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Chapter 202: The Unruly Super METAL

Chapter 202: The Unruly Super METAL

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The ringtone from the Skynet broke Samantha's train of thought. A voice rose from the terminal, "Congratulations, Principal Samantha, the job was well done. Your inter-party rating has increased by five points."

"This is only the first step. How much does Feyrac know?"

"Nothing escapes that old prick, but he had always remained neutral. Despite the humiliation of Capth at your hand, I can tell that he still favored you much more than anyone else. After all, we are all very clear about the pivotal role you would play in re-balancing of power between the Golden Hawk Union and the Great Houses."

"We might be able to count him as an ally in the future. But for now, it's hard to say." Samantha announced with a stone cold expression.

"Well said, principal." The person on the other end of the communication smiled and then signed off.

On the distant Moon, many people from an S class academy had also watched the battle between Ayrlarng-Bernabeu alliance against the Capth.

Capth's defeat was an alarming news to them, as it made them wonder if they too could be defeated by an A class Academy.

As the member of the Zhang family, Zhang Jin would never let any valuable information slip away unnoticed. As she watched the tournament, it suddenly occurred to her that Wang Tong was that silly boy she had rescued from Norton. When this silly boy defeated Bisu and Flash, she couldn't believe her eyes. Zhang Jin had studied countless battles and she could tell that Wang Tong's strength was unprecedented.

After she had watched the entire battle, she closed her eyes to reflect on what she had learned. As she did so, the innocent looking face of the simple-minded boy kept reoccurring in her vision. She wondered how Wang Tong could be able to retain that innocent smile under such reduced circumstances on Norton.

"What are you pondering about?" Zhang Jin heard a refined voice at the door.

"An interesting person." Zhang Jin replied.

"Ah... he is interesting indeed." A young man looked at the screen. But he didn't seem to be impressed by the strength of the combatants at all.

"Sister Jin! Sister Jin..." Miao Xiu rushed into Zhang Jin's room, dragging Luv Ma behind him. He halted abruptly when he saw the young man standing inside the room. The suddenly stop almost threw Luv Ma off balance.

The young man turned his elegant face and smiled," Long time no see, Miao Xiu."


The Prince of the Ivantians, the epitome of a perfect human being.

"Hff... I don't feel good, see you." Miao Xiu turned his heel and disappeared, leaving Luv Ma standing alone at the threshold, feeling slightly embarrassed. Luv Ma lowered his head and muttered," Excuse him, you know he always acts like that."

"That's fine. Come in, please."

Luv Ma had gotten to know Zhang Jin pretty well ever since he was dragged into her study room by Miao Xiu for the first time.

"Sister Jin, please pause the video for a second," Patroclus spoke.

Zhang Jin paused the video and watched as Patroclus smiled knowingly.

"What did you see?" Zhang Jin could not resist the curiosity.

"I'm not entirely certain of my findings yet. I wish I could meet this guy." Patroclus pointed at Wang Tong on the screen.

"Anyhow, thank you for the documents, I will be on my way now."

Luv Ma watched as Patroclus set off. Luv Ma could not sense anything extraordinary in this boy other than his exceptional features, much less grasp how Patroclus could scare away a brazen and shameless brat like Miao Xiu.

Somewhere on the Earth.

"Our young master has been exposed."

"Has the situation been stabilized?"

"Not quite, I am worried that they would make risky moves."

"Let's wait then."

"Perhaps we need to send a few more muscles to protect young master. The risk is too high."

"I will arrange it. Do you know what is the essential attribute of an important leader?"


"It's luck! If luck were against him, even an Einherjar wouldn't be able to protect him, and if it were with him, even an Einherjar wouldn't be able to harm him."

Riding the momentum of Ayrlarng's recent victory, Samantha furthered her plan of revitalization and improved relationship with Bernabeu. The two schools hit off immediately, thanks to their former alliance.

Ayrlarng still fell behind S Class Academies in many aspects, and therefore Samantha decided to first catch up with the A class academy. The two schools soon signed a four-year plan of exchanging students.

In order to motivate Wang Tong and other students who had partaken in the tournament, Samantha decided to fly them to the Arctic for the HG's concert as a reward.

Samantha not only understood the importance of keeping her students motivated, but was also a master of motivation. She knew that the award should be what the students really wanted, instead of the more traditional form of awards.

