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Chapter 201: A Night of Passion

Chapter 201: A Night of Passion

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What was fascinating about the development was the fact that the public seemed to be more interested in Samantha and Wang Ben than Wang Tong.

Wang Ben always had been at the focal point of the public’s attention. His recent ascension to the Sixth Tier had granted him an aura enough to impress even the Military personals. His success also gave the face to his father, General Hu Ben. No one blamed the general’s son even after his defeat, as they understood that failure was merely part of a fighter's life.

It was generally accepted that although a fighter could improve his or her tactics and techniques over time, the overall strength of one’s soul energy was set. The military experts were impressed by Wang Ben’s soul energy. After careful observation of the fighting footage between Wang Ben and Flash, some experts even concluded that Wang Ben's soul energy had exceeded that of his father in his youth.

In addition to studying Wang Ben’s fighting footage, the experts were also very interested in the unique fighting style of Karl. Although the experts debated over the superiority of the two fighting styles, they all agreed that Ayrlarng’s former glory had been fully restored.

Wang Tong didn’t care about the lack of attention given to him; he could only think of one thing: his date with Samantha. Wang Tong woke up early in the morning after the golden blur of light had finished circling his body. He had already recovered much of his consciousness and thought that he could use a few more round of tactics to recuperate. But the golden glow disappeared.

The nurses carried Wang Tong out and then informed Samantha about his recovery.

"Ugh… What is that smell?"

"Did he poop in there?"

"It smells like it!"

"Eww, hurry up! Clean it! Gross!"

"We need to sanitize it! Complete sanitization!"

Wang Tong didn’t smell the horrible stench from parts of his body until he was somewhat cleaned. A few more minutes later, he felt like a newborn baby, clean inside out.

He then remembered that the golden hue had conducted a complete overhaul of his internal systems. It was the second time he had experienced this and smelled the stench, the first time being on the planet of Norton.

While the nurses continued their job, Wang Tong searched deep inside for that golden glow but to no avail. Wang Tong was struggling to think of anything that could traverse inside a cultivator’s sea of consciousness when a wild guess occurred to him: the glow could be the spirit of the Blade Warriors. They had sensed Wang Tong’s life was on a thread and therefore came to the aid of their successor.

Finding that his theory was perhaps far-fetched, Wang Tong decided to drop the thought and enjoy his bubble bath. He liked the fragrance of the body wash and agreed that when no one was watching, he would bottle some up for later uses.

Joy stuck him again when the nurses gave him a set of new clothing.

"FREE new shirt! Awesome!" He thought to himself.

Wang Tong looked at his image in the mirror, adjusting the new shirt around his body. His wounds still ached as he did so, but it was not unbearable.

When he was ready, he opened the door and found Samantha’s sassy looking figure greet his eyes at the entrance. Wang Tong zeroed in and embraced her immediately. Before Samantha was able to utter a word, Wang Tong laid a finger across her lips.

"Shush...The wall has ears."

Samantha rolled her eyes; being discrete had never been Wang Tong’s strong suit.

Body against body, Wang Tong could no longer contain his burning desire, so he kissed Samantha deeply. Samantha didn’t resist. He had been trapped inside for too long, and had almost forgotten how sweet Samantha’s kiss felt.

The two of them spent a long time together in the medical lab, rekindling the flames. When they finally finished their business and walked out of the lab, they were relieved to find out that their absence did not seem to raise any questions. The students had already left days ago, and only Samantha stood behind. After the doctor had informed her that Wang Tong would wake up in a few days, she decided to push interviews aside and wait for Wang Tong's recovery. She made the decision not only because she needed to stay with Wang Tong during this critical time, but also because she never found this propaganda useful. She believed that only by walking the talk could she be able to secure the future for Ayrlarng.

"What kind of ‘business’ shall we attend to today?" Wang Tong threw Samantha a glace that clearly was an invitation.

"Not THAT kind of business."

The two of them walked together, and soon, Wang Tong felt the urge to kiss Samantha again so when there was no one around, Wang Tong rose to the opportunity to steal a kiss from Samantha’s soft and cushy lips.

Samantha was not expecting that, and her little resistance was futile. She felt a slight remorse for starting this relationship, but she also knew that by then it was already too late. Her mental resistance was as venerable as physical under Wang Tong’s assault.

