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Chapter 204: A Season of Love

Chapter 204: A Season of Love

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Zhou Sisi, like many other girls, was easy to be content. Perhaps, she still subconsciously saw her and Wang Tong be together eventually. Her intuition was not entirely unfounded. After all, the odds of a principal and a student sustain a long-term affair were slim.

One could say that Zhou Sisi was addicted to Wang Tong, and her addiction kept her sitting in the office, sorting through the thousands of applications night after night.

Wang Tong waited patiently for Samantha's message after he had finished the routine assignment. Samantha's message came around midnight, and Wang Tong sneaked his way to the principal's office and found her still working.

Wang Tong thought it was a golden opportunity to pull a prank on the unsuspecting principal, but after seeing the unblinking look on her face, Wang Tong didn't have the heart to disrupt her. So, he sat down beside her quietly. He lolled his head against one of his palms, elbow resting on the edge of the desk, and studied her attentively. The look on her face right then was not the same as neither the confident principal nor the innocent love; she was fully absorbed by her work, quiet and elegant.

After a while, Samantha heaved a sigh and finally noticed Wang Tong sitting beside her.

"Ha, I didn't even see you!" Surprise glittered her eyes and made the two dark pools even more mesmerizing to Wang Tong.

"Don't work too hard, sweetie."

"Hey, call me principal in my office!" Samantha chided with a deadpan face, and a warmth rose inside of her heart. She was used to only thinking about the school and her plan, dealing with endless errands and emails, seeing fake smiles on tired faces but rarely once heard anyone so sincerely care about her wellbeing. He cared about her, and he made her care about herself too. The warmth made her realize that Wang Tong had grown up a lot in this brief period of time. He had gotten mature and responsible. She believed that in a few years, he would be able to take on more responsibilities and achieve greater things. It wasn't without any pride when she thought about her role in Wang Tong's transformation, much like when she saw how well things had turned out in Ayrlarng.

"Come give me a kiss." Wang Tong opened his arms to Samantha.

Samantha sat still and glanced at Wang Tong before she gave in, knowing that Wang Tong would only keep on bugging her if she didn't give him what he wanted.

"I heard that you have been really popular lately. You got love letters even from Bernabeu." Samantha said as she pinched the tip of Wang Tong's nose after missing the same spot.

"Tell me about it! But I think the girls had made the right choice. I am much better than their classmates, after all."

"Stop bragging about yourself, or I will kick you out of my school!" Samantha chided with a deadpan expression.

Wang Tong looked around, pressed his mouth closer to Samantha's ear and whispered something dirty.

"No! NO!" Samantha refused and started to break free from Wang Tong's embrace.

Samantha's resistance was futile. Unlike the other boys of similar age, Wang Tong knew about the importance of taking initiatives, thanks to his difficult childhood experience and savage life on Norton.

Samantha had succumbed to Wang Tong's assault almost too easily. Ever since their first time taken the forbidden fruit together, Wang Tong had been restless and eager for more like a junky longing for his fix.

Although Wang Tong didn't care about the inappropriate locale, Samantha did. However, the more she worried about being caught in the act, the more excited she became. Wang Tong also performed better than the first time, making her feel much more pleasant.

After an abrupt and forceful penetration, a loud but short squeal escaped Samantha's half-opened mouth. She then instinctively covered her mouth with one hand although she knew that there were no one around. Her raspy breath quickly turned in an alluring moan.

She had offered all of the sweetness and juice of her ripened fruit to Wang Tong. After having survived the dangerous environment, Wang Tong had developed a craving for sex. His first experience with Samantha had set his desire lose, and it poured out from his body like a flood breaching a dam.

There was nothing shameful about a strong sex drive, especially for fighters. It was the most basic need of a human. The fact that the two were lovers only made their sex more passionate.

