earth Confederation, a talented leader with vibrant capabilities in politics.

Meanwhile, Ayrlarng had also received a lot of attention from the community. The academy was approached by numerous enterprises which were willing to sponsor Ayrlarng and create scholarships.

Being one of Earth’s top ten financial hubs, without a doubt Shangjin contained a handful of multi-million corporations. Yet, none of them had financially supported Ayrlarng back then because the academy was weak and worthless. However, the academy had once again risen to fame due to Samantha’s administration, and also the tremendous efforts of Ayrlarng’s new blood. Hence, with this level of fame and publicity, of course the corporations would never let a chance like this slip away from their hands.

As for the students of Ayrlarng, this victory had significantly boosted their fighting spirit. They were now willing to work harder in order not to embarrassing themselves as well as the academy.

Honestly, no one would ever wish to be treated as the underdog. As long as there was a chance to strive and a person to lead them, they would want to become successful as well.

The news of defeating Capth was definitely greater than the time Ayrlarng defeated Bernabeu. All of a sudden, a lot of VIPs in Shangjin began to brag about them being supportive of the new administration of the new principal. Some of them actually stood against Samantha’s new policies at the beginning, saying that her methods were unfair. But now, they switched sides and began to praise that her policies were effective in improving the competitiveness of fellow students.

Even Wang Tong began to receive a lot of attention, especially after his excellent performance in Battlecraft Combat. After all, he was the boy genius who had single-handedly crushed Flash and Bisu, who were known as Earth Confederation’s strongest duo. As for his performance in METAL Combat, without a doubt his strength was being recognized, but it wasn’t very convincing because the ones he fought were not the strongest fighters of Capth. Furthermore, he didn’t get to fight Li Ruo-Er and the other top-notch elites of third and fourth grade. Nevertheless, Wang Ben’s outstanding performance had also boosted his reputation to a certain extent.