The kiss marked the beginning of their first official date. Following Wang Tong's lead, she tried almost everything that was considered fun by a teenager: arcade machines, basketball. Samantha was quickly invested in all the games, and she found that it was much more fun to play with a living person than robots as she did in her childhood.

Samantha couldn’t remember how many times she laughed today. On any given day, she would find the artistic style of the Capth’s campus rigid and boring. But somehow, their laughter was able to transmute this old and tiring school into a colorful and exciting carnival.

After the dinner, the pair arrived at a hotel that Samantha had booked ahead of time. She found their stay in Capth uncustomary, if not inappropriate during their post-match celebration.

Wang Tong jumped onto a large bed and let his body sank.

"Get your dirty ass out of my bed. Yours is next door."

"Ouch… my wound… I am afraid I can’t move." Wang Tong winced. He sounded as convincing as a poor salesman on his first day of work, but fortunately for him, Samantha was blinded by love and was ready to buy anything that he had to sell.

"Don’t move, let me see what’s going on."

As soon as Samantha get closer to Wang Tong, she found herself in a firm embrace. The room suddenly became quiet, as the two listened to each other’s young and restless breaths.

Samantha could read the desire in Wang Tong’s eyes, so she let her body relax and lowered her head into Wang Tong’s chest. Wang Tong picked up the cue and started to unbutton Samantha’s clothes and then peeled them off like an eggshell, revealing the tender, soft white. A euphoria short through Wang Tong’s body when he saw two impressive peaks, half covered in intricately laced bras, set squarely in front of his eyes. The euphoria then turned into heat in his body and started to emanate out, slowly baking this fruit of young love into a delicious pie.

Wang Tong caressed one of the breasts gently through the padding. He could feel the softness of her breast and a faint suggestion of something small but firm and aroused in the middle of his palms. Wang Tong’s other hand traced along the bra and found the lock that kept the final secrets of the night. Inexperienced and in a hurry, Wang Tong’s first attempt broke the lock. His unbearable urge made Samantha's skin tingled and warm.

She shut the light, and in the darkness, they took each other's breath away.

Wang Tong woke up with Samantha’s body in his arms; he realized that he was a man now.

Samantha snuggled up to Wang Tong. It had well passed her usual waking up time, but the warmth and comfort of Wang Tong's arms made her want to stay in bed as long as she could.

As Wang Tong traced along the silky skin, and a flame rekindled inside of him.

"Want to do it again?"

It was more of a demand than a question.

"No, just snuggle like this."

"Just one more time. It will be good, I promise."

"...not unless you promise that you will be more gentle."

It surprised even Wang Tong how quickly she had agreed to it. So they burned the rest of their bodily desires in the bed and didn’t get up until around noon.

When Samantha lifted the blanket, they both saw a pool of red on the bed sheet.

"What are you staring at? It’s all your fault!" Samantha cried out. Her childish tone surprised herself. The taste of the forbidden fruit had turned her into a teenage girl.

She was fearful of this change, as the weight of Ayrlarng's future felt heavy on her shoulder. But she was determined to accommodate the two drastically different roles: a lover and principal.

"Can I keep it?" Wang Tong asked, pointing at the sheet.

"Not in a million years! You little prick" Samantha threw the bed sheets into her space crystal.

"Mind your words, principal." A grin flashed across Wang Tong’s face.

"You little shit, you are asking for it!" Samantha jumped onto the bed, and the two rolled around until Wang Tong was again on top of her.

"Stop, I am starving, no more funny business!"

"Well, not if you agree that I am the principal at home, and you will obey my orders in bed."

"Fine, fine! You are the principal when we are in bed. " Samantha said unwillingly as she shot Wang Tong a stern glance.

After a hearty breakfast, Wang Tong set off to the airport by himself, while Samantha waited for the next flight for the sake of being discrete. Although their affair was not illegal, it might give unnecessary pressure to both of them.

Samantha sat by the window as she watched the disappearing figure of Wang Tong in the distance; a sweet smile found her lips. Like any other girl, Samantha had dreamed of her prince charming on his white stallion, but she had never been able to find him, until now.

A sweet ache rose inside her. She knew that it was going to be a bumpy ride on this prince charming's white stallion.