The Crystal Arctic world was one of the most magnificent venues on earth, and the group HG was also the most popular girl band at the time. Therefore, the news of their award indeed made other students envy their success.

Wang Tong was less excited about the concert than being able to spend another vacation with Samantha. Ever since they had returned, Samantha had been extremely busy with work. So the two of them only communicated through skynet. They both understood that their affair had a higher risk of being exposed in Ayrlarng, and the scandal would jeopardize her career.

Wang Tong understood that he could not destroy Samantha's dream in the name of love; he needed to grow up and become stronger.

Feeling excited by his vacation, Wang Tong felt the urge to share the news with someone. After all, there had not been too many joyful events in his life so far. He thought about Old Fart and his disappearance, and then he lamented over that he could not brag about his success at Capth to him. Wang Tong wished that he won the lottery, because he was sure that Old Fart would appear the day after.

Wang Tong then thought about someone else he could confide in, so he opened the crystal and summoned the old ghost.

"Did you know that it was uncouth to disturb an elderly at such a late hour?... Oh…oh? Did you..." Einherjar Wannabe rounded his eyes at Wang Tong, surprise written all over his face.

Wang Tong wondered if Mr. Wannabe had noticed the change in him after the night of passion.

"Did you wash your bone marrow? Who did it for you?" Mr. Wannabe asked.

"What are you talking about? "

The question caught Wang Tong off guard. He pursed his lips, disappointed at Mr. Wannabe for completely missing the point.

"Hum...hum... Can you feel any difference? Such pure energy, even I cannot achieve that... Hum... it feels very familiar. Who the hell is it?"

Mr. Wannabe was lost in his futile attempt to remember his past, but his words reminded Wang Tong that he indeed had felt a faint difference in his soul energy. But he had been quickly distracted by his affair with Samantha, so he didn't investigate further.

"Channel your soul energy into the space crystal now, Do it slowly."

After pondering for a while, Mr. Wannabe finally spoke.

"Why?" Wang Tong asked curiously.

"Hurry up! Don't waste my time."

Seeing how anxious Mr. Wannabe was, Wang Tong slowly channeled some of his soul energy into the crystal. The space crystal was quickly filled to the brim with soul energy, and Wang Tong noticed the difference in his soul energy right away. He found it hard to stop the flow of energy from his body to the crystal into Einherjar Wannabe. Mr. Wannabe's face became serious as he focused on absorbing the energy. His eyes were filled with anticipation and lips twitched from time to time, as if he were waiting for the perfect moment to break free from his confinement.

"Shit, I can't stop, you are sucking my soul energy dry."

"Nonsense, start the Tactics of the Blade! NOW!"

Wang Tong didn't have other options, so he initiated the tactics. A golden glow shot out from his body as a new wave of energy gushed into the space crystal. The image of Mr. Wannabe became a blur.

Suddenly, the two were both startled by a strong force that pulled them together.

"F*ck, what's going on!"

In a blink of an eye, the two were surrounded by a golden light after a deafening blare.

Wang Tong woke up a few moments later. His first feeling was that of being trapped uncomfortably inside a hard shell.

"Curse that counterfeit Einherjar!" Wang Tong shout out.

He then was distracted by a distinct clank; he raised his arm to rub his eyes so he could observe his surroundings better, but was surprised to find out that something was covering the back of his hand.

When he saw what it was, his heart was caught in the throat. He was going to shout in excitement, so he covered his mouth instinctively to muffle his voice.

"What the heck is this?"

He walked to a mirror and confirmed that he was not dreaming.

"Gosh! it is... is a METAL!"

The METAL suit covered his entire body. In order to wear a full body METAL, one had to at least achieve level six soul power.

Wang Tong was eager to try the METAL with his tactics, but he noticed the METAL suite started to give off a golden light, and the light was turning brighter by the second. As the light became brighter, Wang Tong saw a figure inside the light. It was Einherjar Wannabe with an ugly expression on his face.

"ARHHHH! Who turned me into a METAL suit! My power is wasted! Aeons of cultivation were stolen from me! ARHHH!!"

As the light turned even brighter, pieces of the METAL suit started to flake off from Wang Tong's body and vanished into thin air.