Wave after waves of simulation seized Samantha and pushed her higher and higher when she reached the peak, and she was afraid that she was going to scream at the fall, so she tired best to not make a sound. As a result, she tightened every single muscle inside her body, not knowing that it only intensified the pleasure for both of them.

After they were done, they were covered in sweat. Samantha lay inside of Wang Tong's arm, exhausted, but satisfied. She noticed that Wang Tong looked much more muscular when naked, and it was hard to make the connection between this body with a high school student. The scars on his body added even more manliness to his appearance.

Samantha touched one of the scars and asked: "How was it on Norton?"

"It was fine at that time. But looking back now, I am surprised that I didn't go nuts there."

Wang Tong's hand reached Samantha's delicious curve and caressed it.

"It felt too good you know. Only if I knew that it would be so good, I would have raped you a long time ago." A grin flashed across Samantha's face.

"Only I got to be the aggressive one."

"So bossy! Did you know you have already gotten the longer end of the stick?" Samantha furrowed her brows and poked the firm chest of Wang Tong.

Wang Tong smiled blankly in reply.

"How is Xiaoru doing?" Samantha asked abruptly. She had not seen Xiaoru for a few days, thinking that she was probably avoiding her on purpose.

"Same old, I guess?"

After hearing Wang Tong's brief description of the group's interaction in last few days, Samantha heaved a sigh," How dumb can you really be?"

Wang Tong scratched his head and was dumbfounded by Samantha's words. Samantha dropped the matter and started to clean the crime scene.

After Wang Tong was gone, Samantha started to become worried about the impact of their current affair on her beloved sister Zhou Sisi. The worst was that she could not do anything since any move she made would only exacerbate the situation. Unlike Wang Tong, Samantha felt guilty of hurting Ma Xiaoru, and wondered if she needed to clear the air with her.

Nevertheless, spring was indeed a season of love.

Meanwhile, Ma Xiaoru was playing an overly melodramatic song on her harp. She had been depressed ever since she learned about the affair between Wang Tong and Samantha. She found it hard to concentrate during class, and had given up her training entirely.

Her tactics instructor had warned her about the danger of being too sentimental, and were against her cultivating the Tactics of the Enchantress. He knew that if her nature was sentimental, not only would she never become a real enchantress, it could even be dangerous for her life. The Ma and the Li Family didn't heed the instructor's advice and continued her training nonetheless. They did so merely to honor the family tradition, but not to help Ma Xiaoru become a powerful fighter.

A few years later, although Ma Xiaoru didn't change her temperament at all, she had somehow altered the way the tactics worked. Therefore, despite the disadvantages, Ma Xiaoru was able to complete the fifth level of the Tactics of the Enchantress which impressed even Li Ruo-er. Li Ruo-er thought that Ma Xiaoru had done the impossible, and believed that she and her brother would be a perfect fit.

The sound of the harp stopped abruptly. She could never finish a song when she was bothered even the slightest, let alone when her only lover had run away with her closet friend.

Even then, she still wasn't fully convinced that she had lost Wang Tong to Samantha. After all, they hadn’t publicly announced their relationship yet. She still could not let Wang Tong go because he was too good to let go so quickly. He was nonchalant and mature, but innocent at the same time; his calmness and steadfastness tugged at her heartstrings every time danger knocked on the door. Ma Xiaoru knew that he was a keeper through and through, since no trickery nor pretense could escape the eyes of the enchantress.

Sometimes, Ma Xiaoru wondered if it were better to let Wong Tong go since Samantha was more mature and charming compared to herself. But whenever she thought about the two getting together, she felt a cutting pain in her heart.

The more Ma Xiaoru thought about Wang Tong, the more depressed she became, and the more risks she exposed herself to while using the Tactics of Enchantress. Should she start the Tactics of the Enchantress right then, she would be on the brink of becoming deranged in seconds. Samantha had always been her support and provided counsel when she needed it, but now, not only couldn't she help her, but she had also become the source of Ma Xiaoru's miseries.